Deyjah Harris Deletes Instagram Following T.I.’s Hymen Check Controversy

Deyjah Harris has opted to remove herself from social media and we don’t blame her. As we know, Deyjah’s father T.I. previously admitted that he attends his 18-year-old’s gynecology visits to ensure that her hymen is still intact, meaning she’s still a virgin. While Deyjah never fully responded to the revelation, she did like a number tweets by people who slammed her dad, calling him overprotective. 

Deyjah Harris Deletes Instagram Following T.I.'s Hymen Check Controversy
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty

As per a simple Instagram search, we can see that Deyjah has deactivated her account. We can only imagine the number comments and reactions people have been bombarding her with following her very personal reveal. An Instagram user even hit up Tiny’s comment section, asking: “Is Deyjah okay? We care.”

Tiny simply replied: “🙄🙄🙄🙄”

T.I. has yet to respond to his comments but the podcasters who interviewed him made the executive decision to remove the episode from their archives. “The comments that were made and the reaction that followed are not in any way a reflection our personal views on the topic. We support and love Women and feel that their bodies are theirs to do as they wish,” Nadia Moham and Nazanin Mandi  Ladies Like Us podcast wrote. 

Eva Marcille Shops For New Home To Stay Protected From "Psycho" Ex Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille’s ex is coming back to haunt her and has been doing so for a few weeks now. Kevin McCall attended court recently in his fight to attain custody his daughter he shares with Eva and while he was there he assaulted a police ficer leading to his arrest. “I guess while Kevin] was going into court he got into a fight with security because he’s crazy, like I’ve told the world a million times,” Eva said the situation

Eva Marcille Shops For New Home To Stay Protected From "Psycho" Ex Kevin McCall
John Sciulli/Getty s 

The Blast now reports that Eva is shopping for a new home as a way to stay protected from her psycho ex. According to the publication, Eva was house hunting with her Real Housewives Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey. Eva explained how she experiences PTSD from Kevin and is scared her “donor might be on the lurk.” She wants her new home to have security since “between psycho a—donor” and her defense attorney husband, protection is needed. 

Eva Marcille Shops For New Home To Stay Protected From "Psycho" Ex Kevin McCall
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

 “This is what’s so crazy about it. He was arrested going into court for a case he filed against me,” Eva added the situation. “More recently, he drew a suit against me for child support—which is amazing because he’s never given a cent and I’ve raised our child—but child support, custody, and…I’ve recently changed my daughter’s name from his last name to our family name which is Sterling, and he now wants to reverse that.”

Patek Philippe Watch Auctioned Off For A Historic $31 Million

Patek watches have gained a lot fame in the hip-hop culture over the last decade. The culture seemed to take a step away from the Rolex and began to diversify the luxury watch game. That may have helped push the value Patek even higher. As reported by Christie’s, a Patek Philippe wristwatch was recently sold for $31 million in Geneva as part the company’s charity Only Watch auction to benefit research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The sale was historic, becoming the most expensive watch ever auctioned. The Patek Philippe that was purchased is a steel Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 created specifically for the event. Everyone loves a custom piece. The previous record for the most expensive watch was set by a Rolex Daytona once owned by Paul Newman, which went for $17.7 million at the time.

Other units the same Grandmaster Chime model exist but the one sold at Christie’s auction is the only piece crafted in stainless steel. With 20 complications, it packs a grande and petite sonnerie, a 24-hour and minute subdial, an instantaneous perpetual calendar along with a four-digit year display, a minute repeater, and allows the wearer to set a second time zone. What makes the piece even more unique is the fact that the salmon dial can be flipped over and reversed to reveal another dial in black. The new owner the watch has asked to remain anonymous.




Michael Bloomberg Apologizes For Stop-And-Frisk Police Strategy

Gearing up for a rumored run to join the race for the presidency, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is backing away from his support the extremely controversial stop-and-frisk policing strategy.

According to the New York Times, in Brooklyn, Bloomberg apologized to a mostly black crowd for the program which disproportionally targeted Latinx and black communities. 87% the stop-and-frisk searches in 2011 were performed on black or Latinx New Yorkers.

“Over time, I’ve come to understand something that I long struggled to admit to myself: I got something important wrong,” Bloomberg said. “I got something important really wrong. I didn’t understand back then the full impact that stops were having on the black and Latino communities. I was totally focused on saving lives, but as we know: Good intentions aren’t good enough.”

