Lil Tecca’s "Ransom" Is No. 1 On Rhythmic Songs Airplay Chart

This week, Lil Tecca’s “Ran$om” track earns the young rapper the No. 1 slot on the Rhythmic Songs airplay chart, per Billboard, after experiencing an increase 12% in airplay. It marks for the first No. 1 songs on the chart for producer Taz Taylor while adding onto the resume co-producer Nick Mira who previously accomplished the feat with Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams.”

Lil Tecca's "Ransom" Is No. 1 On Rhythmic Songs Airplay Chart

Lisa Lake/Getty s

The track first debuted on the chart on July 20th, cracking the top 10 in its seventh week. The airplay follows on the heels amazing streaming numbers logged by the young Tecca as the song was at No. 1 on the Streaming Songs chart for seven weeks straight. Currently, it sits at No. 4.

On other charts, the track also creeps to No. 6 on the RapAirplay chart while hitting No. 13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart, increasing his audience by 18% and 26%, respectively. Billboard also notes that the cut is quietly leaving a mark on the Pop Airplay chart, sliding from No. 20 to 28 after a 5% increase.

At the bottom the Rhythmic Songs chart, you’ll also find Tecca’s “Did It Again,” also produced by Taz Taylor and Nick Mira. With a 9% boosts in plays, it holds the 40th position on the chart.




BMG Reports Double-Digit Revenue Increases During the First Half

BMG just posted a double-digit increase in revenue during the first 6 months of this year.

The boom was driven by a surge in streaming revenues — little surprise there.

The company reported revenue of more than $305 million for the first half of 2019, along with pretax earnings of more than $55 million.

Both areas represent a significant improvement over numbers in the same period of 2018. Back then, the company reported revenue of $274 million and pretax earnings of nearly $48 million. This means that the company saw an increase of 11.6% in revenue and 16.7% in earnings. Also, the company’s earnings as a percent of revenue rose as well, from 17.4% to 18.2%.

The fastest-growing element of BMG is recorded music, but music publishing operations are doing well, too. The growth of both businesses is being driven by a surge in streaming platforms, despite some cooling in record-setting adoption rates.  The company indicated that 56% of its revenue came from digital formats, which represent nearly $200 million.

In its announcement, the company cited numerous artists who helped drive growth in recorded music during this period. The list includes Keith Richards, Kylie Minogue, Lil Dicky, Avril Lavigne, Dido, The Cranberries, AJR and Adel Tawil.

In terms of music publishing, BMG mentioned Lewis Capaldi, whose “Someone You Love” sold in excess of 3 million units.

They also mentioned how — across all Billboard charts — their songwriters had been involved in two dozen number one songs during the first half of the year.

BMG further opened a new office in Hong Kong during this time, which is its 15th.  BMG says the move will strengthen its presence in Asia as a whole.

Bertelsmann, which is the overarching parent of BMG, also did well in the period. It saw revenues of nearly $10 billion and pretax earnings of nearly $1.5 billion.

European Licensing Consortium ICE Crosses €1 Billion In Collections

ICE, a European copyright hub and distributor of song rights royalties, has officially paid more than €1 billion ($1.11 billion) worth of online royalties to rightsholders.

ICE is comprised of three major rightsholders groups: PRS, STIM, and GEMA.

The consortium group is integrated into a multitude of digital platforms, and it facilitates the payment and distribution of publishing royalties to rightsholders.  The group works heavily with publishers, collective management organizations (CMOs) and other rightsholders.

The company made its first distribution in 2016, and in addition to crossing the €1 billion funds-distribution mark in three and a half years, ICE says it currently pays rightsholders more than €1 million per day.

Recent results indicate that this figure will continue to grow in the coming years, though the surging pace of streaming growth is likely cooling in most of Europe (and other markets like the U.S., for that matter).  Still, ICE says its volumes are growing.   “The revenue from licenses negotiated by ICE continues to grow and their scale and expertise means royalties are efficiently processed despite ever-increasing data volumes,” said Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen, CEO at STIM.

