America's Got Talent Under Investigation Over Gabrielle Union Firing

In reaction to all the generated by the firing of Gabrielle Union from America’s Got Talent, SAG-AFTRA is now investigating the show.

Union was fired after a single season on the show, which was its 14th, and some believe that it had something to do with complaints that she made about an alleged toxic working atmosphere on the show. This centered around a joke that Jay Leno told during an appearance that Union and others felt was racist as well as similar incidents. There were also complaints relating to a preoccupation many on the show had in regards to Union’s physical appearance.

Actress Julianne Hough, who also complained about the working atmosphere on the show, was fired, too.

The union issued a statement in conjunction with the probe. They said, “We take issues of workplace health and safety very seriously. While we have taken steps to investigate this matter, we have nothing to report now.”

Sources inside the union have told Deadline that, while they plan to meticulously investigate the charges made against the show, they also plan on doing so in a timely manner due to the gravity of the situation.

NBC also issued a statement in regards to the controversy, though not in regards to the investigation itself.

The network said, “We remain committed to ensuring a respectful workplace for all employees and take very seriously any questions about workplace culture. We are working with Ms. Union through her representatives to hear more about her concerns, following which we will take whatever next steps may be appropriate.”

The statement seems to imply that NBC is or will be conducting their own investigation into the matter.

At the same time, they said, in reaction to SAG-AFTRA’s investigation, that they have nothing further to add “beyond the statement we sent this morning.”

Drug Companies Under Federal Investigation For Opioid Crisis Involvement

Six drug companies are under investigation for their hand in the current opioid crisis. To give you an idea how large the crisis is, opioid overdoses contributed to 46,000 deaths in 2016. According to Reuters, the U.S. Attorney’s fice in the Eastern District New York have already subpoenaed Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Mallinckrodt Plc, Johnson & Johnson and Amneal Pharmaceutical Inc, as well as distributor McKesson Corp. The companies are being scrutinized to see if they “intentionally allowed opioid painkillers to flood communities.” More companies are expected to receive subpoenas over the next few months. The central question in the probe is whether or not any the accused parties violated the Controlled Substances Act, which, is a federal statute dictating that companies must report when they receive orders that are abnormally large or more frequent than usual.

Drug Companies Under Federal Investigation For Opioid Crisis Involvement
Mario Tama/Getty s

In a statement released by Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical unit Janssen, spokesman Jake Sargent said, “Janssen believes that at all times its anti-diversion policies and procedures for distribution its opioid medications complied with the law.” He continued saying, “in fact, monitoring data shows that the company’s opioids were rarely diverted or abused.”

Melania Trump got booed while speaking about the opioid crisis in Baltimore earlier this week. The first lady said, “I hope that the knowledge you gain here will help you tackle the tough decisions you may be faced with so that you can lead a healthy and drug-free life.” Melania continued saying, “get involved and be a part the solution.”

 Drug Companies Under Federal Investigation For Opioid Crisis Involvement
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J.J. Abrams Reportedly Considering "Superman" & "Green Lantern" Reboot Films

J.J. Abrams is on the road promoting Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, and the talented director may have his eyes on another legendary fantasy series next. DC and Warner Bros. are looking to reboot their Superman and Green Lantern series, and according to VarietyAbrams is being courted for the projects. Abrams’ company Bad Robot recently signed a massive first-look deal with Warner Bros., so the studio is attempting to pitch him ideas for the two heroes who they feel need a reboot next. Batman is already on the road to his own reboot starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravtiz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrel. 

Green Lanterns Corps was an idea that Warner Bros. presented back before Justice League bombed, but it seems like that film is still in play. Variety claims that Gef Johns “is delivering a script at the end the year,” for the Green Lantern film, and it “may be presented to Abrams and Bad Robot to see if the company would be interested in producing the picture.” There is a possibility these films may be released on Warner Bros. upcoming HBO Max streaming service. Would you want Abrams to take the helm the Superman and Green Lantern franchises? 

"The Batman" Adds John Turturro To Impressive Cast

The cast for Matt Reeves’s upcoming take on Batman is getting more and more interesting by the role. Yesterday, Reeves revealed that crime boss Carmine Falcone will be portrayed by John Turturro. Reeves posted a tweet with the name Carmine Falcone above a gif Turturro in his iconic role from The Big Lebowski

The film stars Robert Pattinson in the titular role. Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series; however, he’s appeared in a number critically acclaimed art films since then such as Good Time and the more recent, The Lighthouse.

