French Rap Superstars Booba & Kaaris Start Massive Brawl At Paris Airport

Booba and Kaaris are two the biggest names in French language rap period. The two monoliths have been mired in conflict since 2013, but once upon a time they counted one another as friends. As you can see below, the chance encounter descended into mayhem once the two camps spotted one another at Orly Airport in Paris. Officials were ordered to  shut down a departures hall and even delay a select number outgoing flights.

“A small number flights were delayed by 15 to 30 minutes at the time the fight and the lounge was temporarily closed,” read the airport’s operator aloud through the PA system.

The footage shows an assortment men swinging at each other in front a duty-free shop. The two rappers and their camps were said to be on their way to Barcelona on a shared bill. Booba is said to have fallen out with Kaaris after he failed to back him in a dispute with another rapper, French artist Rohff. An unopened wine bottle is said to have made an appearance in the clash clans.

Border police are believed to have detained well over 11 people connected with the brawl, according to ficial reporting on the scene (West Terminal). Hopefully cooler heads prevail by day’s end.