Remy Ma Praises Fat Joe On His Birthday: "We Have Been Through It All"

It’s Leo season. Fat Joe celebrated his birthday on Sunday (Aug. 19), and the hip-hop legend was praised by Remy Ma. Remy was originally discovered by the late-icon Big Pun, who placed her on his album Yeeeah Baby. After the passing Pun, Joe took Remy under his wing and made her an important piece Terror Squad. 

Remy took to Instagram to praise Fat Joe for his 48th birthday. “Today is my brother @fatjoe birthday And when I say we have been through it all, I mean it! We been up, down, in, out and everything in between,” she began in her lengthy post. She continued on to name drop her husband. “(Pap says we the Dream Team😏) I love you sooo much and you’ve taught me so many things that I hold dear to my heart. I met you when I was a teenager still in high school, you bought the babycrib for my son.”

“You are a big part my life,” she concluded. “I wish you many, many more years to come! Oh, & I don’t post birthdays on social media but I see everybody trying to act like they love you more than me and I got tight.”

Fat Joe Calls Jaden Smith "A Pioneer In Hip Hop"

Fat Joe is speaking out turn, but in a positive light for once. With all due respect to Fat Joe’s legacy as a key player in the emergence hip hop as a commercially ble entity, he has still made a few borderline fensive remarks along the way, akin to your parents learning about a new edgy social issue for the first time. This time out, he’s showing a little foresight in his praise Jaden Smith, arguably the most successful fspring carrying on their lineage. 

Fat Joe sat down with Power 106 FM last month to discuss a bunch feel good stories about his past including his foray into acting, and an instance where he came close to clipping Smokey Robinson, as shocking as that sounds. All things considered, the bit about Jaden Smith is the most startling discovery, because it contradicts his views up to this point. Mind you, Joe is a musical chameleon and his sensibilities have been accurate on more than one occasion. Here he describes Jaden Smith as the rare hip hop fspring to break away from his parent’s shadow, bringing up the “Icon” video as a fitting example the young rapper’s intuitive steps.

Fat Joe knows a thing or two about being the lesser two “siblings.” It was only after Pun’s passing that his star really started to emerge, and not for a lack trying.