Offset's Alleged Mistress Claims Cardi B Is Blocking Her Tell-All Interview

Yesterday, we had been left confused when Offset’s alleged mistress, Summer Bunni, retracted her apology to Cardi B. Originally, the social media character was left feeling upset at how issues went down after textual content messages had been leaked exhibiting the Migos rapper asking to have a threesome with Bunni and Cuban Doll. She’s been teasing a follow-up interview, explaining why she’s taking again her apology on Power 106 however in accordance with her, it is being blocked by a sure Cardi B.

While she does not precisely point out the artist by identify, it is fairly apparent that Summer Bunni is referring to the “Bodak Yellow” songstress. While she speaks to her viewers on Instagram Live, one her buddies even ad-libs “Cardi” within the background. Bunni alleges in the course of the live-stream that she’s having hassle getting Power 106 to publish the interview, even including that she fears Cardi could have her Instagram deleted. She mentioned that individuals have been making cellphone calls to the radio station urging them to not “let it drop.” 

The 10-minute video Summer Bunni talking in regards to the scenario was posted on YouTube and it is gotten folks’s curiosity piqued. The interview is an actual factor – there’s already been a clip launched that reveals her taking the apology again. But the ensuing “tea” is but to have been mentioned. Do you hope it surfaces?

Blac Chyna Would Consider Getting Back Together With Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna could also be identified to many as the lady who dated Rob Kardashian for a while and birthed their first youngster collectively, Dream. Their previous relationship was tumultuous, to say the least, with the ending their engagement leading to heaps courtroom dates, lawsuits and claims verbal and bodily abuse on each side. 

The 30-year-old actuality star has just lately opened as much as DailyMailTV telling the publication that she does not remorse any her time with Rob and would possibly get again collectively. “I wouldn’t change nothing with Rob & Chyna in any respect ‘trigger that was our actuality,” she stated. “The good, the dangerous and no matter else. I really feel like lots folks misconstrue the entire scenario. There’s no manner I may have a lovely child woman as super-smart as Dream. You can look into her face and simply inform she was made with love. She’s, like, excellent.”

She added: “Before, it was all about me. I used to be variety , like, actually egocentric. But now I’ve these two little ones, so I’ve to be extra cautious, extra conscious and extra attentive these little folks I created. It’s so completely different.”

As for a future her and Rob, she stated “possibly, however we’ll see,” to the concept getting again collectively. 

Stormy Daniels' Upcoming Memoir Will Feature Trump Affair Details

Stormy Daniels was a guest on ‘The View’ today where she announced she was releasing a memoir titled “Full Disclosure” where she will be telling her full story. Descriptions from the bookseller’s website state that the star will dive deep into her childhood and how she got into the porn industry. The memoir is 288 pages long and will be hitting stands on October 2nd. 

The porn star says she will discuss her legal stand-f with the President and give detailed accounts their alleged affair. A blurb on the Barnes And Nobel website says that she will include “everything about the events that led to the nondisclosure agreement and the behind-the-scenes attempts to intimidate her.”

Daniels is currently involved in a case with the President where she states that he paid her $130,000 to keep their sex encounter silent. Now, Daniels wants out the contract. Trump has fought to end the lawsuit completely and says every accusation is a lie. Perhaps the memoir will shed some light on the situation.

Justin Timberlake's Wife Calls Him Her "Biggest Priority"

Justin Timberlake recently announced that he’s releasing a book that will chronicle his childhood, career and personal life with wife Jessica Biel and their three-year-old son, Silas. Before we get our hands on the tell-all novel, Jessica has opened up about their marriage, detailing how they stay so strong despite their busy schedules. 

“Definitely our work. We’re lucky enough to be able to go and stay in different places, live in different places while we work and that’s definitely part it,” she shared during a recent visit on Today. “But, honestly, I just really feel like you have to work hard at it]. That doesn’t change if you work at home or in an fice or you’re on a tour, it doesn’t change, the work doesn’t change. The being devoted to the relationship is our biggest priority.”

Jessica and Silas have been with Justin during his Man the Woods World Tour and she explains how beneficial it is for their son. 

“It is fun to be on the road…you feel kind like a wild group gypsies and you’re all in it together and you’re seeing so many new places,” she explained. “I think it’s amazing for our son because he’s hearing new languages…we’re talking about different countries, the names different countries, what he likes, what he’s seen…he would never have these experiences if we weren’t able to get out there and go for it.”

Diddy's Advice To French Montana: "You Don't Have To Rap, Retire In Your 40s"

I gather Diddy sees a lot himself in French Montana, hence why he snapped him up so long ago, after years riding shotgun to Biggavelli. The manner in which French Montana has created for himself, under the guise a “wordsmith,” is quite simply remarkable. So when French Montana sat down Billboard and pitched the cover story in red, white and blue, he was speaking a sudden glow-up. Montana shared the wisdom he imparted from Sean “Diddy” Combs in this tell-all interview.

Those who rose from humble beginnings understand his choice dialogue in social situations, like the time French ran up to Sandra Bullock and exclaimed  “Ahh, they’re singing that ‘Happy Birthday,’ bro!” after barging into the banquet hall she had booked. Afterwards his manager said something to the effect “you can’t bum rush the spot!” But he did and he will, even if doesn’t exactly reflect his change address.

Diddy even outlined a plan for him much like his own: quit rapping at the age 40 with your ducks in a row. “One thing I learned from him is that you don’t have to rap,” Montana says. As in, you retire in your 40s and invest elsewhere? “It’s not that — Puffy still raps,” he explained. “But when it becomes a business, that can take away from the love music. And yes after brushes with the tabloids, French Montana still believes in love.

