Tory Lanez Hits Drake With Inside Joke Before Epic Fan Announcement

After the release his stunning new album Chixtape 5, Tory Lanez is ready to get back in the studio to work on even more vibes. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that the body work is the greatest addition to the long-running series, explaining that the idea has been fully hatched and he knows exactly who he is as an artist. Deciding to have some fun with his buddy Drake, Tory Lanez pulled out an inside joke to troll his mans, getting a stack Chupa Chups lollipops, tagging the artist and then proceeding to make an epic announcement.

Before treating his fans, Tory used the opportunity to troll his former rival, at’ing Drake and saying: “I deadass flew all these chupa chups out just for u.” Finally, he unleashed his secret, telling his social media followers what was really on his mind.

“Really wanted to do something special for my loyal fans that have been holding me down,” said Lanez. “I already announced this yesterday on text and had a crazy amount entries so decided that I’m going to choose 5 fans instead one. The winners are going to be flying out to Miami, grabbing lunch with me, hitting the studio, and making some music from scratch.”

Offering fans a better chance to know the real Tory Lanez, this is an opportunity unlike any others. You get the chance to create lifelong friendships with other Tory fans and even get to spend the afternoon with him in the studio! Sign up here.

Tory Lanez Hits Drake With Inside Joke Before Epic Fan Announcement

T.I. Hitting Jada Pinkett Smith’s "Red Table Talk" To Address Virginity Comments

This is exactly what we need. This debacle has gone on for far too long and it’s time for Jada Pinkett Smith to get involved, clearing everything up, working her magic, and ensuring that T.I. gets his point across correctly. During a recent podcast interview, that has since been deleted, the legendary Atlanta rapper revealed that he accompanies his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris to the gynecologist on an annual basis to make sure she’s still a virgin. Some have labelled the behavior as controlling or invasive and now, Deyjah has been forced to take a break from social media, deleting her accounts for the time being. It appears as though her father will get the chance to redeem himself, being announced as an upcoming guest on Red Table Talk to speak his truth.

T.I. Hitting Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" To Address Virginity Comments
Paras Griffin/Getty s

In what will surely be another eye-opening episode the show, Jada Pinkett Smith has told Entertainment Tonight that she is bringing the King the South to the table to speak about all the drama that’s popped f recently. “My next big guest is Tip. T.I. is coming to the table. Yes indeed,” said the actress to ET. “And course, he’s going to address the controversy that has been swirling.”

The episode has already been recorded. Tiny Harris’ appearance on Red Table Talk will go live on Monday. Stay tuned for more information on how to watch Tip’s episode.

T.I. Hitting Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" To Address Virginity Comments
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Ski Mask The Slump God Mourns XXXTentacion In Emotional Reminder

The influx social media in our daily lives has led to some interesting developments. For artists, however, it can certainly take a toll. Especially when the expectation for constant updates reaches critical mass. Ski Mask The Slump God has recently been on the receiving end it, having been presumably bombarded with dissatisfied XXXTentacion fans to the point where a statement sorts was necessary. Today, Ski took to IG to issue a reminder that grief can manifest beyond a computer screen, reiterating that Triple X will always remain with him. 

Ski Mask The Slump God Mourns XXXTentacion In Emotional Reminder

Jason Kempin/Getty s 

“I Miss X Every Dam Day I Don’t Got To Post Him To Prove That So Don’t Ask,” he writes, his IG story. It’s sad to see Ski come out with such a statement, with the implication being that a defensive position. The idea that one can lose a friend through an act violence only to have their mourning process gatekept is a disturbing thought. We can only hope Ski doesn’t let the naysayers get to him, especially regarding this delicate topic.

Rest in peace to XXXTentacion, and show some love to The Slump God. 

50 Cent Addresses Deactivated Instagram Account

Did Instagram shut down 50 Cent’s account?

The rapper suddenly went MIA from social media last week, prompting speculation that his antics finally caught up with him. Earlier in the week, he trolled Naturi Naughton by posting a meme of the “Power” star alongside Goro, a character from the video game Mortal Kombat.

But many of his followers including Naughton didn’t find it funny. “@50cent did we have a fight and I not know about it? so confused,” she wrote.

Shortly thereafter, his account was deactivated. “He knew what he did was shady and apologized for it,” Naughton later told Page Six. “He realized it wasn’t the nicest thing to do. I accepted his apology, I’ve moved on.”

Now 50 is addressing his disappearance from Instagram, saying it had nothing to do with the meme. “LOL Im cool with all these false report, if you don’t know why something happens,” said 50, who reposted a screenshot of an erroneous headline. “you can’t just make some shit up smh I turned my own IG page off SUCKERS.”

