Funk Flex Ends Beef With Lil Pump

Funkmaster Flex did the unbelievable in ending his hostility with Lil Pump. But had it not been for Pump’s forthrightness, this peace treaty might have by no means come to go. According to Flex, Pump was ready by his dressing room after he’d carried out the opening set on the Post Malone live performance in NYC, on Saturday night time. By his personal admission, Lil Pump confirmed Funkmaster Flex a shocking quantity reverence given the character their shared hostility.

“We spoke,” wrote the veteran Hot 97 DJ within the caption part a portrait picture with Pump. “I respect he waited round until after my set with good phrases.. I used to be sincere with him on how a felt about his music… he carried himself properly and took it like a gentleman! love!” After which, Flex turned his consideration to a younger fan with whom he’d jostled with, prior to now, on the topic Lil Pump’s normal value.

Funk Flex closed his paragraph with a playful nudge to Lil Pump. You might recall issues coming to a head when Flex labeled Lil Pump a “wack rapper” in a single his impassioned social media rants. He additionally known as out G-Eazy, Lil Yachty, and Nicki Minaj, inside the similar Twitter spree.

When it involves coming into an unabated battle scenario, Flex ten feels entitled to a caretaker function that he bestowed upon himself – and his impulsivity actually would not make these conditions any simpler to navigate. With all due respect to Flex’s contributions on an entire, it is slightly good to see a person-to-person trade treatment all ills. Keep ’em coming!

"Power" Crew Member Killed In Traffic Collision: Cause Of Death Determined

As reported, Pedro Jimenez, a manufacturing assistant on 50 Cent’s hit present Power, was struck by a sports activities utility automobile as he arrange a fringe pylons across the capturing location in Brooklyn, New York. Jimenez, aged 63, would finally succumb to his accidents – believed to be brought on by blunt pressure trauma the aforementioned SUV.

But it hasn’t stopped forged and manufacturing members to air their condolences in a public method, beginning with lead actor Omari Hardwick, and the present’s producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Starz, the cable community the present falls beneath, has since printed a press release their very own regarding Pedro’s premature passing.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss one the members our Power household,” a spokesperson for Starz mentioned in a written assertion. “Our ideas are with Mr. Jimenez’ household as we work to completely perceive what has occurred.” Jimenez was employed to the Power set as an assistant happening four years. As one would count on, Jimenez’ premature demise has pressured the crew to desert the manufacturing schedule till additional discover. The driver behind the “unforced accident” is believed to be a coworker that labored facet by facet with Jimenez. Our sympathies exit to Jimenez’s closest kin, and the remaining the Power group.

Drake Dedicates Last Night's Boston Concert To Mac Miller

The sudden news Mac Miller’s passing rocked everyone associated with the rap medium, including Drake who dedicated his Boston concert to the late rapper. Before immersing himself in his set, Drake took a moment to pay tribute to his “late friend Mac Miller,” who he said was always kind to him in passing. Mac Miller once famously boasted, “I’m still playing it out the same speakers, I did it all without a Drake feature” on his 2014 track “Here We Go.” Needless to say, both men appeared to be on good-to-great terms before his passing.

Drake wrapped up his emotionally charged message by segueing into “Emotionless” from his Scorpion LP. “We about to go in for Mac tonight,” he shouted energetically. He among others including Solange, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi and J. Cole corroborated the sentiment, that Miller was in fact among the kindest souls in the music industry.

Mac Miller was found dead in his home an apparent overdose. The entire hip hop community is essentially in a grievous, because Mac Miller was in essence, very difficult to root against, for lack a better expression. There is no further information regarding the cause his death, as this writing.

Pusha T Manifests Thanos Type Energy During Los Angeles "DAYTONA" Tour Stop

There’s something about those small venues that create the perfect intimate experience. Of course, being in a stadium packed with fans yelling the lyrics like a massive living thunderstorm is an adrenaline rush. But being up close to the artist you came to see just feels more rewarding. There is no space between the stage and the audience, and those who arrived at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles were able to stand within inches Pusha T. Opened in 1926, the Belasco is a historic theater that has been renovated for the modern crowd but still holds that old-fashioned aesthetic. 

