Meek Mill Denied Entry At Cosmopolitan Hotel; Lawyers Cite Racism

Meek Mill was recently denied entry at Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. TMZ reports that the Philadelphia rapper and activist along with his entourage pulled up to the hotel at around 3:30 Pacific time on Saturday to attend a DJ Mustard show when security told them that they would be able to enter the premises.

When questioned as to why Meek could not enter, the security guard’s response was simply, “I don’t know why.”

Meek Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina spoke to TMZ about the incident, stating that the guard asserted that the decision “came from way higher up” than his position.

Tacopina would soon pen a letter to the Cosmopolitan in which he accuses the hotel maintaining “a list African American recording artists who should be denied access for no other reason than their culture and skin color. 

TMZ, who obtained a copy the letter, reports that Tacopina went on to threaten legal action against the hotel and casino.

“Such course conduct constitutes discrimination per se, in violation state and federal law, and exposes you to significant monetary damage,” writes Tacopina. “…] we urge you to promptly issue an apology to Mr. Williams and grant him immediate access.  In the event you fail to heed this one and only warning, we intend to pursue all legal recourse against you.” 

According to sources, the only other time Meek Mill was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel was nearly 5 years ago when he and Nicki Minaj attended a Jay-Z event.

Fetty Wap Reportedly Sued By Ex-Employee For 6 Figures

Bergen County, NJ – Fetty Wap reportedly owes a former tour employee a six-figure sum. According to Bossip, the man behind hits such as “Trap Queen” and “My Way” has been served a lawsuit for breach of contract and defamation. He’s expected in court next month.

Shawna Morgan, once an employee of Fetty and Fetty Wap Touring says she and Fetty had an agreement where she would receive anywhere from five to 10 percent of his show earnings. Morgan says she would often have to cover many touring costs herself.

While Morgan says Fetty initially reimbursed her, he fell behind on payments in early 2017 and now reportedly owes her $242,703.

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In addition to the breach of contract claim, Morgan has also accused Fetty of defamation. Fetty’s RGF Productions label fired her in 2017, alleging she pretended to be Fetty’s booking agent and manager and would “double dip” by obtaining more booking fees from venues.

Fetty claims Morgan had stolen $250,000 from him. Morgan says these allegations are false and have hurt her reputation and ability to get work.

A judge initially sided with Morgan, due to Fetty not responding to the case. However, Fetty had it reinstated and the two went into arbitration. He requested the case go back to trial when the arbitrators ruled he and his business owed Morgan $160,000.

The case is scheduled for trial on June 11.

Ex-NFLer Brandon Browner Sued By Ex-Girlfriend While Serving Attempted Murder Bid

According to TMZ Sports, Brandon Browner, former NFL cornerback who made for himself with the Seattle Seahawks, is now being sued by the domestic partner that once accused him attempted murder, culminating in an 8-year prison sentence – which he is currently serving.

According to the legal docs procured by TMZ, Browner’s ex is seeking damages for a whole slew violent incidents that didn’t make it before the grand jury. However, her demands include damages incurred during the home invasion/attempted murder for which he is currently imprisoned. One the accounts written up by Browner’s ex describes a scenario in which she was awakened by repeated punches to the face, without so much as a warning.

Ex-NFLer Brandon Browner Sued By Ex-Girlfriend While Serving Attempted Murder Bid

Joe Robbins/Getty s

In 2018, Browner allegedly broke into her home, pinned her down, and threatened her life. This scenario would repeat itself several months later, this time with their children present in the room for the violent altercation. This would be the final straw for Browner, as within a month’s time, he would be arrested on domestic battery charges that would soon be elevated to an “attempted murder” plea once his then-partner sought legal counsel.

Browner last played in the NFL during the 2015 Season with the New Orleans, after finishing a successful tour duty under Bill Belichick and the Pats. The 2-time Super Bowl champ was all but signed to return for the 2016 Season with his beloved Seahawks, when his personal life seriously went amiss.

