Jermaine Dupri Takes Shots At The "Surprise Album" Tactic

Would it’s secure to name Jermaine Dupri a purist? After all, the So-So def founder has been via many iterations from the sport, together with a time when music movies had been the dominant technique promotion. He probably nonetheless has CD copies Da Brat’s Unrestricted in his mansion someplace. Of course, being many years deep into the sport ensures that each one method adjustments should be overcome, from the golden period, to the platinum period, to the mixtape period, to the streaming period. Today, many tendencies stay prevalent, although one appears to have grow to be the brand new regular because it had been: the shock album.

While followers have come to understand the shock album, because it appears to recommend an aura spontaneity, Jermaine Dupri has taken to Twitter to voice a doubtlessly unpopular opinion. In brief, he thinks the “shock launch” is however another means label management. We’ve already heard vocal backlash to the infamous “360” mannequin. Could the shock drop be subsequent on the chopping block?

“Why are all these artists letting these labels trick them into dropping a shock album?” writes JD, Twitter. “Beyonce created that shit and she will be able to do it, however errrybody else?” Though Radiohead followers may regardless of the Beyonce declare, JD’s phrases increase an attention-grabbing level. If labels are really “tricking” the artists, the implication is course “conventional” rollout may show extra helpful. It’s not clear what prompted the enduring producer to chime in, however clearly, he noticed one thing he did not like. Ya’ll assume Jermaine is on one? Or is the person talking information?

Meek Mill's New Album Is Dropping This Month

We’re already one the very best hip-hop years in latest reminiscence, and it would not appear prone to decelerate anytime quickly. November will already deliver releases from Kanye West, J.I.D.,Anderson.Paak, 6ix9ine, IDK, Lil Peep, and now, Meek Mill is including his album into the combination. Previously billed, considerably tongue-and-cheekily, as Meek’s “shock album,” it could seem that the cat has ficially lept from the bag. Meek not too long ago stopped by Georgetown University for a dialog with Pressor Marc Howard, the place he revealed that his album was on observe for a November launch.

“Album popping out this month,” says Meek, to keen applause. It’s nonetheless unclear when he’ll be dropping, however it looks as if the 16th, 23rd, and 30th all stand out as ble candidates. Perhaps there will likely be a component shock in any case, and Meek will come by way of from out the blue. Whenever it does come up, one factor is for certain: Meek is taking wins in each sense the phrase.

Metro Boomin Shares Tracklist For "Not All Heroes Wear Capes"

Metro Boomin has spent the bulk the yr within the reduce which is comprehensible since he mentioned that he was retiring. However, the producer knew that his sound was one thing evidently lacking within the rap recreation this yr. Yesterday, the producer introduced his a model new undertaking titled, Not All Heroes Wear Capes. While he did not reveal a lot on the time, Young Metro did reveal once we may anticipate the undertaking to drop.

Metro Boomin took to social media to announce that his upcoming undertaking, Not All Heroes Wear Capes shall be arriving tonight. The producer revealed the undertaking’s tracklist which incorporates 12 tracks plus a bonus music. The “Bad & Boujee” producer did not reveal any options however he did embody “No Complaints” because the bonus observe so protected to say that Drake and Offset are each on the undertaking.

“To everybody that believed in me, thanks…. To everybody that didn’t imagine in me, THANK YOU!” He wrote alongside the handwritten tracklist.

Although we’ve not heard a complete lot from Metro this yr, he did start to tease new music final week. Mysterious billboards in each Atlanta and New York popped up, studying, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?” Interestingly sufficient, the billboards additionally included the title his album, though at that time, he hadn’t introduced it but.

Metro Boomin Presents: Not All Heroes Wear Capes drops tonight.

Meek Mill Reassures "The Feens" That His Album Is Still On Track

Meek Mill has emerged from his current tribulation with a renewed sense starvation. That a lot is evident. Lately, it feels as if Meek has been transferring in a different way, placing his losses behind him and having fun with the victories as they arrive. Rest assured, they’re coming; although his stint in jail was little question harrowing and unjust, his case helped increase consciousness towards the flawed jail system and his upcoming music in equal measure. Now, with the latter in focus, Meek has been exhausting at work perfecting his upcoming undertaking, which we now have taken to calling his “shock album.”

Clearly, followers have been clamoring to listen to a full size from Meek, and have seemingly flooded his DMs accordingly. The rapper has taken to Instagram to reply in a tongue-in-cheek style, hitting again with premium meme-fuel. “Why you retain asking me when ima drop bro I obtained youuuuu,” writes Meek, alongside an amusing image himself in an incredulous state. 