“New York City had 650 murders a year when I came into fice, and the toll fell heaviest on black and Hispanic young men,” Bloomberg explained to Politico last year. “We were determined to do everything possible to stop gun violence, both by taking guns f the street and by taking on the NRA—when few other elected ficials were willing to do that.”

If Bloomberg runs, The New York Daily News is reporting that he plans to spend upwards $100 million on anti-Trump advertising.



Dr. Dre Reflects on 20th Anniversary of ‘2001’

Twenty years ago, Dr. Dre changed the game with his landmark album 2001.

In honor of the anniversary, the rap mogul sat down with Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine to reminisce about the album’s creation and its legacy.

“That day in Jimmy’s house in his garage completely changed the course of my life forever,” the former N.W.A. kingpin told Apple Music.

The album arrived seven years after his blockbuster solo debut The Chronic and spawned classics like “Still D.R.E.,” “The Next Episode,” and “Forgot About Dre” featuring his protégé Eminem.

“That was Eminem’s idea. He wrote the song for me and Snoop originally,” said Dre. “He laid the reference vocals for Snoop and I liked the way it sound, so we just kept it that way.”

He revealed that he wanted “The Next Episode” to be the first single, but Jimmy didn’t agree. In the end, they went with “Still D.R.E.”

The 54-year-old tycoon also weighed in on the state of hip-hop today. “Right now, I have to like really, really search hard to find something that I really like as far as hip-hop goes,” said Dre. “But I think it’s just about the substance. Right now it feels like it’s a little more quantity over quality. Made a song last night, I need to put it out tomorrow. What are you gonna dedicate yourself to? The art or the money? It’s that simple.”

Added Jimmy, “Give yourself the time, whether it’s two months, three months, a year, to make something that’s gonna last forever.”

Doja Cat Calls Out Her Label Over Lyrics & Addresses Her "Garbage" Sway Freestyle

There was once a time, way back in the day, when the primary way to listen to music was through CDs. They came in square, plastic contraptions and, most the time, included a small pamphlet that listed songs, credits, thank-yous, and lyrics. In today’s world, all that information can be found on social media or with a quick Google search, but it’s not always reliable. Doja Cat has run into that problem, and she’s blaming record executives for the mix-up.

Doja Cat Calls Out Her Label Over Lyrics & Addresses Her "Garbage" Sway Freestyle
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty s

Last week, Doja dropped her sophomore album Hot Pink and fans hopped online looking for lyrics to each track.  However, the singer-rapper let it be known that what’s been put out there in the world aren’t the words that she penned. “DO NOT GO TO APPLE FOR MY LYRICS DONT GO ANYWHERE ONLINE FOR MY LYRICS. ALL OF MY LYRICS ARE WRONG AND LAZILY WRITTEN BY MY LABEL,” she wrote, before addressing fans one-by-one as they asked for specific lines to her songs.

Doja also took a moment to speak about her recent freestyle on Sway in the Morning. During her 33-minute interview, Sway asked Doja to drop a short freestyle. It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to, but she goes on to deliver a lyrical moment that made her the focus criticisms. “To the people getting mad at my garbage ass ‘freestyle’ on Sway,” she tweeted. “I don’t have to know how to freestyle. Go have a cypher in a f*cking Wendy’s bathroom and f*ck f.” You can check out her freestyle below around the 30:20 mark.

Suge Knight "Arranged" For Tupac & Biggie To Be Killed, Actor Told FBI: Report

It’s been over two decades and the murders Tupac and Biggie are still unsolved. Each year, new information comes out on who murdered the rappers while conspiracy theories waft through the Internet. Suge Knight’s son even suggested that Tupac was alive before retracting his statement.

Suge Knight "Arranged" For Tupac & Biggie To Be Killed, Actor Told FBI: Report
Actor Tom Sizemore. (Ethan Miller/Getty s)

The latest revelation, according to The Sun, comes from a statement made by Black Hawk Down actor Tom Sizemore who told the FBI that he would wear a wire to prove Suge Knight, who he recounted meeting Knight once before at an AA meeting, arranged to have Tupac and Biggie killed. Apparently, Tom Sizemore told the FBI he had met with a gang member who tipped him f about Suge’s involvement in the rap stars’ murders. Sizemore reportedly had connections to another gang member who had more information on Suge’s involvement and said that he’d pass their number to the FBI. 

