Denzel Curry Breaks Down The "Different Eras Of XXXTentacion"

The gifted Denzel Curry stopped by The Breakfast Club for an in depth interview, and whereas a spread subjects are coated, the dialog kicks f on a heavy notice. XXXTentacion’s presence might be felt from the leap, and Charlamagne wastes little time in asking Denzel in regards to the buddy he misplaced. 

“He got here to reside with me once I was engaged on Imperial,” says Denzel. “We met at a home social gathering, utterly on accident. I used to be drunk, and Ski got here, and he got here, they introduced an entire bunch folks. My homie Abyss informed them they have been speculated to be acting at my home.” In actuality, they weren’t, and whereas the misunderstanding briefly induced tensions to flare, Denzel smoothed it over and let the rappers keep. Later, he ended up listening to their single “Fuxk,” which caught his ear. “We met again up at a Kodak present, on January 1st, 2016,” explains Curry. 

When Charlamagne asks how X’s homicide has been affecting him, Denzel will get visibly emotional. “He was one the individuals who satisfied me to come back again to Florida,” says Curry. “Me and him talked for 3 hours, and he was telling me I by no means ought to have left, we may have been plotting on a lot stuff.”

He additionally reveals that he tried to get X to go to Cali, reiterating that some the most important haters can come from a rapper’s house turf. “I used to be Miami when it occurred,” says Denzel, who truly received the information after his buddy despatched him the disturbing footage X’s physique. He explains that he and Ronny J have been initially on the way in which to the hospital after they acquired phrase X’s passing. “That shit made me break down and cry,” says Denzel. “This was anyone I made music with, anyone I talked to, that I frolicked with. That was what actually harm me probably the most, trigger I helped him come up.”

“There have been completely different eras X,” says Denzel. “There was Black Hair period, the place he was developing, doing his factor, making music. Then you’ve gotten the Blonde a& Black period, and that is the place all of the loopy stuff began occurring with allegations, trials, reveals, riots, the Rob Stone scenario, all the things. Then it went to White Hair X, the place he received the tree on his brow and shaved his eyebrows. That was his evolving state. Then he went to Indigo X. The final time we talked, he mentioned the rationale he modified his hair, and tried to do issues otherwise, is as a result of he understood the way it was to be a foul individual, and the way simple it was. He needed to vary.” 

In the tip, Denzel feels that individuals by no means gave X the prospect to redeem himself. On a lighter notice, Denzel displays on TA13OO, which many are touting as his finest album so far. Be certain to take a look at Denzel Curry’s full Breakfast Club Interview, which reveals a rapper who stands tall alongside his generational friends. 

Denzel Curry Rendered Speechless By The Powers Of Nardwuar

In the wake dropping f album–the-year contender TA13OO, Denzel Curry has crossed paths with the Human Serviette himself, Nardwuar. 

As per traditional, Nardwuar features immediate respect upon unearthing a relic from the previous; on this case, it is a Freestyle Fellowship 45′, prompting an incredulous response from Denzel. Nardwuar is hardly one to reveal his sources, nevertheless, choosing a mysterious “we have now to know” when pressed. From that second onward, a jol tone is ready, and the solutions movement accordingly. The surprises proceed to emerge, as Nardwuar offers Denzel with a “blast-from-the-past” photograph, wherein Zeltron is rocking an afro alongside his formative crew. While it could appear a easy gesture, it definitely sheds a welcome gentle on Denzel’s private historical past in a way unexplored by most interviewers.

Eventually, Denzel can not help however surprise how Nardwuar stays so plugged in. “You the feds, bro?” he asks, straight-faced. “G-shit, the place the wire at?” He proceeds to lose his thoughts at Nardwuar’s sheer resourcefulness. “I do not know in case you’re fuckin police or you are only a actually good-ass journalist. My thoughts is blown proper now.” In reality, a big proportion the clip is made up Denzel’s shocked utterances. The whole interview may be greatest summarized by the second at 5:25. “DAWG YOU EVEN KNOW N****S FROM MY BLOCK!?!?!?!” screams Denzel, eyes huge. 

Be positive to take a look at the complete interview, particularly in case you’ve obtained love for Denzel Curry. Or Nardwuar. As you need to.

Denzel Curry Rips Freestyle Over A Goodie Mob Classic

If you realize you realize. Denzel Curry has been bringing a refreshing dose lyricism to a extra modern sonic aesthetic, deftly towing the road between generational divides. Now, Denzel Curry has come via with a reminder his verbal prowess. During a cease on Power 106, Denzel held it down for a freestyle, proving himself a real pupil the sport by sliding over a Goodie Mob basic; although some merely acknowledge Cee Lo Green because the affable decide on The Voice, the actual fact stays that he was murdering beats within the late nineties and early millennium.

