"Power" Finale Recap: An Unstoppable Force & An Immovable Object Collide

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The collision course Ghost and Tommy’s actions have ficially placed them on opposite sides the fence. There was a moment in Power that occurred earlier in the season that heavily foreshadowed where their friendship was heading. At the time, Kanan was rescuing Jason from the hit Ghost put on him. When Jason asks Kanan to kill f Tommy and Ghost in the midst a double cross, Kanan blatantly replies that the two friends will tear each other apart on their own. He was right. At the conclusion this week’s season finale, Ghost and Tommy take the epic leap from deteriorating friendship to enraged enemies.

Aptly titled “When This Is Over,” the season finale Power is bringing Starz’s hit series to a close. Show creator Courtney Kemp sat down with Deadline to speak about the fallout between Ghost and Tommy, and she also hinted at the show’s overall conclusion. “So, we’re driving toward what the show’s going to feel like toward the end, which is I’m amping up Ghost’s powerlessness,” stated Kemp. “He can’t stop the things he thinks he can stop.” Mr. St. Patrick’s powerlessness is the highlight “When This Is Over,” because the drug dealer turned club owner essentially set his lover up to die inadvertently. In his quest to control everything, he lost the one thing he loved most. Or did he? “At the end the season, no, she’s not dead,” reveals Kemp, speaking on what appeared to be Angela’s final moments.

Let’s take a step back and observe the domino effect that led to Angela being shot by Tommy. Earlier in the episode, Tasha and Tommy plan on killing Angela because they believe she and Ghost broke team. Angela’s attempt to wiggle her way out trouble with Mak, Saxe, and her fice forced her to rally the troops. After tipping Tommy, Ghost, and Tasha f to the pending RICO cast, the crew attempts to tie up loose ends that can get them caught. Tommy nearly kills Lakeisha, but his on-again-f-again lover was allowed to keep breathing after she pledged her loyalty to Egan. How unhinged to do you to be to kill a second girlfriend? Maybe it’s because I love Tommy’s character, but sometimes we forget that man is a serial killer.

While Tommy is making sure Lakeisha doesn’t snitch, Tasha tries to convince a recently reappeared Silver to lie for her. Silver, who’s working with the Feds, tips Tasha f to the RICO case. Then, the two have public sex in a garage in Tasha’s latest attempt to manipulate Terry with her goods. Ghost witnesses the whole thing, and appears to kill Silver in a flashback scene viewers only get to see moments before Angela is shot. That takes two potential leaks f the table. The third possible snitch, Councilman Tate, is convinced by Ghost to keep his mouth shut. Viewers are almost lured into a false state relief that the RICO case is being handled properly. There was one piece the puzzle that backfired though… Mak.

Angela fered Mak a recommendation for a job in Washington DC mid-season in an attempt to make him an ally. That move ultimately set in motion that events that led to her being shot in the chest. Mak finally gets the DC job in the season finale, leaving his partner Saxe out to dry. Feelings desperate, Saxe tries to get Lakiesha to snitch, which doesn’t work. He then drops by Tommy’s house and leaves him a recording Teresi implicating Ghost but protecting his son. Distraught, Egan heads over to Vincent’s establishment and learns that Ghost manipulated him into killing his own father, then lied about not knowing Teresi was dead. This prompts Tommy to attempt to kill Ghost, but Angela valiantly saves her lover’s life by taking the shot to the chest instead. Ghost and Tommy lock eyes while Angela bleeds out in the former’s arms. “Think the dynamic between these two old friends now,” Kemp told Deadline. “You made me kill my dad, you shot the woman I love, in an attempt to kill me. Not a lot conversation can be had there. The death this friendship in some ways is going to control at least the beginning next season.” Notice how she implies that Angela survives the shot.

Proctor also had a small role to play in Angela’s current predicament as well. He helped convince Ghost that Angela may not be trustworthy, leading Mr. St. Patrick to question her. It’s amazing how Kemp circled back to use Maria, the witness who identified Ghost’s voice from a murder two seasons ago. Maria returns to snitch on Ghost, prompting Proctor to believe the unnamed female witness for the RICO case is Anglea. Wrong. Proctor alerts Ghost none the less, who loses trust in Anglea. If he had simply trusted Angela, he would have never asked to meet at their old high school to interrogate her. If that moment never happened, Tommy may have taken his shot at Ghost in another scenario, sans Angela. All these intertwining stories lead back to the original concept “When This Is Over,” which is the powerlessness Ghost. Several power moves he made came back to haunt him in that stairwell. His manipulation the Teresi murder. His interrogation Angela. His rage for Silver. His trust in Proctor. Even Ghost setting up Andre for Diego’s murder came back to haunt him. Dre nearly escapes being killed by the vengeful Jimenez crew after snitching to save his own skin, and his crew now belongs to Tommy. This can all be traced back to Ghost, who didn’t just kill his old protégé from the jump, and struck a deal with him instead.