Kim Kardashian’s Freed Convict Is Scoring Countless Job Offers: Report

Although Kim Kardashian continues to be mocked for simply being who she is, it is important to note that the reality television star has been making major social justice moves. Her activism streak remains successfully and has aided in freeing a considerable amount previously incarcerated folks. Of these freed convicts we find Paul Algarin, whom TMZ recently reported on. According to the news outlet, since his Kardashian-pushed freedom from jail, the ex-con has been showered with job fers and work opportunities. 

Algarin told TMZ that he is being scouted by people across the globe, including from countries in the UK and Africa. These opportunities range from modeling to work as a tattoo artist. Paul was also approached to help in the prison reform efforts along with Kim Kardashian. Even more recently, Kim K sent over a doctor to help remove the facial tattoo from Paul Algarin’s face post-incarceration. Precisely, both Kim and Kanye funded the procedural costs. Evidently, the socialite must bring forth good luck. Perhaps such initiatives will further people’s approval Kim’s law school dreams. Though regardless what anyone has to say, the mother four is grinding it out despite the opinions her critics. Good look, Kim K. 


Stan Lee’s Ex Manager Officially Arrested On Elder Abuse Charges

Previously, we reported on allegations piling up against Stan Lee’s former manager, Keya Morgan, following his passing. Stan died natural causes back in November last year and ever since his death, Morgan has been brought under the eye both public and legal scrutiny. And now, an update was given by TMZ which indicates Keya Morgan was arrested and taken into custody this Saturday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. The arrest occurred following a warrant which was issued last week, though the full circumstances behind the interception have not yet been divulged. Though the warrant related to five separate counts elder abuse tying to the LA County.

The legal documents obtained by the aforementioned source cite the alleged elder abuse took place sometime in June 2018, despite Stan Lee not being named as one the victims. Though it is important to note the comic book writer was still alive at the time. Yet this brings into consideration that Lee’s team filed a restraining order against Morgan in July 2018 and the motion alleged the fired employee mismanaged over $5 million dollars Lee’s money. Moreover, the order also maintained that Keya Morgan had physically and emotionally injured Stan Lee numerous times. Hence, it is easy to connect the dots here.

We expect more on this later.


Kendall Jenner Spotted With New Man Amidst Ben Simmons Breakup Allegations

We recently reported on the breakup rumors between model and Kardashian-clan member Kendall Jenner and Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons. Following a few cryptic posts, a set sources close to the couple came forth to announce the couple had ficially broken up. And while the news may have pleased fans the Philadelphia 76ers, who once claimed Jenner served as a distraction to Simmons and halted his potential to be great, sources later recanted and stated the couple was “on a break.” Moreover, Jenner posted clips herself singing along to Tyler The Creator’s track “I Don’t Love You Anymore” which further fueled the already lit fire. Though as yet we can only rely on speculations.

Nevertheless, the socialite was spotted out and about with a fellow male model. Precisely, photos Kendall Jenner and Luka Sabbat were revealed and showed the two enjoying time with one another. The duo was having a blast while breezing through on jet skis on Saturday and was rumored to also have been spotted hanging out at the Cannes Film Festival earlier that week. While Sabbat was previously linked to Kourtney Kardashian, the sister has since shut the rumors down which leaves space for Kendall Jenner to fully play the field. 

Sosamann Reportedly Arrested For Felony Human Trafficking

Los Angeles, CA – Sosamann was reportedly arrested earlier this week. TMZ reports the Taylor Gang affiliate stands accused of convincing two women to move to California to live the Hollywood lifestyle and then forcing them into prostitution.

Law enforcement said the women were arrested during a recent a prostitution sting in Los Angeles. During police questioning, they claimed Sosamann lured them to the West Coast, then pushed them into selling their bodies for sex. They said they weren’t able to get away.

Sosamann was arrested and booked on a felony charge on May 11 but released the next day after posting a $100,000 bail.