One fan told him to stay off the ‘Gram until he cleans up his act. “Good BYE!!! Dont go back until you got some manners,” wrote the user, prompting 50’s blunt reply: “Shut up bitch.”

But it looks as though he has no plans to return to Instagram anytime soon. “I like twitter better then IG right now follow me over here,” added 50, whose known for his controversial posts.

When someone addressed the Naughton meme, he defended his actions. “I was sticking up for her, they just went and made some shit up.”

Paris Jackson Skipped Prom For Metallica Concert, Brother Prince Michael Shows Off MJ Tattoos

Growing up, Michael Jackson made sure that his children’s faces were always shielded from the media. Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket may have been seen with their father, but they always wore masks or fabric over their heads in order to keep their identities a secret. Even after their father unexpectedly died, the kids were still a mystery to the public, but now that they’re growing into their own, the Jackson children—well, two them, at least—are becoming more visible and vocal with the media.

Paris Jackson Skipped Prom For Metallica Concert, Brother Prince Michael Shows Off MJ Tattoos
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Paris hasn’t been shy when defending her family’s honor or clapping back at people on social media, but her brothers have been relatively quiet. Blanket avoids the limelight at all costs, and only recently have we heard more from Prince Michael. The two eldest the Jackson kids have given Vogue behind-the-scenes access to their home life, or hotel life, as the pair got themselves ready to attend the “60 Years Motown” benefit. 

The siblings shared stories about what it was like growing up at Neverland Ranch and talked about what it means to them to be the children a Motown legend. There are also tidbits about fashion, Prince Michael’s tattoos he’s dedicated to his father, and Paris skipping her prom to go to a Metallica concert. Watch it below.

Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Get Paid To Star In "Hustlers": "I Did It For Free & Produced It"

The ladies in Hustlers were conning rich men out their cash, but in real life, ring leader Jennifer Lopez didn’t get a cent for her role. The multi-hyphenated entertainer portrayed stripper Ramona in the crime drama based on a New York Magazine article, and also acted as a producer for the film. It was assumed that Lopez would have raked in the big bucks taking on multiple roles in Hustlers‘ production, but she shared with GQ that wasn’t the case.

Jennifer Lopez Didn't Get Paid To Star In "Hustlers": "I Did It For Free & Produced It"
Kevin Winter/Getty s

“I didn’t get paid a whole bunch money for Hustlers,” Lopez said. “I did it for free and produced it. Like Jenny From the Block—I do what I love.” She added, “This is our movie where we run sh*t. They know it’s all women producers, woman director, woman writer, all women starring in it. We’ve been watching men take advantage women in movies for a long time, so it was a fun ride to see the tables turned.” 

Even so, we all know Lopez didn’t walk away penniless from Hustlers. The Super Bowl Halftime show star has also been taking some hits on social media after it was announced that she’ll be sharing the stage with Shakira. Even with the opposition, Lopez wants people to know that she’ll forever be J. Lo.

Lil Uzi Vert Shows Off His Breakdancing Skills On IG Live

We all knew Lil Uzi Vert could dance, but we didn’t know he could breakdance. Videos Uzi dancing have been appearing online since the beginning his career. Let me dive into this history real quick.

If you’re a true supporter, you may have first learned the Philly rapper’s moves from a Vine that dates back to 2013. In a chaotic clip, he pumps it and then drops into a split from which he miraculously transitions into a spin.More people may have caught on to Uzi’s not-so-hidden talent when he started busting out his iconic shoulder roll. This sassy move became his signature that stuns crowds with to this day. The next chapter in ‘The Dances Lil Uzi’ consists the self-recorded videos he began posting to social media to preview unreleased tracks. Fans watched Uzi nail choreography to a snippet “New Patek” for months before finally being blessed with the song’s ficial release. Fast forward a bit and Uzi’s hitting “the shoot” dance all over the place, including in a video alongside BlocBoy JB.  

While this summary is by no means extensive, it touches upon some crucial moments in Uzi’s dance dance evolution. The latest video that can be added to the list features Uzi breakdancing in what appears to be a public park. The brief clip that he posted on Instagram was extracted from an IG Live session in which he gave his followers a glimpse his dance practice. Uzi can be seen pulling f the flare move. He only does it once, but that’s impressive enough. 

Antonio Brown Speaks Out On NFL Investigation In New Watch

Antonio Brown has been the talk the NFL this season and he has only played one game. His bizarre antics and recent allegations have been enough to turn teams f him and right now, he is going through an NFL investigation. If he clears his name, he will be able to get back into the league but there is no timetable for a return. In the meantime, Brown has been spending his time on social media where he has gotten into a few beefs while also taking the opportunity to proclaim his innocence.

