XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Asked To Undergo Competency Evaluation By Judge

One the suspects associated to the homicide XXXTentacion will likely be evaluated for his competency. Michael Boatwright’s lawyer argued that this facet his character has but to confirmed as ble within the context the legal trial. He claims the defendant could also be ill-equipped to “talk pertinent info the case.” Circuit Court Judge Michael Usan has since ordered an analysis.

Another defendant, Robert Allen appeared in court docket Friday, October 19, and waived his proper to a speedy trial. This possibility is routinely utilized by suspects in efforts to construct their protection.

On June 18, XXXTentacion whose actual title is Jahseh Onfroy entered RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The rapper was toting a Louis Vuitton duffle bag full $50 000. An SUV carrying four folks pulled into the store’s parking zone. Allen and one other suspect Dedrick Williams exited the automobile and entered the store, strolling previous the rapper. After an unconfirmed quantity time, the pair left forward X.

Legal authorities declare the suspects remained within the parking zone for about 10 minutes ready for the Onfroy who was then blocked as soon as inside his automotive. Law enforcement says Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome robbed the rapper at gunpoint whereas Allen and Williams waited contained in the Dodge Journey.

Boatwright’s competency analysis outcomes will likely be learn in court docket on October 25.

XXXTENTACION Shooting Suspects Give DNA Samples In Court

Despite initial rejections, the murder suspects in the shooting death XXXTENTACION have had their fingerprints and DNA taken in court according to a Fort Lauderdale ABC affiliate. It was Wednesday morning that the four men—Trayvon Newsome, Robert Allen, Dedrick Williams, and Michael Boatwright—were led into a Broward County courtroom. Last month the county’s state attorney’s fice filed a motion asking the judge for fingerprints and DNA samples from all four the suspects.

Lawyers for Boatwright, Allen and Williams protested the motions saying that the fingerprints the three suspects were already taken, and asserting that their clients’ rights were protected against “any illegal search or seizure.”

Ultimately, Judge Michael Usan allowed for the fingerprints to be taken for Boatwright, Allen, Williams, and Newsome. Newsome’s legal team never objected to the original motion.

All four men were indicted for the alleged roles in the June 18th robbery and murder 20-year old XXXTENTACION. Authorities believe that Newsome and Boatwright were the two gunmen, with Boatwright being the one who actually fired a shot while Williams is believed to have been the getaway driver.

Boatwright was arrested on July 5th on an unrelated drug charge and was subsequently served with a warrant on July 10th for first-degree murder while in custody. Allen was caught after a task force intervened while he was hiding out at his sister’s home in Georgia while Newsome turned himself into police at the top August.

XXXTENTACION Murder Suspect Begs Judge To Let Him Out Of Jail: Report

All four suspects in XXXTENTACION’s murder case have been apprehended by police. Although all four men have plead not guilty to the crimes they’ve been charged with, they are still being held in custody without bail. However, one the suspects, Robert Allen, is begging the judge to allow him to post bail and be released from prison until the trial begins.

According to documents TMZ obtained, Robert Allen has asked the judge to allow him to be released from prison on bail. He claimed that there’s no pro that indicates that he actually committed a crime. Allen also said that he wanted to be released in order to care for his pregnant fiancée.

If he’s released from prison, Allen promised that he will go back to working are for a lawn care business in Broward County, FL. Allen lived in Broward County for his whole life with his mother. 

Allen was the third suspect apprehended by police in their search for the men involved with XXXTENTACION’s murder. He was arrested in Georgia after U.S. Marshals tracked him down at his sister’s place in Eastman, GA. Allen was originally wanted by authorities as a person interest after he was spotted on surveillance footage outside the motorcycle dealership where X was shortly before his untimely death. 

We’ll keep you updated on the case.

XXXTENTACION Murder: Prosecutors Want Blood & DNA Samples From Suspects

The police have finally apprehended all four suspects in the XXXTENTACION case. Since the death the rapper, the police have been working hard to apprehend the men that were indicted in the case. Last week, the police apprehended the fourth and final suspect, Robert Allen in a rural area in Georgia after he was in hiding for more than a month. Now that they have all four men in their custody, the prosecutors are demanding to obtain DNA and blood samples the men.

According to The Blast, the prosecutors on XXXTENTACION’s murder case want DNA and blood samples from the four suspects, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, Trayvon Newsome and Michael Boatwright. They are seeking to obtain samples their blood, hair, fingerprints and any other bodily materials. They claim that obtaining these materials “involves no unreasonable intrusion.” Additionally, they want the DNA samples in order to use the results in comparison to the items used for evidence on the case. 

The prosecutors request for DNA samples some shortly after the first suspect arrested, Dedrick Williams, asked the court to grant him a private investigator in order to determine whether the evidence investigators actually have pro against him. However, he also had to ask the court to give him permission to authorize funds in order to hire the private investigator. The investigation costs $10K.

XXXTENTACION Murder Suspect Robert Allen Pleads Not Guilty: Report

The investigation surrounding XXXTENTACION’s is still ongoing. At this point, authorities have apprehended three suspects while a third one is still at large. Each day, it feels like we’ve been getting more information pertaining to the case. Shortly after X’s murder, the first suspect arrested, Dedrick D. Williams, plead not guilty the charges against him. Now, another one the suspects have plead not guilty as well.