“Sizemore will wear a wire or provide any information to help solve the Biggie Smalls murder,” the paperwork reads. It was retrieved by producer Don Sikorski who used the files for research on the film City Of Lies that revolves around the deaths both Biggie and Tupac. 

“There is a lot information out there about this case but I think these documents really tell a huge story,” Sikorski said. “When I was researching this case I found it very disenchanting because at the end the day someone is dead – which is Biggie – and these documents exist but no one has seemed to care enough to look into them or put them out there into the public.”

Carmelo Anthony Inks Deal With Portland Trail Blazers, Dwyane Wade Approves

It’s a celebratory day for Carmelo Anthony as the pressional basketball player is ficially back in the NBA. According to ESPN‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, Carmelo has agreed to a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers. The baller’s NBA fate has been hanging in the balance since last season after he was traded by the Houston Rockets. Carmelo played 10 games that season before being traded away to the Chicago Bulls who would later waive him.

Carmelo Anthony Inks Deal With Portland Trail Blazers, Dwyane Wade Approves
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

According to Chris Haynes  Yahoo Sports, Portland’s point guard Damian Lillard is excited to have Carmelo on the squad. “Damian Lillard was notified on the potential adding Carmelo Anthony last night and he made it clear that he’s always been supportive bringing in the future Hall–Famer, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. Portland searching for a boost to what has been a slow start.” shared the alleged details Carmelo’s contract with the Trail Blazers, saying “the non-guaranteed deal will reportedly pay Anthony $14,490 for each day he is on the Blazers’ roster, according to Bobby Marks at ESPN. The deal will become fully guaranteed on Jan. 7 if he’s still on the roster.” Retired NBA player Dwyane Wade is ready to see his friend back on the court as he tweeted moments ago that “It’s about damn time‼️”

Khalid Returns with ‘Up All Night’

Khalid is back with “Up All Night.”

The mid-tempo bop finds the 21-year-old crooner soul searching while traveling the globe. “Doesn’t even matter anyway / Focused and I’m coping with the pain / Yeah, we’re only getting older by the day / Yeah, we’re only getting older,” he sings.

“‘Up All Night’ is a song that I wrote while on tour,” said Khalid. “It’s really special to me and I’m so excited that I am able to share it with my fans so quickly. I’ve been touring the world, and interacting with my fans each night has been really inspiring. I’m working hard on some more new music to share with you guys soon!”

Khalid is currently on his “Khalid Free Spirit World Tour,” which travels to Australia and New Zealand this month. The tour comes in support of his sophomore album Free Spirit, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in April.

Adrienne Houghton Confirms Fabolous’s "You Be Killin Em" Beat Was Made For Her

Her name was mentioned only briefly in a recent episode  Drink Champs, but it was enough for Adrienne Houghton to want to clear the air on The Real. N.O.R.E. and Fabolous were speaking about Fab’s hit single “You Be Killin Em” on Drink Champs and the host questioned him about the track initially being “for that girl from The View. Lenny S.’s girl. I heard that that was the beat for Adrienne]’s song. Lenny S. played it for her, she loved it. Then he played it for you.”

Adrienne Houghton Confirms Fabolous's "You Be Killin Em" Beat Was Made For Her
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

On The Real, Adrienne said, “To set the story straight, the song, the track was absolutely made for me. Back when I was signed to Def Jam…I was dating Lenny and we actually got studio time with Ryan Leslie who is an incredible producer, and I was telling Ryan, ‘This is the kinda music that I want.’ Crazy enough, my album that never came out was titled Unapologetic, which later was the title ] Rihanna‘s.”

“I really wanted something that felt hard and had this vibe, I was being very outspoken on the album,” Adrienne continued. “And I was like, ‘I want something that feels she mimics a beat].'” She stated that Ryan specifically made the beat for her and then they began searching for writers, but they may have taken too long because Lenny told them that he was going to give it to Fab. “It ended up being the smash song ‘You Be Killin Em.'” Watch the clip below.

50 Cent’s Instagram Page Has Been Deactivated

There was a time when a good chunk articles on our homepage would derive from 50 Cent‘s social media pages. You guys have proven that you want to keep up with his outrageous shenanigans, following our Targets the Week priles and coming through strong on all the trolling activity. If you were hoping for an update on the legendary rapper’s feuds against Young Buck, Floyd Mayweather, Wendy Williams, or anybody else, you’re unfortunately not in luck. To be honest, you may need to find a different pastime too because, as now, 50 Cent’s Instagram prile has been disabled.

