Denzel Curry & Charlie Heat Announce Release Date For Joint Project "Aloha"

Denzel Curry’s been one essentially the most promising rappers for the previous 5 years, if not longer. After dropping a number of initiatives, he stamped his title within the rap sport with the discharge his third studio album, Ta13oo. Curry teased the mission for a very long time earlier than really dropping it in July. Ta13oo was his ficial follow-up to Imperial which he dropped in 2016, nevertheless it appears to be like like we can’t have to attend very lengthy for a brand new mission from Curry. The rapper took to social media to announce his upcoming joint mission with Charlie Heat.

Denzel Curry and Charlie Heat might be dropping a brand new mission titled, Aloha within the coming weeks. The two artists took to social media to share a brief video that introduced the mission. The teaser includes a clip Heat, who’s mixing the final track on the mission, Facetiming Curry within the studio and urging the Florida rapper to point out him what he is engaged on. The mission is about to drop on February 1st so preserve your eyes peeled for that.

Aside from his upcoming mission with Heat, Curry revealed that he has a dubstep mission within the works. He additionally revealed that he is engaged on some new music with the legendary nation artist and stoner Willie Nelson. He hasn’t revealed a lot details about both upcoming efforts, however hopefully, we’ll hear it in some unspecified time in the future this yr. 

Denzel Curry Vows To Be The "Best Artist Of 2019 & Beyond"

Denzel Curry’s 2018 marketing campaign solidified the Florida pioneer as a tried and true inventive drive. The three-act, morally-decaying, conceptual journey TA13OO discovered the rapper in positive type, increasing on foundations beforehand set by N64, Imperial, and 17. Many have already counted Denzel’s current album among the many 12 months’s greatest, and it is no surprise his subsequent reside endeavors noticed 37 48 dates bought out. An enormous search for the twenty-three-year-old Floridian, who appears keen to construct on his simple momentum. In reality, Zel took to Twitter to proclaim his bold objectives for 2019, which definitely connote large issues to come back from the ULT mastermind.

One has to surprise if Denzel’s promise suggests a TA13OO followup, with the seemingly reply pointing to sure. After all, can one actually take over the world with out an album in hand? Unlikely. Therefore, count on to see much more music from Zel within the close to future, particularly if he is trying to stake his declare because the “greatest artist 2019 and past.” We want him all one of the best. If Denzel is dropping on a frequent foundation, all people wins.

Denzel Curry Vows To Be The "Best Artist Of 2019 & Beyond"


Denzel Curry Is Already Working On His Next Album

Denzel Curry may have just released one the best hip-hop albums the year, but his mind is still on the future. Since coming into the industry, Curry has pushed the boundaries what people expect to hear on a record. His skill has forced critics and haters to acknowledge him as more than just a Soundcloud rapper, a term that has become plastered to up-and-coming Floridian rappers. With his recent studio album, Curry once again pushed the boundaries expectations. Ta13oo introduced Curry’s artistic depth and solidified him as a potent threat in the game. Although it may not have been a chart-topping effort, the three-part project will be remembered as a classic, and Curry potential will only grow. 

It appears that we can expect Curry to satiate his fans with more new music soon. He took to Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 19) to announce that he’s currently working on a new album.  “BTW I’m already working on the next album,” he wrote to his legion followers. When one fan responded, asking the rapper to drop the new project tomorrow, Curry responded with a sarcastic agreeance. “Yeah! Why the Fuck not it’s not like I gotta live up to expectations or anything right! 😅,” he joked. 

Denzel Curry Talks Being A "Dork," XXXTentacion, & "TA13OO"

Denzel Curry has come a long way. Since rising to prominence with Nostalgia 64 bangers like “Threatz” & “Parents,” Denzel has emerged as one the game’s most exciting young artists. Case in point, the excellent TA13OO, which found Curry flexing his artistic prowess across three well structured acts. 

In the wake his release, Denzel sat down with Mass Appeal for an extended conversation, ranging from music, to influence, to XXXTentacion and more. First, Denzel sets an immediate tone, establishing himself from his contemporaries over one simple fact. “What everybody else was talking about I couldn’t relate cause honestly I was a dork,” says Denzel. “Fuck yeah I was a fuckin’ dork, n***a, I’m a fuckin’ dork now, B! I just ain’t going to take no shit from nobody.” 