According to court documents obtained by Complex, Robert Allen has plead not guilty to the charges in XXXTENTACION’s murder. Allen entered a plea deal on Tuesday after he was arrested for first-degree murder, robbery and drug possession charges. Additionally, Michael Boatwright, previously entered not guilty plea. However, he’s also the same suspect who must undergo a mental examination in order to determine whether he’s fit to stand trial. 

Earlier this week, it was reported that Robert Allen was also on the verse losing his lawyer in the case. His lawyer cited a conflict interest for a reason to be withdrawn from the case. They said that they were already representing Dedrick Williams and had conversations with him in the past pertaining to the case. The fice claimed that the “interests Mr. Williams are adverse to the interest Mr. Allen and this adverse interest should be the subject effective cross-examination.”

XXXTENTACION's Murder Suspect On The Verge Of Losing Lawyer: Report

This police are still looking for a fourth suspect in XXXTENTACION’s murder. Last week, police apprehended a man by the name Robert Allen as the third suspect in the case. However, it turns out that Allen’s attorney has filed documents to get himself removed from the case due to a “conflict interest.”

Robert Allen is currently being represented by an attorney from the Public Defender’s fice but according to The Blast, his lawyer wants to be removed from the case. The Law Office the Public Defender in Robert Allen’s case has requested to be withdrawn as his attorney due to a conflict interest. Documents said Allen was indigent (can’t afford a lawyer) and he was assigned representation from the Public Defender’s Office. The fice said they already represent the first suspect that was apprehended, Dedrick Williams. They said they’ve had numerous conversation with Williams in regards to XXXTENTACION’s murder case.

The fice claims the “interests Mr. Williams are adverse to the interest Mr. Allen and this adverse interest should be the subject effective cross-examination.”

A hearing for the representation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1st.

Robert Allen was the latest suspect to be found. Allen was arrested on July 25th after he was found hiding at his sister’s house in a rural part Georgia. Allen’s facing charges first degree murder and robbery with an firearm.

XXXTentacion Murder Suspects Flaunted Stacks Of Cash Before His Death

XXXTentacion’s murder last month shook the music world as everybody reacted to the news in a different way. With many still mourning his loss, including his mother Cleo, who has been actively updating fans on X’s behalf, details are starting to become clearer in relation to the men allegedly responsible for killing the late artist. One month has passed since the fateful day X was shot and video has been unearthed the murder suspects, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome, chilling weeks before the shooting, flaunting stacks cash.

The three men were formally indicted by a grand jury yesterday along with Michael Boatwright. In the video, Boatwright is not pictured but Allen, Williams, and Newsome are all in the frame, counting up exactly how much money they have in their hands. The video shows that at least three the suspects knew each other and enjoyed flexing with lots money, perhaps confirming the narrative a robbery gone wrong. 

Two the four men have been arrested and are in custody but Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome are still wanted. Boatwright and Newsome are the alleged gunmen in the crime while Allen and Williams were seemingly in the car that blocked XXX from leaving. All four have been indicted for first-degree murder.

XXXTentacion Murder Case: 4 Suspects Have Been Indicted

A grand jury has indicted the two men they believe killed XXXTentacion, along with the two other individuals they have pegged for first degree murder. The classification such revolves on two our four being named as gunmen in the fatal incident. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department believes Michael Boatwright, arrested at the beginning the month, and Trayvon Newsome were responsible for pulling the trigger on XXXTentacion. Newsome the 2nd two gunmen suspected his murder, is still on the loose as investigator continue their search.

Dedrick Williams and Robert Allen were supposedly accessories to the murder scheme, blocking XXX from exiting the enclosure where his car was parked. Dedrick who is believed to have driven their getaway vehicle, has been taken into custody. Robert Allen like his accomplice Trayvon Newsome, is still considered a fugitive.

In addition to murder charges, all four men have been formally accused  armed robbery with a firearm. Detectives Walt Foster or John Curcio are urging people with new information to come forward and share their findings an anonymous hotline: 954-321-4210. Any tips leading to the arrest either Robert Allen or Trayvon Newsome will be rewarded with a max bounty three thousand dollars.

Cops On XXXTENTACION Murder Investigation Name Second Person Of Interest

Police are still searching for the suspects involved with XXXTENTACION’s murder. The rapper was shot and killed after he left a upscale motorcycle store. The police arrested and charged Dedrick D. Williams last week with first degree murder. However, police are still in search two more suspects. Earlier today, it was reported that the two suspects are on the run and federal investigators are trying to track them down. However, investigators on the case have named a second person interest in the murder earlier today.

TMZ reports that The Broward County Sheriff’s Office have named a second person interest in XXXTENTACION’s murder. Police are searching for Robert Allen who is possibly connected to X’s death. They say he was spotted on surveillance footage at the same motorcycle store that X was shopping at before he was shot and killed. However, it’s unclear how he’s connected to X’s murder.

As police continue their hunt for the murder suspects, XXXTENTACION’s mother is holding an open-casket memorial for the rapper today. From 12-6 p.m., fans are invited to say their final goodbye to the rapper at the BB&T Center in Florida. The rapper’s body will be on display in an open-casket on a stage but there won’t be any sort service. X’s actual funeral will be held privately.