Jeffrey Wright, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Andy Serkis have all also been cast. Wright, best known for his work on HBO’s Westworld, will play Commissioner Jim Gordon. Kravitz will portray Catwoman. Dano will play Riddler. Serkis will be Alfred. 

In past years, Ben Affleck has helmed the role Batman, appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice and Justice League, but he’ll be absent from this film. Jared Leto has also expressed interest in reprising his role as Joker, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The Batman is scheduled to release in 2021 with principle photography beginning in January 2020.

Antonio Brown Patriots Rumors Shot Down Despite Recent Apology

Antonio Brown started the NFL season on the Oakland Raiders and after numerous wacky antics, he was released. Eventually, AB found himself on the Super Bowl-contending New England Patriots where he only got to play one game. From there, Brown was cut after some ual assault allegations and here we are today. Brown is in the midst being investigated by the NFL and it remains to be seen whether or not he will get to come back into the league this year.

Recently, Brown apologized to Robert Kraft for his behavior while on the Patriots and it ultimately led to some rumors that he could be welcomed back onto the team. However, a report from Jeff Howe The Athletic has silenced these rumors, with a source close to the team saying there is no chance this happening. 

The Patriots are currently sitting at a record 9-1 and are considered the frontrunner to win the Super Bowl. With AB on the team, they would be next to unstoppable but after how things went down earlier in the season, it seems like the bridge has already been burned. For now, Brown will have to look elsewhere for his next chance in the NFL.

Who would you like to see sign Brown to a contract?

Kevin Hart Makes First Public Appearance Since Car Crash

Kevin Hart was among the celebrities and other public figures who had gathered for E!’s People’s Choice Awards ceremony Sunday night. It marked the actor and comedian’s first public appearance since a horrific crash in September that left him with major back injuries.

He was awarded the trophy for comedy movie star the year and received a standing ovation as he accepted this award from presenter Robert Downey, Jr.

“First and foremost thank God because I definitely don’t have to be here,” he began “Being that I am, it makes me appreciate life even more — appreciate the things that really matter, family. I wanna thank my wife and my kids. They really stepped up for me.”

He would go on to add his appreciation for the fans: “I want to thank you all for being there for me during my difficult time.”

September 1st marked the date that Hart, along with producer and friend Jared Black, was involved in a single-car crash when Black lost control Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda and crashed into a wooden fence.

Hart, who had to undergo emergency back surgery, has since been recovering fairly quickly with a source crediting his “determination” as a driving factor in such a speedy recovery.

“He works very hard,” the source told PEOPLE magazine. “It’s obvious that his determination has helped him tremendously.” “He doesn’t drive himself yet though and instead has a driver,” the source continued.

Robert Kraft Is Reportedly Pulling For Rob Gronkowski To Return For Playoffs

Robert Gronkowski is on the reserve/retired list at the moment after retiring from football in March. The huge playmaker can still come back to the league by November 30 and Patriots owner Robert Kraft is hoping that he does so according to CBS Sports. Gronk has yet to turn in his retirement papers which has cause speculation to what his next move could be. However, he denied a return last month.”When I retired, I retired for a reason,” he told WEEI 93.7, per CBS. “It would be a no. There it is. I’m enjoying myself right now. I don’t have that itch, and if I had that itch I’d go back. It would have to be a continuous itch. I see Tom Brady] throw a nice touchdown pass, I’m like ‘I wish that was me.’ But that’s five seconds and it’s gone].”

Just last month, Kraft went on NFL Network’s “NFL Gameday Kickf” and commented on his hopes for Gronk’s return.”We all love Gronk and I think the bottom line is he hasn’t put his retirement papers in,” Kraft stated. “So we can always pray and hope. … That’s a good academic argument that there is hope for us still with Gronk.”

Live Nation Acquisition of MCD 'Does Not Raise Competition Concerns'

The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has provisionally approved Live Nation’s acquisition of MCD Productions, which is a leading Irish music promoter.

In August of last year, LN-Gaiety Holdings Limited, which is a joint venture between Live Nation and Gaiety Investments, announced that it intended to acquire MCD. The terms of the deal have never been disclosed.

Live Nation, at the time of the acquisition, called it “the logical next step” in its relationship with Denis Desmond and his wife Caroline Downey, who are the co-owners of both MCD and Gaiety Investments. Desmond has further been the chairman of Live Nation U.K. and Ireland since 2015.

Earlier this year, the agency initiated what it termed a “Phase 1” probe into the acquisition. They were reportedly concerned that the deal could adversely affect competition within the music promotion industry, in particularly in Northern Ireland.