Besides collecting royalties and distributing them to the appropriate publishers and songwriters, ICE also detects and addresses copyright infringements, takes steps to prevent piracy, and bargains with streaming and media companies on behalf of rightsholders.  The copyright hub has offices in the UK, Germany, and Sweden, and its song database boasts more than 36 million tracks.

ICE now claims to oversee more than two-thirds of the European rightsholder market.


#DXCLUSIVE: Nilly Teams With Maxo Kream For "Badder Than Bad" Single

Louisiana’s Nilly, one of the participants from VH1’s competition series Signed, is back with a new single titled “Badder Than Bad.” The DJ Fresh Prince-produced track is a collaboration with Maxo Kream, who is coming off the release of his major label debut Brandon Banks.

“Not too many artists have the respect from the lyricists, the ladies and the streets all in one,” Nilly tells HipHopDX. “Maxo can cater to all crowds.”

He adds, “This is a song for the ladies to dance to. I want all women to feel like the baddest in the building when they hear this.”

Listen to Nilly’s “Badder Than Bad” featuring Maxo above or other streaming platforms here.

Chinese Rapper Beibei Severs Pinky On Livestream Over Sex Scandal

A Chinese rapper is facing some serious backlash right now after he severed f a piece his finger in an attempt to prove his innocence. According to Billboard, Chinese rapper Beibei, who’s known in the battle rap circuit, was accused being sexually involved with his fans. The rapper went on livestream and pledged to prove his innocence by cutting f a piece his finger. Although the act cutting f his finger didn’t show during the stream, he later showed the piece his finger that he cut f.

Chinese Rapper Beibei Severs Pinky On Livestream Over Sex Scandal
Christopher Furlong/Getty s

Beibei said he’s been subject to intense cyberbullying due to the allegations. However, even in his attempt to shut down the rumors, he stirred up even more controversy and backlash for what he did online. But it’s not only the Chinese online community that’s appalled with his actions. China — a country is known for its strict Internet regulations — is now cracking down on the hip-hop community in the country.

The streaming platform that Beibei used, Yizhibo, informed the authorities about the livestream and also banned him. The livestream was ultimately a violation China’s Internet regulations laws. Because Beibei’s video, other rappers are now being banned from the Chinese Association Performing arts, according to inside sources. 

China’s already taken issue with the hip-hop scene in the country. They previously banned tattoos and hip-hop from television. 

WWE Launches New Version Of WWE Network To Satisfy Subscribers

WWE is making some updates to the WWE Network this week in an effort to satisfy feedback from subscribers. 

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the overall aesthetic the WWE Network has improved and the ability to locate your favorite WWE PPVs has been simplified. Furthermore, once you find the PPV you want to watch, you’ll notice multiple thumbnail images on the bottom so you can easily skip ahead to a specific match or moment on the card. Additionally, the WWE Network will now feature a “Superstars” page which includes select matches from each  the wrestlers, as well as their stats and more.


The company sent an email to subscribers which reads:

We are pleased to inform you that WWE Network is being updated this week with a new design, a simpler navigation and smarter search tools. In addition, please be aware the following:

1) You will need to log in with your email address and password the first time you use the updated WWE Network on each streaming device. 
2) You will NOT need to set up a new account. You should use your existing WWE Network email address and password.
3) The update will occur on different devices at different times during the week.

Xbox Scarlett & PlayStation 5 Are A "Major Leap" Says Ubisoft

The Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 are on their way to the worldwide markets. We’re still a year and a half away from the release both consoles, but developers are already playing with the systems to familiarize themselves with the power each. Developer UbiSt’s Executive Director for EMEA territories Alain Corre spoke with Telegraphrecently about the capabilities the new systems, and had nothing but praise for Microst and Sony. Gamers are low-key expecting there not to be much a difference between the current gen and the next. Maybe a little improvement on graphics and power, but cloud gaming seems to be the main focus Sony and Microst. Corre seemingly confirms that there will be a major difference between the current and next-gen systems though. 

