Is Conor McGregor Following Mike Tyson’s Path To Self-Destruction?

Over the past couple years, no-one has diced with the unsavory fall from grace quite like MMA superstar Conor McGregor. Lauded as the biggest box fice draw in the sport’s history, the cocksure Irishman took the UFC to unforeseen heights through scintillating performances in the octagon and a propensity for trash talk that would leave Hollywood scriptwriters envious. Co-opting the swagger, Coogi sweaters and lavish furs mid-90’s New York hip-hop, “The Notorious” brawler from the satellite suburb Crumlin achieved the unprecedented feat becoming a “double champ” in the UFC by the age 28. Captured after he handily dispatched the veteran Eddie Alvarez within 2 rounds, Conor’s attainment the UFC Lightweight Championship cemented him into the annals sports history and was capped f by his typically inflammatory declaration that “I’d like to apologise… to absolutely nobody. The double champ does what the f***k he wants.”

In the wake his momentous victory, Straight Blast Gym owner and Conor’s long-time mentor John Kavanagh saw him at a function and took his prized fighter aback. Speaking on an episode The Joe Rogan Experience, the acclaimed coach and third-degree black belt in jiu-jitsu explained that he sincerely thought it was the end the road for McGregor. “I shook his hand and said, ‘Right, you’re done. All the best. Enjoy the rest your life”, Kavanagh told Rogan. “He was kind shocked I was saying this to him. But I was like, what else are you going to do? You’re the two-weight champion and you’ve got out the other end this grind – this meat-grinder – with no damage. You’re in a very small percentage. You’ve made plenty money. Off and enjoy yourself.”

Fast-forward to 2019. Is McGregor is still enjoying the high life, or is it’s slowly devouring him from the inside? 1011 days since he last found himself in the win column, Conor has been in a personal and pressional tailspin. Following a seemingly endless promotional run for his Proper Twelve Whiskeyarrests, personal scandals and back-to-back defeats at the hand boxing icon Floyd Mayweather and MMA adversary Khabib Nurmagomedov, everything seemed to come to head in a Dublin pub.

Is Conor McGregor Following Mike Tyson's Path To Self-Destruction?

 Steve Marcus/Getty s

Wearing the same outfit that he’d donned at a charity boxing match the previous night, an impaired Conor McGregor took exception to a 51-year-old man turning down a shot his “shit whiskey” and blindsided him with a punch to the face. Immediately hauled f by his entourage, the Conor today seems almost indistinguishable from the cocky but no less laser-focused fighter that ran roughshod over the UFC’s featherweight division. And what’s more, he’s beginning to exhibit stark similarities to another decorated champion that besieged the world with his skill and unique persona before imploding before the public’s eyes.  

Unlike McGregor, “Iron” Mike Tyson had been arrested 38 times by the time he was 13, and criminality was an integral part his life. However, both men were victims bullying in their adolescence and thus took to learning how to defend themselves for solace. Nurtured into an unstoppable, one-man wrecking crew by the late, great Cus D’Amato, the boxer once known as “Kid Dynamite” would take the amateur ranks by storm, winning two Junior Olympics gold medals before debuting as a pro in 1985. From there, “Iron” Mike was born. Sadly, the juxtaposition between his in-ring pre-eminence and the tumult his personal life would come to the fore shortly after he captured the unified heavyweight titles from Trevor Berbick within two rounds. By the time that the “Baddest Man On The Planet” lost his belts in dramatic fashion to rank underdog Buster Douglas in 1990, the Brownsville, NY boxer involuntarily became the poster boy for self-implosion. In fact, he was imprisoned for raping “Miss Black Rhode Island” Desiree Washington a year later.

A heavy drug user that has since admitted to fighting high, even using a “fake penis” in order to trick athletic commissions into thinking he was clean, the Mike Tyson today speaks with complete clarity about the forces that led to his dramatic fall from grace. “I think I was insane for a great period my life, he told The Independent. “It was just too quick. I didn’t understand the dynamics then. I just knew how to get on top, I didn’t know what to do once I got there.” As infamous for the antics that derailed him as he is for his unequaled ferocity between the ropes, his admittance instability bears eerie familiarity to comments that McGregor has made about the sacrifice he’s willing to make for greatness.

