Nike Phantom React Flyknit Unveiled: Official Images and Release Info

Nike’s React technology was invented in an attempt to dethrone Boost as the premier midsole technology. Both are extremely comfortable although the UltraBoost still remains more popular thanks to its head start on the market. Nike has developed numerous shoes that use the React midsole and now, one more silhouette will be joining the React arsenal. This shoe is being called the Nike Phantom React Flyknit and has the same silhouette as the Nike Epic React Flyknit.

The one big difference between the Phantom and the Epic, is that the Phantom has a one-piece Flyknit upper that has no lacing system. Instead, it’s a slip-on shoe with a pull-tab at the top the tongue. Much like the VaporMax, there is a separate layer black knitting on the toe box which matches the black that goes up the tongue.

The first colorway that will be released boasts a pink multi-colored upper and Nike swoosh that is simply a black outline, with the multi-colored pattern found inside. Meanwhile, the React midsole the shoe is white.

If you’re looking to cop these, they will release on May 2nd for an undisclosed price, according to Sole Collector.

Nike Phantom React Flyknit Unveiled: Official s and Release Info


Nike Phantom React Flyknit Unveiled: Official s and Release Info


Nike Phantom React Flyknit Unveiled: Official s and Release Info


Jimmy Butler & Jared Dudley Ejected From 76ers VS Nets Playoff Game After Fight

The Philadephia 76ers are facing the Brooklyn Nets in the first round the NBA playfs, and the series has proven to be very entertaining. The underdog Nets pulled out one win against the heavily favored 76ers already. At the time this article being published, the score between the two teams is separated by one point with about 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The 76ers are currently up by one game. 

As reported by ESPN Jimmy Butler and Jared Dudley were both ejected from Game 4 the series after Dudley shoved Joel Embiid and players from both teams had to be separated by ficials. Dudley charged at Embiid with 7:42 remaining in the third quarter and Brooklyn leading 67-61. The incident occurred after Jarrett Allen was fouled near the basket. Dudley and Ben Simmons both spilled into the courtside seats along the baseline at Barclays Center during the altercation. Embiid was given a flagrant 1 foul on Allen, and both Dudley and Butler, who swung his left forearm at Dudley, were called for technical fouls and ejected from the game. Without Butler in the game, the Nets are likely to take Game 4 and tie the series at two wins apiece. 

Amazon Music's New Freemium Tier May Bite Into Spotify's Long-Term Advertising Strategy

Amazon’s freemium music service soft launch may force Spotify to reevaluate its own strategy to keep advertisers.

In an interview published earlier this year, David Limp, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services over at Amazon, shared a surprising figure.

The e-commerce giant’s voice assistant Alexa was now available in over 100 million devices around the world.  This includes Amazon’s line of Echo smart speakers and over 150 partner devices.

While an impressive figure, this number still remains shy of Apple and Google’s voice assistant installed base – over 500 million each.

According to the Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report, global consumers can now access smart assistants on over one billion devices.

To capitalize on the growing smart speaker boom, Amazon has unveiled its own free music tier.

Will consumers readily abandon Spotify and YouTube Music freemium in favor of Amazon?

Earlier this week, Amazon it had struck deals with the Big 3 – Warner, Sony, and Universal Music – to launch its own freemium streaming music service.

Keep in mind the e-commerce giant already offers two subscription streaming music tiers – Music Unlimited and Prime Music.

Similar to Prime Music, Amazon’s free, ad-supported tier would feature a limited catalog.  This would likely serve as a ‘teaser’ for Echo users.

Emerging data shows Echo devices handle a large amount of music-related requests.  These include demands to play a song, clarify a song title, identify a song based on a lyric snippet, or pull up a popular playlist.

In , Spotify revealed it had around 209 million monthly active users (MAUs) around the world.  The popular service also had 96 million subscribers.  This means the company has around 113 million MAUs streaming music on its free, ad-supported tier.