According to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s website, due in court on June 6.

Kanye West Talks Drake, Mental Health, & His Mother in ‘Letterman’ Interview

Kanye West has avoided social media and the press as of late, but he opens up like never before in a rare interview with David Letterman for Season 2 of his Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

During the hour-long conversation, the G.O.O.D. Music mogul speaks on numerous topics including President Trump, his struggles with mental health, his parents, and his rivalry with Drake. The Daily Beast viewed the episode in advance of its May 31 premiere and calls it “one of the most coherent and engaging interviews Kanye has ever given.”

While discussing his lyrics, Kanye alludes to Drake, hinting that he’s not allowed to speak his name. “An artist which I will not mention, because I’m not allowed to mention him or any of his family members…” says Ye.

An intrigued Letterman responds, “That’s fairly provocative.”

He then reveals that he is referring to Drake. “Well, we had a little beef last year,” adds Ye. “He has this line that I love that says, ‘I told my story and made history’—like made his story and made history. That’s what we do, we tell our story and then people relate to that story.”

The conversation turns to politics. Kanye, who met with Trump at the White House last fall, continues to defend his support for the president. “This is like my thing with Trump—we don’t have to feel the same way, but we have the right to feel what we feel,” says Ye, who also expresses sympathy for Trump voters who are “treated like enemies of America because that’s what they felt.”

He claims that wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat is “not about politics” but rather to take away the stigma of showing support for Trump. “Have you ever been beat up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?” he asks. When Letterman asks who is doing the bulk of the bullying in America, he replies, “Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters!”

Kanye, who has been off medication for nearly a year, also discusses his battle with mental health. “When you’re bipolar, you have the potential to ramp up and it can take you to a point where you start acting erratic, as TMZ would put it,” says Ye. “If you guys want these crazy ideas and these crazy stages and this crazy music and this crazy way of thinking, there’s a chance if might come from a crazy person.”

The interview takes an emotional turn as Kanye reflects on his mother Donda West, who passed away more than a decade ago. “This would have been the funnest time of her life,” says the father of four as his wife Kim Kardashian looks on. “To have those kids running around that house and being able to, like, go and buy them toys.”

He also shares a memory of his mother giving him a multicolored bear shortly before she died because of his love for Takashi Murakami. “I was sort of like, I don’t want that. That ain’t no Takashi Murakami bear and stuff like that,” he says. “And then she passed a few weeks after and I did everything I could to find that bear and place that bear on top of all the Takashi Murakami stuff I had in the house.”

Letterman’s interview with Kanye starts streaming next Friday, May 31.

Dennis Rodman Denies Assault Accusations, Says "It Didn’t Happen"

After Dennis Rodman was accused robbing a Newport Beach, California yoga studio on two occasionsTMZ caught up with the former NBA star to get his thoughts on the situation. He told the publication that he had nothing to do with any theft and nothing happened during the alleged incident that was caught on surveillance footage. Following the allegations that he recently slapped a bar patronTMZ once again was able to spend a few moments chatting with Rodman. He’s singing the same song innocence this time around as well because he says he didn’t hit anyone.

He was spotted in Orange County, California and was asked by a paparazzo to share his side what allegedly happened. A man named Jeff Soulouque told police that he was a patron at the Buddha Sky bar in Florida back on May 17 when Rodman turned to him and slapped him across the face without provocation. Soulouque claimed the pain was so intense that he later went to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a left corneal abrasion.

“I’m not gonna talk about that,” Rodman said as he interrupted the paparazzo’s question. “That’s kinda like…whatever happened, happened, but it didn’t happen.” The cameraman repeated, “It didn’t happen,” and Rodman shook his head. “No, it didn’t, but I just wanna fight past that.” He added, “I don’t hit anybody in the world. Never in my life. So, I’m not worried about that.”