He proceeds to examine the notion that he “always yells,” expressing frustration about being put in a box. Luckily for everyone involved, Denzel channelled his frustrations, using them as motivation to evolve. Citing the “Clout Cobain” video as a major catalyst in turning heads, Denzel seemed happy to fend the masses with his scathing perception on clout-chasers. 

Eventually, the conversation shifts to XXXTentacion, as Denzel details one his last conversations with his late friend; it gets particularly emotional, given the complex nature their relationship. It’s a powerful moment honesty, and a deeper insight into the dynamic two Florida’s defining young voices. “We basically don’t understand each other, yet we’re so much alike,” says Denzel. “We went to understand who we both were. Even when it came down to the darkest shit that he can tell me in his life, and I tell him the darkest shit to happen in my life.”

Peep the whole interview below, especially if you’re interesting in Denzel Curry’s perspective.

Denzel Curry Is Leading His Generation By Example

It’s easy to break the hip-hop game into a dichotomy. Old and young. An ancient narrative, peddled by generations long before our own. No doubt, the old idiom “back in my day” is familiar to many; expected roles teacher and student inherently fall into place. Yet today, the youth seem to have a larger voice than ever before. For the first time in history, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud allow young people to connect, ten anonymously, over shared interests. The benefits are numerous, especially for young creators seeking validation and encouragement. Yet with a platform driven around anonymity, pitfalls are bound to occur.

By now, it’s hard to avoid the term “clout,” and by association, those who chase it. In fact, many young rappers have taken to throwing around the term as an insult, as if they themselves have not been guilty online debauchery; it’s not uncommon to see modern day rap-beefs transpire exclusively on Instagram, with not a punchline to be heard. Chains are purchased and shown f, further enticing would-be miscreants to snatch them. In clout we trust. Facial tattoos. Challenges. General foreclosure one’s soul. All options must be considered.

Perhaps that’s what drove Florida rapper Denzel Curry to come forward with “Clout Cobain,” the latest single f his upcoming album Ta13oo.

Denzel Curry – “Clout Cobain”

“I don’t even know what’s real,” he laments, in the track’s opening verse. While the sentiment may feel shallow on its own, in the context “Cobain,” it carries a tragic weight. Consider the accompanying visual, where a Juggalo-esque Curry points at a sea an adoring fans, oblivious to what they’ve come to champion. “Oh, why you wanna take my soul?” raps Denzel. “I’m yelling out “hell no!” The idea selling one’s soul to the industry is hardly new territory, yet to hear it come from a twenty-three year old rapper proves how self-aware Denzel really is.

In many ways, “Clout Cobain” plays out like a companion piece to previous Ta13oo single “Percs.” Ostensibly, a single about drugs feels like a glamorization; after all, we’ve come to accept many young artists as open drug abusers, even after the sudden overdose Lil Peep. In fact, the entirety the track seems to highlight qualities young hip-hop audiences are perceived to love.  “I should rap about some lean and my diamond cuts, get suburban white kids to want to hang with us,” spits Denzel, acknowledging, with an admittedly critical eye, the disconnect between creator and consumer. It all ties into “Clout Cobain,” where Denzel stands as a ringmaster amidst a sea zoned-out zealots.

Still, it doesn’t feel like Denzel is looking for war. Few would be bold enough to come for him, as he stands tall as one the game’s deadliest rappers. Even his live show puts people to shame, bringing all the energy a Lil Pump or 6ix9ine show, with ninety-five percent less backing track. Nor does his proclamation feel spurred by envy; he’s already amassed a loyal fanbase, and remains respected by old and new listeners alike. For the most part, what might have played out like, well, an attempt at clout-chasing feels instead like the world-weary analysis an observer, wise beyond his years.

