Drakeo The Ruler Threatens To Quit Rap, With Murder Charge Looming

While the definition the time period “political prisoner” is contentious to say the least, followers Drakeo The Ruler are adamant he suits the invoice. In 2016, Drakeo was accused plotting the homicide RJ, an LA rapper with whom he’d fallen out. The DA’s fice is below the impression, Drakeo furnished the weapons that have been utilized by two enforcers, Jaiden Boyd, and Mikell Buchanan, in the failed try on RJ’s life.

Buchanan wound up killing an alleged gang member named Davion Gregory in lieu  altering the course (with RJ absent). For that cause, Drakeo’s fees have been upheld; his attorneys are calling bullsh*t, nonetheless.

In view this battle, Drakeo The Ruler is threatening to stop rap altogether. Since going up near midnight, Drakeo’s Twitter proclamation has been appreciated over 1,500 occasions, planting a seed for a grass-roots marketing campaign made out in his honor. The message was poignant like a strain tactic but additionally pointed – to 1 particular person particularly, whomst he blames for the dearth clemency within the case: the one Detective Francis Hardiman the LAPD. It’s unclear what compelled Drakeo is to desert ship. As this writing, all  the music submitted to streaming platforms stays intact, regardless of his annoyed pleas.

RJ Announces New Album With DJ Mustard Called "The Ghetto"

Back in May, YG & DJ Mustard announced the signing long time homie & South Central rapper RJ to their 4Hunnid Summers label, a joint venture between YG’s 4 Hunnid and Mustard’s 10 Summers. In addition to that, RJ also released a new album that month under the label called MrLA, which featured guest appearances from YG, Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, Quavo, and more. Since then however, RJ has been relatively quiet on the music front, having been preoccupied with a regional tour this Summer, but it appears that’s about to change this Friday. RJ just announced that he & hitmaker DJ Mustard are teaming up for a collab project called The Ghetto, which will be dropping this Friday, December 15th.

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The project will consist 11 songs in total, and feature guest appearances from YG, Rae Sremmurd, Ty Dolla Sign, Joe Moses, O.T. Genasis, Greedo, and Bino Rideaux. Meanwhile production will course be handled by Mustard himself.

“You see a lot people teaming up right now.” Mustard said to Billboard in an exclusive interview. “Me and YG are working on a project right now, but instead me wanting to team up with other big artists, I was like, “Fuck it. Let me just do one with one my artists.” You know what I’m saying? Me and YG signed RJ, and I was just like, “Why not?” I think he’s one the best out, so I was just like, “Let’s do it.”

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Speaking on the title “The Ghetto,” RJ added… “You have to understand, that’s where we come from. The ghetto is what we speak to and it’s where we stem from. I feel like there’s a ghetto everywhere, and that is who we speak for. This is who we want to talk to, we want to speak to the ghetto.”

Check out the ficial tracklist (below) and look for the full project to drop this Friday, December 15th. While you wait, peep RJ’s latest feature on Compton rapper AD’s new song “Ridin Out” featuring Wiz Khalifa.


1.Been Hot feat. O.T. Genasis
2. Make Million
3. Finally Getting Rich feat. Joe Moses
4. All Fours feat. Greedo
5. I Do…
6. No Pictures, No Videos
7. Don’t Make Me Look Stupid feat. YG
8. Hard Way feat. Rae Sremmurd
9. Same Nigga feat. Bino Rideaux
10. Get Away
11. Is It Mine feat. Ty Dolla Sign