“I don’t know! I really don’t know,” said Corre when asked about whether the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be the last home consoles now that cloud gaming is becoming a thing. “We don’t know what the fans will want, we don’t know how streaming will increase… what we do know is that the next generation consoles which have been announced are a really major leap from the current generation, and for us creators, it is fantastic because we have always been very excited in trying to capture the cutting edge what technology can fer.” He continued on to explain why developers are excited to utilize this new technology. 

“Developers want to surprise all the time, to innovate – and technology allows us to go into unknown territories and to bring something fresh,” he continued. “Like in Watch Dogs for example. Thanks to the AI that they are mastering now we are able to bring new gameplay. And if the manufactures this world can go on innovating and pushing the boundaries technologies, then we will be able to create better games and convince more fans and the industry will go on growing.”



LiveXLive Reaches 720,000 Subscribers, Burning Through $9.8 Million in the Process

LiveXLive Media has posted its financials.

The global streaming company posted $9.2 million in revenue for its fiscal Q4 2019 quarter ended March 31st, 2019, up from $9 million in the previous quarter (its Q3 2019).  Contribution margin also rose to $2.2 million in Q4 2019, up from $1.4 million in the previous quarter.  LiveXLive attributed the growth in revenue and contribution margin to strong subscriber growth.

The global streaming company’s paid subscribers also jumped 52% year-over-year – or a net 233,000 subscribers – to over 680,000 subscribers.  Currently, LiveXLive has 720,000 subscribers.

The publicly traded company, however, continues to burn money.  Operating loss totaled $8.5 million in Q4 2019, up from $7.2 million year-over-year.  Net loss also reached $9.8 million, up from last year’s $9.5 million.  Adjusted operating loss totaled $1.9 million, down $500,000 over Q4 2018.

During its Q4 2019, LiveXLive streamed and produced 5 live events and also made “incremental” investments aimed at driving long-term growth.  These growth activities, however, drove the increases in net loss, operating loss, and adjusted operating loss.

Events included ALTerEGO, EDC Mexico, LiveXLive Presents after the Grammys, LiveXLive Presents at CES Las Vegas, and the Weezer Album Release Party.

For its fiscal 2019 year, the company achieved over 50 million livestreams, 400 artist streams, and 400 hours of live music content stream.  For the first two months of its fiscal 2020, LiveXLive has generated over 20 million livestreams as well as 85 artists and 125 hours of live music content streamed.

Speaking about the company’s financials, Michael Zemetra, LiveXLive’s Chief Financial Officer, explained,

We’re pleased with our accelerated subscriber growth and record financial performance throughout fiscal 2019.  We ended fiscal 2019 with over 50% growth in paid subscribers and launched key sponsorships and programming across our music platform.

“With the year-over-year and sequential improvements in our contribution margins and operating results, we remain well positioned to continue investing in our immediate growth objectives.

With its “incremental investments,” it remains to be seen whether the company can actually post a profit.


Featured image by Paul Hohmann (CC by 2.0).

LÜM Closes $1.2 Million In Seed Round Funding to 'Democratize Music'

Startup Live Undiscovered Music, aka ‘LÜM,’ has just procured $1.2 million in funding.

Lüm is spinning a social streaming platform that aims to change the way that new artists stream and promote their music.  The company also wants to transform how fans find, share and generally engage with music itself.

It’s a lofty mission to ‘democratize music,’ though now there’s some fuel to test the idea out.

According to LÜM CEO and co-founder Max Fergus, the company hopes that the platform can help artists who have previously struggled with traditional streaming models. Additionally, the company wants consumers to be able to influence music trends without any other external influencers coming into play.

“LÜM is on a mission to create a platform where artists can finally succeed outside traditional streaming models, and fans can be the sole influencers – determining what music trends hit next.”

LÜM also announced a strategic partnership with Frank Productions. Given its status as one of the largest U.S. concert promoters, Frank Productions has the potential to help LÜM find ways to better connect with live music consumers in addition to those who prefer digital content.

The company says it wants to ‘bridge the gap between live and digital music consumption’.

The LÜM Board of Directors added Frank Productions’ Director of Business Intelligence, Dan Polans, to its ranks.

LÜM says that their platform provides new artists with unlimited uploading and sharing of their digital content. It also offers collaboration tools to facilitate greater creative pair-ups.

