R. Kelly Accused Of Trashing Two Mansions He Rented In Atlanta

R. Kelly is in hot water, this time for trashing two rental spaces he occupied in 2015, and another between the months  July, 2017 & July, 2018. SB Property Management is pursuing the R&B singer for over $203,400 in alleged property damages. The total takes into account damages incurred on both properties, both in the Atlanta suburb  Johns Creek, Georgia. 

Two attorneys representing the RBBS legal firm were hired to file the edict against R. Kelly, which they sought in the state court  Fulton County on behalf the company. The singer’s representative have yet to react or respond to the civil suit as Thursday evening. 

One the Johns Creek rentals R. Kelly is on the hook for repairing it would seem, was a 23-room, 9,000 square foot, 4 bedroom “home” in the municipality, the other a smaller homestead costing $7,000 less a month (3k-10k). The civil suit claims R. Kelly moved out the homes without properly terminating his lease, as contractually obligated. R. Kelly’s surrender came two weeks after the rental company threatened to evict him from the homes through a local “magistrate.”

One the homes was allegedly riddled in trash, and also had two broken windows open to squirrel invasion. Stay tuned for word from R. Kelly or his reps.