The reason why his account was deactivated is still undetermined. The last time something like this happened, the executive producer Power had leaked a vengeful image Teairra Mari from her tape. Even then, the photo was removed for violating the medium’s guidelines. Perhaps, the executives at IG finally had enough Fif’s constant troll-jobs and decided to ban him for good.

If you search for his name on the platform, you will not find a thing. Even Google won’t be able to help you. The entertainer has not yet commented on the ban but he is still updating his Twitter. So, at least you know you can still find him over there. Will you miss him on IG?

Cyntoia Brown Defends Husband Jamie Long Against Accusations That He’s With Her For Fame

After spending 15 years in prison, Cyntoia Brown is making the most her freedom. As a -trafficked teen, Cyntoia was prostituted on the streets until one day she murdered a man named Johnny Michael Allen who allegedly solicited her for . Cyntoia claimed that she fered for her life during the encounter fo she killed Allen in self-defense. A jury thought otherwise and Cyntonia was sentenced to life in prison. She married former Pretty Rickey singer Jamie Long while she was behind bars and since her release, she’s penned a memoir titled Free Cyntoia: My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System.

Her relationship with Long has caused quite the stir with the public, especially after Long’s ex-wife, Pam Long from the 1990s R&B group Total, came forward with accusations abuse. Pam has also stated that her ex is using Cyntoia, calling him a “manipulator,” adding “May the Lord God protect her and her money.”

A person recently commented on one Cyntoia’s Instagram photos and echoed Pam’s sentiments by writing that her husband was only around for fame. “Just watch,” the person said. Cyntoia responded to the person by coming to Long’s defense. “If you are here to disrespect my Husband, then you are disrespecting me as well,” she wrote. “Jaime is an incredible man and my BEST FRIEND and I’ve spent the past three years my life with him as my rock.”

Cyntoia added, “When you see him at my side, it’s because he’s supporting his wife—as a real man is supposed to.” She concluded her message by stating that anyone who has taken issue with their marriage can “kindly see your way out my comments.” Read her reply in its entirety below.

Broadcasters, Streaming Services Want a Working Music Rights Database

The National Association of Broadcasters, DiMA, and dozens of other organizations are demanding the creation of a far more comprehensive music rights database.

Since the passage of the Music Modernization Act (MMA) into law in 2018, publishers and streaming services have focused on the creation of a functional mechanical rights licensing body.  That entity, the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), would use a functional, comprehensive database of mechanical rights associated with songs found on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

But why stop there?

The mechanical license is one of several licenses required to fully license any song.  In most cases, companies are forced to navigate a labyrinth of rights types and hope they don’t get sued.

So what’s the use of a database for mechanical licenses only?

Now, a broad coalition of companies with music licensing interests is raising this point with the U.S. Copyright Office. In a formal comment submission related to ‘Music Modernization Act Blanket License Implementation Regulations,’ the MIC Coalition pounded their fists for a comprehensive music database that actually works.

“Congress directed the creation of a ‘database containing information relating to musical works,’ not merely a ‘mechanical rights’ database,” the MIC Coalition declared in their submission.  “Any data solution must not only encompass mechanical rights, but also provide information regarding public performance rights, including PRO affiliation and splits of performance rights (which sometimes differ from splits of mechanical rights).”

“A database that only provided data for mechanical rights would leave in place a balkanized system, with no central authoritative repository with information about all the musical works rights that need to be cleared by digital music providers and other licensees. This fragmentation would be inconsistent with the goals of Congress.”

Sounds exceedingly sensible, except for the fact that the music industry has tried — and failed miserably — on multiple occasions to build this exact database.

MIC was quick to highlight those failures.

“In 2008, EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes launched the Global Repertoire Database Working Group (GRD WG), bringing together a diverse group of music industry stakeholders to explore the legal, administrative and technological barriers for more efficient licensing,” the MIC statement recounted.

“In 2010 the group issued a set of recommendations which suggested that the GRD should provide access to authoritative, comprehensive, multi-territory information about the ownership and control of musical works. It recommended the International Copyright Enterprise (“ICE”) as a solution provider, and business-consulting firm Deloitte to manage the effort to build the GRD.”

