Russ Slams Mac Miller Fans Saying He Should've Died Instead: "F*ck You"

People like to rag on Russ. Despite his undeniable talent and growing following, the artist has become a kind a joke for many his haters in addition to all the “f*ck Russ” bandwagoners. Their latest attempt at bashing the entertainer may have gone a little too far. After learning that Mac Miller passed away, some people thought it would be appropriate or at least funny to say that Russ should have died instead.

Russ clearly isn’t rocking with this message. The concept as a whole is uncalled for in his opinion. He tweeted a response to the hate. He replied to a social media user who tagged Russ directly, saying “Should’ve been you”

Russ started his short PSA by flipping f the haters and concludes the message with blessings.

According to some the comments under his tweet, Russ still takes an L for even responding to haters. It seems like, for some, the homie legit can’t win, one way or the other.