There is one thing that I believe will determine the future Ghost and Tommy’s relationship. The survival Angela. She saw Tommy shoot her, which means if she survives she can testify against him. If Ghost can somehow save Angela, Tommy’s number one goal will be to murder her for good. Pitting the two former best friends against each other in a race to cover their own tracks is the perfect way to start next chapter. We can’t wait for season 6.

"Power" Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Inside Information Leads To Cataclysmic Ends

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Remember the moment in the last episode  Power when Kanan told Tariq that some people claim that you’re not a real killer until you murder someone you love? Tommy Egan must be the realest killer ever then. This week’s episode Starz’s hit drama was completely reliant upon critical information. Maybe that’s why the showrunner named 509 “There’s A Snitch Among Us.” The penultimate episode deals with the immediate fallout Kanan’s death, and we finally get to see the collision Tommy’s love and his father’s snitching come to a head. All throughout “There’s A Snitch Among Us,” each one Power’s main players makes a big chess move because information they received.

The most important piece information discerned here is that Teresi is a snitch. There are two key moments that foreshadow his death at the hands his own son. The first is when Lakeisha asks Tommy if he has ever killed anyone. “I mean, I know you move weight and all, but you never killed anyone right?” she slyly questions. Tommy doesn’t answer, and I doubt Lakeisha will even know her boyfriend murdered his last girlfriend when she turned into a snitch. Later, Ghost meets up with Tommy while he’s with Teresi. After carefully avoiding talking in front the old man, Ghost warns Tommy about his dad. He gives him the “I can’t wait to say ‘I told you so,’’’ speech just moments before Angela alerts him about Teresi’s true motives.

The moment that Angela tells Ghost about Teresi, his fate was sealed. After getting Dre to snitch on Cristobal and Alicia Jimenez, which was another power move reliant on inside information, Angela arrests them both and notches a big win. She then snoops into Mak’s fice, learns about his snitch, and questions the lawyer about his name. Mak hands over Teresi’s name, which then gets to Ghost, who turns the evidence over to Vincent. This exchange information is key. Just like Mak and Sax have a snitch on the outside, Ghost has a snitch on the inside. Actually, he has two. Proctor becomes another vital source knowledge in this episode.

Proctor wears a wire after pressure from Mak and Saxe, and visits Ghost at his club. The shifty lawyer alerts Ghost to the wire though, allowing him to alter his statements. After a brief altercation between the two, Proctor foreshadows what will happen by the end “There’s A Snitch Among Us.” He warns Ghost that Angela is going to flip on him, and that the Feds are in their final push to lock them all up. Angela and Proctor’s information, both given to Ghost, end up guiding the entire narrative the episode. Angela’s dime on Teresi gets him killed, but also implicates her, which subsequently makes Proctor’s words wisdom to Ghost so powerful.

While the world is falling down around Ghost, his son is setting himself up to be his successor. Tariq admits to his parents and Tommy that he knew Kanan would die, and that he took a loss so they could win. After instructing his father to teach him the drug game, Tariq goes on a mission to become his father. Much like Poppa St. Patrick, his seed finds himself in the presence Vincent, who strikes an unwilling deal with the kid. Ghost would walk through those same doors later in the episode and strike an unsettling deal himself. Tariq’s metamorphosis into his father continues to move at a rapid pace, but I guess watching your twin die and learning your parents are drug dealers may force you to grow up fast. He has a moment where he illegal obtains Kanan’s ashes, which would look suspicious on any camera in the area. Fake ID’s aren’t necessarily fool-pro. Expect that to play out at a later date.

Ghost and Tariq are the good examples a father-son relationship this episode though, since neither one them kill the other. When Vincent tells Tommy about his father’s snitching (based on the information he got from Ghost Angela), I really felt Mr. Egan’s pain. We watched this man murder a pregnant Holly, and the moment he believed his father was a snitch, I knew we were set to watch another emotional killing. After taking Teresi to see Connie one last time in Hospice, Tommy shoots his father and leaves his body on the tombstone he promised for him and his wife.  Teresi’s death immediately implicates Angela, who is teary-eyed as she is shown the criminal flow chart with her face plastered in the center. Proctor’s prophetic warning to Ghost hangs in the air by the time “There’s A Snitch Among Us” ends. Will Angela give up Ghost, or will she take the fall? Meanwhile, back in the safety his mother’s home, a broken Tommy curls up in his only living parent’s arms and admits his sins. “You did the right thing,” whispers his mother after Egan breaks down. That’s one gangster mom. All that is left now, is for Power to show us how Ghost and Angela deal with being pitted against each other. 

"Power" Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Ghost Makes Amends

Is Ghost really “A Changed Man,” or is he just having a quick moment clarity? This week’s episode Power places the lead man in the shoes the repentant sinner, but not everyone’s buying the change in character. Tommy still fumbles around in a hot situation with his father, Angela and Tasha get closer to being caught for obstruction, and Dre finds himself waist deep in drama in “A Changed Man.”

