Toronto Set To Get Their First Sex Doll Brothel With Highly Detailed Fembots

Toronto has seen the future, and apparently, it has to do with sex dolls. The Six is about to get blessed with the first legal sex doll brothel, and the fembots look too good to be true. If you head over to Aura Dolls website, detailed biographies for the six available sex dolls are on full display. You can check out the doll’s height, physical dimensions, heritage and more. 

Aura plans to introduce more dolls in the future, according to a statement in the Toronto Star by Claire Lee, a representative for the compnay. At the moment, the ethnicities the sex dolls feature Japanese, Caucasian American, French Canadian, Irish Canadian, Colombian, and Korean girls. Male dolls will be added in the near future. The sex dolls look remarkably realistic. Aura’s website writes, “Our dolls are made from the highest quality TPE silicone which mimics the feeling natural human skin, pores, texture and movement giving the user a virtually identical experience as being with a real partner.” 

Although condoms are highly recommended on the website, they are not mandatory. Each doll will be placed through a  three-step cleaning process after each use. The sex dolls have the capability to please their customer from every orifice a live woman would, and other creative ways to interact with them are also encouraged. The brothel is expected to open in North York on September 8. At this rate, we’ll be extinct within a century. 

"Next Gen" Is Netflix's Next Big Family Film

Netflix continues to bolster its catalog. The streaming giant not only has action flicks, comedy specials, and drama series, but they also provide family films as well. A trailer for their latest family film, entitled Next Gen, dropped recently, and it looks like it may be a new classic. Next Gen stars John Krasinski as a combat robot who befriends a little girl in an unlikely partnership. According to Engadget, Netflix shelled out $30 million for the film, and it is easy to see why. The heartfelt trailer alone screams Oscar-bait. 

In the new trailer, Mai stumbles upon a secret lab and meets the combat robot after being neglected by her mother. It appears that society is obsessed with robots, and uses them for everyday tasks. Mai isn’t a fan the A.I. until meeting her unexpected buddy. Much like in I, Robot, the household robots have something more sinister written into their program, and at one point in the trailer, you can witness them turn evil. It will be up to Mai and her new companion to save the world from robot domination. Next Gen also stars Charlyne Yi, Michael Peña, Constance Wu, Jason Sudeikis, and David Cross. It lands on Netflix September 7th. 

Here’s The Tragic (And Hilarious) Story Of A Robot Getting Fired In Scotland

It’s hard out here in the workforce…even for a robot.

Everyone meet Fabio.

He’s just a regular robot who was putting in work at the Scottish supermarket Margiotta. He was developed by Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, and Fabio was designed to hold conversations and assist customers with their store needs.

He was fired this past week and it wasn’t cute. Crying even went on, according to witnesses.

Swipe through to find out the emotional details Fabio’s rise and fall.