Music Industry Shuffle: YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Atlantic Records

Here’s a wrap on the latest music industry hirings, firings, retirings, and promotions.

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Mitch Schneider Organization — Marcee Rondan

Music publicist Mitch Schneider announced that his firm — long known as MSO PR — is changing its name to SRO PR. The promotion of Executive VP Marcee Rondan to Partner inspired the name change. The new Schneider/Rondan Organization is working on transitioning its digital assets to the new name.

Atlantic Records — David Saslow

Atlantic Records has announced David Saslow is joining the team in the newly created position of Executive VP, International Artist Relations and A&R.  He will be based out of the label’s New York offices.

SoundCloud — Gilles BianRosa

SoundCloud has named Gilles BianRosa as its new Chief Product Officer.  He will be based in the company’s Berlin headquarters and will report directly to SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor.  BianRosa previously served at Samsung as the Chief Product Officer for the company’s visual display content and services.

YouTube Music — Dan Chalmers

YouTube Music has poached longtime Warner Bros. veteran, Dan Chalmers.  Chalmers currently serves as President of ADA, Warner’s independent services distribution arm.  Sources say Chalmers will be joining YouTube and will report directly to YouTube Music head Lyor Cohen.

Verge Records — Mickey Jack Cones

Verge Records is relaunching with music producer, publisher, and artist manager Mickey Jack Cones at the helm.  The label will be based in Nashville and will leverage ONErpm’s global presence to discover and sign new talent.  ONErpm founder Emmanuel Zunz relaunched the label after initially starting it back in 2006.

FUGA – Jason Reed and Kameil Sattar

FUGA has announced it has made two new senior hires for the group. Jason Reed joins from Head of Digital at Domino Recording and will serve as Head of Global Marketing and Promotion for FUGA.  Kameil Sattar joins FUGA’s London office as Regional Manager UK from her previous position as Head of Digital at Proper Music Group.

Sound Royalties — Five New Hires

Sound Royalties has announced five new hires in various positions throughout the company.  New hires include:

  • Karen Kough – HR Director
  • Linjea James – Contract Specialist
  • Christyana Bishop – Social Media Coordinator
  • John Clark – Sales Support Administrator
  • Josh Kanterman – Analytics Consultant

Prager Metis CPAs — Jane Bushmaker

Prager Metis Certified Public Accountants has announced Jane Bushmaker as its newest Director.  Jane joins the accounting firm after serving as Director for the Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance Group. She will work out of the El Segundo, CA office.

Rumor: iPhone 11 Could Feature Dual Bluetooth Streams

Ever since the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple has been working hard to make wireless audio the default for smartphones.

That future may become one step closer with the iPhone 11, if recent rumors are to be believed.  According to a rumor from a Japanese Mac blog, Apple is exploring ways to allow audio signals to be transmitted to two separate Bluetooth devices.

Some Samsung smartphones already have a dual wireless audio feature, but they require Bluetooth 5.0 to function. Apple could potentially implement dual audio in the same way, since many older iPhones already support Bluetooth 5.0.

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS all support Bluetooth 5.0 and could be updated to support the new feature a software update.

The Japanese blog cites a supply chain rumor, so the reliability on this source isn’t that great. Still, it might be something that materializes, especially considering that Apple is desperately in need of a reason to sell people on the newest iPhone. Flagging iPhone and iPad sales have Apple looking towards building a future .

Supporting multiple audio streams means that the user could connect two pairs of AirPods to the same iPhone. You could also connect the phone to a car’s Bluetooth system while keeping your Bluetooth headset connected. There are lots of possibilities here, but wireless audio still sucks.

What Else Is New?

Aside from the possibility of supporting multiple Bluetooth devices at once, the iPhone 11 may bring back Touch ID. A Barclays report says that Apple plans to reintroduce Touch ID alongside Face ID to create .

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the 2019 iPhones will miss out on 5G technology, as that is slated for the 2020 phones. The iPhone XR2 is stuck with a lower-resolution LCD, while the 2020 iPhone will likely have an OLED. This year’s iPhone is also rumored to have an ugly camera bump, too.

Mona Lisa "Deepfakes" & Other Talking Paintings Are Raising Public Concerns

“Deepfakes” have startled the world lately. The imaging technique allows for paintings to appear as though they are talking. The latter is generated from a single image. For instance, the technique was tested on Mona Lisa, resulting in a “living portrait” wherein she appeared to laugh and then mouth words. The seemingly realistic videos and audio generated stems from the use machine learning. The invention was developed by Samsung researchers operating out Moscow. The credible videos are generated from a single image hence with just a few photos the real faces, the results could look even more real. The creators described it as “photorealistic talking heads.” Though, it gets creepier.