Denzel Curry does honor to Green, Gipp, Khujo & T-Mo’s legacy, taking to the instrumental with finesse. Those accustomed to Denzel’s vibe are nicely conscious his geekish tendencies, and his potential to make something from online game references to the Chronicles Of Narnia sound arduous. He continues alongside these strains, kicking an old-school impressed move for almost two minutes bars. As the session nears conclusion, Denzel goes in acapella, making a powerful assertion on his stellar 2018 marketing campaign. Funk Flex could be proud.

Denzel Curry Calls Off Trippie Redd Assisted "Clout Cobain" Remix

 Sometimes, a collaboration dies before it can truly live. Such has proven to be the case for Denzel Curry and Trippie Redd’s recently announced “Clout Cobain” remix, which was teased during an interview with YesJulz. Though many wondered if the song, deemed excellent by the masses, would benefit from an additional party, others seemed intrigued to see where the joint endeavour was headed. Unfortunately, it would appear that Denzel has ultimately come to align himself with the former group, deciding to put a stop to the ficial remix before it ever came to see the light day.

“I won’t be doing a Clout Cobain Remix,” writes Denzel, Twitter. “I think the song is perfect the way it is.” Simple words, and confident at that. Though some may lament the death the remix, perhaps it’s for the best. “Clout Cobain” was an effective display Denzel’s artistic versatility, and one has to wonder if Trippie’s presence would dilute the overall message. Barring a changed mind, perhaps we’ll never know. 

Either way, fans are still holding out for the Ski Mask The Slump God assisted “Sumo” remix. Whether or not such a song will ever materialize, the jury is out. However, a song like that is likely better suited for the remix treatment; perhaps Ski Mask is the only rapper capable going toe-to-toe with Denzel’s geek friendly references. 

Denzel Curry "TA13OO" Review

It would ill-behoove you to dub Denzel Curry a “SoundCloud rapper.” It may be tempting, given his relative youth, Floridian origin, and affinity for noisy, distorted production. Yet those familiar with his seminal work Nostalgic 64 know that Curry has always been a cut above his contemporaries. Technically elite, with an encyclopedic knowledge bookish references, Curry’s creative mind has always been his dominant selling point. It’s no surprise that TA13OO was ultimately structured in three acts, imbuing the project with an inherently theatrical quality. Such a concept may be lost on those seeking instant gratification, yet Denzel Curry has worked tirelessly to amass a loyal band followers.

The end result is Curry’s most focused album to date, with stellar performances across all leading categories, including the production. Those coming seeking a spiritual successor to Imperial may be caught f guard; the opening chords the introductory title track feel more evocative vintage Outkast, with a soulful drip and twinkling guitar work. Interestingly enough, “Taboo” marks the onset the Light chapter, described by the man himself as an affirmation optimism. Yet “Taboo” begins a pattern dark thematic content lurking beneath a shimmering musical veneer; the same holds true “Black Balloons,” with references to suicidal thoughts and macabre figure Pennywise floating over a disco-era blammer. Is the juxtaposition foreshadowing an inevitable descent, or merely reinforcement that circumstances can only improve upon misery?

Structurally, Denzel’s divisions suggest three disparate narratives – at least, on the surface. Yet hearing the album unfold is reminiscent a color spectrum, in which hues progressively darken. Consider our beginning chapter, “Taboo,” and our ending, the hostile “Black Metal Terrorist,” which caps f the final Dark chapter. If viewed in a linear sense, the journey plays out like a descent into madness, in which our protagonist gives in to his darker impulses. Does that mean the nightmarish soundscapes “The Blackest Balloon” cancel out the playful celebration “Cash Maniac?” Unlikely. The entire project encapsulates the layered portrait Denzel Curry as an artist; moving along the narrative does not overwrite previous chapters, nor does it contextualize them.

It’s easy to get carried away in structural analysis, especially given the loaded symbolism behind Light, Gray, and Dark. Yet everything fails if the music falls flat. Luckily, Denzel has poured himself into TA13OO, putting the full scope his artistry on display. Where many young rappers can be traced on a genealogical family tree influencers, Denzel feels entirely original. He can convincingly take to a synth-driven G-Funk instrumental, while readying himself for an 8-bit percussive mosh-pit serving. Disciples “Ultimate” may no doubt favor his more aggressive takes, yet the versatility bodes well for those seeking longevity. It may be premature to label him alongside the likes Kendrick Lamar, but remember, Kenny was twenty-four when he dropped Section Eighty. Denzel is twenty three.