Is Conor McGregor Following Mike Tyson's Path To Self-Destruction?

Lintao Zhang/Getty s

In a 2015 documentary on Ireland’s flagship TV station RTE, Conor drew a straight line equivalency between himself and one the art world’s tortured geniuses. “I’ve lost my mind doing this,” said McGregor. “Like Vincent van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his art and lost his mind in the process. That’s happened to me.” Insistent that he’d “die a crazy old man” if that’s what it took to provide for his loved ones, he reiterated these sentiments during his time as interim UFC Featherweight champ in 2016: “I feel to be at the pinnacle any game, you have to be a little bit gone. You’re not all there. You’ve got to be almost insane to your craft.”

As proven by Iron Mike, the same zealotry and determination that brought him to the top his field is transferable to more corruptible forces. Although it remains in the realm rumor and innuendo, fans and critics have widely speculated that 31-year-old Conor McGregor is a cocaine user, with alleged Irish and American eyewitnesses claiming to have partied with the illustrious fighter. If that wasn’t enough to contend with, there have also been reports that “The Notorious” has not only cheated on his childhood sweetheart Dee Devlin on innumerable occasions but that he was under investigation for sexual assault in his native land. Brought to the mainstream press around the same time as his supposed retirement from the sport, Conor’s public descent into chaos has left many wondering whether we’ll ever see him recapture his former glories.

For Kavanagh, who is equal parts a coach and rock stability, he believes the answer to getting Conor on track is to get back-to-basics and recapture his tenacity. “Get me, Conor, Artem (Lobov) and Peter (Queally) and that kind crew, and just disappear for three months,” he said during an appearance on ESPN’s Ariel And The Bad Guy. “And really put in an old-school training camp; a nightmarish training camp. If we are going to do it again, that would be my requirement… From the limited amount chat we’ve had about it, he wants to do that again”

By stripping away the convolution that comes with the spotlight, Conor could steer around the looming iceberg that’s coming his way. While Mike Tyson’s fall from grace was aided and abetted by cutting ties with D’Amato’s second-in-command Kevin Rooney, McGregor still has his team’s full support. There’s still time to tap into his mind frame the past before he extinguishes every vestige the man he once was. Otherwise, he may end up looking at life with the same regret-tinged wistfulness as Iron Mike himself: “I’ve learned to live a boring life and love it. I let too much in and look what happened.”

Is Conor McGregor Following Mike Tyson's Path To Self-Destruction?

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50 Cent Teases His Return To Music With New Song Preview

Street King Immortal is gone. At least, that’s what 50 Cent fans have come to accept as fact. When 50’s musical discography is discussed, the story appears to have ended with Animal Ambition, a project sadly deemed to be his most underwhelming in terms overall quality. Yet hope is not lost. It feels like Fif’s buzz hasn’t been this high in years, with many routinely tuning in to see what the brazen mogul has up his sleeve. As many those loyal fans originally pledged allegiance during his musical heydey, it stands to reason that they’d be more than willing to come full circle.

50 Cent Teases His Return To Music With New Song Preview

Scott Gries/Getty s

Luckily, it appears as if 50 is indeed plotting on a return to music. At least, he’s certainly testing the waters. Taking to Instagram, Fif shared a snippet a song he originally made for Power (no surprise there), in order to make them “understand what he wanted to do.” The track, called “Remarkable” harkens back to one his signature vibes; which is to say, the Thug-Luv formula originally explored on “21 Questions.” Off the bat, it’s evocative a simpler time, and should fuel nostalgic vibes in any tried-and-true 50 fan.

Now, the idea him releasing a full album certainly feels like wishful thinking. Yet maybe, should the response to “Remarkable” prove overwhelming, Fif will see the light and return to the booth. Would you be down for a new project from the G-Unit capo?

Lil Uzi Vert Agrees To Pay College Student’s $90K Tuition Under Certain Conditions

One college student may have just gotten his big break provided by none other than Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper recently shared that he has been enduring a rough time as his grandmother, the woman who raised him, has been ill in the hospital for months now. He expressed that while he’s been flexing his wealth on social media lately, internally, he’s struggling quite a bit.