Yesterday afternoon, Amazon unveiled its freemium ‘Spotify killer.’  Yet, it did so through a soft launch.

Available only to U.S. consumers with an Alexa-enabled device, the freemium service remains rather limited. Users, for example, can only request songs, which will lead to an Amazon-curated playlist or station instead of a full album.

According to analysts, the limited freemium tier serves a two-fold purpose.  First, the music service will boost its own advertising income.  Second, the company aims to boost sales of Echo speakers.

Stating Amazon freemium won’t change “anything major” in the music industry, MusicWatch analyst Russ Crupnick explained,

It will probably have little impact on the established players — Spotify has incredible loyalty with its listeners and I don’t see people marching off to Amazon because it’s going to have a free tier.

Amazon has a much more casual audience — it’s large, but they spend much fewer hours [on the platform], and are generally less engaged with music.

Yet, he noted the new freemium tier may bite into Spotify’s much-needed advertising revenue.

This clearly fits in with Amazon’s larger advertising plan: It’s not hard to imagine, after a consumer asks Alexa to play a song, the voice then saying, ‘After you’re done listening to the song, check out this product, available now on Amazon…’.

Midia Research analyst Mark Mulligan agreed.

Amazon’s in the process of building new, large-scale digital properties as a platform for its advertising business, which is growing faster than any of the other tech majors’, and is already a fifth of the size of Facebook’s entire ad business,

Issuing a stern warning to Spotify, he added,

Spotify should be worried, not just because Amazon has already proven itself a more-than-able competitor in subscriptions, but also because it has the ad sales infrastructure that Spotify does not.

A free music audience without effective ad sales is just a cost to the business; a free music audience with a well-oiled ad sales machine on top of it is a cash cow.


Featured image by Amazon Music.

Millions Of Instagram Passwords Compromised By Facebook Security Breach

TechCrunch is in the business keeping the internet abreast the latest developments in the tech industry. Three hours ago, they published an update regarding a recent breach security on the Facebook server. It was initially reported that tens thousands Instagram accounts synched through Facebook were compromised in the attack. Turns out, the number affected users is actually in the millions.

Millions Of Instagram Passwords Compromised By Facebook Security Breach

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty s

“Since this post was published, we discovered additional logs Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format,” TC’s Robert Whitaker stated in the update. “We now estimate that this issue impacted millions Instagram users. We will be notifying these users as we did the others. Our investigation has determined that these stored passwords were not internally abused or improperly accessed.”

Facebook first perceived the threat during a “routine security review” in the month January. Soon after coming to grips with the situation, Facebook admins issued a warning to the userbase urging them to change their passwords immediately. They also suggested using a password-generating app or FB’s very own “difficulty meter.”

Log-in to your account through Instagram’s desktop version, track back to settings in the top right corner, and you’ll see just how easy it is to view tons personal information, like contact lists and phone numbers. Beware, social networking is a fairly coordinated experience. More ten than not convenience culture rears its ugly end.

Patrick Mahomes x Oakley Unveil New Eyewear Collection In Short Film

In March, Oakley and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, announced an historic partnership making the reigning NFL MVP the first-ever football player to join Team Oakley.

Today, Oakley released a short film, “See it in PRIZM,” which stars Mahomes, New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, pro skater Ryan Sheckler, and others. The film showcases Oakley’s newest eyewear, including the Oakley Sutro, Mercenary and Forager.

Check out the short film below, followed by a description and price points for Oakley’s three new shades.

Patrick Mahomes x Oakley Unveil New Eyewear Collection In Short Film

Oakley Sutro ($142-$163)

“Sutro redefines the look traditional sports-performance eyewear. Inspired by the daily life urban cyclists, the high-wrap shield creates a bold, versatile look, protecting you from the elements and enhances vision with Prizm™ Lens Technology, while inspiring athletes to move confidently and seamlessly through their day.”

