will.i.am-Backed Parkland Doc Wins Woodstock Award

Woodstock, NY – Parkland Rising, a documentary about last year’s tragic mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, won the award for Best Feature Documentary at the 2019 Woodstock Film Festival.

The film, which is executive produced by Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am, premiered at the event last Friday (October 4).

“We’ve announced our Audience Award Winners!” the festival revealed Twitter. “Best Feature Narrative goes to Run with the Hunted, Jon Swab’s first solo directed film; while Best Feature Documentary goes to Parkland Rising, Cheryl Horner McDonough’s impactful story of gun violence and activism. Congrats!”

On Monday (October 7), will.i.am reacted to the award win Facebook.

“So proud that Parkland Rising won the Woodstock Film Festival #AudienceAward for Best Documentary Feature Film,” he wrote. “It was my honor to serve as an Exec Producer on this film along with Katie Couric, and director/producer Cheryl Horner McDonough and the crew at Gigantic! Productions to bring the untold story of the students and teachers who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL to the world.”

He added, “This is a must-see film, as is sensible #gunlawreform. #TheYoungPeopleWillWin’ March For Our Lives.”

Check out footage from the Parkland Rising screening at Woodstock below.

James Franco Sued By Former Students For Alleged Sexual Exploitation: Report

It appears James Franco is being sued over ual misconduct that allegedly occurred at his Studio 4 acting school. According to the New York Times, former students Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal have filed a lawsuit against Franco and his business partner Vince Jolivette, accusing the men ually exploiting students in their former acting class.

The students the school, which shut down in 2017, say Franco and his partners “engaged in widespread inappropriate and ually charged behavior towards female students by ualizing their power as a teacher and an employer by dangling the opportunity for roles in their projects.”

The women say they joined the Los Angeles branch Studio 4 in 2014, and paid approximately $300 in monthly tuition. The plaintiffs claim the school also fered additional classes, including a $750 master class specifically for scenes. According to the lawsuit, students who were interested in the scene class were required to submit an audition for Franco to review; students were also required to forfeit their rights to the footage.

Gaal claims she auditioned for the class, but was denied entry after she expressed uneasiness. Tither-Kaplan said she ultimately took the master class, which led to several roles in Franco’s independent films.

Cardi B’s A High Fashion Rapping Queen During Paris Fashion Week

Cardi B left her humble abode in America to head to the other side the pond for Fashion Week in Paris and by no surprise, she stepped out in style for every show she attended. The “Press” rapper shared a string images to her Instagram feed that sees her looking all kinds fierce and it all began with her masked outfit by Richard Quinn that she showed f next to the Eiffel Tower. 

Cardi’s second show-stopping look (depending on who you ask) was an all grey number that had her looking like “the teacher!”

Cardi’s third outfit for her time in Paris was one that had her name written all over it since it was a bold, loud patterned coat that had her wearing a matching bodysuit underneath. 

The next look and personal favourite is a purple leather Nicolas Jebran dress and matching thigh-high boots. “LA CALDIIIIII,” she captioned the photo. 

And finally the look that ended things on a boss note – a Chanel suit with matching hat and trench coat. 

“And I’m f to America. Paris fashion week was a dream for me .From @ThomeBrownny show to ending at the @chanelficial .God said do the work and I’ll give you the blessings.Im thankful for these opportunities God has given me🙏🏽 I’ll be doing the Vogue panel on October the 10th! See you there!” Cardi captioned her look. 

Sony Music Joins $1M Funding Round for Language+Music App Lirica

Lirica, an app that utilizes music to help English-speaking users learn Spanish, has raised an additional $1 million from investors, including Sony Music.

Founded in 2017 by a group of London-based developers, Lirica is available as a free download on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The app introduces users to Spanish-language songs, related images, and English-language translations.

After receiving song-based lessons, users are asked to enter lyrics’ appropriate translations. The app’s creators—and a multitude of investors—believe that the process makes it easier for language learners to associate their native words with accurate Spanish translations.

