Genius Is Suing Google For $50 Million For Allegedly Stealing Lyrics

Google is being sued by Genius, the lyrics website, on the grounds that they have been continuously, and knowingly, copying their lyrics and using them in search results. When someone uses Google to search something pertaining to a song or its lyrics, the lyrics are usually the second visual right after a music video. Earlier this year, Genius made the claim that in some cases, the lyrics that are displayed are being copied from their website.

Of course, most people would wonder how Genius can tell that it’s their rendition the lyrics since, essentially, it should be the same words across all lyrics website. Apparently, the website uses a watermarking system involving straight and curved apostrophes so they can tell their lyrics apart from others. In June 2019, with this as their support, Genius informed Google that they had broken their terms service and that they were ultimately violating antitrust law. Google responded that they license their song lyrics from a variety different sources.

Genius doesn’t have a copyright claim due to the fact that they don’t own the lyrics, however they do hold a license to print the song lyrics. Google also has this license, but how Google got these lyrics is still in question. 

Genius is now suing Google for $50 million in damages. On top this, Genius is asking for a permanent injunction against another lyrics site, LyricsFind, “prohibiting the continued misappropriation content from Genius’s website, including the licensing such content to third parties, such as Google.” 

This will prove to be a difficult, but very interesting case.


Czarface Releases ‘The Odd Czar Against Us’ Album

Czarface shifts the focus back to their core trio by dropping a new album titled The Odd Czar Against Us. The LP, which was initially released as a vinyl exclusive on Black Friday, follows the group’s collaborative projects with Ghostface Killah and DOOM.

Inspectah Deck, 7L and Esoteric’s latest Czarface album is comprised of 12 songs. Kendra Morris makes the lone guest appearance on the LP.

Check out Czarface’s The Odd Czar Against Us stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Czarface Releases 'The Odd Czar Against Us' Album

1. Bizarro
2. Call Me
3. The Gift That Keeps on…
4. Me’s Company
5. Dear Computer f. Kendra Morris
6. Burrito
7. Brother Czarquis
8. Couch
9. Double Dragon
10. The Problem with Frank
11. Dog
12. Czartis Gilmore (The Cool Down)

Mixcloud Breach Exposed 20 Million Accounts ⁠— Mixcloud Responds

Hackers have managed to breach Mixcloud and expose over 20 million users’ data. Mixcloud confirmed the breach over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The Mixcloud breach was first revealed after the data went up for sale on the dark web. A correspondent with Motherboard was able to confirm the authenticity of the data. The seller is asking for 0.5 bitcoins or around $4,000 for the data.

Data stolen includes usernames, email addresses, and passwords for user accounts. The passwords were hashed and salted using the SHA-2 algorithm.

That algorithm was perfected by the NSA and an effective attack has yet to be found. (The keyword there is yet.) Additional data included account sign-up dates, last-login date, and the user’s country and IP address.

Motherboard says they verified the emails using the site’s sign-up feature. The seller provided 1,000 mixed samples of the data for verification. Mixcloud later responded to the report, verifying the breach.

Mixcloud does not store data such as full credit card numbers or mailing addresses. The service says it has no reason to believe passwords were compromised. However, if you have a Mixcloud account you should probably change your password.

Mixcloud says most users sign up using the Facebook authentication method, which requires no default password. The dark web seller confirmed the data was obtained in a breach that happened this year.

“We are actively investigating the incident. We apologize to those affected and are sorry that this has happened. Mixcloud understands this is frustrating and upsetting to hear, and we take the trust you put in us very seriously.”

Mixcloud lets DJs upload their own mixes and tracks for others to listen to. The service has both a free and offering, after saying advertising doesn’t pay the bills. The company by 45% last year, but losses tripled on rising royalty fees.