In July, the agency the results of this probe, stating that the acquisition “could result in less competition in promotion services to artists, leading to higher prices for concert goers, as well as a smaller variety of live music events to choose from.”

Because of this, the agency initiated a “Phase 2” probe, which just released its provisional results. These results were far better for Live Nation than those from “Phase 1.” The agency indicated that the acquisition “is not likely” to adversely affect competition. This was because “Live Nation would not be expected to have the incentive to harm rival music promoters by making it harder for them to sell tickets through Ticketmaster.”

The CMA will publish its final report on the matter on January 8 and those concerned with the preliminary findings can report these concerns to the agency up until November 28.

So far, Live Nation has decline to issue a comment on the agency’s findings.

In 2017, the CMA approved Live Nation’s acquisition of the Isle Of Wight Festival without requiring a second-phase probe.

Antonio Brown Ponders What Could Have Been With Tom Brady & The Patriots

Antonio Brown was the center attention for the first part the NFL season thanks to his antics that got him promptly kicked f the Oakland Raiders. Brown is one the best wide receivers in the league so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when Bill Belichick swooped in and signed him to the New England Patriots. After signing with the team, he was immediately accused ual assault in a recent lawsuit and was released from the team after just one game and countless other f-the-field antics. 

Since his release from the Patriots, Brown has been jonesing around for his money and is trying to recoup all the guaranteed dollars he lost. Now that he is without a team, he is looking back fondly on his career and recently, he retweeted Skip Bayless all people, who pondered what it would be like if Brown was still on the Patriots.

Based on AB’s interaction with the post, it’s clear that he is feeling the same way about his partnership with TB12. It appears as though Brown and Brady were already good friends, with the six-time Super Bowl champion going to bat for AB countless times. If it weren’t for the wishes Robert Kraft, Brown would probably still be on the Patriots right now so the wide receiver must be feeling a little nostalgic.

Perhaps once the investigation against Brown is complete, he can come back and help the Patriots win yet another Super Bowl.

Lamar Jackson Unleashes His Inner Wizard With Harry Potter Costume

Lamar Jackson has been having himself a pretty great season in Baltimore as he plays his first full season as the team’s starting quarterback. Jackson has impressed fans with his ability to not only throw dimes through the air but also run the ball better than any other QB. Jackson is quickly approaching Michael Vick territory and some people think he has already surpassed him. Defenses have been finding it particularly hard to play against Jackson this season and every week, he comes through with yet another phenomenal game.

Recently, Jackson was a part a costume party, just like other notable players in the league. This time around, Jackson went as Harry Potter and he definitely did a great job with the outfit. Jackson was decked out head to toe in maroon and gold robes, including the tie and Potter’s signature glasses. The only thing Jackson didn’t do was give himself a lightning bolt scar.

Perhaps one could make the connection that Jackson is a wizard out on the field and that’s why he would dress like Harry Potter. I’m sure this connection will lead to some eye-rolling amongst those reading this but really, you never know.

If Jackson keeps putting up solid performances, he and the Ravens will certainly be making a deep run in the playfs.

"Joker" Retakes Top Spot In Box Office Rankings

In its fourth week, Todd Philips’s Joker is still atop the box fice rankings. According to Uproxx, the current estimate lands Joker at $18.9 million for the weekend, bringing its total worldwide earnings to $849 million. Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent 2 almost knocked Joker down to second, but it came up just shy with $18.5 million this weekend ($200 million globally since release).

Zombieland: Double Tap, the long-awaited sequel to 2009’s Zombieland, brought in 11.5 million for its second weekend in theaters, a 68% decrease since opening weekend. The film is a zombie comedy that follows a group survivors as they navigate the post-apocalyptic United States. It stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone. Zombieland: Double tap‘s global earnings now sit at $63.6 million in total.

Will Smith’s Gemini Man was only able to reach $3.9 million this weekend bringing its total to $43 million. Its budget was $140 million.

A24’s newest film, The Lighthouse, was able to climb into the top ten, earning $3 million in only 586 theaters. The film is a critical success starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in a psychological thriller. The synopsis reads, “Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.”

Next week, Ed Norton’s highly-anticipated Motherless Brooklyn releases, as well as Terminator: Dark Fate.

