Wiz Khalifa's Weed Makes Swae Lee Nearly Collapse In Hilarious Video

The funny thing about this video is that Swae Lee probably smokes a lot weed on a daily basis but even he can’t handle Wiz Khalifa’s ultra-powerful product. An entire movie was recently released as Super Duper Kyle produced and starred in The After Party, a film documenting rapper Owen as he goes viral after taking a puff Wiz Khalifa’s weed and puking on stage. Well, the same thing almost happened in real life after Swae Lee took a dab with Wiz and lost all control his limbs, nearly collapsing for all his friends to enjoy. Of course, the whole thing was caught on video.

KYLE’s Netflix film may be a piece fiction but in reality, Wiz does smoke very strong marijuana. Rae Sremmurd rapper Swae Lee likely tokes up on a regular basis but even he can’t deal with the Pittsburgh artist’s trademarked strain, Khalifa Kush. In a video reposted by Worldstar, Swae can be seen taking a dab with his tourmate (and about a hundred other shirtless dudes…) where, at first, he smiles big but then he starts to cough up before nearly collapsing in two. Seriously, Swae’s back doubles over at one point and it looks as though the crew would need to call a medic. Thankfully, there was no vomit involved but a viral video is possibly on the horizon.

We have to give an A for effort to Swae here as we can imagine just how loud Wiz’s weed really is. This whole situation has us wondering… how legendary would an episode  How To Roll be with Wiz and Swae?

KYLE Calls Will Smith His Biggest Inspiration: "That’s Somebody I Highlight The Most"

KYLE’s acting debut in Netflix’s The After Party is now available for streaming everywhere. The movie follows an upcoming rapper who makes it big after a video goes viral him puking on Wiz Khalifa. The “Playinwitme” rapper previously stated how important he thinks meshing hip-hop and movies together can be, and recently he talked with Billboard about his moves to pursue acting even more. 

KYLE admits to the publication that bridging the gap between acting and music has always been a plan his and explains who he looked up to in the field. “Will Smith is one my biggest inspirations, if not my biggest one. That’s somebody I highlight the most,” he said. “Obviously, I found out about Fresh Prince Bel-Air first, but I also found out about Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. For me, when I was 12 or 13 and I really started looking at that stuff, it was the first time I saw a blimp in hip-hop that really connected to me.”

He adds how he could never relate to rappers who had “hella tats or be shootin’ somebody,” but Will, Kid n Play, Salt n Pepa, MC Lyte, Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff were people he could relate to. 

“It was fun and it was colorful. It was about dancing and it was about fully entertaining. Once I really got hooked on that, I really got hooked on Will Smith and I got hooked on really wanting to be an actor anyways,” he adds. “It’s funny because growing up I was hella shy. My personality was always hella caged for so long because I would just get roasted for everything. I’m very roast-able.”

Peep his full interview here. 

Kyle's Netflix Movie "The After Party" Lands A Release Date

Last year, it was reported that Netflix would be releasing a new hip hop-centric film called “The After Party” with KYLE, Teyana Taylor, Wiz Khalifa and more set to star in the film. The film was described as a coming–age story with a music business theme. Many fans have been anticipating the film based on the cast alone which not only features Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor and KYLE, but many other high-prile names in the rap game. Today, Kyle unveiled the ficial release date for the movie.

For anyone who’s been waiting Netflix “The After Party,” it’s coming to you by the end the summer. Netflix and Kyle both confirmed it would be dropping on August 24th. The movie surrounds an aspiring rapper who ends up going viral for the wrong reasons. Kyle will be holding down the role as the main character and he shared a message excitement with his fans while unveiling the release date.

“So proud/excited/emotional/overjoyed to announce the release date for my very first movie THE AFTER PARTY coming to Netflix AUG 24th!!! Acting is something i’ve wanted to explore and dive into since I was a little kid watching Will Smith in the theater thinking to myself wow I want to do that one day.” He wrote.

Other rappers who are featured in the film are Pusha T, Desiigner, Young M.A., Jadakiss, French Montana and more.

Peep Kyle’s post below.