Patrick Mahomes x Oakley Unveil New Eyewear Collection In Short Film

Oakley Mercenary ($153-$203)

“Rooted in performance and wrapped with a new approach to sport design, Mercenary has upped the performance eyewear game. Built to stand out, the style features a sleek, double-bridge architecture and a larger, rounded lens shape merged with innovations built to perform.”

Patrick Mahomes x Oakley Unveil New Eyewear Collection In Short Film

Oakley Forager ($133-$183)

“Forager is a lifestyle model loaded with performance features that inspire action – from running and cycling to skateboarding and hiking. With a double bridge and on-trend round lens shape, the lightweight O Matter™ frame material Forager is a style standout designed to keep up with the adventures the day.”

Nike Wants To Trademark The Word "Footware": Report

When it comes to self-lacing shoes, Nike has been at the forefront that technology. Of course, sneaker and movie nerds will remember the Nike MAG from Back to the Future which was the first shoe to make us think that auto-lacing shoes could actually someday exist. Then, a few years ago, Nike released the Hyper Adapt which was an auto-lacing basketball shoe. While its price tag was a little hefty for the average consumer, there was clearly some potential there. Now, in 2019, we have the Nike Adapt BB which is half the price the original Hyper Adapt and allows users to tie their shoes with an app.

With Nike establishing itself as not just a footwear company but a tech company as well, the brand is now looking to trademark the word “footware,” according to The Fashion LawThe word is a hybrid between “footwear” and “stwear” and would be used to describe any Nike shoe that contains the same technology found in the Adapt BB.

Nike Wants To Trademark The Word "Footware": Report


More specifically, the word would be used to describe sneakers with “computer hardware modules for receiving, processing, and transmitting data in Internet things electronic devices; electronic devices and computer stware that allow users to remotely interact with other smart devices for monitoring and controlling automated systems.”

What do you think about Nike’s recent tactic?


Nashville Metro Council Condemns Spotify's Anti-Songwriter Stance

How long will Spotify continue to hold out against growing opposition?

Spotify doesn’t seem to have many friends in the music industry anymore.

From top executives – including – and major publishers – such as – the industry has roundly condemned the streaming music giant.

The criticism comes after Spotify (along with three other major tech firms) opposed the Copyright Royalty Board’s (CRB) recent ruling.

In a split decision last February, the CRB a significant 44% streaming royalty increase for songwriters.

As expected, Spotify an appeal, outright refusing to pay the increase.

In published last week, hit songwriters – including Ali Tamposi, Frank Dukes, Teddy Geiger, Babyface, and Nile Rodgers – wrote,

We’re hurt and disappointed.  You created a songwriter relations team and ingratiated Spotify into our community.

You have used us and tried to divide us but we stand together.”

They pushed for the streaming music giant to drop the appeal.

Yet, the company just doesn’t care.

Speaking about the firm opposition to its appeal, CEO Daniel Ek the criticism.  The company would have to increase its prices to pay for the songwriter royalty increase, something it just won’t do.

We think $10 a month is a very, very cheap and an amazing proposition.  But the amount of people who wake up in the morning thinking, ‘Hey, I want to like pay $10 a month for music’ isn’t as great as most people would believe.

Now, as the company continues to ignore songwriters’ real needs, a major music hub has entered into the fray.

When Nashville says No.

In a largely symbolic move, the Nashville Metro Council has adopted a new resolution against Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Pandora.

The resolution, sponsored by Metro Council member Jeff Syracuse, demands the tech firms accept the CRB’s ruling.

Syracuse, who also works in the licensing department at BMI, explained,

I have seen firsthand how technology changes in the industry have not been met with the needed copyright maturity to ensure creators are properly compensated.

We can never take for granted what it means to be Music City.

As stated earlier, the resolution remains largely symbolic.  It doesn’t require the four companies to respond.

Stating Nashville has the “greatest concentration of songwriters” in the world, Syracuse added Spotify has the responsibility to pay them their fair share.

