Here’s What Happens When You Animoji While High

Thanks to smartphones, these days we have a trillion ways to express ourselves. Besides texting and calling, there’s FaceTime, Gifs, Bitmojis, Animojis, and more. The list goes on. Still, no one was expecting it when one guy Animoji’ed while high and now the video has gone viral. Press play up top to step into his world and laugh your ass f.

Here’s A Really Easy Way To Make Siri Curse

Siri doesn’t usually say bad words, but it turns out there’s a loophole. If you ask Siri to define the word “mother,” she’ll define it as “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.” Then she’ll ask you if you want to hear another definition—and voila!

Watch the video up top and try it at home at your own discretion.

You’re Not As Great At Emojis As You Think You Are

My Domaine put together a guide to help smartphone users figure out each emoji’s true meaning. And it turns out we’ve had a lot the symbols wrong all along.

For example, the egg in a frying pan emoji is supposed to simply mean cooking and what we thought was a shooting star emoji actually signals dizziness, according to the guide. Who knew?!

Click here to see if you’ve been using emojis the wrong way all this time.