The researchers defined the new technology as “puppeteering” which relates to a method where invisible strings manipulate a face. Indeed, the discovery could easily serve as the basis a horror movie. Relatedly, concerns about the malicious use the technological advancements have been raised. Folks are debating on whether “deepfakes” could be used to toy with politics and worldly affairs if one was cleverly crafted to mimic a trusted public figure. This would be very similar to a Black Mirror episode and may lead to greater damage than progress.

Moreover, researchers affirm this technology will soon make it hard to distinguish the real from the fake. At this point, the issue wil be to look at contextual cues in a robust way to help determine whether or not it is a fake. Thus, a more robust way fact-checking your sources. Despite this, it remains really scary what the future has in store for such technology.  

A Smaller Samsung Smart Speaker Passes Through FCC Testing

Several months after revealing the Galaxy Home, Samsung appears to have another smaller smart speaker on the way.

Recent FCC filing documents show a smaller Samsung smart speaker with a design that resembles its larger Galaxy Home cousin.  The smart speaker features AKG branding on the front with buttons for volume and other controls.  It also appears to feature a micro-USB port on the bottom of the device for charging.

The new Samsung smart speaker carries the model number SM-V310, which is similar to the Galaxy Home’s model number SM-V510. Aside from giving us a picture of the bowl-shaped device, not much else is known about it. The FCC filing does reveal that the speaker will support both WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

Pricing for the smaller Samsung Smart Speaker is currently unknown.

It’s sort of strange to see Samsung prepping another model of a smart speaker when the hasn’t gone on sale yet. Samsung has missed multiple deadlines in regards to the Galaxy Home, which was first introduced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Back in February at the Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung let slip that they expected the speakers to launch in April. Now the South Korean company refuses to address any delay, saying it will launch in the “first half of 2019.” We’ve got about a month left before Samsung misses that deadline and pushes it into the second half of the year.

The Galaxy Home smart speaker is powered by Samsung’s own digital assistant called Bixby, but a recent survey shows that Bixby the least popular smart assistant in the United States. Only 4% of U.S. adults say they use Bixby, compared to 44% who say they use Siri, 30% for Google Assistant, and 17% for Alexa.

Samsung truly has an uphill battle to market these speakers. Samsung claims it has technology in its speakers that “intuitively moves a wave of sound directly towards you when asked.” Guess we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see just how accurate that statement is.

IPhone 11’s Rumored New Camera Design Has Leaked

At the start the New Year, it was revealed that Apple had plans to change around some design elements for their new iPhone, following their lower-than-expected sales. Leaks hinted that changes would include the setting up a triple rear camera that would potentially use Time Flight tech to allow the new iPhone to render 3D maps anything within a few meters.

A recently tweeted leak iPhone 11 case moldings, by Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, appears to show that all three models will feature a rounded-edge, square bump on the back in the top left corner the device, with a new camera design. The images show what is believed to be the three upcoming iPhone 11 models, stacked side-by-side. Unlike the iPhone XS and XS successor, the updated iPhone XR (pictured in the middle the photo) will include a second camera that appears on top one the first, whilst yet another model will feature a third camera that “will have an ultra-wide-angle lens to produce larger and more detailed photos,” according to a Bloomberg report

As previously reported, the three lens camera was designed to compete with Samsung’s S9 and new Note models and will have the privilege  an OLED display, while two less expensive iPhone models will come with an LCD screen. Even though we are a few months shy receiving the ficial confirmation from Apple regarding the iPhone 11 details, it hasn’t stop speculations and leaks from consumers coming in.

Recent Spotify Update Breaks Lockscreen Controls for Potentially Millions of Users

For the past month or so, Spotify users have remained vocal in their disappointment over a recent update on Android.

With the service now reaching 217 million monthly active users (MAUs), it’s only natural a user base this large would remain vocal on any bugs and poorly rolled out features.

Case in point.  Several months ago, Spotify’s iOS users complained of the streaming music giant deliberately hiding the repeat button.  Previously, people could readily find the repeat and play queue button on a song’s ‘Now Playing’ screen.  In an update, Spotify buried these two buttons in a submenu.

According to the company, the update would allow users to better share songs on social media.  However, following major criticism online, Spotify eventually rolled back the update.

Now, Spotify users have criticized the company once again for a major bug that internal testers clearly overlooked.

