LeBron James Salutes Kyrie Irving's Virtuoso Performance Over The Raptors

All season lengthy, Kyrie Irving has been accused thwarting his workforce’s ball motion. But on Friday night time, Kyrie did every thing in his energy to place a wrench “on that development,” by dropping 43 factors in a virtuoso efficiency over their bitter rivals, the Toronto Raptors. LeBron James even discovered it in himself to congratulate his ex-partner in crime, for a superlative efficiency which accounted for 23 factors within the closing dozen minutes play.

A win over the Toronto Raptors was as a lot a morale increase to Kyrie Irving because it was to his teammates. Naturally, Kyrie’s rumblings the place he lamented becoming into “ball-sharing” system had been met with bemusement. And with participant performances dominated the headlines, it was as if Kyrie star energy had turn out to be out of date within the eyes the general public. The individuals had spoken, they wished the ball in Jayson Tatum’s arms, however even he, seems to be slumping out the gate, as do many NBA gamers of their sophomore marketing campaign.

To his credit score, Kyrie Irving did play a “workforce recreation” on Friday night time, ending with 11 assists on path to a 123-116 additional time win. He spoke to the media to the media after the sport, fering his account what impressed him to guide the cost.

“It’s simply not too ten throughout the common season you get to have video games like this,” Irving mentioned. “So you need to take full benefit them. They’re an important check on your workforce on each ends the basketball flooring.”

NBA Investigating Lakers-Rockets Brawl, Players Likely To Face Suspensions

The NBA’s disciplinary committee represented by KikiVanDeWeghe was fast to report back to the Staples Center to research the brawl that happened within the 4th quarter the 124-115 Houston Rockets win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Adrian Wojnarowski has indicated Twitter, that suspensions are prone to be disbursed because of this the disruption. A couple of culprits come to thoughts virtually instantly.

For starters, Brandon Ingram was in his emotional bag and will face the harshest self-discipline the bunch for 2 good causes: he instigated the struggle, and secondly, he rejoined the melee after being withheld by Lance Stephenson, who appears to be relishing the possibility to play mentor at this stage his profession.

Then you’ve got acquired Chris Paul who caught his finger within the face a prideful Rajon Rondo, who as you understand all the time involves the protection his youthful teammates. The notion that Rajon Rondo spat in Chris Paul earlier than they each got here to blows is extremely disputable, nevertheless it appears to be the story the Houston Rockets’ brass is sticking to. “Yeah, that is unacceptable. You do not try this to no person—in sports activities, on the streets, that is blatant disrespect proper there,” Carmelo Anthony stated the alleged spitting incident. 

Meek Mill Says Next Album Will Have A "Surprise-Release," Previews Kaepernick Song

Meek Mill advised the New York Post that he intends on releasing his subsequent album on a shock date if in any respect potential. Indubitably impressed by Eminem’s Kamikaze assault, Meek Mill hopes the tactic will engender a component shock, and presumably give him the peace thoughts to go about his enterprise with out tons media scrutiny (Nicki’s dealings with the media come to thoughts).

“I am not really giving out a launch date, it’s a shock album,” the Philly rapper is quoted as saying. Within the identical New York Post article, Meek Mill additionally hinted at a track devoted to Colin Kaepernick showing on the document. He even previewed a number of the strains from the track.

Since getting back from jail, Meek Mill has solely teased his present type in visitor spots and on his EP Legends the Summer which debuted in July. As for his dedication to Colin Kaepernick, the exiled footballer and Meek have been stated to keep in touch throughout his incarceration. You’ll must preserve your eyes and ears peeled for the drop.

Le'Veon Bell Did Not Report To Pittsburgh Steelers, Will Forfeit $900K

There was a strong belief among the Pittsburgh Steelers’ brass that Le’Veon Bell would fold under pressure in his contract holdout, but alas he chose to stay firm. The Steelers’ running back has in effect decided to forfeit his first game check, worth just under $900,000. Within the NFL rulebook, Bell had until Saturday at 4 pm to reach the team’s training grounds, which he didn’t, thus the holdout will rage on another week.

Bell has defiantly withdrawn any interest signing a franchise tender that would pay him $14.54 million for the 2018 campaign. He adamantly believes he has done enough to merit a multiyear contract at a higher asking price. Of course, NFL teams operate under a tight cap situation and rarely overpay at the running back position. There’s a stigma surrounding their effectiveness, as GMs are trending towards spending their allocated funds elsewhere, namely the fensive line. The economics pro football simply don’t allow overspending.

Bell’s teammates have been torn on the issue. Some like Antonio Brown have taken to his cause, while others have questioned his motivation. Regardless, Le’Veon Bell has no obligation to the Steelers or his ‘mates until he signs the franchise tender. The Steelers sans Bell will confront the division rival Cleveland Browns this afternoon.

Le'Veon Bell "No Shows" Pittsburgh Steelers' 1st Practice Of 2018 NFL Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers were expecting Le’Veon Bell to return for the team’s Labor Day practice after witnessing him hold out for all the preseason. Unfortunately things did not go as “planned. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert wholeheartedly expected Bell to sign a franchise tender and rejoin his ‘mates, since he’d broken his pressure tactic under similar circumstances at the beginning last season. Colbert has since released a written statement to the press expressing his disappointment with Bell’s decision.