One TA13OO’s many strengths come from Curry’s vocal mastery; that’s not to say his technical ability, but more specifically, his control cadence. Like Eminem before him, Denzel Curry has adapted alter-egos, each representing differing elements his character. As a result, the man can switch from a devil-may-care swagger to a sinister Tales From The Crypt-stylegrowl. His dynamic vocal range is perhaps best evidenced on low-key standout “Switch It Up,” which feature one the best flow moments in a minute, as Curry effortlessly rhymes “blame this for the pain in Florida” like the goddamn Cat In The Hat. “Sirens” is another beast altogether, pairing Denzel with another one hip-hop’s future mainstays, J.I.D. During an interview with Zane Lowe, Curry cited the Dreamville lyricist as the only rapper to ever make him rewrite a verse. Such healthy competition leaps from the speakers, and as both parties weave effortlessly over the instrumental, it feels clear that the game is in capable hands.

While Gray makes up the bulk the album, purists will ultimately find themselves concluding the journey on Dark. Welcomed by the appropriately “horror-movie” vibe “The Blackest Balloon,” Denzel takes to the instrumental with a sharp insight on the pitfalls fame; it’s no wonder this one follows “Clout Cobain,” as Curry hits his contemporaries with a scathing critique. “Ain’t shit changed since Lil Peep died,” he raps, evoking imagery proud “drug addicts” like Lil Pump, Lil Xan, and the notorious Boonk. Of course, such commentary can occasionally feel like elitism; rappers like Russ have been met with the guillotine for daring to wade into the discourse. Yet Denzel feels entrenched in the culture, given his proximity to quote-unquote SoundCloud rap, and pivotal role in shaping Floridian up-and-comers at the ULT house.

TA13OO feels like a breakout for Denzel, whose unique status as a young veteran combines a young artist’s hunger with an older head’s poise. While conceptually more abstract than Sticky Fingaz’ Black Trash or Kendrick Lamar’s good kid mAAd City’s focused narratives, the album’s thematic ambiguity enhances the experience, inviting a variety different interpretations. Plus, it’s quite simply a musical treat, never once daring to overstay its welcome. It’s safe to say that the bar has been raised. And not simply for his generational peers. Denzel Curry has arrived, and to quote the man himself: it feels like a horror movie. 

Denzel Curry's "TA1300" Album: The Best Bars

Denzel Curry’s new album TA1300 was by extension met with the same excitement hovering over XXXTentacion’s final chapter. The case troubled youth and intoxication get explored with enough room to spare for further growth. Denzel’s harshest critics wanted to see him expand his register on TA1300. The kindest reviewers paint him as the leader his generational squad, the harshest the bunch says he’s symptomatic and possibility different than SoundCloud artists he was critical in the past, but that’s hardly the truth.

The list that follows will liberate the rap fans still laying prisoner to the mind. On TA1300, Denzel is earnest when he exudes pain and quite literally ticked f when he’s perceived to be angry. The ex-Raider Klan constituent tackles issues like the death  a sibling, or a personal witch hunt with the awareness a young man growing out his autonomous shadow. The real thrill his “technique” doesn’t get loss in the exchange. Denzel is still spitting flows straight out “jungle warfare.”

Check out some the most memorable lyrics from the album below. Stream it 



Eyesight is a gateway to a new day and the same hate
With a new height and the same feet on a airplane yellin’ “Mayday”
With a good girl, gone bad girl who went gay cause date rape
That’s a metaphor for the US ’cause they got us all in the same state


I sing along, who’s got me on my crip shit
Lipstick, long kiss from the devil lips
Moonlit, two hits from the cannabis
Death knocking at my door, who could it be?


I’m that joke, face tats on Periscope, fuck a telescope
Careful my angel a higher hope, I desire rope, uh
I’m gonna live by my confidence, I’m gonna die by my arrogance


In me I trust, I turn these niggas into cosmic dust
I’m Loaded Lux with a loaded K, cock back I spray I bust
That player shit, that Raider shit still running through my blood
These brand new n****s took my name and drug it through the mud


I got new n****s tellin’ these new n****s that I don’t fuck with my brother
They only know Denzel Curry, but they really don’t know Denzel
Everybody wanna ride waves and jump when the ship don’t sail
You did wrong, not done for the right


So, in a sense I sensed that all your innocence had died
You swallowing all your pride, won’t let anybody inside
As you cry me a thousand lakes on my shoulder blade, I say
Everything’s gonna be okay
I’ma hold tight till I see the next day with you
Stay with you, play with you
Pray with you and pray to you


Servin’ the rest it, buyin’ a resident on a new day
In a new house with the same girl
But she got a new blouse, pussy runnin’ to me, but I ain’t no mouse
Curry be on point like a motherfucking joust