Kanye West Giggles While Riding His "Maybach" Wheels

Kanye West appears to be on a optimistic vibe currently, making sightings a smiling Yeezy much less a rarity. Yesterday, he was gassing up some OGs by acknowledging their greatness and immediately he shares extra joyful content material. The rapper tweeted a clip himself in San Francisco using tandem bikes with some buddies. 

He held up the digicam to his face as he shared his enthusiasm for his or her daylit stroll. Ye referred to Maybach, a defunct luxurious automobile producer that turned a sub-brand Mercedes-Benz, to explain their rides.

“Yo, we in San Fran. I am on a Maybike,” he stated as his voice turned more and more high-pitched with glee. “I bought the Maybach, I am on the Maybike. Look at that.” The smiling Kanye continues his jive as he laughs. He even stands out his tongue a bit. How cheeky.

Based on the responses to his publish, followers recognize the lighthearted vibe. People chimed in with their very own jokes, many which referred to Rick Ross. One tweeted again, “My cash on a decrease stage.” Another shared a photograph montage captioned ” May Bike Music” that illustrated Ye using on the again a bicycle pushed by Ross. More puns and humorous memes adopted from there.

Dez Bryant Is Already Signing Cleveland Browns' Apparel For Fans

TMZ caught Dez Bryant in the midst traversing the checkout line at Cleveland Hopkins Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. The unsigned wide receiver is in town discussion his potential fit on the Cleveland Browns’ roster. Management is considering plugging Dez Bryant into the hole created by Josh Gordon removal from team activities amid his child support battle. Gordon could very well see jail time if a judiciary court rules in favor his baby mother the plaintiff. Then again, the Cleveland Browns still boast Corey Coleman and Jarvis Landry as a receiver tandem entering the NFL preseason.

Dez Bryant has reportedly been nearly impossible to reach phone or text. Cleveland ficials were becoming worried he wouldn’t turn up at all, but alas he did. The Browns organization was looking for a little more reassurance than he demonstrated on Twitter, where he’d tweeted that he “wouldn’t mind playing for the Browns.” 

Maybe the gesture signing Cleveland Browns paraphernalia is a but misconstrued. Maybe Dez is merely spreading his seed, or travelling to the only village where his outlaw poster doesn’t hang. Dez Bryant’s is a downfield threat that compliments the current regime perfectly, but would the team be better served spending their finite assets elsewhere?

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