While unconfirmed, it appears seemingly that Meek can be dropping earlier than yr’s finish. In the meantime, all we are able to actually do is place our bets on the Philadelphia rapper. 

Adam22 Teases Upcoming Meek Mill & Cardi B Collaboration

Meek Mill has an album popping out. A “shock” one, in his personal phrases. For all we all know, it might seem at any given second. In fact, the sport might use extra Meek, particularly after dropping him to a lopsided judicial saga that bordered on farcical. Yet the incarceration and subsequent hype helped hold Meek’s identify buzzing, and now, all method featured company could also be lining up for a characteristic. 

We’ve already seen Meek and Drake bury the hatchet, prompting collaboration hypothesis. Now, Adam22 has confirmed that Cardi B and Meek have recorded a music collectively. Aside from sharing affirmation his existence, he largely stays mum’s the phrase. Still, the person has connections within the sport, and his claims possible maintain water. 

While hardly a tenuous connection, many have spied similarities between Meek Mill’s defining “Dreams And Nightmares,” and Cardi B’s introductory “Get Up 10.” In that regard, there’s certainly a shared musical sensibility, that stretches past what some would possibly dub “the elephant within the room.” In any case, a enterprise ripe with politicking is destined to trigger rumblings, and alliances similar to it will little question have telephones buzzing. Adam22 would not precisely give any inclination towards sharing a launch date, but it surely would not be shocking to see this one pop up on Meek’s “shock album.”

Meek Mill Is Working On A Powerful Colin Kaepernick Anthem

Meek Mill has been busy working on new music, and a new report indicates that one his upcoming tracks will center around Colin Kaepernick’s cause. Pagesix goes in depth into some the upcoming lyrics, which paint a powerful and inevitably controversial picture. “They won’t lynch him by hanging from a tree,” writes Meek Mill, in his unreleased Colin Kaepernick anthem. “They lynch his bank account.”  Evocative language to be sure, and further evidence that Kaep’s importance extends beyond his impact on the NFL. Clearly, Meek Mill senses a kindred spirit, given his own struggle with an unjust legal system. 

“They told Kap to stand up if you want to play for a team, and most his teammates said the same thing,” raps Meek, in the unreleased track. “Back in the 30s you would be killed if you kneeled. They won’t kill you now, they just take you out the deal.” It’s uncertain whether he’ll be addressing Kaep’s recent Nike deal, which no doubt found Kaepernick securing a massive bag. Apparently, the single will be appearing on Meek’s upcoming album, which is, evidently, “a surprise.”

You may recall Meek and Colin Kaepernick’s connection, which stemmed when the former NFL player visited the incarcerated rapper in jail. Are ya’ll excited to hear Meek’s socially-charged return to the game?

Eminem "Kamikaze" Review

“Every CD critics gave it a 3,
Then three years later they go back and re-rate it
Then called The Slim Shady LP the greatest
The Marshall Mathers was a classic
The Eminem Show was fantastic
But Encore just didn’t have the caliber to match it
I guess enough time just ain’t passed yet
A couple more years, that shit’ll be Illmatic”

– Eminem, “Careful What You Wish For”

Eminem has never played nice with critics. A simple journey through his discography provides ample pro. In truth, Em has toyed with rappers and pop stars alike, making short work them across a variety storied diss tracks. “The Sauce.” “Nail In The Cfin.” “Quitter.” “The Warning.” “Can-i-Bitch.” All share a similar pattern, in which Eminem embodies an apex predator his choosing. Few dare go against him, and those that do throw stones have come to expect a boulder in response. Yet one foe has proved particularly tiresome to hip-hop’s beloved antihero, time and time again: critics.

Critics are far from tangible, akin to “the ominous they,” more concept than concrete. Striking from all angles, critics are ten adjacent to anonymity, represented by the brand they serve. And those are merely the pressionals; the internet era has spawned a variety countless voices, which tend to be fuelled by reactionary impulses. We’ve seen it before, upon the release last year’s Revival. I realize that I am, in fact, playing my part in critiquing Eminem’s Kamikaze. Yet I find no pleasure in tearing the man down, as so many critics have taken to doing. The idea that a legend should ever be dragged through the muck, even after Revival failed to meet his own lty standards, simply feels disrespectful.