Denzel Curry – “Percs”

True, “Percs” is scathing in its delivery. Yet recall the fact that Denzel’s Ta13oo is carefully structured with an attention ten lost on the young generation. A three-act play sorts, with expectations for a clear thematic anchor. The ambition is admirable, and so far, the music indicates Denzel’s strongest project to date. In a clever stroke, however, Denzel has made masterful use current production aesthetics, without “selling his soul” in the process. To elaborate, his ear has stayed in touch with musical trends, yet his attention to detail is seldom seen among his contemporaries. As a result, the man has been able to craft a sonic aesthetic uniquely suited to his talents, and thus, has earned the attention the youth – as fleeting as it may sometimes be. And they’ll stay loyal – trust built from Nostalgia 64 and Imperial will see to that. Even after “Percs” and “Clout Cobain” deconstruct their culture.

Denzel is not preaching from a pulpit. He’s right there in the trenches. This isn’t a young man peddling a misguided sense elitism, spitting exclusively over sample-based beats and decrying up-and-comers. While he’s worked with lyricists like GoldLink and J.I.D, he’s also proven equally comfortable over the droning distortion Ronny J. Few his age-class can boast such versatility; never will Denzel sacrifice technically sound qualities like lyricism or flow, in order to be carried by a “hot beat.”  In that regard, it’s entirely possible that Denzel is the anchor between the aforementioned dichotomy, appealing to older and younger listeners.

Remember, Denzel is only twenty-three years old. That hasn’t kept him from leading by example.

Keep watch for TA13OO, dropping in three installments on July 25th-27th.

Denzel Curry Announces Release Date & Tracklist For “TA13OO”

Denzel Curry has been teasing his long awaited TA13OO album for about the past year or so, sharing various updates along the way & songs like “Sumo” & Percs,”, but after a couple setbacks & delays, the album finally looks to be right around the corner now. Today, Denzel went ahead and made the project available for pre-order on iTunes, ultimately sharing the release date and tracklist in the process.

Serving as the follow up to 2016’s Imperial album, TA13OO will consist 3 separate acts. The first act, Light, will be released July 25th, followed by Gray on July 26th and Dark on July 27th, all which have a few songs on each them totaling 13 tracks in all. Meanwhile, features are set to include XXL Freshman J.I.D, Goldlink, Nyyjeria, Zillakami, and more.

In addition to the pre-order announcement, Denzel also went ahead and released a single and accompanying video in the process called “Clout Cobain,” which you can listen to right here if you haven’t already.

Check out the tracklist (below) and pre-order the album right now on iTunes. If you wish to see Denzel live in person, you’re in luck the South Florida rapper is about to take his talents on the road starting next month in support his new album. Look for tickets to go on sale this Friday.


Act I. Light

1. Taboo Ta13oo
2. Black Baloons 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (feat. Twelve’len & Goldlnk)
3. Cash Maniac CAZH MAN1AC (feat. NYYJERIA)
4. Sumo Zumo

Act II. Gray

5. Super Saiyan Superman Zuper Za1yan Zuperman
6. Switch It Up Zwitch 1T Up
7. Mas I Got It MAD 1 GOT 1T
8. SIRENS Z1RENZ (feat. J.I.D)
9. Clout Cobain Clout Co13a1n

Act III. Dark

10. The Blackest Balloon the 13LACKEZT 13Alloon
11. Perc Percz
13. Black Metal Terrorist – 13MT

Denzel Curry Posts U.S. & European Tour Dates In Support Of "TA13OO" Album

Denzel Curry has announced European and U.S. tour dates in support his new project TA13OO, pronounced “taboo.” The North American leg will begin shortly after its release on July 25-27 (in three different acts), in August at the Afropunk in Brooklyn. From there Denzel will take his talents to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland then Seattle before crossing border inspection into Canada. Denzel will then fly out to Salt Lake City before zipping back to Detroit and making one last stop in Canada by way Toronto-Montreal. It’s safe to say, Denzel covers all cardinal directions between stopovers.

The European leg his tour commences after a month’s pause in November. Curry will make the majority his appearances out “East” on festival grounds. Curry has none-the-less committed to a few club gigs, namely his first stop in the Ukraine at Atlas. Before it’s all said and done, Denzel will have visited 12 different European Countries before returning just in time for the Xmas season. In the buildup his TA13OO release Curry has shared images a washed-up clown down on his luck, as well as his lead single titled Clout Cobain, all to further the conversation on mental health, a theme Denzel Curry’s camp has promised to explore on TA13OO.