Several different activities, all of which center on music, are included with Lirica; users can complete exercises that aim to enhance spelling and grammar, sentence structure, and conversational Spanish.

Lirica executives have indicated that the new funding will be used to optimize the application and develop lessons in languages besides Spanish.  Of course, that’s the scaling moment investors are undoubtedly hoping to accelerate.

Though anyone can download Lirica, the app is unique in that it’s intended for use in the classroom.

While other educational-software developers continue to charge substantial sums for their programs — for obvious reasons — Lirica is hoping to gain marketshare with the ultra-affordable cost of free.

Moreover, should a teacher wish to receive permission to have students download Lirica (as opposed to directing these students to do so on their own), his or her annual subscription will be free; Lirica is currently pushing to increase awareness of the software amongst educators, a top-down approach.

Based on the promotion’s language, it seems that Lirica will charge a subscription fee to classroom-wide users at some point in the future, but once again, both individuals and classrooms can currently use the app for free.

Lirica’s third update released on September 16th and added a number of functionality improvements and features. A fourth update is expected to be released in the near future.

Bassnectar Offers a Free 4-Week High School Class on Climate Change

DJ and record producer Bassnectar has launched a new project from his Be Interactive nonprofit organization.

The project will give educators around the world free access to a 4-week class related to climate change. The class includes both coursework and materials and was developed by Malanka Riaboken, who runs Guerrilla Science.

Be Interactive’s motivation for doing this is simple. According to the group, most teachers simply don’t have enough time and resources to come up with their own climate change coursework. Be Interactive further believes that teachers can integrate their tools into their teaching plans without significant hassle.

What this tool means for teachers is that they no longer have to research climate change on their own. Nor do they have to come up with lesson plans and homework assignments. The tool takes care of all of this. It even comes with a suggested class schedule.

Be Interactive already has a website online with the coursework, which is available for download. It includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Course materials
  • Grading rubric

The announcement comes on the heels of #ClimateStrike, in which 4 million people demonstrated worldwide in support of action against climate change. Most of these people were school-aged, with many still unable to vote.

Be Interactive gave Riaboken, who has designed similar courses for the University of Arizona, $10,000 to create the coursework.  She says that “lack of education is the root of all evil” and so she wants “science teachers to have what they need.”

Lia Holland, who is the executive director of Be Interactive, said that they are “working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans.”

Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, has performed at most major music festivals around the world, including his own festival, which is called Deja Voom. He also has produced 10 studio albums, including Unlimited, arguably his most recognized.

Aaron Paul Returns As Jesse Pinkman In New "Breaking Bad" Movie Trailer

While it was first announced in August, Netflix’s El Camino movie has now been treated to another teaser as the streaming service used the Emmy Awards’ platform Sunday night to debut a new trailer with Aaron Paul returning as Jesse Pinkman.

In the Breaking Bad series, Pinkman played the former student and righthand man to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character, a chemistry teacher who moonlights as a meth cook. 

El Camino, written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, is the sequel that focuses on Pinkmans own arch. “In the wake his dramatic escape from captivity,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind future.”

In the new clip, we find Jesse in a parked car in a field as a newscaster comes over the radio describing the same scene that ended the original series in which Walter freed Jesse from the Aryan Brotherhood Compound.

“I didn’t really tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t sure I would ever do anything with it,” Gilligan previously revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “But I started thinking to myself, ‘What happened to Jesse?’ You see him driving away. And to my mind, he went f to a happy ending. But as the years progressed, I thought, ‘What did that ending—let’s just call it an ending, neither happy, nor sad—what did it look like?’”

Investigation Launched After A Black Student Is Attacked By White Classmates

An investigation is ficially being launched after a young African American student was beat up by his white classmates in a Florida middle school. There is a video the fight inside the R.W. Blake Academy locker room which has now gone viral. At one point in the video, one the white students gets on top the black student and punches him repeatedly after throwing him over one the benches. One student in the background the video could be heard trying to break up the fight, however, another one quickly replied, “Let them fight.”

The black student is a 7th grader who has only been in the school for a little over a month. His parents, Brandon and Lauren Springfield, were originally told that what happened was just a “scuffle”, however, they soon got a hold the video and found out it was more. “I have tried to be very respectful about this, because, obviously, running a school district is hard,” Lauren Springfield said according to the Tampa Bay Times.

One the young boys on the fensive side has been charged with misdemeanor simple battery and was suspended from school for 10 days. Other students who were involved are also being punished accordingly. Was race involved? The superintendent the district, Jacqueline Byrd, said that she can’t know for sure and added that, “It shouldn’t happen to any kid. No kid should come to school and that happen to them.” The P.E. teacher, who has an fice in close proximity to the locker room, is also being investigated on his whereabouts during the fight.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Apologizes For "Brownface" Photo

There isn’t anything that anyone has ever done that doesn’t have the potential to rear its ugly head in the future. Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is finding that out for himself after a photo from 2001 began circulating on the internet. Prior to Wednesday, the picture had never seen the light day, but someone decided it was time to toss a bit controversy Trudeau’s way during his campaign.

According to a lengthy report by Time, Trudeau was teaching at West Point Grey Academy, a private school, that hosted an “Arabian Nights”-themed shindig for parents students along with staff and faculty. The then-29-year-old is seen in a picture posing alongside four women as Trudeau has painted his face and hands a dark color while he wears a robe with a matching turban. The photo is featured in the school’s yearbook.

After Time broke the story, Trudeau was confronted by reporters who wanted to know what he thought about being accused “Brownface.” The Prime Minister said, “In 2001, when I was a teacher in Vancouver, I attended an end–the-year gala where the theme was ‘Arabian Nights’ and I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put makeup on. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t. And I’m really sorry.”

The beloved political figure has found himself on the receiving end “Cancel Culture” who has deemed him an enemy, while others don’t think he should be vilified for a costume. Check out a few reactions below.

Hulu Releases Trailer For "Little Monsters" Starring Lupita Nyong’o & Josh Gad

With The Dead Don’t Die out and Zombieland: Double Tap on the way, one might think we’ve got enough flesh-eating comedies this year; however, Hulu wants to add a third. The streaming service has just released a trailer for their upcoming original film, Little Monsters. The zombie-comedy will star Acadamy Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad. 

The ficial plot summary for the film reads, “Dave (Alexander England), a washed-up musician, volunteers to chaperone his nephew’s Kindergarten field trip after taking a shine to the plucky schoolteacher, Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o). Dave’s intentions are complicated by the presence world famous child entertainer and competitor for Miss Caroline’s affections, Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad). One thing none them bargained for, however, is a sudden zombie outbreak, from which Dave and Miss Caroline must protect the children.”

The trailer gives away the style the movie; this is an absurdist dark comedy. There is a warning for “strong language, firearms, disembowelment, death metal, gore, space aliens,” and more. Josh Gad and Nyong’o fight f zombie children (little monsters) throughout the clip. Check out the trailer for yourself below. Little Monsters will premiere in theaters for a limited run on October 8th and then released on Hulu on October 11th.

The Weeknd Roasted For His Unrecognizable New Look: See The Vicious Comments

During his career, we’ve known The Weeknd with several different looks. He burst onto the scene with an iconic hairstyle that would be imitated by many but only perfected by one. When he started to change the direction his art, the Toronto recording artist decided that a change in his look was needed, chopping f his locks and going for a more clean-cut style. Now that he’s entering a new stage in his career again with the imminency Chapter VI, Abel felt the need to try out one his strangest appearances to date, rocking a moustache and sporting an afro-style haircut.