The sixth episode the season begins exactly where the last episode left f. Ghost is in Angela’s apartment, and he makes her the first many apologies on his list. Ghost reveals that he only left Angela because Milan threatening his life, and that he had lied to her about not loving her anymore. Angela isn’t fully convinced, but she lets Ghost sleep on her couch. The next morning, Mr. St. Patrick gets a real surprise. Before he can leave Angela’s place, Tasha drops by. Ghost is shocked to learn that his estranged wife and former side chick are working together, and the ladies quickly get him out the apartment while they plan for Tasha’s police interrogation over her “lost” gun.

Ghost continues on to give more apologies, this time to Dre and Councilman Tate. Tate is suspicious Ghost, but everything is cool after the latter fers to donate $50,000 to the politician’s gubernatorial run. Then, Ghost gets Dre alone and proposes a truce. Just like everyone else receiving an apology, Dre is suspicious. Ghost fers to get Dre his job at the Bassett’s back by sidestepping the non-compete agreement, which prompts Dre to agree to the truce. Their truce escalates to something more by episode’s end. Ghost also apologizes to Tasha, who is taken aback by his moment clarity at first. She soon snaps back to reality, and reveals that the reason she trusted Angela is because she can tell the AUSA still loves Ghost.

Dre can’t seem to find a balance, and his lying is becoming sloppy. Dre gets in trouble with Alicia when she figures out that he put her brother Diego onto Tommy and Ghost’s trail by blaming them for the work Kanan and Laces. Dre also gets into an altercation with Cristobal, who he believes is scheming against him. His thoughts are all based on paranoia and ignorance though, as Dre cannot understand when Cristobal speaks and incorrectly assumes that he is scheming on him in Spanish. Alicia demands that Dre place the blame on someone other than Tommy and Ghost, and after some brave acting and bluffing, Dre discerns that Alicia is the one who snitched on her own brother. After he realizes that Alicia made sure the golden gun was found, he proposes a deal to her. It looks like Alicia wants her brother dead. 

Meanwhile, Tasha gets interrogated by Blanca, and she holds on strong. She follows Angela’s advice and learns what she needs to from the interrogation, but Tasha is shocked when she learns that Angela is the one who found the bullet in the first place. Blanca paints the picture that Ghost and Angela are scheming on Tasha, an idea that Tasha somewhat believes. Although she doesn’t give anything up, when Tasha returns home to confront Angela and Ghost, she is pissed. Deciding to leave both them behind, Tasha promises that she will get her new boyfriend Terry Silver to lie for her, corroborating her story about the “missing” gun that killed Ray Ray.

Saxe and Mak press down too hard, and Ghost becomes aware that he and everyone involved in the Queens Child Project are being audited. That prompts Ghost to stop cleaning Tommy’s money. Tommy is really out luck at this point, as he can’t clean his cash and he lost his entire network because his failed beef with Dre. Teresi warns Mak that they need to back f or they will blow his cover, and he promises to deliver his son on a silver platter. Teresi’s plans become clear when he entices Tommy into moving his product through the prison, using Ramen Noodle packages. The scheme fixes Tommy’s immediate worries, but it locks him in for more trouble with the feds ahead. Still, Tommy isn’t a complete dummy. Angela fered Tommy immunity for the Jimenez siblings, and Tommy places the tracker that was once on his car on Dre’s vehicle instead. That leads Angela to a meet between Dre’s crew and the Jimenez crew. Hopefully, this will be Tommy’s ace in the hole.

Proctor continued to get backed into a corner, and I can’t help but feel like he is the key piece in all this. This time, Proctor gets caught with his criminal cousin by Mak, who was tipped f by his ex-wife. The meeting means that Proctor lied under oath when he claimed he didn’t associate with this criminal family, and Mak threatens to bring him in. In an attempt to destroy his ex-wife’s involvement in the case, Proctor tries to get her to relapse on cocaine, which only angers her more. With the wrath both Mak and his ex-wife coming down upon him, and the possibility being implicated in the death a Homeland Security ficer, things don’t look good for Proctor.

Up at Choate, Tariq hangs out with Kanan, and sees the more physical side the gangster lifestyle. Kanan roughs up an associate his after he tries to renegotiate a deal, and Tariq is impressed. He later decides to sell the pills he stole from his mother last episode, and discerns that there is a market for the drugs at his school. Kanan, who has a new found respect for Tariq after learning that he killed Ray Ray, plans on being Tariq’s new pill connect, effectively turning the two friends into business partners. Yikes. Over on the legal side things, Tameika is about to shut down the case on Ghost when somehow Saxe connects Tasha’s gun to the crime scene and reaffirms that he believes Angela buried the case. While this information is nothing new (Blanca already suggested this earlier in the episode), for some reason Saxe’s revelation is sold to us as important information. Maybe the hard evidence will make the allegations stick. 

Ghost makes two monumental decisions this episode that will undoubtedly haunt him going further. First, he confronts Angela about still being in love with him, and the two kiss. Their moment passion is cut short when Ghost decides to leave, claiming that he needs to become a better man to earn Angela back. Ghost also makes a deal with Dre. He asks Dre to kill Jason, Tommy’s connect, and Dre responds by asking Ghost to kill Diego. Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan were already planning on killing the Jimenez, so it all works out. The plot thickens.