LeBron James Flexes His Dunking Ability On IG, Dwight Howard Reacts

At the beginning this season, there were a ton questions surrounding LeBron James and whether or not he could continue to be the player he’s proven himself to be over the last 16 years. Some felt like he wouldn’t be able to dunk while others thought his defensive play would take a serious hit. So far, LeBron has been able to shut up all his critics and has led the Los Angeles Lakers to a staggering 21-3 record. The Lakers look poised to make a championship run and with LeBron and Anthony Davis at the helm, the Lakers are better than ever.

After defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, LeBron took to Instagram with a video one his dunks. Once again, James came through with a sarcastic caption about how he is washed up and can’t play the game like he used to.

“Meet me at the top floor cause I can’t get there anymore they say. Not a good decision to listen to what “THEY” say,” James wrote. His Lakers teammate Dwight Howard echoed these sentiments by saying “U want some too old man. No. Cmon son. I told u bout coming over here messing with these folks.”

Based on the way the Lakers are playing, it’s hard to bet against LeBron right now. He’s one the greatest players ever and deserves to be respected as such.

French Fry Shortage Becomes Possible Reality After Poor Potato Harvest

Key producers potatoes in America and Canada suffered a high number damaged crops due to unprecedented weather, leading grains and oilseeds analyst Stephen Nicholson to predict that North America may have a shortage french fries very soon. The report comes from Bloomberg and details in length just why the domestic output potatoes will drop 6.1 percent this year, the lowest it’s been since 2010. 

French Fry Shortage Becomes Possible Reality After Poor Potato Harvest
Justin Sullivan/Getty s

The harvest drop will undoubtedly lead to a price surge when it comes to the price potatoes and the increase in demand for french fries doesn’t help the situation. “French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand,” industry-relations director with the Idaho Potato Commission, Travis Blacker, told the publication. 

However, Kevin MacIsaac who’s general manager the United Potato Growers Canada has a more optimistic approach. “It’s a manageable situationPotatoes are going to have to move from one channel to another that they sometimes don’t move in a normal year,” he said. In Manitoba, 12,000 acres potatoes were unharvested and 6.5% Alberta’s potatoes were damaged by frostbite. 

Enjoy every french at the current rate since come 2020 you may be dropping even more coin for the beloved side. 

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

CLOT founder Edison Chen and Jordan Brand recently teamed up for a couple  special edition Air Jordan 1 Mid collabs as part Jordan’s expansive “Fearless” collection.

The latest iteration is set to arrive on Saturday, December 7 but a number sizes have already been sold on StockX, giving us a great idea how much money you can flip them for this weekend. As it turns out, the CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mids are a resellers best friend right now.

The kicks are currently fetching nearly $500 on average, which is nearly four times as much as the $130 that they retail for. The limited edition collab comes equipped with a number unique details, including a woven, nylon upper decked out with CLOT’s signature logos. Additionally, the 1s feature a Chinese token-inspired lace dubrae that spells out “Jordan,” a fadeaway Nike swoosh as a nod to MJ’s legendary jumper, and hidden gold detailing underneath the wear-away upper.

Click here to secure your pair before the drop.

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid Poised To Be A Goldmine For Resellers

Clot x Air Jordan 1 Mid/Nike


George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family & Prosecutors For $100 Million

Despite being acquitted all charges in connection with his murder Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is seeking compensation for defamation and malicious prosecution. Zimmernan, the Florida neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year-old Martin in 2012, is suing Martin’s family, prosecutors, a publishing company and a law enforcement agency for allegedly constructing a false narrative about him. Zimmerman is being represented by Larry Klayman, who founded the right-wing activist group Judicial Watch in 1994. 

Zimmerman walked free after claiming self-defense when killing Martin, who was unarmed and walking home from a convenience store at the time. Zimmerman’s lawsuit is claiming that several parties “have worked in concert to deprive Zimmerman his constitutional and other related legal rights.” These same allegations are espoused in Joel Gilbert’s book and film titled The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America. A screening the film was planned to coincide with the announcement the lawsuit, but the Coral Gables Art Cinema pulled out after receiving complaints and learning the nature the film. 

George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin's Family & Prosecutors For $100 MillionJoe Burbank-Pool/Getty s

Zimmerman is suing the publishing company Harper Collins, which published Open Season: Legalized Genocide Colored People in October. The book written by Ben Crump, the attorney who represented Martin’s family, is being accused by Zimmerman spreading false information about Martin’s murder. 