Uzi knows the pressure being stressed, so when a college student half-jokingly, half-seriously asked for the rapper to pay his tuition, Uzi was ready to make it happen. “Can you pay for my college tuition?” the man yelled to Uzi as the rapper walked by with his entourage. Surprisingly, Uzi turns around and asks, “How much is your college tuition?” The man tells him he’s a student at Temple University and it costs $90K. “I could pay for that,” Uzi says, tentatively. “But, this is the thing, though. If I pay for your college tuition, are you gonna finish college or are you gonna bullsh*t?”

“Nah,” the guy replied. “One hundred percent, I don’t bullsh*t. I’ll finish.” Uzi wanted to know what his Instagram name was and the man told him. “Make sure you show me all your transcripts. Everything. Show me all your papers and everything and you can get $90,000 from me…if you don’t show me, you won’t get $90 grand. You gotta show me pro.”

The college student promised he would send Uzi all the information he requested. Hopefully, he doesn’t miss out on this opportunity and follows through with Uzi.

Kendrick Perkins, Royce White Trade Jabs On Social Media: "Drug Test This Dude"

Former NBA player Royce White got Patrick Beverley’s stamp approval for the comments he made about LeBron James recently, but Kendrick Perkins thinks he’s way out line. In fact, Perk says White needs to be drug tested – which sparked an entirely different debate about mental illness.

It all started when White criticized the Lakers decision for signing Jared Dudley over Carmelo Anthony.

“LeBron is walking around like he’s the face & voice the players. How is he letting his banana boat brother hang out there in the wings & they go sign Jared Dudley? If anybody thinks Dudley can hold Carmelo’s jockstrap, I’ll slap them.”

The video made the rounds on social media, prompting the following response from Perk:

I had to watch this video a few times before I decided to give my input on this and all I have to say is somebody needs to drug test this dude because he’s too aggressive and Do y’all see his veins in his neck?! I’m not rolling with this at all!”

White exchanged pleasantries with Perkins over the last day or so, but specifically replied to Perk’s “drug test” remark on Thursday, threatening to slap the former NBA enforcer the next time they’re in the same place.

“I need to be DRUG TESTED now? You’re pushing a drug abuse narrative on another black athlete. One that has always been staunchly anti-drug in the Mental Health crusade? Yea… when I catch up with you I’m slapping you. You’re a GOOFBALL. Shoot the fair one.”

Ryan Hollins tried to step in and mediate, but White wasn’t having it.

“Nah bro. He’s pushing DRUGS on somebody that has NEVER touched them because my opinion? I’ve NEVER been f my square. That’s what SAS was talking about. How they use rumors that get started in these front fices. Sometimes it starts with these ASS-KISSING players. NOT GOING.”

Check out the back-and-forth in the tweets embedded below.

Aretha Franklin Died With More Than $1 Million In Uncashed Checks

Just when you thought the fight over Aretha Franklin’s assets couldn’t get any stickier.

As Aretha Franklin’s sons c, there’s this.

A court audit has now revealed that The Queen of Soul had about $1 million worth of uncashed checks in her possession when she passed away.

Franklin’s August 2018 passing saddened the music world, and countless artists, public figures, and fans mourned the loss of one of history’s most versatile and capable singers. Behind the scenes, however, the stage was being set for Franklin’s children to become embroiled in a vicious dispute over her estate.

A court battle over who will receive Franklin’s funds and handle the estate’s long-term management is threatening to last for years.

It initially seemed that Aretha Franklin hadn’t written a will at all; her assets would have then been evenly distributed amongst her children.  After her passing, though, three handwritten wills were discovered under a pillow in her Detroit home.

The most recently written of these wills placed control of the estate with her youngest son, Kecalf Cunningham. The problem was that Aretha’s vast estate had previously been managed by Sabrina Owens, Franklin’s niece.  Another son, Theodore White II, with Owens.

The uncashed checks (one of which is worth more than $700,000) appear to have greatly angered Aretha Franklin’s four sons, each of whom has retained a legal team.

These sons released statements through their legal teams that indicated their overall dissatisfaction with the fact that it took so long to determine exactly how much money — and which possessions — Aretha Franklin had at the time of her death.

