Miami Dolphins Players Kneel For The Anthem In Season Opener

Everyone’s been wondering what would happen when the NFL season started today, with an fseason full controversy about the now world-famous anthem protests started by Colin Kaepernick. in the fseason, NFL owners approved a policy that would mean players would either have to stand for the anthem or wait in the locker room until it played itself out. But, because the players didn’t like the rule, the NFL has held back on actually implementing the rule. 

There was also the Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad campaign that was released just before the season started, which received huge amounts both backlash and support for its celebration those who oppose the current president. The campaign has raised the visibility and contentious nature the anthem protests to new heights right in time for the start the season.

So far, there have been two kneeling players: Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson the Miami Dolphins both took a knee in their game against the Tennesse Titans, while their teammate Robert Quinn raised a fist. 

Needless to say, Trump is not happy about it and was quick to attack the NFL for their TV ratings in the first few games: