50 Cent Invites Teairra Mari To "Sh*t In A Bucket" With R. Kelly

50 Cent is as chilly as they arrive. It was reported earlier in the present day that the rapper had gained in his authorized dispute with Teairra Mari. The Love & Hip-Hop star has been ordered to pay $30Ok to 50 Cent after taking the L in court docket. Their lawsuit was based mostly on revenge porn after Fiddy shared a photograph from the entertainer’s leaked intercourse tape. The image itself was fairly lewd and regardless of it being taken down inside minutes, Teairra was disgusted sufficient to file a lawsuit. This week has featured a whirlwind R. Kelly information as a result of his historical past sexual abuse and 50 Cent commented on the scenario by sharing a video the singer at a latest celebration. Now, he is bringing it again up by taking a serious shot at Teairra Mari.

The entrepreneur posted a screenshot one the headlines saying his win within the authorized battle, inviting Mari to get him the cash as quickly as attainable. He wrote, “Now Teairra you possibly can cough up the cash or you possibly can go together with R.Kelly and shit in a bucket. LOL.” Only 50 Cent may give you one thing so crude. 

He made the same comment in his preliminary R. Kelly response, saying that Kellz was out partying whereas he has ladies in his home that he is forcing to “shit in buckets.” It’s a reasonably graphic picture that we might wish to erase from our minds.

Teairra Mari Blown Off By Ex In Revenge Porn Case

Viewers Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood got an exclusive look into the events that led up to Teairra Mari’s current court case. The singer had initiated a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, before the former couple’s backstory was aired to the public.

In one episode, the cameras rolled as Teairra realized that her boyfriend was actually married in addition to having another mistress. When she attempted to end things with the player, a tape one  her sexual encounters with him was leaked on social media.

The lawsuit that was filed concerning the leak has been virtually ignored. Although Akbar claims he is innocent, he has failed to acknowledge the issue in a legal manner. The man was served at three different addresses but has yet to respond to the case, which seeks punitive damages.

Teairra Mari’s legal team submitted a request to the judge that would put the defendant in default since he had ignored the case. The court rejected the request based on the fact that the plaintiff never served him with a statement that specified the compensation she sought for the damages she claimed. 

50 Cent, who got caught up in the case for having re-posted the leaked clip, successfully got himself f the hook based on his right to free speech.

50 Cent Argues That He Just Reposted Teiarra Mari's Photo In Revenge Porn Case: Report

50 Cent’s Instagram page is an endless source entertainment but it seems to be the reason he’s been getting into a lot feuds and controversy this year. Whether it’s his insensitive post towards Terry Crews’ sexual assault case or the use “get the strap,” he manages to make headlines and get himself into some sort trouble through the social media platform. Earlier in the year, the rapper posted a screenshot Teairra Mari’s sextape. Although it was taken down fairly quickly on Instagram, Mari named 50 Cent in her revenge lawsuit case. 50 Cent response filed his response to the suit and said that the image was already surfacing on the web before he posted it.

50 Cent isn’t going down without a fight. In his response to Teairra Mari’s lawsuit, he claimed that the fact that other people posted the picture before him protects him legally in the case, TMZ reports. Additionally, he brought up a statement he made to the judge last month where he claimed the photo doesn’t qualify as revenge porn since it doesn’t show any genitals or a sexual act in the progress. 

The screengrab 50 posted was a picture Teairra with semen on her face. She argued that 50 took it further than a simple repost by using a black and white filter to “to highlight the color contrast the semen.”

50 Cent’s fighting to get the case tossed. We’ll keep you updated on the case as more information comes along. 

50 Cent Still Joking About Teairra Mari Sex Tape After Reaching Instagram Milestone

As one the internet’s premier trolls, 50 Cent is obliged to have an opinion on absolutely everything. Not a day passes by where Fiddy thinks to himself, “maybe I shouldn’t post this.” The man has polarizing opinions and we love him for it. He did, however, land himself in some trouble when he reposted NSFW images from Teairra Mari’s sex tape after it was leaked. In fact, the act was bad enough that he was included in Mari’s lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, who she blames for releasing the footage. Whether or not it was actually “revenge porn” has been disputed at lengths and 50 Cent is still not over the dramatic nature the lawsuit.

Previously taking aim at Mari and her attorney Lisa Bloom on his page, Fif continued to throw shots as he celebrated an impressive milestone on his preferred social platform, Instagram. Reaching 19 million followers, the rapper and entrepreneur pondered why more people aren’t following him, although he’s outwardly told people to unfollow him if they don’t enjoy his content in the past. Asking if he should leak his own sex tape to gain notoriety on the ‘gram, the message can absolutely be taken as a minor dig at Teairra Mari, who has been accused publicizing her own tape.

A second post has 50 going even deeper, critiquing attorney Lisa Bloom for her iffy connection to Harvey Weinstein. It has to be a shaky decision to back Weinstein after so many accusations have been made against the Hollywood producer but Bloom has decided to represent him and Fiddy is questioning the move.

Of course, this absolutely isn’t the last we’ve heard from 50. He’s bound to have something else to say about the lawsuit.

"Love & Hip Hop" Star Accuses Teairra Mari Of Leaking Her Own Sex Tape

If you’ve been following the lawsuit involving Teairra Mari’s leaked sex tape, you may or may not be surprised to hear that some people seriously believe she is responsible for the leak. When things like this happen, there will always be people that doubt the origins your story, especially in something as serious as a revenge porn lawsuit. While Mari is claiming that her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, is responsible for publicizing the explicit videos and photos, Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher seems to believe a different story.

As things usually are on the show, Milan kept things dramatic as he retold his version what he says happened. Speaking with TMZ, Milan seems sure that his co-star released the sex tape herself and he explained why he thinks so. When the two were chilling one morning, Teairra kept telling him, “Akbar put a sex tape out on me.” When Milan questioned her on where the sex tape was, Teairra ran out his apartment for a few minutes and then barged back in showing him the sex tape on her phone. According to Milan, the video was still not posted at that time. When Mari ran out his apartment again and returned five minutes later, he says the tape had been leaked.

If Christopher is being truthful, this whole situation has just become a lot more sketchy than it already was. Mari is currently involved in a lawsuit against Akbar and 50 Cent for allegedly sharing “revenge porn” images.

Teairra Mari Confronted By Man She's Suing Over Sex-Tape Leak, 50 Cent Responds

Back in May, Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari found herself in the middle a scandal after her sex tape leaked. Mari has since taken legal action against 50 Cent, who posted an explicit screenshot from the tape on his Instagram, and her ex boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, who she believes leaked the sex tape. Needless to say, it’s been a complicated matter for all parties involved. However, it seems as if the story line has taken another turn after she was confronted by Akbar and L&HH co-star, Christopher Milan. 

Over the weekend, Akbar hit Instagram Live while he and Milan pulled up on Teiarra Mari. In the footage, the two men confront her over allegedly “leaking” her own sex tape to the web. Of course, after the footage hit the web, it didn’t take 50 Cent too long to chime in. The rapper shared a clip the Instagram Live with the caption, “Reality Tv is crazy, they do all this to create story lines. Smh ?‍♂️and Floyd cross me for this girl.”

Afterwards, he shared a screenshot Christopher Milan in the comment section @missmariupdates with the caption reading, “oh my, this is crazy but at least they are telling the truth now.”

Shortly after Mari sued both 50 Cent and Akbar, she attempted to file a restraining order against the two which was ultimately denied. 

Peep the full exchange below.