For fans, the LÜM app removes traditional audio advertising and premium accounts entirely from the equation.  Fans can also connect directly with artists as superfans and receive exclusive content.

So will it work?   Right now, the concept is in beta.  The company is inviting emerging artists and music fans who want to help LÜM with the creation of this platform to become early testers.  After testing this spring, LÜM plans to officially release the app later this year on iOS first.

Sony Music's 2018 Sales Fall Flat as Revenue Drops Nearly 9% Over Last Year

Sony Music has published its full-year earnings report for its 2018 fiscal year.

For the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2019, the company brought in ¥427 billion ($3.8 billion) in recorded music revenue.  This figure represents an 8.6% drop year-over-year.

In its Q4 2018 (our calendar Q1 2019) report ending March 31st, 2019, Sony Music brought in ¥104.4 billion ($946.3 million) in recorded music revenue, down 5.1% over the same period last year.  The music division of Sony Corp. reported physical revenue plummeted 55.4% to ¥19.5 billion ($176.9 million).  Total digital revenue grew 3.4% to ¥64.6 billion ($585 million).  Of that amount, download revenue declined 31.6% to ¥9 billion ($81.5 million).  Streaming revenue grew 9.2% to ¥55.6 billion ($503.7 million).  Other revenue – including public performance, broadcast, and sync licensing along with merchandise – grew 15.9% to ¥20.3 billion ($184.1 million).

Breaking down Sony Music’s FY 2018 financial report, the major label reported ¥266.8 billion ($2.4 billion) in digital revenue, up 7.3% year-over-year.  Of that amount, download revenue fell 26.9% to ¥39.3 billion ($354 million).  Underscoring its growth has slowed, streaming revenue increased 13.2% to ¥227.5 billion ($2.1 billion).  Physical revenue continues on the decline, dipping 50.8% to ¥89.6 million ($807.6 million).  Other revenue – including public performance, broadcast, and sync licensing along with merchandise – grew 8.5% to ¥70.6 billion ($636.5 million).

For its 2018 fiscal year, the major music label reported an operating income (profit) of ¥232.5 billion ($2.1 billion), up 104.7% year-over-year.

Speaking about its music division, Sony Corp. reported sales remained flat year-over-year.  Sony Music reported higher sales from its music publishing division, Sony/ATV, thanks to its acquisition of EMI Music Publishing.

In the music publishing side, Sony/ATV now owns and administers 2.45 million tracks, up from 2.3 million year-over-year.  EMI Music Publishing owns and administers 2.08 million songs, up slightly from 2.06 million.  In total, Sony now has the rights to 4.53 million tracks, up from 4.36 million year-over-year.


Featured image by Sony Music.

Joey Bada$$ Has Announced His New Record Label "Badmind"

Joey Bada$$ has ficially expanded his portfolio. The Pro Era lyricist, who is currently in the midst promoting his upcoming Beast Coast album, has announced the arrival his very own record label, “Badmind.” In the announcement tweet, Joey opened up about the move, teasing the inaugural drop from its first artist N.A.O. Quelly. “Proud to announce the launch my new label #Badmind,” writes the young entrepreneur. “First single from my first artist drops tonight on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more.”

Since the tweet surfaced, Joey has made good on his word, dropping f Quelly’s debut look “Mo Betta,” which you can check out on streaming platforms here. While some might wonder whether such an endeavor will have negative repercussions on his Pro Era moves, the answer is no. So fear not, Beast Coast fans. It’s still business as usual.

Congratulations to Joey Badmon for the launch! While his lyrical ability is ten praised, his business acumen can occasionally go unsung. Let this be a reminder that his goals transcend beyond the musical realm. Are you going to be keeping “Badmind” on your radar? 

Joey Bada$$ Has Announced His New Record Label "Badmind"

Kevin Winter/Getty s

Netflix’s "Chambers" Is About Everything That Can Go Wrong Following A Heart Transplant

Netflix has dropped f yet another trailer for a mysterious series set to hit the streaming service. Chambers, starring Uma Thurman and Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn follows the crazy happenings one woman who gets a heart transplant and spends time with the family whose fallen daughter was the heart she was given. 

“It’s just so weird that someone had to die in order for me to live,” Sivan Alyra Rose’s character (Sasha Yazzie_ says in the trailer. The ficial description or the show reads: “A young heart attack survivor becomes consumed by the mystery surrounding the heart that saved her life. However, the closer she gets to uncovering the truth about her donor’s sudden death, the more she starts taking on the characteristics the deceased — some which are troublingly sinister.”

The clip below touches on some those “sinister” recollections, leading us to believe that getting a heart transplant may or may not have been an unplanned event. “I think that one day we’re going to look back and realize that this whole heart attack thing, was the best thing that ever happened to you,” Sasha’s supposed father says in the trailer. 

Watch in full below and catch Chambers on Netflix as April 26th.

Lil Uzi Vert Is Officially Dropping Two New Singles Today

It’s possible that one day, the entire truth surrounding Lil Uzi Vert‘s purgatorial label status will emerge by way six-part docuseries. Until that day comes, we’re left picking up the pieces ourselves. With Roc Nation and Generation Now both playing a role behind the scenes, the rollout for Eternal Atake has been a uniquely convoluted hip-hop storyline. Yet perhaps there is light at the end the tunnel. DJ Drama, who has felt like somewhat an antagonist force where Uzi’s album is concerned, appears to be kicking f a rollout sorts. Taking to IG, Drama has promised not one, but two new Lil Uzi Vert songs. 

Lil Uzi Vert Is Officially Dropping Two New Singles Today

Christopher Polk/Getty s 

The tracks, titled “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack,” will be arriving at noon courtesy Generation Now and Atlantic Records. Unlike “Free Uzi,” these two will be appearing on all major digital streaming platforms. Curiously, there’s no mention Roc Nation in Drama’s post, though given that they’re set to be taking a more “managerial role,” it’s unclear whether they’ll be playing a role in Eternal Atake’s rollout. After all, it’s likely that much the album has been recorded already, and Uzi has previously alluded to Drama and Cannon being the primary reasons for the delay. 

Perhaps it’s best to spare the deeper analysis, and simply enjoy the fact that Uzi’s new album looks to be imminent. Check back at noon for the first ficial look at Eternal Atake

Apple Event Live Stream: How To Watch

Every time there’s an Apple occasion, you already know that folks will likely be tuning in. The large firm all the time holds gatherings for press and followers to announce their new initiatives and it seems like right this moment will likely be one other large day for Tim Cook & Co. After tons hypothesis that Apple will announce a model new streaming service, right this moment often is the day the place it is lastly unveiled.

The occasion is already underway and that is how one can tune in. Apple has conveniently added a stay stream to its personal web site, which makes it straightforward to tune in. Click here to have the ability to watch all the pieces that goes down.

Apple Event Live Stream: How To Watch
Justin Sullivan/Getty s

"Black Mirror" Season 5 Casts An Avenger & An "Aquaman" Star

Comic ebook film stars are being scooped up at an alarming price for different fantasy/sci-fi franchises, and Black Mirror is the newest sequence to dabble within the superhero appearing pool. The sequence did have an episode with Black Panther star Letitia Wright, however now they’re increasing their MCU ties. According to DeadlineCaptain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War star Anthony Mackie and Aquaman villain Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have been solid within the upcoming fifth season Netflix’s sci-fi sequence Black Mirror. Mackie and Abdul-Mateen II have already got ties with the streaming big, so it is smart for them to double down on their work with Netflix.  Abdul-Mateen II performed a villain within the canceled Netflix sequence The Get Down, and Mackie has taken lead duties for the brand new season  Altered Carbon. 

The particulars surrounding Mackie and Abdul-Mateen II’s casting have been saved beneath wraps. Netflix pushed again the premiere  Black Mirror season 5 as a result of exhausting and tedious work that was put into the “select your path” episode “Bandersnatch.” Both actors have seen their careers ascend to new heights since becoming a member of the gathering superhero actors, and Abdul-Mateen II is presently in talks to star in Jordan Peele’s Candyman remake.