Stephen A. Smith Delivers Blistering Assessment Of Baker Mayfield: Watch

Baker Mayfield was highly touted by pundits following last season as he set the rookie record for touchdown passes in a season. This season has been a huge step backward for Mayfield as the Browns have had an abysmal passing game despite boasting the services both Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. Mayfield has faced a bevy criticism this season and at times, he has had some words to throw back at the media.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is among some the harshest critics in the sports world and on Monday, Mayfield was in his sights. During First take, Smith unleashed yet another rant, this time opining about Mayfield’s antics and how he seems more concerned with being a celebrity than an actual quarterback. As he points out, Mayfield has more commercials than wins this season.

Everyone at the First Take desk seemed to agree with Smith although we’re sure Mayfield will have something to say about this. The Browns QB continues to get into spats with FS1 host Colin Cowherd and we imagine Smith will be no different. Of course, we know Smith is up to the task when it comes to this kind thing we shall see how it plays out.

Do you agree with Smith’s assessment or is he being too harsh?

Pascrell Hails Congressional Investigation of Live Event Ticketing Market

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) has hailed the launching of a congressional investigation of the live event ticketing industry by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Pascrell called the launch “a watershed moment” in fixing the perceived ills that he sees in the industry.

Along with the launch of the investigation, a group of representatives sent letters to the major players in both the primary and secondary ticket marketplace, requesting them to provide information about service fees, the transparency of ticket holdbacks, the dangers of speculative ticket listings, white label sites, and ticket transferability.

These representatives included:

  • Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ)
  • Greg Walden (R-OR)
  • Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
  • Diana DeGette (D-CO)
  • Brett Guthrie (R-KY)

The companies contacted included Live Nation Entertainment/Ticketmaster, which is the largest in the industry and which at the moment is under a consent decree from the Department of Justice.

Rep. Pascrell has long called for regulation of the live events ticketing industry. He has also long been a critic of the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster, having urged the Obama administration to block it on the grounds that it would impair competition and ultimately harm consumers.

In May of last year, Pascrell wrote an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times in which he called the live events ticketing marketplace broken, and he detailed his attempts to fix it by increasing regulation of it.

Toward this end, he is the principal sponsor of the BOSS Act (H.R. 3248), which is a bill that he says “will impose a basic level of transparency to the ticket industry so fans have a fair chance to purchase tickets on the primary market.” It would also protect consumers who buy tickets on the secondary market.

The bill is currently being considered by the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Pascrell believes that the investigation will help get it passed.

Father Arrested After 5-Year-Old Brings Drugs To School That Make Him “Feel Like Spider-Man”

A 29-year-old man by the name Benny Garcia from Holyoke, Massachusetts, was arrested this past Thursday when his 5-year-old son claimed that a packet white powder he brought to school made him “feel like Spiderman.” The boy, who attends Lawrence Elementary School, told his teacher about the supposed superhero substance, showing her a baggie that was stamped with the Spiderman logo. The teacher promptly informed the school principal, who contacted the authorities.

Father Arrested After 5-Year-Old Brings Drugs To School That Make Him “Feel Like Spider-Man”Kevork Djansezian/Getty s

Law enforcement found 170 bags heroin, some which were also stamped with the Spiderman logo, as well as 38 baggies what is suspected to be cocaine in Garcia’s apartment. According to the prosecutor the case, the child found the sealed baggy in the living room, which he then brought to school. The child was rushed to the hospital as a necessary precaution, but authorities claim that he did not ingest any the substance.

The 5-year-old along with another child under Garcia’s care were taken to the Department Children and Family Services. Due to an outstanding warrant connected to a previous drug case, Garcia was taken into custody. He has plead not guilty for these multiple drug charges, but will be held without bail as he awaits his hearing for dangerousness on November 20th.

Thousands Of Disney+ Accounts Are Being Hacked

Disney+ only released last week, but accounts for the service are already being attacked by hackers. Tech outlet is reporting that thousands user’s account information are already available on the black market. Many accounts are being posted for free or between $3 to $11.

Disney+ amassed over 10 million subscribers in its first 24 hours release. 

