Drake Shows Off His Ripped Abs In Shirtless Mirror Selfie

Drake is at the moment having fun with some much-deserved time f after acting on a nightly foundation for his Aubrey & The Three Migos tour. The celebrity has shared just a few photographs and movies from his trip, exhibiting stunning views and a big new chest tattoo. That similar tattoo was on show when he posed for a shirtless selfie within the mirror, proving that even essentially the most profitable musician within the recreation proper now can nonetheless be a fuckboy.

His face is sunburnt and his abdomen is ripped as Drake poses within the mirror for a fast selfie. The singer has clearly been spending loads his time within the solar earlier than he presumably heads into the studio for post-Scorpion periods. Drizzy has already confirmed that he’ll be working with Tay Keith within the coming months.

Drake Shows Off His Ripped Abs In Shirtless Mirror Selfie
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The rapper’s huge owl ink on his chest is a bit more seen on this shot, which was initially posted on his story. Even any person that racked up seven billion Spotify streams over the course the yr can profit from a thirst entice right here and there. We’re positive loads ladies slid within the DMs after he despatched this out.

Hopefully, Drake is soaking in as a lot inspiration as potential throughout his trip as a result of we’re all anticipating loads from his subsequent undertaking. 

Nicki Minaj Suffers Another Wardrobe Malfunction After Dress Rips At Fashion Awards

During the Made In America festival, Nicki Minaj suffered quite a major mishap as her chest was revealed to the world during her performance. Ever the pressional, Nicki kept performing as she tried to get everything under control. Of course, the incident made the news and it became the moment everybody was talking about from the event. Some her detractors say the malfunction was staged to keep the attention on her and those same people will have a field day here as a very similar situation took place at Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards. 

With NYFW ficially underway, the celebrities have been flocking to the Big Apple in the hottest looks the future. Of course, Nicki Minaj is included on this list as she was slotted to present Winnie Harlow with an award at the Fashion Media Awards last night. As she arrived in her Alexander McQueen gown and started making the rounds, her dress ended up ripping somewhere along the way, forcing her team to act quickly and stitch her up before everybody got a front row look at her behind. To be completely honest, it’s not like Nicki hasn’t willingly shown her butt to us all a thousand times so this is probably not a big deal to her, aside from the fact that the dress is pretty much ruined at this point.

Two wardrobe malfunctions in two weeks. While this one definitely seems less fishy, the conspiracy theorists will totally have their say with this.

Drew Brees Finds Out How Many Millions He Lost In Diamond Ring Scam

Back in April, Drew Brees learned his fate at the hands a crooked jeweler he had placed his trust in. The NFL quarterback was hoping to sell some his prized diamond collection so he sought an appraisal from Vahid Moradi, a jeweler who runs the CJ Charles shop in downtown San Diego. The most disconcerting his appraisals was on a 4.09 carat blue diamond ring he had purchased for $8.8 million. Brees was told the resale market would fetch him something in the region $3.75 million, a figure Drew agreed to settle on knowing no better.

After the sale, Brees sought a second opinion from an independent source who revealed to him he’d likely been set up. The ensuing lawsuit he filed against Moradi accused the jeweler conspiring to drive the price down. Brees accused Moradi receiving a commission from a mystery buyer. Moradi’s high-powered attorney Eric George responded with accusations his own: “He should restrict his game-playing to the football field, and refrain from bullying honest, hard-working businessmen like my client.”

Since then Eric George has become an interesting figure in this ongoing legal battle. During a recent deposition George informed Brees the current evaluation the 4.09 carat he sold for $3.75 million. “Would it surprise you to know that it’s being fered right now at a wholesaler’s for $6.8 million?” George asked to a completely dumbfounded Brees. TMZ has learned that George’s $6.8 million evaluation might only be the starting bid, for the asking price could soar as high as $10 million on the open market.

Brees’ attorney Andrew Kim doesn’t want this startling revelation to detract from Moradi’s alleged wrongdoing. “(The wholesaler) is fering it at what he’s fering it. stated Andrew Kim. “The real story is what he’s able to sell the piece for. We’ll be fairly surprised if he gets anything close to what he’s asking for.”

Valee Responds To Flow "Biters" Nicki Minaj, Tekashi 6ix 9ine, Lil Pump & Others

It is common for artists to take cues from each other across genres. There is no wonder why fans ten notice some kind monotony in some their favorite artist’s work due to a sonic trend. Still, it can be upsetting to some when their icon is straight up getting robbed. This is how many people felt about Valee. 

As the Chicago kid’s pressional career steadily gains steam with bangers like “Womp Womp,” his following becomes increasingly more vocal about other rappers biting his flow. Even Trippie Redd is calling out the biters. The rappers they accuse being biters aren’t small time either. Big successes like Nicki Minaj, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Tyler, the Creator and Lil Pump are all part the supposed poser party.

Valee gives them their proper dues while coyly throwing shade. He seems unbothered about the ordeal, yet still slightly annoyed.

Wiz Khalifa Is Extremely Jacked In New Shirtless Photo

Wiz Khalifa is currently in the midst his Dazed & Blazed Tour but when he’s not dazing and blazing, he can be found at the nearest gym. If you juxtapose images Wiz from a few years ago next to photos  him today, he will hardly look like the same man. Once a skinny, lanky stoner, Wiz has transformed himself into one the fittest people in the business. And considering how many fitness addicts there are in Hollywood and the music industry, that’s saying a lot. Showing f his MMA-inspired workouts on the regular, Wiz’s consistency and dedication are absolutely showing through the insane body transformation he’s undergone.

A few months ago, Khalifa made sure to show everybody how his summer body was progressing and as we near the end July, the recording artist decided to give a little bit an update, showing just how jacked he is these days. Rocking Off-White gym shorts and ensuring he remains hydrated throughout his routine, Wiz flaunted his six-pack as he granted his fans a “NICE LIL SHIRTLESS PIC TO START OFF THE TOUR.” With his relationship to Winnie Harlow all but confirmed at this point, perhaps he’s been getting a little extra workout in at nighttime… Nah mean?

With the star looking as ripped as he ever has, his MMA future depends on the bag he would receive. While his trainer believes he would have a good chance, some fighters think they would kick his ass while expending no effort. Live your dreams, Wiz. Congrats on the new body!

Logic Shows Off His Insane Gains In New Photo

After accomplishing tremendous success as a rapper, Logic is poised to use his platform to work on similarly creative ideas in the entertainment landscape, working on several novels, a film and a venture into television. While he has no shortage ambition, Logic somehow still finds a way to get in his workouts on a regular basis. With several albums already finished according to him, Logic is spending his new free time as a single man in the gym and it’s starting to seriously show. How one finds time to work on their fitness while touring and perfecting multiple creative projects is beyond me but Logic seems to have found the formula.

During his headlining set at Minnesota’s Soundset festival, Logic was feeling the heat although, as Lil Yachty will be the first to remind you, it gets cold in the state. Taking f his shirt during his performance, Bobby Tarantino shared an image from the set on his Instagram with the majority fans going crazy over his body transformation. In simple terms, Logic looks jacked, showing f the gains from his gym sessions proudly as he already has his summer body ready. While his interests are on the “geekier” side the spectrum, you wouldn’t be able to tell from one look at the remodeled body that Logic is showing f.

The rapper recently revealed in a public statement that he and his wife Jessica Andrea had amicably split and his new body seems to be in line with his newfound relationship status.