Black & White Kindergartners Segregated In South Africa, Parents Ticked Off

The residual impact systemic racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa is felt to today. If you want additional proof that racism is a ble factor the World over, look no additional than Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke within the NorthWest the nation, the place kindergarteners got adjoining flooring plans based mostly on their pores and skin coloration.

The Afrikaaner youngsters who’re better in quantity, are seated at an extended desk, within the heart the shot. The Black youngsters, three in whole, are depicted as castaways, with the nook view lens. Don’t consider me, look into it your self. The Daily Mail reported that oldsters the youngsters had been displeased with the trainer’s implementation a segregation coverage. 

Some dad and mom even wound up speaking to the press (on the National stage) in an try and additional the dialogue past provincial borders. “This was meant to be an thrilling day for me nevertheless it’s not. I’m pissed f,” mentioned a guardian talking with TimesLIVE. Parents had been the people provenance to know in regards to the photograph’s existence, because it was mailed on to them WhatsApp.

The TimesLIVE publication contacted the college’s principal. According to Naledi Shange, the principal was by no means knowledgeable the trainer’s conduct, when the story first went to press, which in itself is fairly telling the scenario in Post-Apartheid South Africa. As a consequence, the province’s schooling minister Sello Lehari was pressured to situation the next disclaimer after paying the college a go to.

Watch Beyonce & Jay-Z Headline Global Citizen Festival In South Africa

This yr’s Global Citizen Festival celebrates a century for the reason that delivery South African president and anti-apartheid pioneer Nelson Mandela and kicked f on Sunday in Mandela’s dwelling nation because the likes Pharrell Williams, Usher, Ed Sheeran, and Wizkid carried out in assist the group’s trigger to finish excessive poverty.

Headlining the pageant is Jay-Z and Beyoncé in a single final extension the couple’s On the Run II tour, which ficially got here to a detailed earlier this yr.

Ahead the efficiency, Beyoncé penned an open letter addressed to Nelson Mandela who handed away in 2013.

“I first met you in 2004 on the 46664 AIDS Benefit Concert in Cape Town, and the impression you’ve had on my life resonates with me at this time and each day,” Bey writes. “Your kindness and gratitude for each expertise, and your capacity to forgive are classes I’ve realized and can go on to my three youngsters. My whole household holds you in excessive regard.”

Beyoncé continues: “It is an honor for me to journey to South Africa this week in celebration you and your efforts to proper so many wrongs. You have been a strategic warrior, a daring activist, and charismatic and well-loved chief. Your imaginative and prescient for dignity, for human rights, for peace and a South Africa free racism and apartheid, permits us all to show desires into actuality.”


Nike Shuts Down South African Stores After Racist Video Goes Viral

Nike has reportedly shut down several their stores in South Africa, including two at a mall in Johannesburg’s Sandton district, after a racist video made by the husband an employee went viral on social media.

In the video, a white man identified as Adam Catzavelos, the husband  a Nike merchandising director, is seen walking around the beach saying, “Blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one kaffir in sight.” Known as the “K-Word” in the region, the phrase is a deeply fensive, apartheid-era slur used to refer to a black person.

According to The Independent, the discovery Catzavelos’ wife’s identity led to a movement by some to boycott Nike, with members the far-left political party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) stating that they wanted to file a criminal complaint against Catzavelos due to his actions. As a result, some Nike stores in the country have been closed, according to Reuters.

In a statement provided to Times Live, Nike has confirmed that Catzavelos is not an employee the company and stressed the brand’s inclusive ethos. “Nike opposes discrimination and has a long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect,” the statement reads. “We believe in the power human potential in everyone – every race, religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.”

The Independent reports that Catzavelos has been dismissed from his family’s business, St George’s Fine Foods, and is having his minority shareholding unwound.

Donald Trump Endangers The U.S.'s 2026 World Cup Bid

U.S. soccer fans who were hoping for a “slight return,” will have to have wait and see if their President’s words were in violation a strict FIFA code. The U.S. Soccer Federation has been campaigning with Mexico and Canada on a joint North American bid for the hosting privileges the 2026 World Cup. Decisions the like are ten made several years, to incur the costs preparation. 

In tweeting his support the bid, Donald Trump may have committed illegal tampering. FIFA rules prohibit “any undue influence on the outcome,” for their decision making process. The irony is that a cleaning house never occurred after FIFA broke their own mandates in 2015. The FIFA Corruption Scandal uncovered several accepted bribes from high ranking ficials, one which counted towards the 2010 South Africa bid to the tune $10 million.

FIFA issued a statement pointing to the general rule book, in response to Trump’s public endorsement: “As a general rule, we cannot comment on specific statements in connection with the bidding process.”

“We can only refer to the FIFA Regulations for the selection the venue for the final competition the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and in particular to the Bid Rules Conduct incorporated therein.” Their statement does not necessarily read as a denunciation, but if the proposed bid falls through, we’ll know where to point. Thank you Mr. President.