When Spotify doesn’t do sufficient quality assurance testing.

Users have reportedly noticed a strange glitch on the Android mobile app.

Playback controls, including the skip and pause buttons, no longer function correctly on devices’ lockscreens.

The majority of complaints have come from users on Galaxy S10s, S9s, S8s, S7s, and Note9s.

The original post, first mentioned on , asked other users a simple question.

Does anyone experience sometimes issues with skipping songs using the controls on the lockscreen while using Spotify?

For some reason, it sometimes doesn’t work for me and I have to unlock to skip a song.

Speaking on the buggy behavior, one user mentioned they could no longer change the music on the lockscreen.

I had a galaxy s8 and just bought a galaxy s10 but since my galaxy s8 after [the] last update, I can’t change Spotify music on lock screen anymore, in either of the phones!  I can see the lock screen control [and] read the music, but when I press pause or change the music it doesn’t work.

According to separate complaints, this bug also affects Android devices streaming music Bluetooth in their cars.

The complaint comes after the streaming music giant unveiled its strategic partnership with Samsung.  Spotify its mobile music app on millions of new devices.

It remains unclear how many Samsung users the bug actually affects.  However, the glitch also affects other smartphones.  A Huawei P20 Pro user wrote,


This isn’t my issue.  I’m able to pause and skip music with the lockscreen controls, but I have to unlock my phone first to be able to do it.

There are lots of situations where it isn’t convenient to use face unlock just to be able to skip a song.”

Unfortunately, Spotify has provided an unsatisfactory answer to users.

Telling users to ensure the app remains “up-to-date” (which remains the reason why users now encounter the bug), a spokesperson explained,

We’re still looking into this, and will get back to you as soon as we have updates.


Featured image by Spotify.

Audioburst Confirms $10 Million in New Funding, Raising $25 Million To Date

Dentsu and Hyundai have now invested millions in Audioburst.

Several weeks ago, Blubrry, a podcast hosting company, inked an important deal with AI-powered audio search platform Audioburst.

Under the deal, Blubrry users would have access to the AI platform’s search technology.  Podcasters hosted by the former company could now sign up to use Audioburst’s new Creators platform.  This includes access to tools, including full episode transcripts and short clips shareable on social media.

Speaking about the deal, Amir Hirsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Audioburst, explained,

Our mission is to empower podcasters and radio professionals with a robust solution for monetization, distribution, and discovery.

The integration of [our] Creators platform gives Blubrry’s thousands of creative community members the unmatched tools to transcribe, increase exposure, and earn money.

Financial terms of the agreement remain undisclosed.

Now, the AI-powered search platform has secured more funding.

Signing to the tune of $10 million.

Audioburst has confirmed two new strategic and investment partnerships totaling $10 million.  Dentsu Inc. and Hyundai Motor Company have joined the AI platform’s list of investors.  Both have made a $5 million investment.

The new investment brings the company’s total funding to just under $25 million.

In June 2017, Advanced Media made a $6.7 million in Audioburst.  In March 2018, Samsung Ventures helped the company raise $4.6 million.  Then, Nippon Broadcasting System joined in the following August with a $3.1 million investment.

Audioburst transcribes, analyzes, and indexes radio content in real-time into short-form snippets.  The company’s API allows brands and marketers to leverage audio content for user engagement as well as monetization opportunities.  Audioburst remains available on multiple platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  In addition, the company closely works with major brands, including Samsung, LG, ByteDance, and others.

With the funding, the company now will build unique advertising and in-car voice-based experiences in Japanese for Hyundai and Dentsu.  Audioburst confirmed it will formally launch in the Japanese market at the end of 2019.

Speaking about the new funding, Hirsh said,

[The funding] provides us the ability to expand and expedite our technology offering, and tap into a larger ecosystem of investors and partners in the car, media, advertising, and technology spaces.

Dentsu, a global advertising agency, added the funding remains necessary to create intelligent, audio-based ad solutions for Japan, a “rapidly growing market.”

Personalized advertising in the radio space has been limited to date.  In addition, the emergence of voice-activated services and audio content have provided a rapidly growing advertising opportunity for our clients.


Featured image by Pictures of Money (CC by 2.0).

Apple Reportedly Prepares to Completely Split Up iTunes

Will we soon see the end of Apple’s game-changing iTunes?

According to a new report, Apple has prepared to break up iTunes.  On desktops, at least.