Many subscribers have messaged the support twitter page with complaints such as one user who wrote, “Disney + launch has been absolutely horrible. Their customer service is no help at all and apparently, hundreds accounts were hacked and sold online. My account got hacked & email/password changed, thankfully I canceled my subscription before the hack.” Another user said, “#distwitter has anyone’s @disneyplus account been hacked? My friend’s was; hackers changed email and password. Now she’s completely blocked from her 3-year prepaid Disney+ account. She’s been on hold for >2 hours.” There are tons these complaints hidden amongst other, more tril issues that are to be expected for such a big launch.

So far, Disney has not commented on the hacks. If you use the same password for all your sites, you might want to consider updating your password. Be on the lookout for any suspicious emails about passwords being changed from Disney+.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Trolls Malcolm Brogdon With Petty Insult: Watch

Giannis Antetokounmpo is by far one the best players in the entire NBA and is considered to be a candidate to win the MVP trophy again this season. The Bucks have been playing fairly well this year and could be a title contender if they keep up their pace. Unfortunately, they are without the services Malcolm Brogdon this year as he decided to leave the team for the Indiana Pacers. Brogdon was a huge piece to the Bucks puzzle last season and his absence has been felt early on this season. 

In a recent interview prior to the Bucks and Pacers first game against each other this season, Giannis was asked about what it would be like to play against Brogdon and fered up a pretty hilarious answer. “First all, Malcolm is ugly,” Giannis said before claiming he was just joking. The clip starts at the 3:54 mark.

The Bucks are coming into this game with a record 8-3 while the Pacers are currently at 7-4. Both teams have a record to maintain so it will certainly be a great game. As for the troll, we’re sure Brogdon laughed it f as he and Giannis seem to have a great relationship.

You have to love it when players show their personalities and troll like this. It definitely helps make the league more interesting.

Major Labels, RIAA Target Music Hosting Service

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has issued a DMCA subpoena to CloudFlare in order to discover the owner of one of its customers: the music hosting service

The music industry trade group is accusing of allowing copyright infringement on its site. In its complaint against the service, the RIAA listed several infractions it found on the platform. is a file hosting service that is based in Estonia that focuses exclusively on music files.

In the past year, the RIAA has reportedly used similar subpoenas multiple times against Cloudflare, which, among other things, offers customers content delivery networks (CDNs) that could be used to facilitate digital piracy. In these subpoenas, the RIAA has sought to discover ownership details of those who run the actual sites.

It is said that CloudFlare, in general, complies with the subpoenas.

In response to the complaint, TorrentFreak reached out to the owner of, which they identified as “Sergey.”

Sergey, who lives somewhere in Estonia, says that he learned about the subpoena during the previous week, and he does not seem too concerned about it.

He insists that he and his company “are not criminals.” He went on to say that “ is a service that makes it easy to publish music files DJs have created themselves. It’s true that the service is sometimes abused. But that’s something the users do. Also, services like Soundcloud or Dropbox are abused as well.”

Sergey further indicated that, because his company operates in Estonia, it is not subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its requirements. In spite of this, he insists that his company does process copyright complaints and that they regularly remove files found to be in violation of the platform’s policies.

One of the interesting facts about this case is that, while the RIAA has filed a subpoena to learn’s identity, Sergey says that they have not actually asked the company to remove the files in question.

Disney+ Releasing Movie About Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Life: Details

The life NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo will reportedly be turned into a movie for Disney+.

According to Deadline, the film tentatively titled “Greek Freak” will explore Giannis’ early life in Greece, his pressional career in Spain and his rise to superstardom as one the greatest players on the planet. 

Disney+ Releasing Movie About Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Life: Details

Maddie Meyer/Getty s

Per Deadline:

The upcoming streaming service has put Greek Freak (w/t), which will look at Antetokounmpo’s early life and current career, into development from Disney’s live-action film division.