The crowd that filled the theater ranged from young to old, and varying skin tones and cultures squeezed together to hear Pusha’s tales from the hood. Hustling and drug dealing meant something more when Pusha was on stage. Yes, many rappers are lauded by hip-hop fans for their braggadocious and violent stories while being attacked by those who don’t understand the culture. But the crowd at the Belasco Theater wasn’t filled with drug dealers, gang bangers, or any the characters that riddle Pusha T’s songs. That’s because much like any other form entertainment, such as movies, tv shows, and novels, hip-hop is about selling a story. Pusha was the Thanos this Summer. Much like the Mad Titan, Pusha spent years building up his appearance, attacked with the ferocity a calculated king, and caused the biggest fallout within his industry. Just like we’re still talking about the “snap,” we’re still dealing with the fallout “Infrared” and “The Story Adidon.”  Just like any blockbuster film with a great script, Pusha created a masterpiece with DAYTONA. He stepped onto the stage with the full energy Thanos, and the audience loved it.

When the former Clipse member hit the stage, the crowd pushed towards his presence forcing everyone in the theater together. Pusha split his set into several parts. He performed his album in order, but split it in half. After opening with “If You Know You Know,” which set the crowd ablaze, he performed “The Games We Play” and “Hard Piano.” After completing the first three songs the seven-song album, he reached back to his My Name Is My Name project for “Numbers On The Boards.” He also pulled out a couple G.O.O.D. Music assisted bangers such as “Mercy” and “I Don’t Like.” On stage, Pusha stood in the center a box created by four light poles. Standing at maybe seven foot tall were the long skinny poles, two placed at the front the stage, and two planted directly behind them in the back. Another large slim light was propped in the air horizontally above Pusha, while a smoke machine shrouded the stage in mystery at random intervals. The light and smoke combination wasn’t awe-inspiring, but it added an energetic touch to songs that sound like colors. For example, the lights turned red and the smoke billowed beneath Pusha’s feet during his performance “Infrared.”

Pusha returned to DAYTONA with “Come Back Baby,” and performed the remaining three songs on the album. In the packed Los Angeles theater, fans sat in anticipation a big guest appearance, but none arrived. Pusha and his DJ rocked the entire show by themselves, which made me wonder why such a cinematic album would lack a live band performance. Push did bring a young boy on stage, that he had seen the night before performing at The Observatory in Santa Ana. The Observatory sits right near the border Los Angeles County and Orange County, and Pusha was able to locate the boy through a social media hunt, after he connected with the kid’s energy during his performance.

After completing “Infrared,” Pusha left the stage, but came back for a brief encore. He pulled out another G.O.O.D. Music track, performing his verse on “Feel the Love,” before speaking with the crowd. He assured the theater that DAYTONA was the album the year, which was met with cheers agreeance. After a spirited performance, that was only dampened by the lack a live band, Pusha T made a rapid exit, but not before leaving an impression on all his fans. “I love you, Los Angeles,” he exclaimed. LA requited the emotion.

J. Cole Delivers Scorching Energy To Sold Out Staples Center For "KOD" Tour

After a hot day in Los Angeles, the night blessed the crowds surrounding the Staples Center with a decent breeze. Although the home base the Lakers has hosted several prestigious and powerful names, the excitement for J. Cole was special. KOD marked a triumphant return to form for Cole, whose last album carried a more personal tone. 4 Your Eyez Only was an album Cole made for himself, KOD was an album the Roc Nation rapper crafted to evoke a worldwide sensation. During the NBA season, the floor the Staples Center is lined with hardwood for the games, but for Cole, the floor was packed with a sea fans. 

Jaden Smith and EarthGang opened for Cole, but fate did not place me inside the arena until the final opener, Young Thug, was halfway through his performance. Thugger’s energy was lackadaisical, and he relied on the crowd to sing along for the finals songs I witnessed him perform. Touring can take an enormous amount energy out a performer, so I like to give Thugger the benefit the doubt. His recent run-in with the law may also be weighing on his mind. Whatever the reason may be, Young Thug was just not at his peak performing form. After Thugger wound down his act with a mellow enactment “Lifestyle,” Cole was ready to take the stage.

