Jimmy Wopo Pegged As Leader Of "Violent Gang" In Federal Indictment

Months after his passing, Jimmy Wopo has been named in a federal indictment members affiliated with 11 Hunnit, a gang operating out Pittsburgh. At least three members the gang Wopo was affiliated with, have been indicted on racketeering charges that include homicide, drug trafficking, and robbery. Although Wopo was not ficially charged in the indictment, his name featured prominently in the 15-page document, relating many the gangs activities.

Jimmy Wopo was spoken as a key influencer within the group. The document stated the following under the abridged version his given name Tavon Smart): “T.S. held the greater influence within the group largely due to his notoriety as a regionally popular rap artist, members attempted to curry favor with T.S. by carrying out criminal acts at his direction.”

The paragraph went onto describe a mutual exchange that eluded law enforcement for several months. Rappers were promised a certain level notoriety in his music videos if they accomplished certain deeds in the streets, so the document states. 22-year-old Dionte Griffin, 20-year-old Sydney Pack, and 23-year-old Richard Kelley, are the three individuals who were indicted in the gang sting. All remain in custody and await trial for their actions, presumed organized by rank.

Jimmy Wopo’s manager Taylor Maglin insists his client was not involved in any the stated crimes, in no shape or form. “They will say what they want to say,” he added. “At the end the day, this is the government. But i will keep the message positive, his music going, and his name alive forever.”


Jimmy Wopo's Funeral Brought Out Hundreds Of Mourners

21-year-old rapper Jimmy Wopo, real name Travon Smart, was tragically gunned down in a drive-by shooting on June 18, while staying in the Middle Hill neighborhood. His death marked the second loss the day, following the murder Florida rapper XXXTentacion mere hours earlier. 

On June 29th, the rapper’s funeral occurred at the Wesley Center A.M.E. Zion Church. According to a report from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the ceremony featured traditional hymns, as well as public readings from his family, including a poem by his younger sister; during her words, she claimed his title “King the Burg” would hold strong. 

Footage the public funeral has been made available by CBS Pittsburgh, which you can watch below. Manager Taylor Maglin spoke to reporters, saying “this is a huge loss for the city, as I said before, but seeing the amount people that showed up shows the support system he had. Shows how much he meant to the community, as well as the whole city.”

Though the killer has yet to be brought to justice, Maglin has kept fans informed about the status the investigation. Unfortunately, he remains in the dark, as the police have yet to issue a statement. Though Wopo may be gone, Maglin has no intention on letting his memory fade. “We have multiple songs ready to be released. Two albums already completed, ready to release. I’m working with the city to set up an ficial day, Wopo Day, get a mural painted in the Hill District…He was a huge figure in this part town.”

Rest in peace Jimmy Wopo.