"Grammys Robbed Migos," According To Quality Control's CEO

Every 12 months, we enter the identical dialogue over who received snubbed by the Grammys, and their crooked membership committee. Even if we disagree in precept, on who was unjustly reduce from the record, all of us to look to agree that one thing “ain’t proper.” When it involves Grammy-bashing, those that communicate the loudest are ten these with much less at stake. One particular person I think, who airs on the aspect warning extra ten than not, is QC’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas. But even he, with all his connections at Universal, felt the necessity to let f some steam. His take: the Grammys’ snobbery is getting out hand.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas, one half  the manager order at Quality Control, manages a secure big-name artists, together with Migos, via an association with Universal Music. His IG message in ’19 was somewhat easy: “Grammys Robbed Migos a nomination. We Still Hustling Thou.” And thought the premise Pee’s argument is difficult by inconclusiveness, we will not assist however agree with him, on the grounds that Grammy standards is fairly esoteric. You may argue, the choice committee is mainly responsible making it up as they go alongside. Realistically-speaking, do you assume Migos deserved a nomination in 2018? Hit us along with your ideas. 

Chief Keef's Home Burglarized & Gunshots Fired: Report

Chief Keef didn’t benefit from the finish his weekend. The Chicago rapper was the sufferer an tried theft final evening at his San Fernando Valley dwelling however, fortunately for him, the police was already conscious the scenario because it was occurring. 

There have been a string robberies within the space as late. In Fact, Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig has been a goal a handful instances. Keef is alleged to have been dwelling through the ordeal however he allegedly did not hear something out the unusual. TMZ delivered the report, saying that three burglars had been allegedly caught after breaking into the 23-year-old’s dwelling, with one them opening fireplace after being found. So far, no one is alleged to have been injured. All this went down at round 11:15 PM on Sunday and not less than one the would-be robbers was making f with some Keef’s belongings. LAPD ficers had been already on website, patrolling the realm in plain garments because of the improve in tried crime they usually had been capable of catch two the lads with a 3rd making a getaway.

The two folks captured by police are presently being held on housebreaking and weapons prices. Cops spoke to Keef after the occasions and he mentioned he had no clue the burglars had been in his dwelling, though they used a brick to interrupt in. Of course, that is simply the newest in a string tried burglaries which have taken Los Angeles and the Valley by storm.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Trolls Chief Keef After His House Was Burglarized

There are ranges to the feud between Chief Keef and 6ix9ine. Though it had appeared to achieve a fruits, Tekashi continues to be poking enjoyable on the Chicago rapper on his socials. In case you missed it, Tek is now not claiming New York as he is restructured his royal title to turn out to be the “King Europe.” As he parades across the continent, he is been making skit movies to troll his “father” 50 Cent. The two are clearly shut and contemplating they undertake the identical techniques when feuding with others, it solely is sensible that they declare one another as household. Much like Fiddy would do, Tekashi heard the tried theft at Chief Keef’s house final evening and responded to the information by trolling on Instagram.

Tekashi’s wild antics have undoubtedly helped his model and with him effectively on the best way in direction of going 10/10 on the Billboard charts, he selected to poke enjoyable at Keef’s troubles. Reposting one the reviews, 6ix9ine fully ignored the subject at hand, asking as an alternative if anyone knew any good films on Netflix. Clearly, he is disinterested. The rainbow-haired one even used 50 Cent’s well-known catchphrase to shut out his put up, hashtagging “Get The Strap” as he presumably signed into his film streaming account. 

We reported this morning that Chief Keef’s house was damaged into final evening and though gunfire was heard, no one has been reported to be injured. Two males are presently dealing with weapons and housebreaking prices whereas a 3rd received away.

Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig’s Home Targeted By Robber For Second Time In Two Days

This story has reached the purpose disbelief. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has had his residence “invaded” for the 2nd time in 2 days, however fortunately this time across the intruder was much less adept and extra faint at coronary heart. Over the previous couple of days, Puig hasn’t left the town. The Dodgers had simply begun a Three-game collection with the San Diego Padres days after finishing a Three-game stretch towards the Colorado Rockies.

The bungled break-in went down on Thursday night at round 10:45 PM. An intruder had the audacity to leap the entrance gate then ring the doorbell with out first gaining entry the safety intercom. The intruder used one other intercom linked to the safety system the entrance door to ask if “unidentified individual” was capable of come downstairs and open the padlock.

The attendant who answered the intercom at Puig’s behest (since he was not residence), may sense that one thing was awry in order that they knowledgeable the trespasser their intentions to name the cops. That was sufficient to spur the unknown assailant away from Puig’s property directly. The attendant who was watching the incident unfold via a video equipment says the unwelcome customer didn’t match the outline the who burglarized the house 2 days prior. Puig must work one thing out along with his “neighborhood defend.”

