Rockstar Blocks Cheat Programs For "GTA V" Online Play

Take-Two Interactive the company responsible for Rockstar’s publishing rights, is blocking cheating programs from entering online play GTA V. The successful video game franchise is noted for its malleability, allowing players to alter their environment through a series character proposals. GTA V players have taken to altering so much the gameplay, that Take-Two has taken measures to curb cheating & “inflated” stats. 

Cheat programs have effectively allowed online players to alter their stats, thus giving them superior assets when they go battle. From now on, GTA V’s multiplayer mode will be a level playing field, those with better stats will have earned them. 

One the main distributers said programs is a company named Zipperer. They are alleged to be responsible for over $500,000 in damages to online servers, according to Take-Two. For the most part, Rockstar has been successful at instituting a proper code conduct, by allowing the community to govern itself.

It’s only through third party intervention, that this relations has been tested. Unfortunately the problem cheating has never been so pervasive, on previous titles. Some gamers have even labelled GTA V multiplayer mode as virtually “unplayable” because this pervasiveness. Take-Two is prepared to flex it’s legal muscle in order to protect the integrity the franchise. Don’t get gassed.