Some say that The Weeknd looks like a mathematics substitute teacher with his new style and others are comparing him to Lionel Richie. The point is that nobody really thinks he looks like The Weeknd. Even though he is The Weeknd… While some are more focused on the hair atop the vocalist’s head, others are more worried about that thing above his upper lip. “Porno mustache means this new album is going to be crazzzzzzy,” wrote one fan, hoping that this is a sign good things to come. “El Fin De Semana,” wrote another commenter, joking that the singer looks like he could have been born south the border.

What do you think The Weeknd’s new look? Is it a bit too much a change or does he look better than ever before?

Timbaland Shows Off Pure Gains From Hitting The Gym & Dieting

Timbaland is a musical visionary. For anybody keeping score, the legendary producer’s Instagram page has become somewhat a haven for unreleased bangers. Not to mention his foray into the Masterclass realm, a testament to his authority as a teacher in the game. Yet music is not the only discipline which he appears to have mastered. For the past while, Timbo has been dedicating himself to physical mastery, having been hitting the gym and remaining vigilant in dietary matters.

Timbaland Shows Off Pure Gains From Hitting The Gym & Dieting

Jeff Daly/Getty s 

Now, Big Tim has taken it upon himself to showcase his results, and provide his followers with an additional dose motivation. “Work n progress ‼️‼️‼️” writes Timbo, showcasing his chiseled frame. “Stay committed. Stay focus. Continue to diet!!” His comment section lit up accordingly, with Swizz Beats declaring him “UFC Timbo,” while Fat Joe fered up a serving crown emojis. If Timbo keeps it up, he might ficially secure the title the most “brolic man in hip-hop.” And to think, he’s 47 years old, so leave the excuses at the door.

Congrats to Timbo for the gains, bro! 

DC Young Fly Witnessed Young Thug Swinging On His 8th Grade Teacher

Don’t let the attire fool you – Young Thug is not to be played with. Every so ten, shades his threatening nature emerge on Instagram, especially when provoked by those looking to test his mettle. As DC Young Fly tells it on the latest episode No Jumper, Thug is simply a product his environment. 

When asked whether Young Fly heard the Young Thug So Much Fun album yet, DC implores the fans to support a fellow ATLien accordingly. “That’s my guy from back then, I went to school with him,” says DC, at around the 44-minute mark. This revelation piques Adam’s interest, and he inquires further. “He a real one,” continues Young Fly. “Man, Thug punched a teacher in eighth grade and got kicked out. He punched a teacher in the mouth, BOW!!!”

DC Young Fly Witnessed Young Thug Swinging On His 8th Grade Teacher

Andrew Toth/Getty s

“Man you know what, I’ll never forget, we was on team Luther Jesse Price middle school,” reflects Young Fly. “Thug grew up in a real rough-ass neighborhood called Jonesboro South…This shit is for real, you dig what I’m saying? I forgot, but something happened with the teacher. He said something to Thug. And you know, Thug Goddamn–You know Thug, I’ma be one hundred. Thug come from the slums. I’m talking bout like, the dirt. To see him handle his business, got mansions and shit. N***a I salute it. I know where the fuck he come from. I know, from you, your sister…You handled your business like a man.”

“But yeah, the teacher said something to Thug, he grabbed him,” continues Young Fly. “You know, as a child, you scared! So he popped his ass!” Seeing Young Fly mirror Thug’s mannerism throughout the depiction only enhances the viewing experience. “That n***a was like DC clutches his nose and mouth]. That n***a walked out the room, bruh. That was the last time we seen that n***a. And Thug got kicked out.” 

Texas School Sued For Filling In Black Student’s Fade With A Sharpie

Just a couple weeks after a Georgia school was publicly slammed for shaming its Black students and their hairstyle, a Texas junior high is being sued by two parents after their son was subject to an fensive move the latter. Dante Trice and Angela Washington filed a complaint against Berry Miller Junior High School Principal Tony Barcelona, discipline clerk Helen Day and teacher Jeanette Peterson after they filled their son’s fade in with a Sharpie after claiming it was out school code. 