“The plaintiff continues to display a callous disregard for everyone but himself, revictimizing individuals whose lives were shattered by his own misguided actions,” Crump, who is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, wrote in a statement. “He would have us believe that he is the innocent victim a deep conspiracy, despite the complete lack any credible evidence to support his outlandish claims.”

Stephen A. Smith Melts Down Over "Blasphemous" Nick Saban Takes

Nick Saban is a legendary head coach and during his time with the Alabama Crimson Tide, he has been able to win numerous National Titles and Division Championships. You won’t find a coach that’s more accomplished in the game right now although when you’re at the top, there will always be people trying to bring you down. For instance, Alabama hasn’t been perfect this season and has actually lost two games which is rare for them. Their first loss was against SEC rival LSU while their second loss was to another rival in Auburn. 

These losses have some people claiming that Saban isn’t a good coach anymore and that his time in Alabama is coming to an end. Avid Crimson Tide fan Stephen A. Smith thinks these takes are insane and let his feelings be known  First Take today. Smith’s rant was so good that it might be one his best this year.

Smith’s co-hosts seemingly got a kick out what he was espousing. Despite the theatrics his take, he certainly had the most reasonable response anyone on the show. Kellerman claimed Saban was done and Smith was simply having none it. A 10-2 season isn’t even close to grounds for dismissal so it’s shocking to see all these hot takes.

While it will be refreshing to see Alabama outside the Final Four this year, it’s still bizarre to see so many people calling for the firing Saban.

Danny Green Explains How LeBron James Reacts To Criticism

LeBron James has been the leader the Los Angeles Lakers for the last two seasons now and so far, it’s been an interesting experiment. For instance, the team missed the playfs last season but this year, they are the best team in the Western Conference which almost no one was expecting. James seems to have great chemistry with his teammates so far even if the squad goes through some rough patches.

In an article by Erik Garcia Gundersen  LeBron Wire, Lakers player Danny Green was asked about LeBron’s leadership and how he responds to being critiqued by his own teammates. As Green explains, LeBron is quite receptive to what people have to say and is always actively making changes to his game.

Danny Green Explains How LeBron James Reacts To Criticism

Harry How/Getty s

“There’s so many, there’s not just one. He’ll take ownership when he does mess up,” Green said. “In a film session he will say that’s my box-out, that’s my x-out, that guy there was a miss. And we will tell him, ‘Bron you need to do this, we need to you be more aggressive, we need you to pass more, he’ll listen. He’ll actually take that with a positive attitude and actually apply it to the game to help our team.”

In year 17, LeBron is still doing everything he can to be a better player and you have to admire the effort. James is criticized a lot for being a bad teammate but when you hear Green talk like this, you have to give LeBron some credit. He’s clearly doing something right. 

Jimmy Butler Reveals Who The Most "Unstoppable" NBA Player Is

Jimmy Butler is one the most entertaining players in the NBA and after a few seasons in the league, he knows better than anyone else who some the most unstoppable players in the game are. Butler was recently interviewed by The Players’ Tribune where he spoke about who he thinks the most unstoppable player is and his answer shouldn’t be all that surprising, especially if you’re a fan those who rack up points.

As Butler so eloquently explains, James harden the Houston Rockets is the man who just cannot be stopped right now. Due to his insane averages and ability to shoot from anywhere, Butler believes you would be hardpressed to find anyone similar or better.

Jimmy Butler Reveals Who The Most "Unstoppable" NBA Player Is

Takashi Aoyama/Getty s

Per Butler:

“The guy is averaging 39-and-a-half points. In the streets, that’s 40. That’s James Harden. I mean, he’s a lefty. You want a mid-range pull-up, you want a floater, you want a layup, you want a dunk, you want a free throw.

He’s legendary for his step-back. You can say that it’s a travel, you can say it’s not a travel. Ref doesn’t call it, so I’m all for it. Find a way to stop it, travel or not.”

Harden has consistently been one the most prolific scorers in the league and continues to impress fans with his stats. If he keeps this up, he will have a serious case in calling himself the greatest scorer ever. With that being said, you can see where Butler is coming from.

Jerry Jones Goes In-Depth On Cowboys Head Coaching Situation

After losing to the New England Patriots on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys faced many questions about their coaching staff and whether or not they are good enough to lead this team in the playfs. Jason Garrett has been the head coach for quite some time now and has only managed two playf victories which isn’t good enough for America’s Team.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has fielded many questions about his coaching staff this week and according to Pro Football Talk, the Cowboys boss reiterated his position as the team’s leader. Essentially, the coaches will stay in power as long as Jones wants them to.