Robert Pattinson Affirms His Version Of "Batman" Will Never Meet "Joker"

With the recent release the Joker movie, which placed Joaquin Phoenix in the role the titular character, superhero (and supervillain) fans have speculated that both Phoenix’s character and that Pattinson’s Batman will soon face f. While the latter would technically be granted, considering it has always been the Joker vs. the Batman for as long as we can remember, it appears that their meet-up is highly unlikely. According to UPROXX, the director behind the Joker movie has confirmed that Phoenix’s Joker will not share a screen with Pattinson’s Batman. At the time, people did not take his words seriously and called it as a bluff, but now Robert Pattinson, himself, has confirmed the two will not cross paths because “it’s kind a different world.” Now, this information only means that we won’t see Pattinson and Phoenix’s characters meet, but it does not mean that Batman vs. Joker’s face-f won’t occur at some point. The actors may be different, but the situation remains likely as Joker remains one Batman’s most vicious nemesis. 

To note, the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson is set to release on June 25th, 2021. The film will feature other famous actors like Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Kravitz.

XXXTentacion Murder Suspect To Receive A Bond Hearing

One the men involved in XXXTentacion’s murder has been granted a bond hearing, and it will be taking place on Thursday, October 31st. According to a report from AllHipHop, Trayvon Newsome has been maintaining his entitlement to a bond, and will finally have a chance to receive it. He is but one four men involved in XXXTentacion’s death, and the only one to have received this right thus far. It seems to have transpired after Newsome filed papers strongly requesting his release, as the government was unable to prove he was unfitting a bond. 

XXXTentacion Murder Suspect To Receive A Bond Hearing

Jason Koerner/Getty s

In response, the presiding Judge Michael Usan apparently granted an “Arthur Hearing,” which is to say, the state must come forward and prove their case against the defendant. Not only that, but they must successfully confirm that Newsome is indeed a threat to society at large. As now, it’s unclear whether the outlook bodes well for him.  

It should be noted that following Triple X’s murder, he, Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, and Robert Allen have been held without bond. You may recall that Newsome was the last to be arrested, when he turned himself in back in August 2018. He was then charged with murder in the first degree and robbery with a deadly weapon. In fact, police theorized that he was one two gunmen alongside Michael Boatwright. 

Robert Downey Jr.’s Shares Trailer For Upcoming Film "Dolittle"

After the ficial poster was just released yesterday, the trailer for Dolittle is now out. The film is Robert Downey Jr.’s first appearance on the big screen since his starring role in Avengers: Endgame. Downey Jr. tweeted out the trailer at noon today, October 13th. 

The caption reads, “I’ve been talking to animals for years now…And they finally started talking back. Does this mean I was getting the silent treatment? Watch the trailer for #DolittleMovie in theaters January 2020 and ❤ this Tweet to get updates from @DolittleMovie every month until opening day.”

The trailer does not reveal too much plot-wise, we’re given two-minutes beautiful landscapes, quick glimpses action sequences as well as some one-liners from Downey Jr. The film looks wonderful with saturated landscapes and impressively well done computer-generated animals. 

Fans appear to be hyped for the movie. Top reply tweets read, “SO EXCITED FOR THIS,” “you don’t even know how long we’ve waited,” “WHY YOU ARE SO ADORABLE MSMSNS I CAN’T BREATHE” and more.

The plot synopsis for Dolittle is “A former doctor turns to treating animals because his love for all creatures. When Doctor Dolittle discovers he can communicate with the animals, he embarks on a fantastical adventure.” The film is out January 17th and if you want monthly updates, like Downey Jr.’s tweet on Twitter.

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Hates Elon Musk, "He’s An Imported Little Snake"

Pablo Escobar’s brother, Robert Escobar, has voiced his unfiltered opinion about entrepreneur Elon Musk recently. The comment was made during a discussion with TheBlast wherein Robert Escobar spoke about the many legal battles he underwent in recent years so his family could reacquire rights to his brother’s name and likeness on the web. The Escobar sibling recently won a legal battle and acquired full control his brother’s ficial website ( According to aforementioned news outlet, Robert now plans to sell a series goods and services on the website. “I’m going to make the best website in the world websites,” were the words Escobar shared with the source. Furthermore, he plans on selling “all things related to Pablo Escobar” on the site. 

Issues between Escobar and Tesla CEO Elon Musk began due to allegations that Musk stole designs a flamethrower the drug kingpin’s brother intended to sell on the website. Escobar alleges that Musk not only copied the designs but also began selling them under the names “Not-a-Flamethrower.” Escobar is now threatening to sue Elon Musk if he does not pay up to $100 million dollars. Additionally, Escobar shared: “I am still trying to reach him for the $100 million dollars. Before we had an open line communication. Now he is ignoring me. I don’t know if he is crazy or what. I win every fight. When Elon looks to the left, he should look all the way to his back, and see who is there. It is Roberto Escobar…legally …] Elon is a small little imported snake.”