Deadline understands that former Disney and Village Roadshow Pictures exec Bernie Goldman, who produced Zack Snyder’s 300, will produce from a script from Arash Amel, writer Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan’s A Private War.

Antetokounmpo posted career highs across the board last season with 27.7 points, 12.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists, to go along with 1.5 blocks and 1.3 steals per game. He also led the Bucks an NBA-best 60-22 record during the regular season en route to earning MVP honors. Through the Bucks’ first four games this season, the Greek Freak is averaging 26.5 points, 15.1 rebounds, 8.9 assists and 2 blocks. 

He is expected to receive a historic five-year, $253 million contract extension from the organization next summer, as the team hopes to secure a long-term deal before he can test free agency in 2021.

LeBron James Compares Anthony Davis To Miami Heat "Big 3:" Watch

Heading into this season, the Los Angeles Lakers have had some lty expectations thrust upon them due to the fact they now have the services both LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both players are some the best the league has to fer and as we head into the season, there are some who believe the Lakers can go all the way to the NBA Finals and maybe even win the championship.

LeBron James has been a part a superteam in the past, most notably the Miami Heat who he joined in 2010. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were on that team as well so as you can imagine, they were pretty damn good. They played four seasons together and won two championships which surprisingly, was below the original expectations. Davis’ appearance on the Lakers has drawn comparisons to the Heat and recently, LeBron opened up about the differences between both teams.

“The temperature in the room when joining Miami was extremely hot,” LeBron said. People acted as if we were the first-ever Big 3 assembled. Right now the temp is very cool.”

Essentially, LeBron doesn’t think the expectations for the Lakers are as high as they were for the Heat, which is definitely true. With the Clippers boasting an equally impressive roster, the Lakers will have their work cut out for them this season.

Cloudflare Responds to RIAA Accusations ⁠— "Not In the Business of Hiding Companies"

Cloudflare objects to being categorized as a helper of pirates in the latest “Notorious Markets” complaint.

Copyright holder groups send the complaint to the U.S. Trade Representative every year. It calls out apps, piracy sites, and services that facilitate piracy across the globe. While Cloudflare isn’t on the list as a piracy provider, it is frequently mentioned.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network, which means it helps keep websites online under high traffic situations. It’s an extra layer of security for many sites against malicious attacks like DDoS attacks designed to take websites offline. But the MPA and don’t see it that way.

In their complaint, the two organizations write that Cloudflare helps pirates “hide” their hosting locations. The Digital Citizens Alliances says the company facilitates pirates delivering malware.

Cloudflare General Counsel Doug Kramer disputes these claims in a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative. Cloudflare says the report is of how the company operates.

“My colleagues and I were frustrated to find continued misrepresentations of our business and efforts to malign our services.

We again feel called on to clarify that Cloudflare does not host the referenced websites, cannot block websites, and is not in the business of hiding companies that host illegal content – all facts well known to the industry groups based on our ongoing work with them.”

On the claims that Cloudflare helps pirates distribute malware ⁠— Kramer writes:

“Our system uses the collective intelligence from all the properties on our network to support and immediately update our web application firewall, which can block malware at the edge and prevent it from reaching a site’s origin server. This protects the many content creators who use our services for their websites as well as the users of their websites, from malware.”

Cloudflare argues that complaints from the DCA about malware are out of date.

The company admits it can’t stop all bad actors online, but continues to work with organizations as necessary.

Cloudflare says the complaint to the Notorious Markets list seems intended to pressure the service and shutting them down themselves.

“That is something that we are not obligated to do,” Kramer says.

Sirius XM Tries to Move Its 'Bait and Switch' Lawsuit Into Arbitration

Sirius XM is looking to get the ‘bait-and-switch’ lawsuit filed by subscribers moved into arbitration.

The was filed in New Jersey state court by a Sirius XM subscriber. Jeffrey Parrella said he received a flyer offering three years of service for $99.  But when he tried to sign up for the service, SiriusXM only offered one year for $60.