It’s not uncommon for family members to fight over a deceased loved one’s assets, though this legal battle is noteworthy in that the winner will have control of Aretha’s deals for many years to come.  Song licenses, royalty agreements, and a long list of lucrative opportunities are handled by the manager of an estate.

History suggests that this dispute won’t end in the near future, but here’s to hoping that the Franklin children are able to put their differences aside and make a deal that works for everyone.  The sooner Aretha Franklin’s estate is competently managed by one or more individuals, the better Aretha Franklin’s legacy can be maintained.

Though given the state of affairs, that’s probably wishful thinking.

Lil Uzi Vert Opens Up About Grandma’s Health After Suffering A Stroke

Lil Uzi Vert isn’t the most active guy on Twitter but today, he had some positive news to get f his chest so he took to the social platform to let loose. For the last few months, he’s been quietly helping his grandmother through her health issues after she suffered a stroke. She had lost the ability to walk and today, Uzi learned that she’s healthy enough to head home for the first time in a while. He celebrated with his fans online.

Lil Uzi Vert Opens Up About Grandma's Health After Suffering A Stroke
Tabatha Fireman/Getty s

“I love you grandma you got this,” wrote the Philadelphia rapper before elaborating. “I’m scared excited happy and sad but mostly thankful. So Today my Grandma is coming home she was in the hospital and rehab for months she cannot walk. She cannot talk all the way but I feel her gettin better by the second. My grandma been in the hospital for MONTHS man she had a tumor over her eye the Doctors removed half it when she finally woke she had a stroke on her entire left side and cannot move it. IF YOU DONT KNOW THATS WHO RAISE ME. I love my grandma more than Clothes.”

Since Uzi loves him some fashion, you just know that his connection to his grandmother is special. Uzi says that he’s been dealing with this on the low because he needed privacy, which is understandable. His decision to open up means a lot to his fans, who have been wishing him and his grandma well in his replies. Send him and his family some love!

Diddy & His Kids Deliver Emergency PSA On The Amazon Wildfire

If you were unaware, there’s been a massive wildfire burning down the Amazon rainforest over the past few weeks that sadly the Brazilian government can’t control. The fire is burning at a record rate and damaging the rainforest right before our eyes, yet most Americans haven’t heard a thing about it. Well one person that’s trying to change that is Diddy and his kids, who decided to draw attention to the crisis today by uploading a PSA warning people the emergency at hand.

“The Amazon has been burning for weeks, but we are just now hearing about this. The Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet and contains 20% our worlds oxygen. The fires are burning at one the fastest paces in years. We only have one planet and we have to take care it,” he says in the clip on IG.

Reports say that the fire is still raging but that thunderstorms are in the area for later today, so hopefully this fire can slow down or come to halt finally.

Check out Diddy & his girls’ PSA (below) and read more on the wildfire right here if interested.

HNHH TIDAL Wave: Young Thug Takes Over With 10 Inclusions

We’re a day late on getting you our TIDAL Wave picks but… better late than never, right? For the past week, our staff has been bumping all last week’s releases and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying them. From Snoop Dogg to A$AP Ferg, Quality Control and, course, Young Thug, we were blessed with ample amounts good music last week. Hip-hop was well-represented on yet another busy Friday and we had the chance to gather up our favorites from the week. 

Every seven days, we prepare a list our most-consumed musical picks from previous campaigns and this week, Thugger was a heavy favorite. In fact, the Atlanta veteran ended up earning over ten entries on TIDAL Wave! Between myself, Alex Cole, Mitch, and Rose, multiple songs from Thugger ended up on our personal lists. Elsewhere, tracks from A$AP Ferg, Snoop, JPEGMAFIA, Shy Glizzy, Sada Baby, Snoh Aalegra, and many others appeared.

If you’re not a member TIDAL yet, you can change that here. The service fers a tremendous collection new releases and the best quality streaming on the market. Keep an eye out for the next edition TIDAL Wave and let us know your favorite song on this week’s version.