Likely examining the iTunes desktop’s code, software developer Steve Troughton-Smith claims he’s found evidence the Cupertino giant will replace iTunes with dedicated Music, Podcasts, and Video apps.  Books may also receive a significant revamp.

On Twitter, he explained,

I am now fairly confident based on evidence I don’t wish to make public at this point that Apple is planning new (likely UIKit) Music, Podcasts, perhaps even Books, apps for macOS, to join the new TV app.

I expect the four to be the next wave of Marzipan [macOS] apps.  [Take this with a] grain of salt, etc.

Farewell to iTunes?

The move to separate its services makes sense.

As part of , the company has most recently unveiled its own plans to take on Netflix.  Dubbed TV, the new service will serve as the company’s new hub for original films and series.  The Cupertino giant will offer ad-free, exclusive content either greenlit by Apple or produced in-home.  Like Netflix and most other on-demand streaming video services, TV will require a monthly subscription.  The service reportedly won’t launch until this autumn.

To successfully launch TV, the Cupertino company has teamed up with smart TV makers, including Sony, Samsung, LG, and Vizio, among others.  TV will also debut on Amazon’s Fire Stick devices.

In addition, the company has unveiled its own premium news service.

Dubbed Apple News, the subscription service will give users access to over 300 curated newspapers and magazines from around the world.  This includes The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others, as well as magazines such as Vogue, Times, Essence, and others.

The dedicated news service will soon roll out as a standalone app.

Speaking about his discovery, Troughton-Smith said,

Yes, this means the much-discussed and long-awaited break up of iTunes.  Finally!

The company is expected to confirm the breakup as well as the launch of multiple standalone services at this year’s WWDC conference on June 3rd.


Featured image by Matias Cruz (CC by 2.0).

Supreme Founder Breaks Silence On Italian "Legal Fake" Company

Supreme founder James Jebbia recently opened up to Business Fashion about the prominent “legal fake” companies, specifically, Supreme Italia and Supreme Spain.

In the rare interview, Jebbia spoke candidly about the battle against counterfeit Supreme manufacturer.

“This is a whole new level with this criminal enterprise—these complete imposters and impersonators,” Jebbia tells Business Fashion. “This is a company that was able to convince one the biggest companies in the world Samsung] that they are the real thing.” 

“We are doing every single thing that we can to stop these counterfeit companies] and I think that we are going to prevail.”

Per Business Fashion:

“In March, a Supreme-branded store opened on Middle Huaihai Road, one Shanghai’s busiest retail streets, attracting a line curious consumers wondering if the world’s most coveted streetwear brand had finally set up shop in China. Inside, shoppers can now find T-shirts and hoodies branded with oversized logos and tagged as “Supreme Spain” for 599RMB (about $90) to 1,599 RMB (about $240), as well as skateboard decks, backpacks and other accessories.”

Jebbia adds, “the idea legal fakes is a complete farce. It would be sad if a new generation thinks that’s actually legit. We don’t do a ton press and we are quite quiet. These guys are taking full advantage that.”

Spotify U.S. Will Overtake Pandora's Listener Count by 2021, Report Predicts

Sirius-owned Pandora has lengthy retained the highest spot as the preferred music streaming service within the US.  But that may be altering quickly.

A brand new report from advertising analyst eMarketer means that Spotify will overtake Pandora as the preferred streaming service within the United States.

The similar advertising agency reported that the transition would occur in 2022 final yr, so that is bumping up the prediction by one yr.

Pandora is estimated to have 72.four million US listeners in 2019, down zero.5% when in comparison with 2018.  Pandora has been the preferred music streaming service within the US since 2000, however Spotify has slowly been gaining customers.

Data from 2012 exhibits that Pandora had an estimated 67 million customers, whereas Spotify solely had round 5 million. Data means that Pandora’s consumer base already peaked round 2014, and can proceed to lose new customers to Spotify.

The information additionally signifies that by 2023, Pandora is prone to lose 9% of its present customers.

Analysts say Pandora’s losses are mainly the results of stiff competitors.

Apple has accomplished a superb job of changing iPhone customers to Apple Music, whereas Amazon Music has grown because of its sensible speaker dominance and Prime tie-ins.  Spotify’s partnerships with firms like Samsung and Sonos have served to increase its consumer base as nicely.

By 2019, it’s estimated that Spotify can have 65.three million customers within the U.S., a 14% year-over-year progress.  2021 estimates put Spotify’s consumer complete at 73.7 million, which can surpass Pandora’s 72.2 million.  Smart audio system and smartphones have been one of many main drivers of progress for Spotify’s platform.