When asked if he has a message for his accuser, he said he doesn’t because his “lawyers are taking care that.” As far as the rumors about him breaking his sobriety, Rodman said that “everything’s cool” and he’s been drinking a lot Gatorade and water. While Rodman is still listed as a suspect in the ongoing investigation, his lawyer has previously stated that Rodman was sober the entire night in question and didn’t hit anyone.

Rapper Sosamann Arrested On Charges Of Human Trafficking: Report

A rap star on the rise is Houston rapper Sosamann. Back in 2016, Wiz Khalifa signed him to Taylor Gang and since then Sosamann has collaborated with artists including Wiz, NBA Young Boy, Gunna, Sauce Walka, and HoodRich Pablo Juan. As he’s been working on carving out his space in the rap gameTMZ reports that Sosamann was recently arrested on charges human trafficking.

Investigators spoke with the publication and told them that earlier this month there was a prostitution sting in Los Angeles. Two young women were taken into custody and during questioning, they told ficers that they were being held against their will. According to the ladies, they say Sosamann convinced them to travel California, promising that they were going to live the “Hollywood dream.” However, they went on to say that things weren’t all as they seemed when they arrived. The women said that they were forced to turn tricks and couldn’t leave or go home without permission.

Rapper Sosamann  Arrested On Charges Of Human Trafficking: Report
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

Sosamann reportedly wasn’t the only one arrested; there were a group people busted for human trafficking. He was booked on May 11 but released the next day once he posted his $100K bond. His next court date is in June. 

Jay Rock Receives Key To Watts & Donates $5K To Local Community Center

Watts, CA – Jay Rock was awarded the key to his home neighborhood of Watts by the City of Los Angeles and 15th District Councilmember Joe Buscaino on Friday (May 24).

The ceremony took place in Nickerson Gardens at the Recreation Center Basketball Courts near his childhood home as labelmates and fellow Los Angeles natives ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul looked on.

“WHen u stay down tHis type of sHit Happens.. love u fool,” Q wrote in a congratulatory Instagram post on Thursday (May 23).

To make the event more memorable, Rock partnered with Lyft and TDE to donate $5,000 to the local Nickerson Garden Community Center.

“This right here, man, is a blessing,” he told TMZ. “I’ve been able to win a Grammy and then to come back and get the key to the city of Watts.”

Rock also shouted out Nipsey Hussle and addressed YG’s claims over people showing “fake-ass” love for the late rapper.

“It’s that stigma … people like to come support when somebody’s gone, people wanna show all the love, but they didn’t wanna show the love when he was here,” he said. “[Nipsey is] my brother. We went to the same middle school together.”

Earlier this year, Rock tied for Best Rap Performance at The Grammy’s for his Kendrick Lamar-collaborated single, “King’s Dead,” off the Black Panther soundtrack.

Remy Ma Faces Additional Charges In Brittany Taylor’s Alleged Assault Case: Report

Remy Ma‘s had to deal with some serious legal troubles in the past few weeks. Earlier this year, Love & Hip Hop’s Brittney Taylor accused the rapper assaulting her which prompted an investigation into, not only the claims but also, a possible parole violation on Remy’s part. New reports have emerged with new developments in the case and new charges were filed against Remy.

Remy Ma Faces Additional Charges In Brittany Taylor's Alleged Assault Case: Report
 Bennett Raglin/Getty s 

TMZ reports, prosecutors on the case filed four misdemeanor charges against Remy Ma. The rapper was hit with two counts assault in the third degree, one count aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count harassment in the second degree. These charges add onto the previous misdemeanor assault count she was hit with after turning herself in.

Remy’s attorney, Dawn Florio, said prosecutors updated the time when the alleged assault happened, between 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. The video they have show that Remy pulled up to the venue around then but there’s still no visual evidence that she was behind the alleged attack. Remy previously said that she could prove that she wasn’t in the vicinity Taylor or the venue at that time. The updated time frame now matches up with the time that she was at the venue.

