Wiz Khalifa Teases Collab With Curren$y Straight From The Booth

Wiz Khalifa is recent f his newest album Rolling Papers 2 which was launched earlier this 12 months, however the Taylor Gang artist is displaying no indicators slowing down. Wiz took to Instagram this morning with a video himself within the recording studio spitting a fireplace verse, together with the caption “ME AND SPITTA GOT A KEY WE BEEN RECORDIN.”

Wiz Khalifa Teases Collab With Curren$y Straight From The Booth

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This signifies that we are able to count on some new music from Wiz and Curren$y within the close to future. Curren$y and Wiz have an extended historical past collaborations collectively. In 2009 the 2 launched their first joint mixtape How Fly and have been toying with the thought making a sequel to that mission. During the summer season, Curren$y reached out to Wiz on Twitter saying “can’t lie…if there was ever a time it’s this summer season bro.. the sport is in a twist and we lo-key impressed hella these younger n****s to start out hustling.. we gotta drop that guideline for them once more,that code guide “2009” on the anniversary howfly… u prepared liked one?”

With such a storied friendship between the 2 artists, there is not any doubt some new music from the 2 can be hearth. Fans Spitta may also look ahead to Weed And Instruments three which is slated to launch on Christmas Eve and Pilot Talk four which is able to almost definitely drop within the new 12 months.

Check out the snippet Wiz posted under.

Wiz Khalifa & Winnie Harlow Now Using "His And Hers" Terminology

Wiz Khalifa and Winnie Harlow are undoubtedly one cute ass couple and all their public appearances and loved-up Instagram posts show it to us each time. The mannequin and rapper have been courting for just a few months now and their PDA posts have moved f their respective Instagram accounts to Taylor Gang’s IG account, explaining how “Everything His and Hers.”

Wiz’s label’s Instagram feed is often stuffed with posts in regards to the signed artists and the music happenings however Winnie made a uncommon look and the 54Okay likes show that individuals are right here for it.  

“I met Winnie on a number of completely different events. I feel she’s a fucking sweetheart and you already know, I like my ex-husband in a manner the place … it’s you already know, he’s my finest good friend,” Wiz’s child mom, Amber Rose, stated the mannequin. “I feel so much girls, they’re at all times anxious about what their child’s father is doing with one other woman when they should fear about, ‘Is the woman good? Is she good to your little one?’ Cause that’s crucial factor and I feel Winnie is such a sweetheart.” 

YG & Mac Miller's 1st Week Sales Projections Are In

As we’ve reported, Astroworld looks set to garner a sales figure 450,000 units sold, and overtake Drake’s Scorpion double. The next question is thus: where will the other debutantes rank on the Billboard sales chart. The two titles that comes to mind immediately are Mac Miller’s Swimming and YG’s STAY DANGEROUS, which are believed are projected to slot into the top 5 five beside albums  a different persuasion.

According to Hits Daily Double, the list could look a little something like this, with Post Malone and Drake both retaining their spots at the very summit the charts:

  1. Travis Scott (455-470k Total, 175-185k) 
  2. Drake (126-131k, 10-12k)
  3. Post Malone (53-58k, 4-5k)
  4. YG (52-57k, 7-8k)
  5. Mac Miller (44-48k, 10-12k)
  6. Juice WRLD (37-40k, <1k)
  7. XXXTentacion (35-38k, 1-2k)
  8. Cardi B (33-36k, 1-2k)
  9. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (27-30k, 16-18k)
  10. The Greatest Showman (26-29k, 14-16k)

Notice how hip hop predominates, with show tunes edging out the final spots contention; it’s a two horse race. Not only was Mac Miller’s Swimming receive vocal support from fans, but it garnered him a few new followers in the process. The Pittsburgh-native took a moment to thank his fans for the pick-me-up.

YG spoke his “consistent” approach on Tuesday’s episode  Everyday Struggle, stating “We’ve been putting that shit in motherfucker’s faces for years and now the world already knows what time it is.”

Wiz Khalifa "Rolling Papers 2" Review

Wiz Khalifa has been in the rap game for over a decade, consistently delivering stoner party anthems periodically peppered with a more heartwarming touch. Although there isn’t really much wrong with his formula, the longevity is tested on the twenty-five track Rolling Papers 2; unfortunately, the simple pleasures weed, women, and gin begin to get stale. That being said, there are still plenty uplifting moments, provided you can sift through countless references smoking Khalifa Kush, forgetting women’s names after having sex with them, being a boss, and generally living lavish.

The title track “Rolling Papers 2” centers around the choices we make and the consequences our actions, but moments introspection like this are few and far between. Instead, Wiz celebrates his favorite pastimes in almost the same way on every track. It’s tolerable on a case by case basis, but becomes monotonous when absorbed as a complete body work; I enjoyed the album much more after breaking it down in segments. 