“The haircut did not depict anything violent, gang-related, obscene or otherwise fensive or inappropriate in any manner. J.T. did not believe the haircut violated any school policy,” the parents  13-year-old J.T. stated, according to NBC News.

Texas School Sued For Filling In Black Student's Fade With A Sharpie
Spencer Platt/Getty s

J.T. was approached at school and told to go to the discipline fice. Once he arrived, he was given the option to be suspended or fill in his fade with a Sharpie. Since he was scared being dropped from the track team, he opted for the coloring in his hair. “The jet-black markings did not cover the haircut design line but made the design more prominent and such was obvious to those present at the very beginning the scalp blackening process,” the suit added. “It is commonly understood among scholars and the general public that depicting African Americans with jet black skin is a negative racial stereotype.”

J.T. parents are seeking an unknown amount monetary damages for their son’s pain and suffering. 

Young Thug Compares New Album ‘Punk’ to Tupac

Young Thug is feeling like Pac.

Fresh off the release of So Much Fun, the prolific rapper has revealed plans for his next project Punk, which he describes as “more like Tupac.” During an interview with Rolling Stone, he explained the difference between the two projects.

So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes,” said Thug. “The name of the album is directly what it means. There’s no static to it. It’s just so much fun. I don’t even want you to think when you listen to this even if I’m saying a metaphorical bars or anything. I don’t want it to be nothing thought too hard about. I want it to be only party.”

He plans to dig deeper on Punk. “The difference from that and Punk is Punk is me letting them in on my real life,” he added. “Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ’em. I feel like I was always quit about certain things, because of people.”

He credits Tupac for inspiring his next body of work. “My best album would probably be Punk, because it’s more like real life. It’s more like Tupac,” he said. “Tupac could be one of the biggest rappers in the world, because he rapped what he rapped about. I had conversations with JAY-Z and he told me, ‘We gotta learn how to continue what Pac had going. Pac was a teacher. Pac teaches.’”

He continued, “This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal. I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out.”

Additionally, the YSL Records boss is working on his Super Slimey 2 mixtape with Future, Lil Baby, and Gunna. “The impact that Lil Baby [and Gunna had] when they dropped [Drip Harder]. We always compared it like ‘Damn, there’s no such thing as a better duo, except those guys.’ Then these like our little brothers, for real,” he said. “We dropped knowledge on these guys and we feel like it’s just the right thing to do. Anything other than that is unacceptable.”

Young Thug Says New Album "Punk" Is "More Like Tupac"

Young Thug is fresh f the release his debut album, So Much Fun but before he even released it, he was getting ready to release its follow up. The rapper announced his new project, Punk, which is set to be more “lyrical” than previous projects. He also dove a bit deeper into the meaning the project’s title. “Punk] means brave, not self centered, conscious. Very, very neglected, very misunderstood. Very patient, very authentic,” he said.

Rolling Stone just published an interview they did with Young Thug where he dives deeper into the concept behind Punk, especially in comparison to So Much Fun. “So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes. The name the album is directly what it means,” he explained. “The difference from that and Punk is Punk is me letting them in on my real life. Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ‘em.”

But the album itself, he said, can be compared to Tupac in a way. Not stylistically but because the purity and honesty that he intends to deliver on this project. “It’s more like Tupac,” he said about the project. “I had conversations with Jay-Z and he told me, ‘We gotta learn how to continue what Pac had going. Pac was a teacher. Pac teaches.’ This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal.”

Now, this might mean we’re entering a new era Thugger but it appears that he’s simply readying himself for global stardom now that So Much Fun is out. ” You know I’m going to put this album out Punk, and it’s going to let them know a little about my life, let them know a little bit about life itself. I don’t think I want to make them to understand. I like to say that I’m misunderstood. It keeps it tense. It keeps it perfect,” he concluded.