Incidentally, Apple Music has already surpassed Spotify within the all necessary US-based subscriber class.  Non-paying customers, against this, are far much less precious and coveted, although they’re nice for bragging rights.

Breaking it down on a state-by-state basis, you may see that Spotify is already the preferred streaming service in most states. Pandora reigns supreme in a lot of the South, Alaska, Hawaii, and a cluster of states up north.

Spotify U.S. Will Overtake Pandora's Listener Count by 2021, Report Predicts

Spotify will seemingly proceed leveraging partnerships with different firms to gasoline their progress. The firm has partnered with Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Hulu for bundled choices.

Spotify Premium Now Bundles Hulu Subscriptions for Free within the US – Digital Music News

Will Spotify’s new Hulu bundle assist the streaming music large improve its subscriber base within the US?

Two years in the past, in an effort to catch-up to Amazon and Netflix, Spotify a brand new bundle.

For simply $four.99 a month, college college students who signed as much as Premium for Students would obtain a subscription to Hulu’s restricted business plan.  Students may stream Spotify’s complete music catalog with none adverts, and must bear with adverts on Hulu.

Those with an present scholar plan can merely activate their Hulu subscription on-line.  Students with a Hulu Limited Commercials plan can merge their present accounts with Spotify Premium for Students.

Several months in the past, the streaming music large and the on-demand video platform expanded their partnership.  For $12.99 a month, customers may rating each Spotify Premium and ad-supported Hulu subscriptions.

Now, the streaming music large has doubled-down on its present partnership with the on-demand video service.

Hulu for all – however solely within the US.

Last Friday, with the maker first unveiled final summer season, Spotify confirmed the cell app could be bundled into thousands and thousands of recent Samsung Galaxy gadgets.

The streaming would large would now function the go-to music service supplier on all Samsung gadgets.  This would permit Spotify to lastly compete with iOS’ built-in Apple Music performance.

Now, beginning right now, all Premium subscribers within the US will receive Hulu subscriptions added on for completely free.

Confirming the information on a weblog put up, the corporate wrote,

Starting right now, March 12, you possibly can get pleasure from Hulu as a part of your common $9.99-per-month Spotify Premium membership.

“Devour Hulu’s library of hit TV collection and movies, present reveals from each main U.S. broadcast community, and acclaimed Hulu Originals to your coronary heart’s need at no additional cost.

“That’s proper, you’re getting Hulu on us.

To get began, present Premium subscribers can go to the Your Services web page. Then, merely activate the supply.

Spotify has additionally confirmed subscribers who paid $12.99 a month will see their month-to-month funds routinely diminished to $9.99.  The supply will stay open till June 10th, 2019 or whereas provides final.

Unfortunately, Hulu’s restricted business plan prevents customers from including premium channels.  These embody Showtime and HBO for present accounts.  The deal excludes customers who’ve a household plan within the US.



Following Spotify/Samsung Deal, YouTube Offers four Months of Premium for New Galaxy Users

Like Spotify, YouTube Music has additionally managed to companion with Samsung, seemingly on the final minute.

Last Friday, Spotify confirmed a significant growth beneath its strategic alliance with Samsung.

The streaming music big’s app in thousands and thousands of the maker’s new units.  Spotify would function the default music app for a rising record of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, good TVs, the Galaxy Watch, and numerous Galaxy Home units.

The intention of the partnership, first unveiled final summer season, stays to create a built-in ‘seamless’ streaming music expertise for Samsung customers.  Bixby, the maker’s reply to Alexa and Google Home, now makes use of Spotify as the popular choice to seek out and play music.

In addition, clients within the US who buy choose Samsung Galaxy units will qualify for six months of Premium.

But, now, a rival has managed to bundle its floundering streaming music app, too.

Can Samsung save YouTube Music?

YouTube Music marks Google’s third try to interrupt into the streaming music market.

And, frankly, the service hasn’t performed so properly.

Failing to reply why billions of free customers ought to now pay for his or her favourite works, YouTube Premium as the highest 10 video streaming companies within the US.

That was final November.  Things haven’t modified since then.

In an effort to show issues round, the favored video platform has bundled its Premium service alongside Spotify.  Users in choose international locations who purchase one among three units – Galaxy S10 telephone, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Tab S5e – will obtain 4 months of ad-free, uninterrupted music.

Keep in thoughts this reminds two months in need of what Spotify has supplied customers who purchase the identical units.