Over the weekend, Brown took to Twitter saying “It’s Sad they make us guilty til proven innocent system not for us it’s against us ! Lie on my name provide all this shame then I suppose to just return to your game.” He also coupled this tweet with a video himself training and answering whether or not he’ll play in the league again.

Throughout the clip, Brown talks about how disappointed he is that his name has pretty much been smeared through this entire process and that he just wants to be able to show people he can still play. AB believes what he has been through is unjust and that he deserves a spot in the NFL. With videos like this in mind, it will be interesting to see how the NFL proceeds with his case.

What team would you like to see Brown play for?

Lil Xan Suffered Seizures Due To Withdrawal But Is "Completely Sober Now"

After the fatal overdoses two his favorite artists, Lil Peep and Mac Miller, Lil Xan committed himself to getting clean. He publicly shared this goal in November 2018, but suffered from relapses on his road to sobriety. A year ago, he admitted himself into rehab to “get over that last hump.” Today, he opened up to TMZ about the difficulties weaning f drugs, which resulted in him being in the hospital.

Xan said that he tried quit opioids cold turkey, but experienced a couple seizures due to withdrawal. He confessed that his recent show cancellations and brief disappearance from social media were a result him struggling with withdrawal. At the time, he wasn’t ready to share this news with the world, but now he says he’s “completely sober now” and has “never felt better and more clearheaded.”

When the 23-year-old artist spoke to TMZ last year, he told them that he planned on changing his stage name. When asked whether he intends to keep the ‘Lil Xan’ moniker when he gets sober, he said that he’d start releasing music under his birth name, Diego. “No more celebrating or talking good about drugs and all that,” he assured. Perhaps the name change will come soon. 

Kevin McCall Says He Wants Chris Brown Fans To Commit Suicide: Report

The dramatic unfolding in Kevin McCall‘s life has been too much for some people to shut out their brains. The recording artist is seemingly spiralling out control to a dark place and, following his arrest for assaulting a police ficer, he’s back on his social media antics. McCall was released from jail last week and, already, his ex Eva Marcille is shopping for a new house to get away from his “psycho” self. He’s proving her right through his online behavior, going after Chris Brown and his legion supporters with a threatening message.

As reported by The Blast, Kevin McCall made some incredibly disturbing remarks about his former friend Chris Brown and his fanbase. Returning to social media, the singer shared a throwback himself and Breezy, calling out the man with a harsh message. “You still running rom you put-on come let me beat you up so u can throw up the hooks,” he said to CB. Then, he directed his anger toward the multi-platinum star’s fans.

“Imma post this everday until somebody from Team Breezy commit suicide,” reportedly said McCall. “I want them all to kill themselves and get it over with. They some miserable irrelevant little fuccers who never fight in person.” Wow. Clearly, Kevin is going through something dark to even consider saying something like this. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs.

"Power" Teases Three More Possible Suspects For Who Shot Ghost

After the dramatic mid-season finale Power a few weeks ago, fans are still left racking their brains to find an answer to one the most intense questions we’ve had to ask since the inception the show. We’ve gotten a few teasers and hints that point to the identity the man or woman who pulled the trigger on core character James “Ghost” St. Patrick but over the weekend, two more names were thrown into the hat.

Finally, we’re getting some realistic explanations that could detail what happened to Ghost in the most recent episode Power. We’re sure that when the program starts back up, the answer will be revealed to us expeditiously but as it is right now, there is still an air mystery surrounding the shooting. 50 Cent told us that he thinks it could have been Councilman Rashad Tate and the producers the STARZ hit pointed a finger at Angela’s sister Paz. Now, three other culprits are being teased by the ficial social media accounts for Power: Tariq, Saxe and Tommy.

“You lost me a long time ago, Ghost,” says Tariq in his promo clip. “You lied to my face! You might have given me life but you were never my father.” 

When it came time for Tommy to speak, he said: “So you get everything you want. And I got nothing? We were family… But some things you can’t never come back from.”

Saxe may have the clearest motive. “I go to jail, St. Patrick walks,” he says. “He’s a drug-dealing, kingpin dirtbag. Sometimes the justice system needs a kick in the ass.”

It looks like a bunch people could have wanted to kill Ghost. Who do you think it was?

Remy Ma Becoming A New Grandmother At 39-Years-Old

The blessings just keep on pouring in for Remy Ma and her family. Nearly one year after welcoming the Golden Child into their lives, the New York-bred rapper is ready to introduce herself to yet another tiny addition to her family.

