Soulja Boy Is Dropping A Video Game Console, What?

Surprise, shock. Soula Boy is investing his hard-earned Daddy Warbucks on a model new gaming console, plans he made haphazardly throughout a dwell Twitch session. “I am making a gift of my new console,” he introduced. “That’s proper I am popping out with personal online game console.” After which, Soulja Boy resumed his customary kid’s play, as he finicked with Fortnite’s on-line recreation settings.

Soulja Boy is mainly saying: f#@$% compatibility and licensing, I can go at this alone. But I feel it could sensible to droop our pleasure till we have given bodily proof console exists, or at the least a tough stencil. Proprietary consoles or working techniques can take years to construct from scratch, give it some thought.

Soulja has confirmed previously an inclination to flake out. Remember the ill-fated boxing with Chris Brown, a grudge match that just about spilled over into sectarian violence? Kidding apart, there are sufficient video games on Steam to tide you over, there is no purpose to carry your breath.

But in his protection, Soulja Boy like Lupe Fiasco, has developed an affinity for online game tradition many would deem: purely genuine. The higher query stays, does Soulja Boy even personal the capital to make such a daring prediction/announcement? We’ll have to attend and see.

Young Guru Giving Away $1 Million In Scholarships For Coding

On Wednesday, (August 22), Young Guru revealed his intent to give away one million dollars in scholarship funding for people color interested in coding.

It is partnership with the Opportunity Hubs and Rodney Sampson, the famed engineer and producer is teaming up with Flatiron School –an incubator dedicated to the tech and coding arena. With the new initiative, Guru is embarking on a six-city Tech to Wealth tour that kicked f on Thursday, August 24 in Atlanta and will conclude on October 3rd in Seattle.

It isn’t the first time that Guru has acknowledged the ties found in his musical background and the importance innovation through technology. Back in 2013, Guru teamed up with Google to promote the experimental Google Glass in which he used the smart headgear to create a beat. This time around, he’s putting his money where his mouth is in a major way.

“The technologies we have, some them are better than what we’ve imagined on Star Trek,” Guru told Highsnobiety in ’13. “Those types things, as an engineering feat, are amazing. Also, what these technologies do in terms power, what they give to the user and to the artist in terms creative power, is just incredible.”

He would add onto the satisfaction he gets in promoting an environment academic enrichment for students: “That’s one my big things now, I actually love teaching. I like to look at a student and explain a concept, and to see that moment where the “Oh! I get it!” thing comes to their face, that’s a great feeling.

You have to speak in a language that the student can understand. If you truly understand a concept you could explain it to a baby.”