Alex Zidel (Editorial)

Young Thug – Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby)
Young Thug – Hot (feat. Gunna)
Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Young Thug – Big Tipper (feat. Lil Keed)
Young Thug – What’s The Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Chantilly Post (Editorial)

Swae Lee – Won’t Be Late (feat. Drake)
Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat Burna Boy)
Doja Cat & Tyga – Juicy (Remix)
Snoh Aalegra – Love Like That

Alex Cole (Editorial)

Young Thug – Jumped Out The Window
Young Thug – Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke)
Young Thug – Sup Mate (feat. Future)
Young Thug – Just How It Is
Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge (feat. Juice WRLD)

Noah C. (Editorial)

Snoop Dogg – So Misinformed (feat. Slick Rick)
Valee – Uninvited (feat. Calboy)
Father – A lot on ur plate
Sporting Life – Black Diamond (feat. Deem Spencer)
Quality Control & Offset – 100 Racks (feat. Playboi Carti)

Paul Pirotta (Sales)

Casanova & Fabolous – So Brooklyn
A$AP Ferg – Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi)
Jeezy – MLK BLVD (feat. Meek Mill)
Dame D. O. L. L. A. – Money Ball (feat. Jeremih, Danny from Sobrante & Derrick Milano)

Devin Ch (Editorial)

Young Thug – What’s The Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Romzy – Position (feat. IQ & Big Zeeks)
A$AP Ferg – Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi)
Snoh Aalegra – Situationship
Mozzy & Gunplay – Bail Bond

Cole Blake (Editorial)

JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Brockhampton – Boy Bye
Tkay Maidza & JPEGMAFIA – Awake
Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)

Aron A (Editorial)

Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat Burna Boy)
Young Thug – Hot (feat. Gunna)
Fonzie – Not Right (feat. RNDM)
WSTRN – Day & Night
A$AP Ferg – Butt Naked (feat. Rico Nasty)

Mitch Findlay (Editorial)

Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Young Thug – Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke)
Young Thug – Just How It Is
Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge (feat. Juice WRLD)

Rose Lilah (Editorial)

Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Shy Glizzy – Waikiki Flow
Young Thug – Sup Mate (feat. Future)
Sada Baby – Next Up (feat. Tee Grizzley)
Quality Control & Jordan Hollywood – Testament 

Tee Grizzley’s Car Shot at, Manager Killed

Tee Grizzley’s car was shot at and his manager was killed during a shooting in Detroit on Tuesday night.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that a gunman opened fire on the rapper’s Cadillac Escalade. Jobina Brown, Tee Grizzley’s manager and aunt, was sitting in the back seat.

Tee was getting out of the front passenger seat after the car stopped when the shooter approached on foot and pulled the trigger, hitting Jobina on her left side. The driver of the SUV told cops he heard Jobina scream right before three to four shots were fired.

It’s unclear if Tee Grizzley was targeted in the attack, but neither he nor the driver were hit.

Tee stayed behind at the scene while the driver called police, and an ambulance rushed his manager to a hospital, where she died from her injuries. She was 41.

The two had a close relationship. Tee paid tribute to Jobina in a 2017 Facebook post, writing, “My manager My Aunty My Big Homie if you die I can’t tell the story cause I’m dying wit u.”

Tee Grizzley's Car Shot at, Manager Killed

Tee Grizzley’s peers took to social media with their thoughts and prayers. “They place the heaviest loads on the strongest backs… Our prayers & condolences lil bro… Stay strong… I’m here if you need me King,” wrote T.I., who used the hashtag “#RIPJB.”

Lil Yachty added, “Praying for my bro. One of my real friends. In my thoughts till I hear from you. Love you broski.”

Hip-Hop Stands By Tee Grizzley After Tragic Shooting

Yesterday, reports a brutal drive-by shooting left hip-hop reeling. Tee Grizzley, coming f the release his excellent Scriptureswas sitting in the passenger seat his Cadillac Escalade. His aunt Jobina Brown, who also acted as his manager, was sitting in the backseat. According to TMZ, a shooter approached the car and opened fire, killing Brown and leaving Grizzley and the driver unscathed; it’s unclear whether that was his intention or not, but it has been speculated that Grizzley was indeed the target. Sadly, Jobina Brown did not survive, and passed away in the hospital at the age 41.