“However, by 2014, plans for the global database had been abandoned, reportedly due to a combination of causes, including the collective societies’ decisions to pull funding for the project, disputes over control of the database and competing national data standards. In short, the GRD was a colossal failure.”

“In short, the GRD was a colossal failure.”

Actually, the U.S. Copyright Office tried to create a database of its own, .  And, burned through more than ten million U.S. taxpayer dollars in the process.

But maybe the fifth time’s the charm?  Now that the MLC is being set up, groups like the NAB and DiMA see a golden opportunity to force the creation of a truly working database.  “While the database created by the MMA would be run by the MLC, the ability of the Office to ensure, through regulation, the full utility of the database is essential and should be exercised in this rulemaking.”

Logically, it makes lots of sense for the U.S. Copyright Office — which, after all, oversees copyrights in the U.S. — to maintain a database of all of those U.S. copyrights.

Or at least work with various companies to create one.  But sadly, the U.S. Government and its agencies are often mired in ineptitude and unable to tackle complex, long-term projects like this one.  But at least there’s a sense in government that this should be done — or at least entertained.

“Given the failure of past private sector attempts, both the Congress and the Copyright Office have recognized that a comprehensive solution in partnership with the government is necessary,” the MIC letter notes.

“During the 115th Congress, the House Judiciary Committee undertook a comprehensive review of copyright law led by then-Chairman Bob Goodlatte and then-Ranking Member John Conyers to determine whether changes should be made to improve the law. After significant stakeholder input, the Committee specifically recommended that the Copyright Office ‘maintain an up-to-date digital, searchable database of all copyrighted works and associated copyright ownership information.’”

Here’s the by the MIC.

Adidas x Prada Collab Coming Soon: Release Details Announced

Adidas and Prada have joined forces for a pair sneaker collabs, which are ficially slated to launch in December. The Prada x Adidas Luna Rossa sailing shoe has not yet been revealed but it is believed that the sneaker will retail for $350 and feature a “white, metallic silver, red” colorway. 

The latest Adidas update reads:

“What happens when an icon the street joins forces with a world-renowned luxury fashion house? The result is a partnership that pushes creativity forward in search new boundaries. Introducing, Prada for adidas: a shared journey that begins with the release two new styles, arriving December 2019.”

Stay tuned for more details and a first look.

In addition to their rumored partnership with Prada, Adidas has also collaborated with Reebok for the first time ever. The two brands combined Reebok’s unique Instapump Fury silhouette with Adidas’ beloved Boost technology. The result is the Instapump Fury Boost, which will be featured across three different sneaker packs that capture the heritage both the Fury and Boost concepts.

That collaborative sneaker debuted exclusively at atmosCon Japan on October 5, but there are several other colorways coming soon. Click here for more details on that Adidas collab.

Australian State Coroner Urges Pill Testing at Music Festivals

In an effort to combat drug-related deaths at music festivals, an Australian state coroner is recommending that festivals in New South Wales (NSW) conduct pill testing.

The recommendation of deputy state coroner Harriet Grahame came as a result of an inquest that was investigating the deaths of six people between the ages of 18 and 23 at music festivals. They all died in the last two years from MDMA toxicity or from complications arising from the use of MDMA.

Before last year, there had only been a dozen MDMA-related deaths at NSW music festivals in the prior decade.

Grahame also recommended the decriminalization of personal drug use at festivals and the elimination of the use of sniffer dogs. She said that the policing of festivals, through the use of drug dogs and “large scale” strip-searching offered “inherent dangers and few if any benefits,” because it could lead to “panic ingestion” and “dangerous preloading,” which, in turn, could increase the risks of overdoses.

Grahame hopes to implement a pill-testing trial, at both the festivals and in the communities where they take place, prior to next year’s summer lineup.

At the same time, though, she admitted that pill testing was not a panacea for the problem. “Of course drug-checking is not a magic solution to these tragic deaths,” she said. “Of course its introduction will not guarantee further deaths will not occur. Drug-checking is simply an evidence-based harm-reduction strategy that should be trialed as soon as possible in NSW.

Not everyone is supportive of pill testing. After the recommendation was previously leaked to the media, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian said that pill testing would provide a “false sense of security” to festival attendees.

In addition to the six deaths, between 2018 and 2019, there were nearly 30 pre-hospital intubations at 25 NSW festivals as well as 25 intensive care admissions relating to drugs and another 23 additional hospital admissions relating to them.