The recording artist has one child from a previous relationship and, over the weekend, her son Jace held a baby shower with his girlfriend to get everybody ready for the birth their daughter. Jace and Diamond have already picked out a name for their upcoming bundle joy, naming their baby girl Milani and awaiting her debut with nervousness and excitement. 

According to Bossip, Remy Ma may not have been present at the baby shower. That bit has not been confirmed but, so far, she has not said anything about becoming a grandmother on social media. With the baby due soon, Remy will ficially become a grandmother at the age thirty-nine. 

Congratulations are in order for the entire Smith family. Positivity just keeps on being spread in Remy Ma’s life and now, her son will know firsthand just how powerful it is to become a father. Send all your well wishes to the family as they anticipate the arrival a new Golden Child.

50 Cent Explains Why His Instagram Account Is Deactivated

You have probably noticed that 50 Cent has been absent from your Instagram feeds for the past few days. It’s hard not to when the man frequently posts Power-related memes or nasty disses. The lack 50-spawned drama on our timelines has required some adjustment. Last Wednesday, we reported that 50’s IG account had been deactivated and that is still the case today. One would suspect that his deactivation would be a result him not abiding by the app’s guidelines, but it turns out that he left his own accord. 

While Fif is absent from the Gram, he has taken to Twitter as an outlet for his many opinions. He tweeted that he switched platforms because he’s liking Twitter more these days. If you’re missing his social media messes, you can follow him on there, cause I assure you it’s the same old 50. He responded to a headline that reported his IG was deactivated because he trolled actress, Naturi Naughton’s hairline with “rude memes.”LOL I’m cool with all these false report, if you don’t know why something happens you can’t just make some shit up smh I turned my own IG page f SUCKERS,” he tweeted. He also claimed that he was “sticking up” for Naughton, rather than roasting his Power colleague. When a Twitter user advised him not to return to Instagram until he has some manners, 50 characteristically waved her f with a “Shut up bitch.”

Lori Harvey Returns To Social Media After Hit & Run Arrest Last Month

Lori Harvey usually makes headlines for the high-status company she keeps around her. The 22-year-old model was in an on-and-f relationship with rap mogul, Diddy, after she dated his son, Christian Combs. Before that, she was affiliated with Trey Songz and Future. It’s now rumored that Harvey may be returning to Future, as they’ve been spotted together recently. Putting her dating life aside, Harvey also attracted attention last month for being arrested for a hit-and-run

While the Internet mercilessly reacted by trolling her famous stepfather, Steve Harvey, Lori may have needed some time to process the incident. Being a model, she usually remains pretty active on Instagram, sharing many selfies and campaigns she has to promote. However, following her arrest on October 20th, she went silent on social media. 

Over this past weekend, Harvey decided to not let her legal troubles stop her from getting to the bag. On Saturday, she posted an ad that she starred in for Viktor&Rolf Fragrances’ holiday giveaway. She has yet to comment on her hit-and-run, but based on this recent post, she may keep that situation confidential and return to her usual affairs. 

If this article didn’t provide you with enough background on Lori Harvey, you can read our list five things to know about her here

Quavo & Offset Had A Blast At The Lakers Game With Kevin Hart, Kobe Bryant & More

It was an eventful night in La La Land. Wearing their Sunday Whites, the Los Angeles Lakers absolutely obliterated the Atlanta Hawks in a victory led by LeBron James’ impressive scoring output. Featuring a highlight dunk from Danny Green, more incredible defensive plays by Dwight Howard, and an all-around tremendous effort from a team that’s proving to be a surefire playf squad, the game was a fun one to watch. Whenever the Lakers are playing a home game, you can be certain to spot multiple celebrities sitting courtside and last night was no different. With the Atlanta Hawks in town, the Trae Young-led group young players received some hometown love by people such as 2 Chainz, Quavo, and Offset. Kevin Hart was also seated courtside, appearing near Kobe Bryant, who made a rare appearance.

Leaving Takef at home, Migos stars Offset and Quavo took in the spectacle last night, sharing every moment from their fun night out. The two shared updates on their social media priles, making us all jealous over their Lakers- themed soirée. The first shot came from when the pair rappers frequented the backstage area, coming across Los Angeles legend Kobe Bryant and taking a picture with the star. They also recognized the greatness his Showtime successor, LeBron James, getting his autographed jersey after the game. Of course, they could not pass up the opportunity to share some moments with 2 Chainz and Kevin Hart, wishing them well with some group pics.

Looks like two-thirds the Migos seriously enjoyed themselves last night. The Lakers improved their record to 11-2, making them the team with the best record in the league.