The widespread video platform unveiled the partnership in a blog post final Friday.  Strangely sufficient, YouTube explains all different Samsung Galaxy customers ‘have’ solely between February 20th to the 29th to attempt two months of Premium totally free, dates which have already expired.

The provide applies solely till March 30th, 2019 for brand spanking new customers.  Consumers within the United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (excluding Quebec), Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom can qualify for 4 months of YouTube Premium.  They should even be new subscribers who haven’t used a Premium service on Google previously.  This consists of Play Music, Music Premium, Premium, and Red.



"Fortnite" Teams With Ninja & Samsung For Exclusive Okay-Pop Skin

For the final 12 months and a bit, Fortnite has been the largest sport on the planet. It crept its manner into hip-hop tradition when rappers began to say it of their rhymes, streaming their periods dwell on companies like Twitch. Even Drake and Travis Scott performed a sport Fortnite with gamer Ninja. Right now, it seems to be declining ever-so-slightly with one other battle royale kind sport gaining favour with gamers all over the world. Apex Legends is quickly overtaking Fortnite as the most-hyped game however that does not imply that folks gave up on its predecessor. If you are still enjoying Fortnite and you’ve got been making an attempt to determine land the unique Okay-Pop pores and skin (we’re not judging), then you definitely’ve come to the appropriate place. 

"Fortnite" Teams With Ninja & Samsung For Exclusive K-Pop Skin
Bryan Bedder/Getty s

There’s a brand new pores and skin modelled after a member Okay-Pop group iKon and the sport has teamed up with Ninja, Chan and Samsung to launch an ultra-rare pores and skin. While many skins can be found by way of unique challenges or the common retailer, that is fairly totally different. You’ll seemingly should shell out quite a bit cash if you wish to cop this pores and skin. By pre-ordering Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 cellphone, which is optimized for gaming, you will get the uncommon Okay-Pop pores and skin. According to Digital Trends, that seems to be the one solution to safe the brand new pores and skin so for those who’re devoted to the trigger, get your self a brand new cellphone.

Are you copping?

Samsung Announces "Galaxy Fold:" The $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future

As Variety is reporting, as right this moment Samsung has ficially introduced the “Galaxy Fold,” which because the title would recommend, would make it the distinctive “foldable” cellphone in the marketplace as soon as it is launched within the month April.

Samsung Announces "Galaxy Fold:" The $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future

Justin Sullivan/Getty s

But let be recognized: the Fold shouldn’t be a flip cellphone like many would recommend, together with myself. “We are supplying you with a tool that doesn’t simply outline a brand new class, it defies classes,” exclaims Samsung’s senior VP advertising Justin Denison. Although Samsung’s pitch seems like a bunch mumbo jumbo to informal observers, the “Fold” appears to be extra carefully associated to the Tablet than it is religious successor the “Flip Phone,” because of the gadget’s 7.Three-inch display screen and its delivery container capability for inside reminiscence.

The “Fold” shall be launched to the market in 5 completely different colours, in a single two fashions: LTE and 5G variations, one boasting  2GB RAM on a budget finish, the $1,980 5G model a startling 512GB f in-house storage. The “Fold” is basically considered as Samsung’s response to critics who thought telecommunications had it is reached an finish rope in innovation. Samsung’s Korean CEO DJ Koh held a giant media occasion the place he himself lower the ceremonial ribbon in two components. “Get prepared for the daybreak a brand new cell period,” he exclaimed. “The future is about to start.”

Supreme Enlists DJ Funkmaster Flex To Call Out The Fakes

Supreme is one the largest streetwear manufacturers on this planet so it solely is smart that there are a ton fakes and imposters on the market. Probably the largest one we will assume is Supreme Italia which duped Samsung into doing an endorsement take care of them final yr, albeit the deal was later canceled. The model lately launched its Fall/Winter 2019 lookbook and as a teaser to all it, the model bought Hot 97 DJ Funk Flex to make slightly promo video that takes photographs on the fakes. Considering Flex’s means saying issues, it is a fairly easy video that certainly bought followers hyped in regards to the newest assortment.

In the video, Funk Flex might be seen recording from his Hot 97 studio, all whereas sporting a black Supreme field brand hoodie and a supreme hat. “FUCK THE FAKES,” Flex yells into the mic excitedly. 

As the most recent Supreme gear will get launched within the coming months, these shopping for on the resale market should be cautious the fakes and the scammers on the market. Sometimes navigating the scene and deciphering what’s actual and what’s pretend might be powerful so keep protected on the market.

Will you be copping something from the most recent assortment?