 “It’s obviously critically important that we have ble songwriters, because they are the basis of the entire music industry.


Featured image by Spotify.

French Montana Says Kanye West’s Next Project Will "Change Everybody’s Life"

Los Angeles, CA – French Montana recently stopped by Beats 1 Radio to discuss his upcoming endeavors with host Zane Lowe. During the conversation, the topic pivoted to Kanye West, who was supposed to deliver the Yandhi album last year. After multiple delays, the highly anticipated project still doesn’t have a solid release date.

But according to the Coke Boys mastermind, ‘Ye’s next body of work will be incredibly impactful. Whether he’s referring to Yandhi specifically wasn’t clear.

“He’s working on something that’s so crazy,” French told Lowe. “I think he’s working on something bigger than music. When I went to go see him, he showed me something that was so crazy. But, that’s what make people like him stand out, because he always think outside the box … really outside the box.

“Shout out to Kanye. No, but definitely he’s special, man. He’s special … I feel like he’s going to touch something that’s going to change everybody’s life.”

In terms of French’s schedule, he says he’s inching closer to releasing his next album.

“I’m about like 96 percent done,” he said. “It’s just the technical difficulties that come with it. It’s just samples. Sometimes you try to clear a sample that 15 people wrote on it or like the publisher’s dead somewhere, you know what I’m saying?

“Yeah, and that’s the worst because they’re waiting until the last minute and you already got your album. This album right here is my best work up to date.”

French’s latest single “Slide” featuring Blueface and fellow Bronx rapper Lil Tjay dropped earlier this week.

Record Store Day Retailers Find Unlikely Online Ally in eBay

eBay has allied with Record Store Day to allow independent stores access to 179 million eBay buyers.

Record Store Day is a celebration of independent record stores across the United States, and a decidedly offline event.  In fact, the entire point of RSD is to steer music fans into physical stores.

That makes a recent deal with eBay a bit surprising, though the alliance could be win-win.  Ahead of the latest RSD weekend, eBay highlighted its partnership with RSD’s Authorized Seller Network to open their inventory to more than 179 million eBay shoppers.

The aim is to complement in-store sales, especially from buyers who can’t easily access a brick-n-mortar RSD location.  Theoretically, that could diminish in-store traffic among nearby music fans, though the records themselves are all flowing through participating RSD store inventory.

Earlier, RSD organizers expressed consternation against eBay for allowing ‘fraudulent’ listings of exclusive RSD vinyl releases.  Basically, go-betweens were selling ‘exclusive’ releases on eBay ahead of the official RSD date, then purchasing them in person and profiting from the auction.

That’s the internet, of course, though we’re guessing that ‘bad start’ led to this more regulated partnership.

Record Store Day began in 2008 as a way to celebrate more than 1,200 independently owned record stores in the United States.

These with a variety of physical music. The increased popularity of vinyl records has helped .

Of course, vinyl’s popularity is happening online as well, for obvious reasons.  Unsurprisingly, eBay Vice President of Merchandising Sam Bright says vinyl sales are extremely popular on the online auction site.

“Interest in vinyl continues to soar among today’s music lovers, and the category is more popular than ever on eBay. We remain dedicated to supporting independent retailers who bring music and culture to their local communities, and this partnership allows us to expand their reach to a global audience.”

Anyone interested in supporting independent record stores can shop the official Record Store Day sellers on eBay.

A report from BuzzAngle Music earlier this year showed that vinyl sales are showing no signs of slowing in 2019.

Vinyl saw a 12% increase in total album consumption for 2018, too. In fact, vinyl album sales grew while individual song and album sales fell.

BuzzAngle says the sales were primarily driven by purchases of “older” records released before 2015.