Rich The Kid Is A Robber's Best Friend As He Flexes $100K In Travel Money

Hopefully Rich the Kid doesn’t the pay the price for his stunting habit. He already caught a sizeable lick when his home got robbed in June. The scary incident forced him wayward into the Hollywood Hills, in spite all the warning signs in the world telling him to fix his collar. Early in the AM, TMZ caught up with him before he boarded his flight to NYC. With airport security to bid him safe travels, Rich pulled out his spending power, totalling a reported $100,000. The video says it all, see below.

Strangely enough, Rich the Kid was at LAX without any security on the perimeter. Rich told TMZ he was going to NYC to revel in Fashion Week, but didn’t quite reveal how he intends to spend his grip. Rappers his statures ten walk out gift shops bearing free items, and if they’re to make a purchase if and when, they pay with a debit card like everyone else. Ten stacks in duffle bag, that’s a “walking lick” if I’ve ever seen one. 

Never-the-less Rich the Kid seemed unconcerned about the risk  being jumped while in transit. Apparently the money in hand pales in comparison to the $120,000 watch on his left-hand wrist.

Christina Milian & M. Pokora's Home Hit By Burglars, 2nd Time In 4 Days

The burglars that hit Christina Milian’s home last Friday are suspected returning for a second helping, as is ten the case with pressional thieves. On Friday they stole away with $100,000 in goods in broad daylight. On the other hand, Tuesday’s break-in took place in the evening, all within the same means entry: a smashed window by the side house. 

Neither Christian Milian or her partner singer M. Pokoran have yet to return to lay claim to their missing items. The 2nd burglary attempt persisted as authorities continued their investigation into the first break-in, and several other “jobs” in the surrounding area, notably John Mayer’s $200,000 in lost assets.

Celebrities like Milian & Pokora who spend time in dual residences throughout the year, are easy targets for assiduous thieves. Not to mention, once the burglars are able to master a sophisticated alarm system (like Milian’s), it opens the door for future inquisitions, no less difficult than the last. Milian made their job all the more easy by posting pictures herself in France hours before the theft. Milian’s burglars were likely using even resource in the book to ensure their success, including social media. Milian better protect her treasure trove before it goes to waste.

Christina Milian & Boyfriend M. Pokora Robbed Of $100k In Jewelry

According to TMZ, Christian Milian and her French boyfriend M. Pokora were hit by burglars. The banditos rummaged through their San Fernando home at 1 pm on Friday after entering through a punctured side door. The thieves went straight for the bedroom where they snatched $100,000 in watches and jewelry. The couple were reportedly overseas when it occurred.

The LAPD by the dastardly skills the thieves, who outsmarted a sophisticated alarm system that is in someway banded together with law enforcement operatives. The Police Department suspect the thieves may be repeat fenders judging by their level sophistication and the number reported burglaries in the surrounding area.

Just recently Bella Thorne thwarted a robbery attempt by leaping to her feet as soon she heard the shattering a window in her residence. And just two weeks prior, bandits successfully made f with somewhere in-between $100,000 and $200,000 John Mayer’s personal belongings. However LAPD refuse to believe that said burglars are necessarily targeting celebrities, at least publicly.

Christian Milian as you know, is reknown for her work in the early 2000s before she fizzled out. Her partner M. Pokora is a big star in France, his popularity as a singer opening doors in other mediums such as television.


Daddy Yankee Gets $2.3 Million Worth Of Jewelry Stolen In Spain

Daddy Yankee known outside the Americas for his seminal hit “Gasolina” and for his feature on “Despacito,” has been robbed $2.3 million worth jewelry. The Reggaeton left his jewelry box in a hotel room safe, when an impostor successfully persuaded the front desk to give him access to Yankee’s belongings. The impersonator is believed to have phoned the reception desk to forewarn staff his presence, as is the custom “expedient service” reserved for high prile clients.

The Public Relations firm Daddy Yankee is signed to, confirmed the robbery Twitter. The post essentially says a Spanish law firm has been hired to undertake the case, and that no further statements will be issued in order to facilitate the police investigation. Daddy Yankee was staying in the north end Valencia while on tour. While the legal team press local police to round up evidence, the Reggaeton star will continue the European leg his tour, as he did last night in Martigues, France. 

A second room booked under his name was always hit by the thief, containing an undisclosed amount cash. The theft was discovered on Tuesday by members Daddy Yankee’s entourage, several hours after the incident took place. A forensic team was quickly marshalled to the scene.

Don’t get gassed.


Tekashi 6ix9ine Refuses To Cooperate With Cops Over Stolen Jewels

TMZ has learned that Tekashi 6ix9ine has refused to cooperate with cops over the alleged theft his chains. Tekashi informed law enforcement that his missing jewelry was worth in the region $1 million but stopped short  filing a physical description for each pendant. On top that, Tekashi refused to fill out a “missing property form” for the iPhone that got jacked the evening his carjacking. Tekashi’s girlfriend has reportedly followed suit with his non-compliance.

News  his non-cooperation follows several postings in which he celebrated the return his jewelry. But since we don’t have physical description each item, and neither does law enforcement, we can’t ascertain whether Tekashi is posing with newly purchased jewelry, or pieces he lost during the robbery/assault. In any case, NYPD are still hell bent on solving the case, with the considerable surveillance footage at their disposal.