Thankfully, the production is phenomenal across the board. It’s no surprise, given the project is handled by an elite team producers including Mike Will Made It, longtime collaborators Sledren and Cardo, TM88, Young Chop, I.D. Labs and the legendary Easy Mo Bee. Sonically there remains enough variance between songs to make each one feel unique. Sadly, with the exception “B Ok,” there’s virtually no difference in content. Nobody is necessarily expecting Wiz to be a high tier lyrical rapper – not to say that he isn’t capable it – but he’s always been able to make comfortable and enjoyable music. However, despite claiming otherwise, it does feel like he’s gotten somewhat complacent in his success.

Some the most interesting songs on this album are the ones with featured artists. It’s like having someone else on the song forces Wiz to shift slightly out his mellow and melodic comfort zone. “Blue Hunnids,” featuring the late Jimmy Wopo is definitely a standout, at least energy-wise. The back and forth between him and Chevy Woods on “Karate” is thoroughly enjoyable, and Gucci’s verse on “Real Rich” is full palpable joy. “Gin and Drugs” (feat. Problem) is an enjoyable rehashing G-Funk sensibilities, despite feeling almost like an easy cash-in on nostalgia.

Rolling Papers 2 fers ample music for die hard Wiz fans to absorb, but honestly, the sheer volume is overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong. Most the tracks are good, but it feels like there’s too much filler bogging down what might have benefitted from a cohesive approach. While I understand the motivation behind long tracklists in the “streaming era,” there’s something to be said about a concise album. Of course, a sense unity between songs does inherently exist; after all, it’s the same man rapping about the same things.

Still, Wiz does shine on tracks like “Bootsy Bellows,” where he increases his pace, bringing forth a noted sense creativity and urgency to his raps. “B Okay” is easily one the best songs on the album because it’s the most honest. On the I.D. Labs and DJ Khalil produced track, Wiz details some the problems in his widely-publicized relationship with ex-wife Amber Rose, as well as the pain losing his sister. Wiz describes feeling a disconnect in his fame and attempting to feel okay despite feeling jaded about how genuine his interactions are. The inclusion this track is deeply appreciated, as it adds some much-needed substance to the album.

For the most part Rolling Papers 2 is a light hearted journey through the variety styles we’ve seen Wiz Khalifa display over the years. A little trap Wiz. Some r&b Wiz. Even little hints “old” Wiz here and there.  The main problem with the album is the lack proper unity, which culminates in a lengthy run time. While Wiz is no stranger to lengthy albums, he would have most certainly benefited from a little bit pruning. Although he’s amassed an immense fanbase with his laid back rhyme style, the album is most compelling when Wiz stretches himself and experiments a bit with his voice and cadence.

It’s hard to pinpoint the goal Rolling Papers 2, but it seems mostly tailored to provide background music for late night cruising, or simply rolling up the loud and zoning out. Given the run time it might have benefitted from being portioned differently, a double album perhaps, or otherwise given some overarching narrative structure. Still, the bright spots are enough to keep us optimistic. Hopefully this isn’t the last sequel we see from Khalifa. Rumor has it there’s also a Kush and OJ 2 floating around somewhere. Roll up.

Wiz Khalifa's "Rolling Papers 2" Is One To Smoke To: Twitter Reacts

When Wiz Khalifa’s third Rolling Papers dropped in 2011, the rapper was riding one the game’s most prolific mixtape runs. His smoke-fueled aesthetic helped cement him as one hip-hop’s quintessential stoners, and the aspiring marijuana connoisseurs gravitated to him like a king. Now, seven years have passed, and Wiz’s status in the game has cooled down. Though still respected across the board, Wiz has been quiet on the musical front, seemingly more active in the gym than the booth. Yet recent interviews find Wiz at his most focused, and to hear him tell it, he’s never been sharper.

Does that sense focus hold up on his new, gargantuan project Rolling Papers 2? After all, a twenty-five track project is a daunting proposition for any artist; one might very well burn through their entire supply during a continuous play-through. Despite the length, it would appear that many fans are pleased with the album, and the loyalty that Wiz continues to inspire even now is a testament to his legacy. Though it’s entirely possible that the project will take a while to sink it, first impressions are more or less positive. 

Peep some the early Twitter reactions below.

Wiz Khalifa Explains Why He Defended 6ix9ine In His IG Comments

Tekashi 6ix9ine is undoubtedly a polarizing figure in the public eye for various reasons but he’s still managed to leave a pretty good impression on several prominent rappers. Last week, Wiz Khalifa shared a picture him and 6ix9ine hanging out in Europe on Instagram. Unfortunately, plenty his fans attacked 6ix9ine and wondered why Wiz was hanging out with him. Ultimately, Wiz Khalifa came to the “GUMMO” rappers defense. In a recent interview, Wiz explained why he felt the need to do it, even if they only knew each other for a short period time.

Wiz Khalifa sat down with 16BARS.TV and spoke on the picture him and 6ix9ine. He revealed that 6ix9ine randomly hit him up in Europe and they ended up kickin’ it together. While some Wiz’ fans had issues with the Pittsburgh rapper linking up with 6ix9ine, Wiz explained why he defended the polarizing rapper from the negative comments on his Instagram.