Best Selling Vinyl Albums of 2018

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 – 2014
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller – 1982
  • Prince’s Purple Rain – 1984
  • Queen’s Greatest Hits – 1981
  • The Beatles’ Abbey Road – 1969

The only contemporary album in the top 10 is Tony Bennett and Diana Krall’s Love Is Here to Stay from 2018. eBay’s help promoting the Record Store Day catalog online should further help fuel those old album sales, especially among collectors.

Germany Vows to Prevent the Copyright Directive's Upload Filters 'as Far as Possible.'

Will Germany succeed in preventing the Copyright Directive’s undefined ‘upload filters?’

You probably already know the story by now.

Last month, in a landmark vote, the European Parliament the controversial Copyright Directive.  348 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favor.  274 voted against.  36 abstained.

The bill includes two much-maligned measures.  Article 11 (the ‘link’ tax, since renamed Article 15) and Article 13 (‘upload filters,’ renamed Article 17).

Critics had long slammed the bill over the undefined upload filters.  Dubbing Article 13 the ‘meme ban,’ major tech companies, most notably Google, claimed the bill would promptly lead to censorship online.

Following the bill’s final approval this week, one key question remains – How exactly will each country implement the so-called ‘upload filters?’

No one knows really knows how upload filters will work.

For the entertainment sector, especially the music industry, the Copyright Directive represents a major victory.

The new law grants rightsholders an improved negotiation position with online platforms that use their works.  In addition, authors and performers will benefit from new provisions included in the bill.  These include better remuneration and contracts.

Major online platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, must now sign formal licensing agreements with creators to use their works.  Should they fail to do so, these platforms must ensure infringing content is taken down and not re-uploaded.

As stated earlier, thanks to the use of copyright filtering technology, opponents fear the new law will lead to a police state online.  Supporters counter the final approved text never once mentions the phrase.

Issuing a statement following Monday’s final approval, Germany admits ‘upload filters’ won’t exactly work.  Yet, Article 13 – now 17 – of the Copyright Directive requires the filters until someone can come up with a better solution.

There is indeed consensus that creators should be able to partake in the exploitation of their works by upload platforms.

“Article 17 of the Directive establishes an obligation to ensure the permanent ‘stay down’ of protected content which raises the likely use of algorithmic solutions (‘upload filters’), which have raised serious concerns and broad critique among the German public.”

The German government continues it wants to ensure creators’ rights.  After all, they have a right to earn fair revenue from the use of works online.  Yet, it also wants to protect platforms and users’ rights “where permitted by legislation.”

The European Commission (EC) has yet to develop guidelines for the application of Article 17.  Yet, should they fail to do so, Germany will have no choice but to implement ‘upload filters.’

Stating the EC remains obligated to “enter into a dialogue with all concerned parties,” the statement continues,

“The government, therefore, assumes that the dialogue will be borne out of the desire to ensure appropriate remuneration for creators, as far as possible prevent ‘upload filters’, safeguard freedom of speech, and preserve user rights.”

In addition, Germany vows it will ensure Article 17 only targets “market-dominating platforms.”  The government will exclude websites like Wikipedia, GitHub, WhatsApp, blogs, and cloud storage platforms, among other sites.

In a joint statement, the five countries which staunchly opposed the Copyright Directive – the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy, and Finland – slammed the final vote.

The final text of the Directive fails to deliver adequately on the above-mentioned aims.

Calling the legislation a “step back” for the Digital Single Market, the statement concluded,

We regret that the Directive does not strike the right balance between the protection of rights holders and the interests of EU citizens and companies.

It therefore risks to hinder innovation rather than promote it and to have a negative impact [on] the competitiveness of the European Digital Single Market.

EU Member States have up to two years to implement the Copyright Directive in their respective countries.



Spotify Formally Opens Its R&D Center in London, Creating Around 300 New Jobs

Spotify has formally opened a new R&D center in the heart of Great Britain.

Nearly two years ago, Spotify revealed its plans to launch a new research and development hub.  The R&D center would co-exist alongside its current operations in London.