Cole opted to keep his performance about the music. There weren’t any extravagant fireworks and insane props. Instead, everything was designed to make the music more potent. Each letter in “KOD” received a massive balloon that hung high above Cole as he performed. On each side the stage were three towering rectangle cube 4K screens. They were arranged to look like descending bars, akin to what the service symbol looks like on your cell phone. The front the towers, or the screens facing the audience, played visuals that helped illustrate the song. The reaming three sides the towers stayed alight in a sunset medley orange, pink, gold for most the set. A live band accompanied the DJ, and the mixture instruments and instrumentals meshed well for the entire show. 

Cole stepped onto the stage with the intro f KOD to begin his set. The quick and cautionary opening sequence ended abruptly and Cole jumped into “Window Pain,” one the best songs on KOD. His energy to begin was serene, but as the songs progressed, Cole drew from the crowd’s energy to increase his own power. By the time he hit “Fire Squad,” young Jermaine was on fire himself. The towers beside him turned to scorching flames, and Cole came alive. The next twenty minutes his set were euphoric and energetic.  

Unfortunately, there was a slight malfunction. The lights in Staples Center decided to cease working with the crew, and half the arena was doused in darkness. The ever-vigilant Cole kept the show rolling regardless. He did pause for several minutes to speak to the audience and allow the lighting crew time to fix the situation. Still, time is money, and Cole dived back into his set after a quick solution was not executed. Sadly, the pause did throw the previous firey energy into a semi-stasis. Cole chose to repeat his process from earlier in the night, allowing the crowd’s energy to build him up, to recover from the slight distraction. 

What stuck out to me the most in Cole’s performance was his crowd interaction. At no point did Cole leave the stage, but he still touched everyone in the building. He spoke to the audience on several occasions, connecting with the average fan about taxes, relationships, weather, and even sports. When he dropped LeBron James’ name in the sold-out Staples Center, a pestering crowd “boos” cracked through the cheers for the athlete. “You better keep booing when he brings you that ‘chip,” retorted Cole, calling out those who would revel in the Lakers’ success while denigrating their star player. Cole also gave Jay Rock a shout-out, which made the audience roar in approval. 

Cole navigated through choice cuts f all his albums, but dedicated a moment to claim 2014 Forest Hills Drive was a “special” project for him. To some, 2014 was Cole’s best work. For others, Born Sinner or KOD take the number one spot. Still, Cole taking time to give 2014 a nod made those in the audience who place that album as his best work swell with pride. As expected, Cole “ended” with “1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”).” Performed mostly in acapella, Cole laid down his most infamous bars the year. There were no chants hate aimed at anyone that Cole assumingly dissed on that song, which displayed a sense maturity from the audience. Everyone has moved past the feud, and the only that thing that mattered was KOD. After a fakeout scenario, where Cole feigned that his set was over, he came out to perform one last song. “No Role Modelz.” The horns shook the arena and the crowd enjoyed one last moment excellence from Cole before he bid the audience farewell. He blessed the crowd with a cautionary “be safe” and a passionate “’til we meet again.” For some, that will be in 24 hours as Jermaine takes the stage at Staples Center a second time. Cole still has a long list shows left on the KOD tour, and this isn’t a performance you should miss as a Cole fan. Tickets are available at 

Seth Rogen Apologizes For Blackface Fiasco During Filming Of "Good Boys"

We reported that Seth Rogen is currently filming a comedy called “Good Boys” set to appear in theaters next year. The film-set became the subject a scandal when photos were snapped a child actor wearing Blackface to convey a character mixed heritage. The depicted scene centered on a child skipping to get a toy fixed before his parents returned from their respective day-jobs.