Yet part me feels grateful that others relished in shitting on Revival, albeit for purely selfish reasons. Without the backlash, Kamikaze would simply not exist. It’s clear that negative reception played a role in lighting a fire under Em’s ass like he once pressed to do for Dr. Dre back on “White America.” I imagine I was not alone in being utterly blindsided by the release Kamikaze, proceeding to dive into the project with a renewed sense expectation.

From the opening track, tone-setting “The Ringer,” it became evident that uncharted waters were on the horizon. For one, the instrumental arrived courtesy IllaDaProducer, Ronny J, and Em himself; a far cry from Rick Rubin and Alex Da Kid, mainstays in his post-Relapse catalog. In truth, it felt somewhat surreal to hear Em navigating an icy, synth-driven instrumental, complete with 808-driven percussion. Yet such a technically gifted emcee had no qualms making short work it, riding the beat with a renewed sense t-challenged consequence.

In truth, Eminem’s mastery his craft has been taken for granted. KXNG Crooked said it best: “If I’m reviewing an album and I only focus on the genius elements the emcee’s technique for two sentences, I have failed.” Entire essays can be penned highlighting Eminem’s affinity for bending language, and “The Ringer” alone features more flows than the majority rappers bring across a single album. Yet what feels the most refreshing, I think, is the return his personality. It’s hard not to get excited during the track’s climactic section, in which subtle moments call back to songs like “Square Dance” and “We As Americans.” Such is the beauty penning such a dense discography; Eminem’s penchant for worldbuilding has given his music a welcome sense interconnectivity.

I have already seen several ongoing narratives, conceptually at odds, despite drawing a similar conclusion. One essentially pegs Eminem as an “old-man-yelling-at-clouds” archetype, liable to spray would-be lawn explorers with lukewarm tap water. The second essentially paints him as Mr. Burns dressing up as Jimbo from The Simpsons, greeting audiences with a hearty “Ahoy there, fellow kids.” A lose-lose scenario to be sure. There’s no disputing that Eminem hails from a different era, as he details on “Greatest,” where Kool G Rap and Three Stacks reigned supreme. Yet Em’s recent production choices have been singled out as one his weaknesses, with many hoping he might link up with contemporary hitmakers. Thus, a question is raised. Can a veteran rap over the same beats as the “kids” without sounding like an utter try-hard? More importantly, does it even matter?

In truth, Kamikaze’s production is probably Eminem’s best since Relapse, when Dr. Dre, Dawaun Parker, and Mark Batson conjured up a slew horrific bangers. Efforts from IllaDaProducer, Ronny J, Mike WiLL Made-It, Tay Keith, Eminem and Luis Resto are solid across the board, with enough engaging beat switches to keep the sonic journey dynamic. While Eminem is more than capable carrying a project through his voice alone, it helps when production is an added asset. Many instrumental moments shine, like the latter half “Normal,” where Em conjures a hilariously vivid narrative centered around the irksome yet enigmatic “Milo,” or “Not Alike’s” gothic, distorted conclusion, upon which Eminem sinks teeth into his longstanding rival Machine Gun Kelly.

“You know, critics, man
Critics never got nothin’ nice to say, man
You know, the one thing I notice about critics, man
Is critics never ask me how my day went”

– Eminem, “On Fire”

Vocally, Eminem is rapping like a man possessed. Though previous forays into double time have occasionally felt like a “look-what-I-can-do” moment, his hyperspeed flow on Kamikaze feels more like an unrelenting combo. Perhaps such changes coincide with the return swagger, and moments like “Not Alike” and “Lucky You” find Eminem delivering vivid imagery at speeds few peers could match. Luckily, Royce Da 5’9” and Joyner Lucas ably handle the challenge, thus solidifying their spot on Eminem’s island, alongside J. Cole, Kendrick, and Big Sean.

As far as emotional beats, heartstrings are tugged during D12 anthem “Stepping Stone.” Admittedly, the song may falter for those uninterested in Marshall’s crew, who previously dropped Devil’s Night and D12 World before losing Pro in a tragic and fateful night. Penultimate track “Good Guy” finds Eminem addressing his inability to find romantic peace, made all the more poignant by IllaDaProducer’s Kingdom Hearts sample. Jessie Reyez, channeling peak Nelly Furtado, delivers an impressive and surprisingly animated vocal performance, proving a welcome counterpart to Slim Shady. Some may find themselves wary exploring such territory once again, but Eminem’s restrained performance imbues “Good Guy” with a welcome sense sincerity.

