Young Thug Wipes Instagram Fueling Speculation Over "Slime Language" Release

Take this with a measure doubt, but tonight could see Lil Uzi Vert & Young Thug could be dropping at midnight alongside the scheduled releases YG, Mac Miller and Travis Scott’s Astroworld. If you are up at that hour, make sure you are well within your download/upload limit for the month. Young Thug’s contribution to the excitable climate came in the shape boxes. Several media outlets including our very own HNHH NYC fices were hit with a mysterious package courtesy Young Thugger’s management. Inside the box, a living breathing snake nestled for position, posing a serious threat to whoever sat at reception. Was Young Thug trying to send a message “deceit” to major media outlets, or is the ploy just a promotional tool like any other?

Young Thug’s next ploy was to wipe his Instagram clean and change his avatar to a block letter emblem reading: “Slime Language” coming soon. Starting from scratch  is a tactic employed ad nauseam by rappers on the brink dropping fresh material. Desiigner has done it, Future on two occasions, and J. Cole before his last album KOD.

Look no further: this image still from Young Thug’s Instagram at present time.


Young Thug Wipes Instagram Fueling Speculation Over "Slime Language" Release

Aaron Carter Is The Latest Victim Of Celina Powell's Cyberbullying

Aaron Carter all people is the latest celeb to come out against “The Black Widow” Celina Powell. In a series Tweets which have since been deleted, Aaron told Celina Powell to bug f the face the earth. To make matters more interesting, the Twitter feud exposed information we weren’t privy to before: Aaron Carter and Celina Powell had a lover’s tryst for an undetermined period time. 

The messy affair began as Celina posted screenshots their DMs on Twitter, in similar fashion to the way she brought her connection with Snoop Dogg to light a few weeks back. The screenshots which have since been erased showed Celina pleading with Carter she “wanted to be with him.” Following that SMS, Powell inquired if Aaron and recent lover “Karen” had broken up, a question he seemingly ignored (at first).

Before Powell could deal severe hit points, Carter posted his phone number, a tactic which helped him gain some leverage in the exchange. As far as legitimacy goes, Aaron claims the pair only consummated their “relationship” once in person. The rest their correspondences consisted cyberbullying, a tactic Carter had succumbed to in the first place. The former teen idol says, “She kept DMing me, eventually I let her come over to my house.” 

Screen caps the exchange can be viewed at The Blast.

Triple-A Baseball Team Recruits Lebron James To Cement His Multi-Sport Legacy

Lebron James is being urged by a minor league outfit in New Jersey to join their ranks. They proposal is simple: “If King James really wants to catch MJ, he needs to spend a season in Minor League Baseball.” The debate over who is greater between MJ and his modern contemporary has only intensified in recent time, with King James playing at a historically high level for his age gradiant. Maybe surpassing Jordan in terms longevity, but even that is hard to gauge given his premature retirement.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are a Triple-A affiliate the Philadelphia Phillies, so in theory they feed the parent club when the injury bug hits the main roster. While the team is barely on the national radar, they do have a point. Creating a less divergent path would allow for better analysis. If Lebron & MJ’s careers paralleled one another, we could simply compare and list accomplishments. A final tally would suffice in choosing this century’s GOAT basketball player. 

The IronPigs’ social media dept. also tried getting under Lebron’s skin as an recruitment tactic. They thought they might succeed by goading his competitive side. They said Lebron would never reach MJ’s level until he struggled through a summer Triple-A ball. Lebron has yet to RSVP the invitation. His focus is on the Boston Celtics, their opponent in this year’s Eastern Conference Final. He never the less has the whole summer to mull over his options.