For Tekashi, words don’t come easy, and TMZ strongly believes the pieces he was posturing behind were not the items in question. Tekashi maintains that his social media musings were not a “publicity stunt.” Snatching isn’t as daring an exploit as it once was. Rappers used to let their chains hang well below the sternum, risking more than others would think wise: their net worth & their pride.


Chargers' Rookie Derwin James Confirms He Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Last month a report surfaced that Los Angeles Chargers’ first rounder Derwin James was targeted in a robbery while leaving a restaurant in Hollywood. The report surfaced well over a month after the incident took place during the rookie’s first fseason with a boatload cash. It appears Derwin’s decision to flaunt his bonus-laden contract made him vulnerable to wizened criminals. The Chargers’ rookie was accosted on his way to his Rolls-Royce while sporting a Rolex.

Derwin has since confirmed the report as true. “I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody,” James said about the incident. “It happened. It was just one those things that you never expect to happen to you, but it happened, and I’m just happy to be out here playing football.”

The Chargers’ rookie signed signed a four-year, $12.4 million deal which includes a $7.1 million signing bonus which can be divided into divisible parts over the span his contract. Though the team is refraining from expression condemnation over the incident, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Derwin receiving a tongue-lashing from vets in the locker room. Sometimes it’s best to learn the lay the land before you show up smelling roses. By donning a fuzzy pimp look right from the onset, Derwin James signed his own bounty.

Safaree Samuels Spits Freestyle Response To Hostile Dyckman Crowd

Safaree may have experience yet another low point in his career, but the NY rapper is not letting clout chasers control the narrative on his name. After receiving a hostile reception at Dyckman courts in Washington Heights while he was doing a halftime performance “Hunnid,” Safaree sounded f on his naysayers.

His immediate reaction was one tomfoolery, but days later a freestyle recording has emerged in which Safaree cleverly unpacks all his feelings towards the hostile Dyckman crowd, and several other incidents which have painted him in a negative light.

His new song “Dyckman” is essentially his account what went down that fateful evening, the chip on his shoulder squarely planted in a visible place. Safaree reasserts his firmly held belief, that all he needs is “right now” or a fair shot, something he’s yet to be given by anybody outside the Hot 97 Breakfast panel.

The much maligned “rapper” maintains that he was not rude to the crowd, and that his caustic reaction was simply put, a reaction. It stands to reason, the closer you stand to the microscope, the harder it is to maintain a positive attitude. 

Check out his freestyle session and give us your thoughts (musical criteria only SVP).

YG Arrested For Las Vegas Chain Robbery: Report

Last month, YG was sued for his involvement in the alleged assault and robbery a man in a Las Vegas casino. As he continues to live dangerously on the path to his next studio album Stay Dangerous, another obstacle has formed in his way. According to TMZ, YG has been arrested for the same incident and charged with felony robbery charges as a result.

The arrest reportedly happened yesterday as the source writes there is available video footage that shows YG yanking the gold chain f a man, dropping it and then picking it up before he took f. According to the publication, the value the jewelry is somewhere between $3K and $9K. Young Gangsta was present in a Las Vegas courtroom yesterday to address the situation after a warrant was put out for his arrest. The rapper has since been released after posting $20K bail.

The situation allegedly escalated after the man was denied a photo with YG, telling him that he’s not a “real celeb” anyways. Of course, the Compton artist was pretty heated after that, yanking the chain f his neck and making his way out the Cosmopolitan.

The alleged victim is also suing YG for $250K, claiming that members the rapper’s crew beat him up before his jewelry was taken. As details become clearer, we will update you.

Lil Skies Quits The Internet After Death Threats & Robbery Attempt

XXXTentacion’s passing has affected everybody in different ways. Coping with the death one your favorite artists is never easy. However, according to Lil Skies, we are lucky that we didn’t lose even more the community’s young stars last week. With Jimmy Wopo and XXX both being shot on Monday, June 18, Skies revealed that he was also the victim a robbery similar to the reported X incident. Leaving with his life intact, Skies told his fans that he was the victim a robbery in Los Angeles for his jewelry shortly after X was murdered. The young rapper got emotional when retelling the story, saying a man ran up on him with a gun, pointed it at his gut and demanded his watch.

According to Skies, he slapped the man and ran but the story itself was enough for some Internet trolls to wish death on the rapper. As one the most buzzing young artists, Skies has a large social media following but the death threats were enough to get him to leave altogether. Choosing to disconnect, the “Red Roses” singer posted a farewell on his Instagram, noting that he was ghosting for the foreseeable future. “Going ghost… y’all can have this internet shit.. bye,” commented Skies after his Instagram live stream was reposted by several prominent YouTube accounts.

Regardless how you feel about the man who turned down XXL’s Freshman List, death threats are never cool. Thankfully, he is still here to speak about what happened to him and hopefully, he makes his social media hiatus a short one.