Jason Richman, the streaming music giant’s Vice President of Product, explained,

London has made the decision of where to grow our next R&D hub an extremely easy one.”

He added the city had a “vibrant” start-up community as well as a “great wealth” of tech talent.

London will be one of our major hubs where we’ll house key investment areas, including expansion of our subscription-commerce capabilities.”

Hailing the announcement, Saliq Khan, the mayor of London, echoed Richman’s sentiments.

Spotify is the latest in a long line of companies who realize that London simply cannot be beaten for innovation.

We have a deep pool of tech talent and a complex business ecosystem that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Now, the streaming music giant has followed through on its promise.

A London expansion.

Opening up its R&D center, the company confirmed the new hub will create around 300 new jobs in the city.

Spotify also confirmed it would move its current staff into the Adelphi building on the Strand later this year.  With the shift to the R&D center, the new building will house 550 employees, up from around 260.

Spotify currently has major hubs in Stockholm, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Stockholm, and Boston.

Speaking about the hub’s formal opening, Tom Connaughton, the company’s Managing Director in the UK, explained,

As one of Spotify’s biggest markets, it makes perfect sense to expand our team here, and to tap into the large and diverse talent pool to be found in London.

The company joins other tech companies which have recently beefed up their presence in the city.  These include Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Last year, Facebook confirmed it would double its current UK office space to house 6,000 employees.  Google is currently building a new headquarters for around 4,500 employees.



Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Sinks Have No Basins, Sparking Many Twitter Theories

Kim Kardashian recently opened up her home to Vogue by giving viewers and exclusive and thorough look inside her California mansion. The visit included cameos husband Kanye West and their adorable kids. The reality TV star is seen strutting through her “minimal monestary” home, revealing varying details surrounding the origin and inspiration behind the home’s decor.

Though beautiful and lavish, what got the attention all surrounded the home’s technical setup. Despite showing f an enormous bath tub facing giant windows and a double vanity, fans noted a specific detail: the sinks had no basins. Most sinks seen throughout the video are covered despite fitting the home’s overall minimalistic theme. And it seems the television personality fered endless details on everything except that, thus leaving social media to come up with the appropriate answers. The missing tubs sparked hilarious commentary across the internet, especially on Twitter. Users tweeted their most elusive theories, bringing forth matters engineering and piping to discuss everything from the drain’s positioning to the water flow’s location.

The best theory thus far cites the bath-less sinks as not truly bath-less, but topped with marble covers which may be lifted with a special button. Genius. 

Sony Reveals Official PS5 Details: Loading Screens No More?

Gamers rejoice. Wired recently met up with Sony for a meeting surrounding the PlayStation 5, where they witnessed the upcoming, unfinished console’s potential. In a presentation led by lead system architect Mark Cern, Sony revealed some truly tantalizing details about their upcoming console. For one, it will include a “high-spec solid state drive,” as well as a truly powerful Graphics Processing Unit, capable supporting ray tracingWired describes ray tracing as “a technique that models the travel light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments.” 

Sony Reveals Official PS5 Details: Loading Screens No More?

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty s

There will also be an increased emphasis on the audio experience. “As a gamer,” explains Cern, “it’s been a little bit frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. With the next console the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts hardware horsepower to it.” While the advanced audio will work on television speakers, as well as external sound systems, he does cite headphones as the “gold standard.” 

Though many initially thought it impossible, Cern confirms that the PS4 will have a Solid State Drive, and uses Marvel’s Spider Man as a means measuring the difference the upgrade makes. While fast traveling previously took up to fifteen seconds on the PS4, took .0.8 seconds on the prototypical “devkit” version the PS4. And fear not, PS4 gamers – the console will be backward compatible. All things considered, the PlayStation 5 sounds like an accomplishment on every level. Look for more news to surface in the coming months, but don’t expect the console to arrive this year. 


