Kanye West Makes Surprise Performance At XXXTentacion "Skins" Release Party

Last night time, YesJulz and XXXTentacion’s household organized the particular album launch get together for Skins, the primary posthumous album launched by XXXTentacion. A shock visitor was marketed all through the week and after Kanye West was introduced to be featured on the album, followers had been speculating that he could be the shock look on the live performance. Yeezy was additionally collaborating with X’s property to design a three-piece merch assortment to coincide with the album dropping. It seems that folks had been right in assuming that Kanye would seem as he stepped out for a short efficiency to shut out the occasion.

Videos and images had been posted on social media and followers had been excited to be witnessing a legend on stage. The wild video for “One Minute” was additionally premiered on the occasion as Ye went on to sing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Black Skinhead,” “Blood on the Leaves,” and others. Attendees shared footage, in addition to organizer YesJulz and a distinguished Kanye West fan web page on Twitter.

Hopefully, the merch makes its method on-line as a result of, I will be trustworthy, I wish to cop the crewneck. If you have not peeped Skins but, have a take heed to it right here and take a look at “One Minute” right here.

Comedy Cellar Owner Upset With Louis C.K. Surprise Performance At Venue

Last, Louis C.K. made a return to the spotlight with an unannounced performance at New York’s Comedy Cellar to a crowd about 115 patrons.

At the time, Noah Dworman, owner the popular venue, explained that he did have customers who reached out wishing that they had known ahead time in order to make a decision about whether or not they wanted to attend the disgraced comedian’s set.

“I understand that some people will be upset with me. I care about my customers very much. Every complaint goes through me like a knife. And I care about doing the right thing,” Dworman told The New York Times, adding, “There can’t be a permanent life sentence on someone who does something wrong.”

In a talk with The Hollywood Reporter, Dworman revealed that he was actually in bed asleep when Louis C.K. took to the stage at around 11 p.m. “He just went and told the emcee that he wanted to go on, and it’s pretty much autopilot at that point — the emcee let him go on,” says Dworman. “It’s not an open mike, but it’s Louis C.K.”

Now, after the performance has had time to settle in, his sentiments aren’t as understanding as he tells the Huffington Post that he’s upset that Louis C.K. chose his venue to stage his comeback in the middle ongoing controversy surrounding his sexual misconduct.

“I’m very upset with him because my life has been substantially affected and his life has not, and I’m not sure he’s aware it. I’m not sure that he gave it sufficient thought,” Dworman says. “On the other hand, I think he’s been disconnected from the world and didn’t realize. I am upset.”

Louis C.K. was forced to hid in the shadows after he admitted to accounts sexual misconduct. Referring to the sexual misconduct allegations that C.K. confirmed were true, including accusations masturbating in front a group women.

“We were the place that never did that stuff,” Dworman added. “And now I’m the national symbol it. The very opposite what I always stood for. The very fucking opposite.”

Dworman went on to add that he was most upset that Louis C.K. failed to properly address his allegations during his set in any way. But, after that appearance, the club is instituting a new policy.

“Essentially ‘swim at your own risk.’ We don’t know who may pop in that’s not on the lineup” syas Dworman. “If someone does come in that you don’t want to see, you are free to leave, no questions asked and check completely on the house. Having said that, we don’t expect Louis back anytime soon.”

Kanye West Makes Surprise Appearance During Teyana Taylor's Show

Teyana Taylor’s currently on her “KTSE” tour to support her album the same name. There was some hiccups and complications at the beginning the tour but it seems like everything’s smoothed over and Teyana Taylor is back to giving her fans the performance they’ve been waiting on. For fans who were attending the show in San Francisco last night, they had the opportunity seeing Kanye West perform “Hurry” alongside Teyana Taylor.

Kanye West made a surprise appearance last night during Teyana Taylor’s “KTSE” tour stop in San Francisco last night. The “All Mine” rapper came on stage to perform their song, “Hurry” f K.T.S.E. After performing, Kanye West stayed on stage for a bit to turn up with Teyana Taylor. Ye took some footage the crowd which he shared on his Twitter feed last night.

Teyana Taylor’s “K.T.S.E” tour has been filled with ups and downs over the past month. Taylor renamed her tour the “K.T.S.E” tour after dropping out her joint tour with Jeremih. She cited the Chicago singer’s “diva” antics as a reason why she didn’t want to continue touring with him. She also alleged that he sabotaged her stage show on numerous occasions. During her solo show in Chicago, Teyana Taylor serenaded Jeremih’s baby mother on stage. Needless to say, the “K.T.S.E” tour has been eventful. 

Jhene Aiko Boo's Up With Big Sean For Surprise Detroit Concert Appearance

The words ‘relationship goals’ are thrown around an awful lot these days, but when it comes to hip-hop power couple Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, the term does seem fitting. Despite having to always dodge rumors their separation, the two them always seem to return stronger and more in love than ever. 

This was demonstrated perfectly yesterday, when Jhene Aiko was performing at a concert in Detroit, Michigan. Anyone who’s ever heard a Big Sean song before knows that he’s from Detroit, and that he reps his city to the fullest. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Jhene would bring out Big Sean for a surprise appearance during her live show. 

After she brought him out, the two performed one their songs together. Jhene wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal with Big Sean on stage either, not worried about the reaction the crowd in the slightest. 

The two them posted up after the show to take a nice couple’s photo shoot to celebrate the occasion. Big Sean is looking fly as usual here, with Jhene taking her fashion inspiration from The 5th Element‘s Leeloo, coupled with the tallest soles that have ever been placed on a sneaker. Ever the romantic, Sean captioned the post with, “Penny you slayed that shit last night, thanks for bringin me out in my city sexy @jheneaiko ❤️
Detroit!!!! #88.”

It seems that Jhene and Sean will be continuing their relationship for the foreseeable future. Check out the photos Jhene Aiko and Big Sean below.