Check out the rest his anecdotes here.

Nicki Minaj's Mom Set To Reveal "Shocking News" On Her Son's Child Rape Case

In November 2017, Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani was finally found guilty predatory sexual assault, as well as endangering the life a child. The victim was his 11-year-old step-daughter and the trial went on for weeks, detailing disturbing and explicit details the horrible crime. Jelani allegedly raped his step-daughter for eight months and was even caught by the victim’s younger brother, where the young man had to take the stand and tell the court about what he saw. 

As Jelani waits on his sentencing, his mother has let her Twitter followers know that she’s planning on revealing some “shocking news” that the court does not want the media to know. The tell-all is about to go down tomorrow (August 8th) on the Hip-Hop ‘Hood Report with Charles Fisher & the “Fitness Sheriff.” 

Nicki has not once publicly commented on the trial and has kept her fans occupied with videos, tracks, collaborations and album talk. Back in November Nicki was seen visiting her brother in jail with her mother by her side and reports say she only attended because her mother wanted her to go. 

Eddie Murphy Blocks Mel B From Discussing His Sex Life In Her New Autobiography

Eddie Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B dated back in 2006, and during their relationship, the couple had a child. Murphy and Mel B welcomed a baby girl into the world in 2007, but Murphy had no interest in settling down. The rumors surrounding the birth their daughter, the subsequent break-up, and Murphy’s sex life have spun out control for years. Mel B has promised to dish out all the dirt in her new autobiography Brutally Honest, but it looks like a gag order from Murphy’s camp is stopping her from doing so. 

According to The Sun, a 2007 gagging clause is stopping Mel B from discussing the specifics her relationship with Murphy. The legally binding agreement was made as a condition that Murphy took a paternity test to prove their child was indeed his.  “Mel has to be very careful about her chapter on Eddie, because they have a legal deal in place,” a source close to the situation told The Sun. “That came in the aftermath him denying being the dad Angel and then working out a financial deal through lawyers. The publishers’ legal team are looking at how to get around problematic aspects it, but Mel will not be able to talk about the financials or personal aspects Eddie’s sex life.” It looks like Eddie can enjoy his privacy.

Bobby Brown Hopes To Prove He Was Never Violent With Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown is really banking on his new BET show The Bobby Brown Story to help set him free his bad boy image. A belief that Bobby Brown had become a bad seed arose from him exiting New Edition on the cusp adulthood. Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe would all eventually copy his exit strategy as Bell Biv Devoe, but none more X-rated than Bobby Brown from the group itself. It wasn’t like Bobby Brown was alone in his depiction “adult themes,” but Bobby Brown was a reformed child performer, so the image his innocence was something many fans were slow to relinquish.

The three-episode series put on by BET will explore the early stretch as well as his transition to solo stardom in ’86. But on a personal note, Bobby Brown hopes the right the wrongs his public image. During the part the series in which a panel obsesses over detail, Bobby Brown said it himself, “There was no violent incidents between me and Whitney.”

In 2003, Brown was charged with assault and battery over a domestic disturbance with his late wife. Whitney Houston famously appeared next to him in court with a battered and bruised cheekbone. Bobby Brown is here to tell his side the story (if you’ll listen).

Harvey Weinstein Admits To Offering "Acting Jobs In Exchange For Sex"

Harvey Weinstein has finally admitted to something. The 66-year-old film producer did an interview with Spectator columnist Taki Theodoracopulos at an undisclosed time and said that he has fered movie jobs only for one thing in return. “Yes, I did fer women] acting jobs in exchange for sex,” he said. “But so did and still does everyone.”

Further in the interview, Harvey stands by his previous claims that he has never “forced himself on “a single woman” but has used his money and power to try and score the ladies. “You were born rich and privileged and you were handsome,” he told Taki. “I was born poor, ugly, Jewish and had to fight all my life to get somewhere. You got lotsa girls, no girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood.”

Harvey is facing life in prison for the dozens women who have accused him rape and sexual assault and he has continued to preach his innocence. 

“The suggestion that Mr. Weinstein raped anyone, just based on what I’ve seen, just based on the evidence I’ve seen, is just a preposterous allegation,” his lawyer Ben Brafman said. “So far, everything he has told us to look for we have found. And his denials are in my judgment being confirmed everyday by a lot evidence we are finding that is independent Mr. Weinstein.”

Kris Jenner Says She Regrets Cheating On First Husband: "Nothing I’m Proud Of"

Being a manager to her six children leaves very little time for Kris Jenner to really talk about herself. She’s usually bigging up the successes one her daughter’s makeup lines, clothing collection or magazine covers and recently the 62-year-old decided to talk about herself. Kris paid a visit to Fox News to discuss her first marriage to Rob Kardashian and how she regrets cheating on him, that ultimately led to their divorce. 

“I married Robert when I was 22 years old and I got pregnant on my honeymoon — I had the happiest life you could’ve dreamt about,” she said. “But when you’re in something, sometimes people think the grass is always greener and that was like what I think I went through at some point.”

Kris and Rob were married from 1978-1991 and had four children; Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob. When asked about her 2011 memoir Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian and how she had an “affair with a soccer player,” she said: “I did, I did. Which wasn’t — nothing I’m proud . When I look back on it now, probably one my biggest regrets in my life is that that marriage fell apart.”

Robert was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in July 2003 and died weeks later on September 30th, 2003 at age 59. Watch the full interview Kris here.