Hip-Hop Stands By Tee Grizzley After Tragic Shooting

Tee Grizzley nor his camp have yet to address the tragedy, but he’s not standing alone. Many rappers have taken to social media to mobilize behind him, fering up their prayers and condolences. You can read responses him his friends and collaborators like Lil Yachty, Moneybagg Yo, T.I., Murda Beatz below.

It’s hard to imagine losing a loved one before your very eyes. Sometimes we take the music makers for granted; the stories they share and the pain they have overcome have provided us entertainment for years. Yet these are real people experiencing harsh realities. During times such as this, it’s wise to be respectful, and send nothing but positive vibes to Tee Grizzley and his team. Rest in peace to Jobina Brown. 

Nipsey Hussle's Puma Collection Is Still Happening — Release Next Month

The status of a Puma collaboration with Nipsey Hussle was previously unclear.

Nipsey Hussle had been collaborating with Puma on a fall fashion collection, though it was unclear where things stood when the rapper was killed.  Now, it turns out that the collection was far enough along and will be released on September 5th.

Hussle’s TMC brand, which is an acronym for “The Marathon Continues,” announced the news in a post on the late entertainer’s Instagram account. The post indicated that Hussle, before he died, had spent the previous year working on this project, with which he was involved from the conceptual stages all the way to the final products.

The Instagram post further indicated that the project is very important to the entire TMC team, and that they are taking care to make sure that the final products are what Hussle envisioned.

Since the spring of this year, both TMC and Puma have been providing teases of what would be included in the collection.

Hussle himself originally announced the collaboration on his Instagram account on March 4th in a video. He posted this just a month prior to his shooting death in Los Angeles, which occurred outside of his apparel store. A few months later, Puma put up billboards all over Los Angeles that featured an image of Hussle praying.

Among items expected to to be released in September are both a tracksuit and a khaki suit.

Before his death, Nipsey Hussle had been involved in the west coast hip-hop scene for more than a decade. But his debut album, Victory Lap, was only released in 2018.  It received both commercial and critical acclaim and also received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Hussle also served as a brand ambassador for Puma, joining other celebrities such as Rihanna and Selena Gomez, while appearing in numerous advertising campaigns for the company.

Bhad Bhabie Defends Nicki Minaj Writing Claims After The Barbz Attack On Social Media

Bhad Bhabie has felt the wrath of the Barbz.

The viral sensation-turned-rapper took heat from Nicki Minaj’s devoted fan base after the teenager mentioned Nicki’s name while speaking about the use of writers in the music industry.

“Y’all just don’t understand how this industry works,” Bhabie said on Instagram Live. “And it’s so sad. It’s so upsetting because people put a lot of work into getting things done and then y’all hear, ‘Oh, she didn’t write that hook? Oh, well fuck her.’ What? Y’all know most of the biggest names — Drake, Nicki — all them people get shit written for them too. Wayne. Like, all types of people get shit written.

“Whether they actually gonna use it or not, shit still gets written. Even sometimes in sessions, artists will talk to they friends and be like, ‘Aye, should I say this?’ or ‘Aye, you think this right?’ And one of they homies will be like, ‘Aye, nah, you should say this.’ That’s how shit gets done! Sometimes, it’s a team effort.”

Bhabie’s mention of Nicki didn’t sit well with the Barbz, who went on the attack social media. In response, the “Cash Me Ousside” girl jumped back on Instagram Live to clarify her words and slam Nicki’s fans for being irrational.

“I forgot that Nicki’s fandom, majority of them are brainwashed and braindead and are just so in love with her that they believe anything she says or whatever,” Bhabie said. “Not once did I ever say that Nicki doesn’t write all of her music or that Cardi doesn’t write all of her music or that City Girls or Lil Wayne or any of them people that I brought up earlier. I did not say they do not write all of their music. What I said was hooks are given to them, verses are given to them sometimes. And that’s it.

“For y’all bringing up the videos of Nicki saying that she wrote ‘Good Form’ and ‘Chun-Li’ and all that, I know Nicki writes some of her stuff. I never not once did I say, ‘Nicki doesn’t write all of her stuff.’ Y’all are just so stupid that y’all take shit and run with it.”