Parrella accepted the offer but stated he wanted the mail order offer. The complaint accused SiriusXM of violating the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The satellite giant filed to have the matter removed to federal court in July.

Now, Sirius XM is seeking to move the lawsuit into arbitration, citing a clause in the customer agreement. The radio giant urged the court on Friday to toss the proposed class action and compel arbitration. Sirius XM argues Parrella should be bound by the he signed, which features an arbitration clause.

A shows Sirius arguing that fact.

“There can be no credible dispute that plaintiff’s claims … fall within the scope of the customer agreement’s broad arbitration provision covering ‘any legal or equitable claim relating to the service, the site, or [plaintiff’s] subscription or this agreement.”

Sirius XM says the defendant received a hard copy of the customer agreement with the clause in his welcome kit. The agreement says customers are legally bound to its terms if they do not notify Sirius XM of intent to cancel within three business days of the start of the plan.

“Plaintiff did not contact Sirius XM within this time period — or at any other time before or after his twelve-month select service subscription began on Feb. 8, 2018 — to cancel his subscription, or to discuss the customer agreement or his account in any way.”

SiriusXM adds that the plaintiff continued to enjoy their services after the plan he bought expired. He is still a customer and pays a monthly bill for the service. SiriusXM says a valid arbitration agreement exists because Parrella chose not to cancel his subscription and in fact, continues to enjoy its services.

Jammber Acquires TuneRegistry to Conquer the 'Evermore Fragmented Global Music Rights Ecosystem'

Jammber has announced it has acquired music rights management company TuneRegistry.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Jammber aims to use the platform for its royalty management capabilities. Jammber is launching a new royalty-splitting app called Splits in the coming days.

Jammber co-founder and CEO Marcus Cobb says everything the company does is for music owners.

“Everything we do is around getting music owners paid faster and more accurately. Music ownership is at the core of all aspects of music usage. Now we can democratize the process of ownership registration in new ways that can scale with the extraordinary growth the industry is experiencing.”

Rightsholders on TuneRegistry pay a subscription fee to self-register music rights ownership. TuneRegistry is connected to two dozen metadata companies and performance rights organizations. Those connections include ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

TuneRegistry says rightsholders keep 100% of their royalties on the platform. Rightsholders using other platforms can lose up to 20% of those royalties to administration fees, according to TuneRegistry’s estimates.  The company did not disclose exact subscriber numbers for its $15/monthly plan.

TuneRegistry was ⁠— it was founded by Dae Bogan.  That acquisition seemed to run into problems pretty quickly, however.

Bogan will move over to Jammber as Senior VP, Global Music Rights. He’ll oversee operations and product strategy for TuneRegistry as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jammber.

Bogan says he believes Jammber’s strategy resonates with the vision he had for TuneRegistry from the start.

“Jammber’s mission to revolutionize the way in which music creators and rightsholders self-advocate in the complicated and evermore fragmented global music rights ecosystem resonates with our own.”

The Jammber Money platform has become a major focus for the company to address artist payment times. The service is described as a Chrome plug-in that allows artists to access their earnings “faster than ever before.” Jammber Money hasn’t officially launched, though you can sign up for the waiting list.


DJ Muggs Teams With Meyhem Lauren For "Members Only" EP

DJ Muggs continues his fruitful partnership with Meyhem Lauren by releasing a new EP titled Members Only. The four-track set is the follow-up to the duo’s Frozen Angels EP, which dropped last year.

For Muggs, the project adds to his already extensive slate of collaborations in 2019. The Cypress Hill member has previously dropped albums with Mach-Hommy, Eto and Crimeapple over the past nine months.

Check out Muggs and Lauren’s Members Only stream, cover art and tracklist below.

DJ Muggs Teams With Meyhem Lauren For "Members Only" EP

1. Aztec Snow Flakes
2. GT3
3. Wavy
4. Blue Chinese