Remy was fered a deal in the case that if she pleads guilty to the assault in the third-degree charge, the other charges would be dropped. She would also have to take a long-term anger management program. Remy hasn’t taken the deal. The trial is set to begin in July. 

YG Calls Out "Fake-Ass" Love For Nipsey Hussle

Los Angeles, CA – YG held a listening party for his new album, 4 REAL 4 REAL, on Thursday night (May 23) at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles. During the event, he opened up about recording “My Last Words,” which is a tribute he read for Nipsey Hussle on the day of his Staples Center memorial.

In video obtained by TMZ, the Compton-bred rapper called out people who have jumped on the Nipsey bandwagon in the wake of his shooting death.

“There’s a lot of fake-ass Nipsey Hussle love out there,” he said. “There’s a lot of fake shit. The family ain’t fuckin’ with that shit and they just need to get slapped, but there’s some real Nipsey Hussle shit going on right here.

“The last record on this album is dedicated to my nigga. This is the last words to my nigga.”

Nipsey was gunned down on March 31 in front of his Marathon Clothing store.

Following his death, crowds of people swarmed the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw in South L.A. and hungry bootleggers were attempting to capitalize off of Nipsey’s passing. It got so out out hand, Nip’s family had to shut it down. 

Hip Hop, however, was shattered by the loss. Everyone from Rihanna and J. Cole to Diddy and Ice Cube paid their respects on social media. Nipsey was 33.

Check out YG’s “My Last Words” below.


Kim & Kanye West Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary With Dinner In Santa Monica

Today marks five years since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West walked down the aisle in Italy for their extravagant wedding. The couple has created quite a life for themselves since they are now parents to four children, welcoming their second son more recently and naming him Psalm West

TMZreports that Kim and Kanye celebrated in a low key way when they hit up Giorgio Baldi last night for dinner. The Italian restaurant is a family-owned spot in Santa Monica and by the looks it, they seemingly went solo. 

Kim has been sharing lots throwback images her special wedding day, showing some behind the scenes moments her in her beautiful dress and well as Kanye getting suited up. 

“This was my wedding day almost 5 years ago in Italy,” Kim captioned another set images to her feed. “We flew in from Paris and our glam was rushed as we were trying to make it on time! We barely got my veil in as I was being pushed out the door so fast to walk down the aisle because Andrea Bocelli had started singing and I couldn’t miss it. I had no idea it was really him until I got to the isle and screamed inside! So many amazing memories.”

Only time will tell what tonight’s celebrations will be for the married couple. 

Wendy Williams’ Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son

The last week has been dramatic as all hell for Wendy WilliamsIt started out fine with the talk show focusing more on Hollywood drama that doesn’t involve her family but on Wednesday, her estranged husband and her son got into a heated altercation in a parking lot and things actually got physical. The cops were called after Kevin Hunter Jr. punched his dad in the face. Kevin Sr. said he does not want to press charges against his son and shortly after being taken into police custody, Wendy took her son to Chicago for a business trip. Now, the latest development in their ongoing saga has Wendy’s estranged husband blaming her for ruining his relationship with their son, accusing her trash-talking him at every opportunity she has.

Wendy Williams' Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son
Bruce Glikas/Getty s

I don’t know about you but after cheating on his wife for over a decade and getting his mistress pregnant, maybe Kevin Hunter shouldn’t be blaming other people for the demise his family life. Regardless, he’s out here saying that Wendy Williams is the reason he and his son’s relationship has become so strained. Kevin is saying that Wendy has gotten in their son’s ear about him, talking smack and “brainwashing” him. In the last few weeks, Hunter Sr. has sent his son lengthy text messages and has invited him to spend time together but he’s been getting back one-word replies. 

Before Wendy filed for divorce, Kevin and Kevin were apparently super tight so the changes have to do with the entertainer, according to TMZ.

Wendy Williams' Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son
Johnny Nunez/Wire/Getty s