Jerry Jones Goes In-Depth On Cowboys Head Coaching Situation

Jonathan Bachman/Getty s

“When you’re General Manager, which I am, those coaches are out there at my ultimate decision,” Jones said. “It’s very much within my realm purview, if you will, to not only be standing there as an owner but be standing there as the General Manager who put the staff there to begin with. People seem to think it’s particularly harsh to have criticism and they think when you look at the other side the field and call a job well done, that might mean that’s extraordinary criticism the job you’ve done on the other side the field.”

The Cowboys are sitting at a record 6-5 right now which means they will be in for quite the battle in terms the upcoming playf race.

Tay-K Goes Off On Twitter; Calls Out Manager, Label & The Media

On Saturday, Tay-K went f on Twitter calling out his manager, label and the media. He also fered an apology to his fans and attempted to correct the image himself that he feels the media has created.

“I wanna apologize to all my fans and supporters for letting my management and label convince me that it wouldn’t be a good decision to speak out against the way the media makes me look and the complete lies they spread,” he says. “But I’m gonna make sure the truth about my life and my character gets out with or without management or a label. And whoever don’t like it fuck you.”

“The way the media inaccurately portrays me has affected my life directly,” he continued. “So instead waiting on my ‘team’ to get the bright idea to speak up on my behalf, things will be done differently. Of course, I’m not perfect or nothing, but I’m most definitely not this monster that they try to portray me as. with that being said, I also apologize for the way I may have presented myself, I was young and inconsiderate.”

Tay-K is currently appealing a 55-year prison sentence. Check out the rest his tweets below.

Will Ferrell’s "SNL" Monologue Was Interrupted By A Ryan Reynolds Cameo

Former cast member Will Ferrell returned to host Saturday Night Live last night, making it his fifth time hosting the show. Ferrell was a member the cast from 1995 to 2002. While he’s been in countless hit films like Elf, Anchorman, and The Other Guys, apparently, he still gets giddy when Ryan Renoylds comes around. 

His opening monologue begins as expected with him expressing gratitude for his time on the show: “I cherished every moment I was here,” he says. Before getting any further, however, Ferrell stops to say to an audience member, “I’m sorry, one second, excuse me, but you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds,” who is indeed Ryan Reynolds.

Ferrell spends the rest the bit in a trance after the Deadpool star says he’s a big fan. “A big fan me?” Ferrell responds, starting to blush. “Oh, OK. Fine. I didn’t know you were gonna be here, OK.”

Soon, Ferrell busts into a Tracy Morgan impersonation because, “Whenever I get nervous, I Ferrell] go into Tracy Morgan.” The move prompts the actual Tracy Morgan to show up and defend Ferrell: “This is Will Ferrell, he can do what he wants to do. I suckled from his comedy bosom, like a young Luke Skywalker, it filled me with strength.”

Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Luis Ortiz In 7th Round; Retains Heavyweight Title

Deontay Wilder warned us this would happen. 

Saturday night, the heavyweight world titleholder extended his reign in a 7th round victory over opponent Luis Ortiz with a knockout punch that would ultimately seal Wilder’s victory.

Before the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Ortiz found himself ahead on all three scorecards before the Bronze Bomber landed a right hand to the forehead that would send the Cuban fighter down, dramatically shifting the outcome the night’s highly-anticipated rematch.

Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Luis Ortiz In 7th Round; Retains Heavyweight Title

Ethan Miller/Getty s

“With Ortiz, you can see why no other heavyweight wants to fight him,” Wilder said post-victory. “He’s very crafty. He moves strategically, and his intellect is very high. I had to measure him in certain places. I had to go in and out, and finally, I found my measurement …] I saw the shot, and I took it,” Wilder said. “My intellect is very high in the ring, and no one gives me credit for me. I think I buzzed him with a left hook earlier in the round, and I took it from there.”

It marks the tenth time that Wilder has successfully defended his title and signals a closer step toward his scheduled rematch with lineal champ Tyson Fury in February.

“This is boxing. I said that one us was going to get knocked out and it wasn’t going to go 12 rounds,” Ortiz conceded an interpreter. “I was clear-headed when I hit the canvas. When I heard the referee say, “Seven,” I was trying to get up, but I guess the count went a little quicker than I thought. I’m ready for any battle. I want to thank my team and everybody that came to see this fight.”

10-Year-Old Lakers Fan Obliterates Shooting Challenge: Watch

Once again, the Los Angeles Lakers proved why they’re one the best teams in the league last night as they won their twelfth game the season against the Oklahoma City Thunder. There was quite a bit to be excited about last night but perhaps the biggest highlight came from an unexpected source. As most teams do, the Lakers have a shooting challenge sorts that forces the participant to make a bevy shots in just 30 seconds. Last night, a 10-year-old fan by the name Maxx got to try his hand at the challenge and he absolutely smoked it.