Amazon's New Karaoke Platform 'Twitch Sings' Could Cut into ByteDance's TikTok Market Dominance

While ByteDance executives battle it out with the major labels, Amazon’s Twitch is trying to steal away TikTok’s core audience.

According to a report published earlier this week, Chinese conglomerate ByteDance – parent company of TikTok – in stalled licensing negotiation talks with the major labels.

As the conglomerate’s valuation now stands at $76 billion, the Big 3 – Warner, Sony, and Universal Music – have demanded more money for songs played on TikTok and its Chinese counterpart, Douyin.  They’ve asked the company for hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘guaranteed money.’

Now, as talks continue to make little progress, and with ByteDance set to launch its own streaming music service a major competitor has encroached on the conglomerate’s primary market.

Twitch to the rescue?

In negotiations with the Big 3, ByteDance, for the most part, has agreed to pay more.  Yet, downplaying the impact of its service, the company refuses to shell out the ‘guaranteed money.’

With a few weeks left to go, should the talks fail, the major labels will promptly remove their catalogs from the service.  This would force ByteDance to make a drastic decision.  Either the company will take down existing and new videos on both services, or prevent users from uploading videos with songs.

This would ultimately lead to diminished popularity, and serious problems for both TikTok and Douyin.

Amazon-owned game-streaming service Twitch has now publicly launched its first music game.  Dubbed ‘Twitch Sings,’ the game invites users into an interactive karaoke-style experience designed primarily for live streaming.  Players can sing thousands of songs alone or participate in duets with other gamers.

Users also have the option of singing in front of a camera or through an animated avatar.  Like TikTok, Twitch Sings viewers can request songs and cheer with emotes to activate light shows and virtual ovations.  They can also offer silly challenges, including singing like a cat.

Speaking about the game, Joel Wade, Executive Producer of Twitch Sings, explained,

Twitch Sings unites the fun and energy of being at a live show with the boundless creativity of streamers to make an amazing shared interactive performance.

Many games are made better on Twitch, but we believe there’s a huge opportunity for those that are designed with streaming and audience participation at their core.

The game remains part of Amazon’s strategy to branch its live streaming platform out of gaming and into more lucrative markets.  The e-commerce giant first purchased Twitch for $1.1 billion in 2014.  Currently, the live streaming platform has over 2.2 million creators and 15 million daily unique visitors.

Twitch makes money from selling ads, offering premium ad-free membership plans, partner fees from broadcasters, and paid ‘cheers’ – live donations – from viewers.

Whether or not Twitch Sings can successfully cut into TikTok and Douyin’s market remains to be seen.


Featured image by Amazon/Twitch.

Tyga Makes A Case For "Best Chain In The Game"

Tyga is on the verge another summer takeover. He’s already laid the foundational steps with “Goddamn,” another display his brilliant chemistry with D.A. Doman. While the formula has yet to change, it feels like an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” moment. Should Tyga really dete his style at this point? He’s already enjoying the spoils a massive comeback – arguably the biggest in recent memory, unless you happen to be Soulja Boy. Now, in honor his recent spoils, T-Raww has decided to indulge in a little bit retail therapy, connecting with the esteemed jeweler Ben Baller. 

“Who just dropped $500,000 on a custom diamond Ben Baller chain?” writes Ben, Instagram. “Tyga … TYGAAAA???? Yes. Tyga.”  He proceeds to provide a technical breakdown for the diamond nerds out there, sharing some his favorite moments in the creative process. Said highlights include a) setting “pear shaped solitaire VVS clarity diamonds in the halo St Michael,” b) adding baguettes to the angel’s wings and sword, and c) adding a metaphorical touch by likening the devil to Tyga’s “haters.”

Check out the piece above, and sound f below. Is Tyga currently in possession the nicest chain in the game? Of course, the competition is fierce, but Ben Baller’s work here should not go underappreciated. Congrats to Tyga for making a new investment.