Wiz Khalifa Explains Why He Defended 6ix9ine In His IG Comments

“Anybody that comes to my page, I don’t let ’em talk negatively.” He said, “It’s my job to make sure people say the right things on my page, especially when I post.”

Wiz was then asked why he thinks 6ix9ine gets as much hate as he does. He dodged any talks 6ix9ine’s case or any his other controversies and dropped some positive gems instead.

“I think people just write negative comments in general just to get attention.” He said, “It’s like a general thing. You use your platform to kind guide people in the right direction so you don’t necessarily feed into it but you just show them the right way.”

In addition to speaking on 6ix9ine, Wiz also discusses his new album, Rolling Papers 2, acting and course, weed.

Instagram Gallery: Wiz Khalifa's Happiest, Most Feel-Good Posts

Since Wiz Khalifa’s early-aughts debut his unique brand staccato bars blended with a signature sing-song flow, it was clear that the Pittsburgh-bred rapper wasn’t here to tear anyone down on his climb to the top. From dropping Prince the City: Welcome to Pistolvania to his latest studio release Blacc Hollywood, rap’s top weedhead gunning for Snoop Dogg’s title as the King Kush has never strayed from his positive, chill vibe. Evolving from a mixtape-friendly emcee whose stly-enunciated bars dissipate cleanly over even the most jarring party beats to a streetwear style icon that fully embraces his new role as a supportive father and advocates for positivity, Khalifa has the clout to be an unstoppable force for good – a power that he does not wield lightly. 

Speaking with Pigeons & Planes just days before his latest studio release, Khalifa reflected on his reputation as the most laid-back hip-hop artist on the scene right now, untouched by both Yeezy’s Twitter fingers and the polarizing new wave up-and-coming rappers.

“Happiness is like… you can be a happy person in general, and nothing can ever get you down. Those type people exist. And certain people, you know, they just need something to make them happy,” said Khalifa, rejecting the notion that happiness can be reduced to a temporary state mind.

Take Care Of Yourself 

Before hopping in a steam shower to get his body right after putting in serious hours at the gym in an attempt to bulk up, Khalifa took some time to spread some love on the ‘Gram. “I’m just here to tell you guys, man, take care yourselves,” he said. “Get out there and get movin’, do something positive, do something that you love, be around people that you love…before everybody else, just think about yourself one time, man. If you could do that for me I’d be more than motherfuckin’ happy.”  

Stress Relief

Aside from a backdrop a workout snap that’s undeniably a staple Khalifa’s feed these days, the “Captain” rapper sought to drop some inspiration for stressed-out Taylors and fer an alternative path to happiness. “When you’re stressed it’s best to do something productive to clear your mind. It’s not always easy, but you’ll be happier when you do it,” wrote Khalifa.

Be You

Thankfully, Khalifa is always here to remind his millions Insta followers that to be unique, you just have to be true to yourself. Feeling down? Just remember that no one can do you better than YOU. “The best part about being yourself is no one can do it better than you,” captioned Khalifa. 

You Can Do It

According to the multi-Grammy Award-nominated “Young, Wild & Free” rapper, nothing is out reach if you put your mind to it. “If you want it, no obstacle in the world can stop you from getting it. Might not be exactly when you want it but in the end, you’ll get what’s yours,” wrote Khalifa alongside a candid on-stage snap.

Action Plan

While Khalifa may seem like he has his head stuck in a perpetual cloud smoke, the chart-topping rapper wouldn’t have achieved the success he boasts without seriously grinding to crush his goals. Passing on his own good vibes, Khalifa urges his followers to reach great heights by setting goals and crushing them.

Feel The Love 

Khalifa isn’t afraid to build up his Taylors with positive, feel-good vibes meant to foster the same energy he spits with behind the mic. “I hope you all get everything you want in life,” wrote Wiz. “You deserve it. Love to every Taylor. Smoke up.”

Be Good To Yourself 

On top the backing track  Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” Wiz Khalifa waxed lyrics about how in order to do good, you must BE good–to yourself. “Today is all about being good to yourself,” he said, kicking f his plea to his fans. “Take care yourself. Because you can’t help nobody else in this world if you’re not your very best self.”  



Even an industry veteran like Khalifa who’s living the high life knows what it’s like to feel low. Reaching out to his fans stuck stagnating, Khalifa dropped a heartfelt reminder that they too are worthy. “We all need a little motivation sometimes so today I want you to know exactly how awesome you are,” he wrote. 

Stay Happy

According to Khalifa, if you’re happy with your own lot you won’t look to hate on what others are blessed with. It’s only when you’re truly content with yourself and your own life that you’ll stop looking to the horizon in the hope flipping your reality.  

Wiz Has Your Back

Prompted by nothing other than a compulsion to spread good vibes, Wiz took to Instagram to remind his fans that even when you think you’re all alone, there’s always at least one person who has your back. “Somebody loves you baby,” he wrote.