As you can see from the video below, Maxx makes pretty well every single shot whether it be from the three-point line, free-throw line, or just a simple lay-up. The kid was dropping buckets and was truly a sight to behold.

The kid seemed pretty excited to get the opportunity and he certainly made the most it as he finished with 30 points. Many Lakers players were on the sideline watching and they were visibly impressed by what this kid was pulling f. He may just be ten years old but the Lakers should seriously consider acquiring his rights. If he keeps this up, he definitely has a future in the sport.

Hopefully, we see Maxx in the league in ten years from now.

LeBron James Explains Mindset Behind Career-High Assist Totals

LeBron James is in his 17th season in the NBA but that isn’t stopping him from putting up some impressive numbers. For example, The King is averaging 23.9 points this season and a career-high 11.1 assists. The Lakers have only played 11 games so far this season so it’s not exactly a great sample size but regardless, it’s still impressive. Of course, one the big differences this year is that James has Anthony Davis by his side who can easily provide some buckets when needed.

During a recent report from Dave McMenamin ESPN, James spoke about his assist totals this season and explained that it’s not something he really thinks about. In fact, being the best at getting assists is something James has never really wanted to.

LeBron James Explains Mindset Behind Career-High Assist Totals

Christian Petersen/Getty s

“I don’t know,” James said. “That’s never been a goal mine. … The assist has always been my favorite because it gives my teammates an opportunity to score. And that’s what’s always mattered to me.”

If you’re a Lakers fan this season, you have to be happy with what the team has accomplished. They currently sit at a record 9-2 and are the first team in the league to hit that win total. If they keep this up, they’ll be a frontrunner for the title.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Opens Inquiry into Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is asking the public for input on whether computers, in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), can create something that could be copyrighted and whether it could infringe on the copyrights of others.

Artificial intelligence can mean a lot of different things. It can mean anything from advanced algorithms that allow computers to process information in an intelligent manner to systems that attempt to mimic human thought.

In recent years, these latter systems have developed to the extent that they could possibly fool a human into thinking that it was communicating with an actual person, which has long been the standard of determining whether a computer system has achieved intelligence. But could these same systems one day actually create intellectual property?

This is what the USPTO is trying to find out through its public questionnaire, as it says “AI poses unique challenges in the sphere of intellectual property law.”

The first question the office asks is this: “Should a work produced by an AI algorithm or process, without the involvement of a natural person contributing expression to the resulting work, qualify as a work of authorship protectable under U.S. copyright law? Why or why not?”

The questionnaire then goes on to ask another dozen related questions. Such as the following:

“To the extent an AI algorithm or process learns its function(s) by ingesting large volumes of copyrighted material, does the existing statutory language (e.g., the fair use doctrine) and related case law adequately address the legality of making such use? Should authors be recognized for this type of use of their works? If so, how?”

It also asks:

“Are current laws for assigning liability for copyright infringement adequate to address a situation in which an AI process creates a work that infringes a copyrighted work?”

The office is further open to input that goes beyond the questions it has asked.

Lamar Jackson’s Stats Through His First 16 NFL Starts Are Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Baltimore Ravens’ second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson has quickly proved that he’s more than capable being a QB in the NFL, despite the fact that some draft experts thought he’d be better served as a wide receiver. Not only that, Jackson has established himself as an MVP candidate and the stats from his first 16 NFL starts are utterly ridiculous. 

As first pointed out by ESPN “Get Up” producer Paul Hembekides, through their 16 NFL starts, Jackson has more wins than Patrick Mahomes, more rushing yards than LaDainian Tomlinson, more yards per attempt than Aaron Rodgers, a higher passer rating than Tom Brady, and a better completion percentage than Drew Brees. 

In his lating outing against the Cincinnati Bengals, the 22-year old QB completed 15–17 passes for 223 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. He also rushed for 65 yards, including the Michael Vick-esque TD scamper shown below.

Ravens running back Mark Ingram described Jackson’s 47-yard touchdown run as the craziest thing he’s ever seen on the field.

“I think that was the craziest thing I’ve witnessed on the field with somebody,” Ingram said, per ESPN. “He just spun and took f and let me just escort him. That’s Lamar. That’s special.”

“He surprises you,” Ravens coach Harbaugh said. “They’ll be watching that run for decades and decades. That’s one everybody in the country’s going to see by tomorrow afternoon. That was something. That’s rare.”

As a result Jackson’s stellar play this season, Baltimore is sitting at 7-2 entering their Week 11 matchup against the Houston Texans.