Haunted House Employees Allegedly Forced Visitors Into Rape Scene

A well-liked haunted home in Ohio is going through criticism following allegations regarding a mock rape situation. According to some guests, workers subjected them to take part this abusive simulation with out asking for his or her permission.

One explicit incident happened on the Akron Fright Fest, positioned on the Kim Tam Park property. According to at least one couple, the home through which the rape scene was arrange was not a “particular home” that requires individuals to signal a waiver, though such areas are fered on the property.

The couple says this all went down on the Akron Fright Fest, which is housed on the  They say this isn’t the particular haunted home the place you needed to signal a waiver to enter, though they do fer a haunted home like that on the property. 

Other people have complained concerning the state of affairs on social media as properly. 

A consultant the haunted home acknowledged they have been “shocked and appalled” by these testimonies and affirmed that an investigation had been initiated.

Le'Veon Bell May Report On Saturday To Collect His $900K Check: Report

NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport has been informed that Le’Veon Bell’s standf with the Pittsburgh Steelers will likely come to an end on Saturday, although it’s not absolutely certain. The sources Rapoport has contacted are essentially Steelers’ reps who have the greatest insight into the situation from both sides.

The belief around the team is that Le’Veon will return on Saturday, so he can receive his $900,000 game check, after which the running back will sit out the opener and begin preparation for Week 2, while his teammates take to the field. Le’Veon has no obligation to the team until he signs his franchise tender, but if that doesn’t happen, his NFL salary ill be forfeited another week. He has until Saturday to make his cost/benefit benefit with $900,000 his $14.45 million salary soon to come f the books.

As discussed in prior posts, Le”Veon Bell is stick and tired having less determined control over his contract stipulations. For the second year running, the Pittsburgh Steelers have slapped the franchise tag on their star running back, limiting the negotiable term to a one-year contract. Le’Veon Bell is seeking a multiyear deal, at a higher premium, with more guaranteed money, but inevitably he may have to wait ’til next season.

Uber & Lyft Driver Caught Livestreaming His Passengers On Twitch

Uber and Lyft have placed one their drivers on suspension after finding out he had been filming customers and streaming the footage online. The driver livestreamed his interactions with his passengers without their consent. The footage was uploaded to Twitch, a platform that is mostly used to livestream video games.

Confidential information was compromised in the process. Full names and addresses were shared in the clips. Private conversations and other intimate interactions were also captured and shared instantly allowing Twitch users to comment on these moments in real-time. 

Although the driver’s accounts have now been deactivated by both Uber and Lyft, legal recourse is unlikely for the passengers. Missouri, the state in which these events took place, does not label this act as illegal because their adherence to “one-party consent.” It only takes the knowledge and consent one participant in a conversation for its recording to be legal in the midwestern state.

The driver, who is named Jason Gargac, affirms that his actions were meant for his own security. The 32-year-old says the livestream would allow for a swift reaction is something were to happen to him: “I feel knowing if something happens, immediately there can be a response versus hopefully, you’ll find my truck in a ditch three weeks later”

Cops Suspended After Using A Coin Toss To Determine Arrest Of Speeder

Two police ficers in Georgia have been suspended after their own body cams revealed a traffic stop gone wrong. There wasn’t any assault involved, and no one was injured. This specific case is more unusual than your typical police suspension story. According to 11 Alivethe two ficers were suspended after using a coin toss app to determine whether or not they should arrest their suspect. 

Sarah Webb was pulled over in April by Roswell police for driving 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone in the rain. Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson could not decide whether to give Webb a ticket for reckless driving or arrest her, so instead, they used the coin flip method.  In the video, you can hear Officer Wilson say, “A (arrest) head, R (release) tail.” Officer Brown agrees and laughs. Although the coin landed on tails, the ficers arrested Webb anyway. They’re even corrupt when it comes to their own probability tests. Brown and Wilson were forced to turn in their guns and their badges once the story broke, which has caused Internal Affairs to question what took their department so long (the arrest occurred three months ago). Webb had no idea that the ficers used the coin flip method until Alive 11 alerted her the video.