It would be remiss to ignore “Fall,” in which Eminem takes to an eighties-night-drive instrumental to air his myriad grievances. Taking aim at Joe Budden, Akademiks, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Lord Jamar, his “Forever” collaborators, and more; conversely, he plants his flag in the culture’s fertile ground, taking credit for shaping Hopsin, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Royce Da 5’9” and 50 Cent. A respectable roster, to be sure, and pro that Eminem’s influence goes beyond the scope the critical circle-jerk. And rest assured, the negative backlash is coming. For, like a true Greek tragedy, Em appears destined to battle his critics beyond time itself.

As Paul Rosenberg warned on his titular skit, centering an entire project around the whims haters is a slippery slope. Should Em find himself pestered by another onslaught negative press, what might he do? Given his history re-evaluating his albums post-reception, one has to wonder if Kamikaze is destined for a similar fate; he already closed out his recent “Fall” video by stomping a physical copy Revival into the dust.

Yet this time, something feels different. The fans have once again taken to championing his cause. And why wouldn’t they? Kamikaze brought forth a spontaneity unfamiliar to an Eminem fan, from its unexpected release to its reinvigorated aura confidence. Is it  Eminem’s best album? In truth, it doesn’t matter, nor should he be doomed to forever do battle against himself. All I know is this: where the legacy Slim Shady is concerned, it remains wise to stand on the right side history.

Eminem Talks Meeting Dr Dre & More With LL Cool J: Listen

After the surprise release his album this week, and the even more surprising disses levelled at everyone from Lil Pump to Charlamagne, Eminem has finally sat down to discuss his new project, among other things. 

The interview, on LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio, which clocks in at almost an hour and a half, covers everything from the very beginning Eminem’s career. He explains how he got into rap (“the music just spoke to me”) and also relating to the character in his song “Stan,” describing how when talking to fans, “there’s always gonna be somebody that you don’t get the chance to get to” and that when he heard the beat with the Dido hook, he was reminded his childhood and how he worshipped people like LL and Run DMC. He was confused, however, about the reverse: “how could somebody worship me, though?” The song came out Em trying to understand this position worship. 

There are also some great stories about the early days Eminem, post 8-Mile but pre full-on fame, like when he got the chance to meet Dr Dre in Vegas and Mark Bass told Em that “we got a call from some doctor.”

Listen to the interview below and Kamikaze here. 

Eminem Talks Meeting Dr Dre & More With LL Cool J: Listen

First Week Sales Projections For Eminem's "Kamikaze"

Eminem’s newest Kamikaze album may have been a surprise, but the numbers it’s projected to put up on the board are not.

Hits Daily Double reports that the project will likely pull in 200,000 at the minumum within its first week, taking into account that Kamikaze physical releases have not yet rolled out. Last year, Em’s Revival pulled 267,000 units in its debut run, with 197,000 those coming from taditional sales.

More tangible metrics can be observed through streaming platforms at the moment with Kamikaze occupying the Top 3 tracks on Apple Music with “The Ringer,” the Joyner Lucas-assisted”Lucky You,” and “Greatest.” In total, eight the Top 10 tracks and 13  the Top 20 all belong to Eminem. Over on the iTunes charts, Kamikaze is currently the No. 1 album with four the Top 10 tracks being his as well. Spotify’s United States’ tally has Em with the Top 3 songs with 13 sitting in the Top 20 while the album sits as the No. 1 digital album at Amazon.

It’s all with good reason, too. Thursday night marked the unprecedented arrival Em’s Kamikaze in which he essentially came for the jugular anyone in sight with his producer Illadaproducer telling Rolling Stone that Kamikaze marks the return Slim Shady.

“Right away he comes out just blowing bad, spittin’. This is Eminem! Top five, dead or alive. I want to hear him go bad. And I got what I was looking for,” Illa told the publication. “A lot Em’s more refined fans …] they liked Revival. I liked Revival too. People wanted Slim Shady. …] So he went back in, and that’s why eight months, nine months later, we got Kamikaze.”

Eminem's "Kamikaze" Is The Return Of Slim Shady, Says Illadaproducer

Eminem shocked the world at the wee hours the morning when he unexpectedly released his latest album, Kamikaze. The project – to many – is infinitely better than his last project, Revival which was met relatively negatively by both fans and critics. However, Kamikaze is a project that shows the side Eminem many were hoping would return sooner. For Illadaproducer, who worked on several tracks on the project, Em’s latest album was the return his most notable alter-ego: Slim Shady.