She concluded, “Y’all just need to understand that it’s the truth and that’s how shit goes. Shit gets given to people sometimes.”

Bhabie also shared a message on Twitter saying she had no ill will for Nicki.

“Got love for Cardi, Got love for Nicki, Got love for everybody except dumb hoes wit double standards who don’t do they research,” she wrote.

Check out some of the fan reactions to Bhabie’s comments below.

Tee Grizzley’s Manager Dies After Rapper’s Car Gets Shot At: Report

The details are incredible muddy right now but there are reports that Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley was involved in a shooting this week, leaving his manager dead. Multiple sources are reporting that Tee Grizzley’s vehicle was targeted in a drive-by shooting and as this publication, it is unclear whether the rapper was struck or not. His manager, who is also his aunt, was reportedly fatally struck.

Tee Grizzley's Manager Dies After Rapper's Car Gets Shot At: Report
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty s

The Detroit rapper was recently featured on Sada Baby’s latest song, marking the latest collaboration between both Detroit rappers. Grizz has been enjoying a successful year, branching out and getting his music heard by a plethora newfound admirers. The Detroit sound has been picking up in traction and Tee is a big part that. His Scriptures album released this year and it was met with highly-positive reviews, earning it an early spot on year-end lists. He made several headlines after he took a shot at Eminem on the album, saying that the legend no longer runs his city.

HotNewHipHop has reached out to Tee Grizzley’s team for further information. We will keep you updated on Tee Grizzley’s condition, as well as that his team members. Join us in sending our love, positivity and prayers to everybody affected.

Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog’s Death After Car Accident

The loss a loved one is difficult for anybody to process. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve put into the streets, losing one your friends, family members, or even a pet is a tough thing to go through. Boosie Badazz may be a veteran in the rap game, known for his authenticity and ten-nonsensical mannerisms, but he’s still got a heart and that means when he loses someone, it’s gonna hit him. The Baton Rouge rapper had grown close to his dog over the last little while and yesterday, he announced that his little friend had unfortunately passed away.

Boosie Badazz Tearfully Announces His Dog's Death After Car Accident
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Boosie explained the situation as only he can, telling his followers that the beautiful Boozilla is no longer with us. “My dog just got ran over n died in the car with me on the way to the vet,” wrote the experienced vocalist. “Nobody call me for 3 days period FUCK THE WORLD. RIP BOOZILLA.”

Boosie is a family man, constantly showing f his kids and his home life to the world so it’s sad to see somebody close to him get taken away. After witnessing the accident, Boo attempted to do the right thing, bringing his pooch to the vet’s fice but it was too late. Join us in sending your love and positivity to Boosie Badazz and his family.

Ex-MLB Stars Accused In Biggest Drug Bust In Dominican Republic History

Three-time All Star second baseman, Luis Castillo, and former pitcher Octavio Dotel are reportedly accused being involved in a massive drug trafficking ring in the Dominican Republic. According to ABC News, the country’s attorney general, Jean Alain Rodriguez, has labelled it the “largest operation against organized crime” in the country.

The Associated Press reports that Dotel, whose MLB career spanned 15 years, has already been arrested. Castillo, who played for the Florida Marlins, New York Mets & others during his 15-year career, has been cited. 

The former MLB stars are among a total 21 people implicated in the ring reportedly run by Cesar “El Abusador” Peralta, who has not yet been detained. According to reports, the organization smuggled drugs from South America through the DR before ultimately shipping them to the U.S.

It’s unclear what the specific accusations against Castillo and Dotel are, but it appears they allegedly helped “El Abusador” launder his money.

“To enter and launder the illicit money obtained from drug trafficking, César El Abusador also created a complicated corporate framework to disguise the origin his fortune, also using numerous individuals belonging to his family and social circle to hide his assets, including 2 sports figures the Dominican Republic,” attorney general Rodriguez said in a statement.

According to the New York Post, Rodriguez’s fice described the cartel as “one the most important drug trafficking structures in the Caribbean region, the United States and the Dominican Republic, whose members used the Dominican Republic as a bridge for the transit and entry illicit drugs to the United States from South America.”