Seth Rogen has since issued an apology for the gaffe, while distancing himself altogether from the decision-making process. His statement reads: 

“I should start by saying this shouldn’t have happened, and I’m terribly sorry it did,” Rogen said. “I won’t give excuses for why it happened. I’ll just say that as soon I was made aware it, I ensured we put an end to it – and I give my word that on any project my team and I are involved in, we will take every precaution to make sure something similar does not take place again.”

Seth Rogen reiterated that his public apology is not being administered under reactionary measures, but rather as “a first line defence.” Sources close to TMZ have learned that a decision, albeit questionable, may have been taking to hazard dark lighting fixtures on set. Believe what you want to believe I say.

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube Win Appeal In Suge Knight's Hit-And-Run Murder Case

The family Terry Carter, a man that Suge Knight ran over with a truck during the production phase the NWA biopic, was seeking damages from Universal, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube over his death. The civil lawsuit contended that Cube, Dre and production were at fault for allowing Suge Knight to enter the premises, a man they believe should have never stepped hot on such hostile ground.

Terry Carter, a local businessman, was simply caught in the crossfire a argument between Suge and Cle “Bone” Sloan, a technical adviser hired by F. Gary Gray, the film’s director. Upon entering the backlot, Suge Knight was confronted by Sloan and told to leave immediately. It’s at this point that Terry Carter tried to mediate the situation and find an equitable solution for both men. Suge Knight who was speaking out his car window then proceeded to hit the gas when tempers reached a breaking point. Carter was subsequently struck by the vehicle rolling over his helpless body as Suge fled the scene.

The civil lawsuits alleged that Ice Cube and Dre were culpable for Knight’s actions, and directly responsible for employing Sloan, who as they put it: is a “known gangster and criminal with a more than ten-year history ill will with (Knight).” Despite countless appeals, the court stood firm in their decision to absolve Cube and Dre any wrongdoing. Their ficial statement:

Suge Knight on the other hand has an uphill battle to contend with in his manslaughter defense. The Death Row founder has reportedly gone through 15 different lawyers during this hit-and-run case.

"Aquaman" Debuts First Theatrical Trailer: Watch

Multimedia from DC Comic’s next venture Aquaman, started to emerge less than a week ago, giving us a brand new perspective on James Wan’s depiction the superhero. Five days later, the first theatrical trailer has been released, and you’ll soon know for yourself how much wizarding took place while on set.

The trailer gives us a linear understanding  the hero’s birth story, and a semblance the matchstick moment he discovered his powers. Filmmakers first shared the trailer during a showcase for the film this afternoon. For those who are unaware, the film adaptation will star Jason Momoa in his most important film role to date. Fans Game Thrones will recognize him as  Khal Drogo, the strong-armed warlord married into the Targaryen clan in a power-sharing agreement.

“I want our film to be a little different, a bit more unique, so to speak,” said Wan while he spoke to his Comic Con audience. “So my movie in some ways plays more like a science fiction fantasy film than a traditional superhero movie.”

Aquaman is slated for the box fice on Dec. 21. DC Comics strongly hopes the James Wan-directed film will reverse their run bad luck. I do however suspect that Suicide Squad has its fair share supporters.

Guy Pearce Admits Kevin Spacey Got "Handsy" On Set Of "L.A. Confidential"

Guy Pearce was a guest on the Australian talk show Interview, which saw the actor discuss his pressional career. The interviewer decided to bring up Pearce’s time on the set L.A. Confidential, which also starred Kevin Spacey. 

When probed about his thoughts on working with the former House Cards leading man, Pearce admits how it is a “tough one to talk about at the moment. Amazing actor; incredible actor. Mmm. Slightly difficult time with Kevin, yeah,” before adding how Spacey is “a handsy guy. Thankfully I was 29 and not 14.”

Spacey has been accused various instances sexual misconduct and assault, the most notable involving Anthony Rapp, who was only 14 when the actor, who was 26 at the time, tried to initiate sex with a minor. 

Police in Los Angeles are investigating other claims made against Spacey, including an sexual assault that commenced in West Hollywood back in 1992. Similarly, the actor’s tenure as artistic director the Old Vic theatre in London resulted in twenty individuals alleging inappropriate behaviour; local authorities are also examining this case.