Illadaproducer spoke to Rolling Stone today about the process behind the project, how he linked up with Eminem and more. He explained that Kamikaze is a result the negative reviews Em read about Revival. The reception to his 2017 project seemed to fuel the fire in him to get back in the lab and cook up something against his naysayers, which he addressed on the interludes. 

 Illadaproducer said comparing Revival to Kamikaze is like “apples and oranges.”

“You can’t even compare the two. Apples and oranges. A lot Em’s more refined fans, people who wanted to see growth in him, they liked Revival. I liked Revival too. People wanted Slim Shady.” He said, “He was doing his version Jay-Z’s] 4:44. People weren’t ready for it. It’s the marketplace; it’s not the music. But you’re not gonna know until you try, right? He gave it a try. He got his reaction. Then right away, he’s going right back to the drawing board. O.K., that’s what you want? And he delivered.”

When asked about whether Kamikaze is the return Slim Shady, Illadaproducer said that he feels the project marked the return Eminem’s most famous alter ego.

“To me it is. Right away he comes out just blowing bad, spittin’.” He said. “This is Eminem! Top five, dead or alive. I want to hear him go bad. And I got what I was looking for.”

Eminem Drops Off Surprise Album “Kamikaze”: Stream It Here

Surprise! With no warning at all, Eminem decides to come through today and treat fans to a surprise album called Kamikaze, which is executive produced Dr. Dre & Slim Shady himself. 

Laced with 13 tracks in total, the follow up to last year’s Revival LP features guest appearances from Joyner Lucas, Royce Da 5’9″ & Toronto R&B singer Jessie Reyez, the latter which who appears twice on the project on songs “Nice Guy” & “Good Guy.” Meanwhile, his manager, Paul Rosenberg, also contributes to the project with an interlude on track #4 “Paul’s Skit.”

“Tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy,” Eminem wrote as he shared the project on Twitter.

As for the album’s cover art (see tweet above), it looks to be inspired by Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill project from 1986 with its jet stabilizer and rudder being displayed in front a khaki backdrop. 

Available now on iTunes, fans stream the surprise project in its entirety Apple Music and/or Spotify. Hit play and let us know what record you’re feeling the most? 

Chance The Rapper Drops Off Four New Songs: Listen

Well look what we have here. Earlier in the week, reports started surfacing online that Chance The Rapper might be dropping a new album this week ahead this weekend’s Special Olympic Games going down in Chicago. Unfortunately, Chance quickly debunked the rumors, saying “sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho.” While fans were let down a bit by this news, Chance decided to make up for it today by surprising us with the release FOUR new songs. 

Serving as a prelude to his forthcoming 7-song project with Kanye West, which is getting worked on this month, the surprise release comes with a lone feature from fellow Chicago rapper Supa Bwe, who appears on the song “Wala Cam.” Meanwhile other records include “I Might Need Security,” “65th & Inglewood,” and “Work Out” to name the rest.

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the 4-new songs in its entirety for free his Soundcloud page. Hit play and let us know what you think! And if that’s not enough, look for Chance to be feature on DJ Khaled’s forthcoming single “Chemistry” with Justin Bieber & Quavo that’s dropping this Friday. Stay tuned for more.


1. I Might Need Security
2. Work Out
3. Wala Cam (Feat. Supa Bwe)
4. 65th & Inglewood

Stream Freddie Gibbs' New Album "Freddie"

It’s been over a year since Freddie Gibbs dropped his third solo album You Only Live 2wice, but thankfully that changes here today. On Thursday afternoon, the Gary, Indiana rapper released a hilarious album trailer which saw him spoing ’80s R&B commercials and teasing new songs like “Whippin’ Dope with Tyrone,” “Smokin’ That TKO,” and “Bitch You Better Clean Them Sheets.” Along with the clip, Gibbs tweeted out the words “Freddie. 2nite,” alluding to that he was dropping a new project tonight called Freddie, and alas here it is!

Laced with 13 tracks, the prelude to his forthcoming Bandana project with Madlib features guest appearances from Cassie Jo Craig, Irie Jane Gibbs, & 03 Greedo, who appears on the song “Death Row.” Meanwhile, production is handled mostly by Kenny Beats, with assistance coming from Dupri, Richgang, & Tony Seltzer. Other song titles include “Weight,” “2 Legit,” & “Toe Tag” to name a few. You’ll also notice that the songs from his trailer, “Smokin’ That TKO,” and “Bitch You Better Clean Them Sheets” were just spos and not actually real either.

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the project in its entirety Apple Music/Spotify. Hit play and let us know what record you’re feeling the most?