Watch N’ Learn: This Fan Took Her Shot At Michael B. Jordan & Got A Happy Ending

Let’s keep it a hundred, how many times have you thought about sliding into your celebrity crush’s DMs so you can shoot your shot.

For those you wild enough to do it, you still probably never got a response from the love your life — or at least, it probably didn’t end as well as Syl Wilson.

The university student took a win for stans everywhere when she managed to get a pic with Michael B. Jordan after sending him a message on Instagram.

Syl learned that Michael was filming on her Temple University campus, so it was all game for her to possibly meet the star. On IG, she asked Michael if she could buy him a smoothie. While the actor turned down the delicious drink, he agreed to take a picture with Syl.

The two coordinated a meet time and getting around security, then the rest was history.

An inspiration.

Of course Twitter couldn’t deal. Swipe through for some hilarious reactions.