Bell’s continued holdout means the Steelers will likely have to rely on backup running back James Conner unless he resurfaces in the coming days (before the Steelers’ opener against the Cleveland Browns). Unless they remove his franchise tag, every game he misses from here on in will result in a $900,000 penalty, divisible from his $14.5 million salary. In July, Le’Veon tweeted that he envisioned 2018 being his best season to date, as right now that’s looking rather unlikely, at least in a Steelers’ uniform.

LaDainian Tomlinson's Welcome To The NFL Moment: An $18K Dinner Dash

LaDainian Tomlinson has zero sympathy for NFL players undergoing rookie hazing rituals, he went through it himself. TMZ caught up with him to get his thoughts on the recent Denver Broncos’ rookie hazing Bradley Chubb and Isaac Yiadom, with the Hall Fame running back deciding to share a little story from his playing days.

In case you missed it, The Denver Broncos’ team vets subjected their rookie class to “botched haircuts.” By the end the experiment most the rookies involved looked like planetary objects, like a patchier version Saturn enveloped by cosmic dust. LaDainian didn’t particularly feel any remorse for the freshman class, because in his rookie campaign, the late Junior Seau and some vets from the 2001 San Diego Chargers, took him out for dinner as a bonding experience, then slapped him with the $18,000 bill after ordering everything à la carte. 

In the end, the debt was repaid several times over, because his Hall Fame career lasted another 10 seasons before losing his lustre in his final campaign as a New York Jet. Tomlinson ranks 5th in NFL Career Rushing Yards, 2nd in Career rushing touchdowns, and 3rd in Career Total Tounchdowns. He was enshrined in 2017 in a Hall Fame class that included Kurt Warner and Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. 

Dwyane Wade & Jimmy Butler Perform Smoky Rendition Of K-Ci & JoJo

Former teammates Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler were spotted performing K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life” at a Karaoke Bar last night. Before you advise both men to “not quit their day job” give the recorded footage the slightest margin to win you over. I’ve also heard they love Karaoke in China (something to consider Mr. Wade).

The Chicago Bulls teams manned by the Wade/Butler were at times hard to watch, but they none-the-less accomplished a .500 season with spare parts. The conflict that ensued between the core Wade/Butler and the directionless youth on the team held up by veteran Rajon Rondo painted their reputations in the years following the debacle. Had they organized more Karaoke outings as a group, I reckon team morale would have improved, and they would have more than half their games.

I dreamt a team initiative in which the Chicago Bulls choose to assign K-Ci & JoJo songs symbolic meaning to one another. That way every unique relationship within the locker room could be adequately represented by songs such as “Crazy,” “Last Night’s Letter,” and “If You Think You’re Lonely Now,” the latter reserved for the team’s annual West Coast road trip. 

What do you get up to in the fseason, mate?

Dez Bryant Wages Twitter Attack Against Ex-Dallas Cowboys Teammates

Dez Bryant fired f on a bunch his ex-teammates and Dallas Cowboys staffers on Friday evening. The whole spectacle was broadcast in writing over Twitter, and yes the records haven’t been erased. His row with his former employer is only heating up.

Dez Bryant was reacting to a SiriusXM NFL Radio podcast which aired an excerpt an interview with Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones. The audio clip aired certain grievances over Bryant’s conduct last term, with Jones blaming Bryant for Dak Prescott f-year as the team’s primary signal caller. His words and I quote: “Dak (Prescott) is working on his game & accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with Dez Bryant in his ear. I think he’ll have the year he had last year if not better!”

Later in the interview, the Cowboys’ executive also inferred that since-retired tight end Jason Witten was also “in Prescott’s ear,” causing interference. But needless to say, the potshot incited real fervor in Bryant.

Dez spoke turmoil and his unfair treatment until about his 3rd Tweet, when he dragged Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, center Travis Frederick and linebacker Sean Lee into the equation, the latter receiving the unenble epithet a “Snake.”

While Dez Bryant seems to think his former teammate Lee was complicit in Jerry Jones’ conspiracy to get him ousted, the linebacker pleaded his innocence and wished Dez nothing but the best. His response can be heard or read at ESPN. 

Dwight Howard's Professionalism Questioned By Ex-Teammate

Dare I say there’s a little salt in Dennis Schroder’s post game commentary. Yes Schroder’s team took a beating, like they have on countless occasions this season. What made matters more personal, was the issuance the beatdown, courtesy their ex teammate Dwight Howard. On the night, Dwight erupted for 33 points and 12 rebounds, good for a double double. The t-injured big man, who is experiencing a bounce back year, has had a reputation quitting on his teammates. 

Schroder was in no mood to be civil when asked about his former teammate’s performance. In a brief interview after the matchup, Dennis made the following remarks about Dwight’s compete level:

“He plays always great against his former team. Credit to him too, but that’s like four games each year, you know? Houston, LA, us. I think he’s always giving his best there but the others games he..”

Dwight was famously chastised by Kobe Bryant during his one year stint with the Lakers. The 2013 was a bit wash for the Lakers, with Steve Nash losing his season to a fractured fibula. Dreams a Nash and Howard pick and roll fence were dashed and both the Lakers and Howard have since toiled in mediocrity.

What’s your take on the big man?