50 Cent Destroys Lala Kent & Randall Emmett With Cruel Memes

There is no stopping 50 Cent. The man is absolutely relentless. He won’t retire his trollery until he gets what he wants. These days, all he’s after is revenge and money. He’s charging all his friends interest on their loans, ensuring that he makes some extra coin every time he goes out his pocket on the bill. This entire experiment started with Randall Emmett earlier this year. Debt collector “Fty” publicly ended his feud with the producer in April but it’s back on now after Lala Kent, Emmett’s fiancée, spoke on their beef recently. Curtis Jackson is now serving his ferociousness with fervor, coming through with a multitude memes this morning.

“Rise in shine puffy face, it’s gym time but I’m sure your having a hangover,” wrote 50 online today, referring to 29-year-old Kent as “drunk face” in the post. He also took the time to repost her own message on his account, taking further shots at Emmett’s fiancée. “Shut up bitch, you started with the wrong person good night,” wrote Jackson.

At this point, we’re not sure what will lead to the end this beef. Things might temporarily come to a close for 50 Cent but the drama will seemingly never subside. Check out his latest attacks below.

Cardi B Claps Back At Body Shaming Trolls: "I Don’t Have Time To Work Out"

Cardi B has never been scared to shed light on her plastic surgery moves and the liposuction updates she’s made to her body. The “Press” rapper has previously admitted to getting work done after the birth her daughter and her more recent surgeon visits fored her to cancel a string shows due to the healing process. 

Cardi B Claps Back At Body Shaming Trolls: "I Don't Have Time To Work Out"
Craig Barritt/Getty s

Since Cardi has always been so open, she’s having a hard time with other women who are trolling her in her comment sections and she posted (and deleted) a video her going f about the latter. “I remember when I had no motherfuckin’ titties, and I remember when I had a fun-size ass. I only come at people about their body when they’re talking shit about me,” she said, Daily Mail.

She added: “Y’all going to be like “Oh, she think she all that because she got her body done. But you ain’t going to talk about how you were saying under her comments, “Oh bitch, don’t go to the ocean or you going to kill all the whales with your motherfuckin’ plastic ass body bitch”. I bet you ain’t going to say that.”

Cardi even brought up her sister, Hennessy Carolina, who’s an all-natural woman and used her as an example someone who may not have been surgically altered, but it doesn’t mean she’s dissing the next woman who has. “So y’all talking shit about these bitchs’ bodies because you want it, or what? Cause it sounds like you hatin.(sic)'”

Cardi even responded to comments suggesting she go to the gym if she wants to have a better body. “My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So no, I don’t have time to work out and I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out ― is not get fixed.’ 

Cardi B Claps Back At Body Shaming Trolls: "I Don't Have Time To Work Out"
Noam Galai/Getty s

Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Trump For Calling Her John Legend’s "Filthy Mouthed Wife"

Chrissy Teigen has been a pioneer trolling President Donald Trump and it turns out he’s been furiously reading her tweets. He reached a tipping point on Sunday night after seeing her husband, John Legend on MSNBC‘S “NBC Nightly News”. Legend accompanied the show’s anchor, Lester Holt, to New York’s maximum security prison, Sing Sing, to investigate America’s issues mass incarceration. 

Apparently Trump tuned in to the broadcast last night because he fired f on Twitter afterwards. As we know, Trump yearns for recognition and praise, so when he saw that this report failed to mention the First Step Act that he signed in December, he felt slighted. The First Step Act is a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that seeks to reduce inmates’ sentences and lower recidivism rates in federal prisons. 

Trump sent out four steaming tweets tooting his own horn for accomplishing what “Obama couldn’t come close” to. He then criticized “boring” John Legend for eliding his name on the show and referred to Chrissy Teigen as “his filthy mouthed wife”, even though she didn’t even appear on the program. Clearly, Trump has been waiting for an opportunity to get bet back at Teigen for all her mocking replies to his tweets. 

Teigen, who was at home drawing a sign for her daughter’s first day school, was unfazed when responding to Trump’s vitriol. She owned Trump’s labeling her with pride, tweeting, “lol what a pussy ass bitch”. Legend pointed out the desperation evidenced in Trump’s tweets when writing, “Imagine being president a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody–ANYBODY–will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you.”

#TeamChrissy and #filthymouthedwife are now trending on Twitter, while Chrissy is hoping #PresidentPussyAssBitch will take f too. 

Alibaba Snags NetEase's Kaola for $2 Billion — And Drops $700 Million on NetEase Cloud Music

Alibaba has purchased NetEase’s Kaola e-commerce platform in a deal worth $2 billion.  The deal also includes a massive investment in NetEase’s music streaming service.

Alibaba is now control of the biggest Chinese online marketplace for foreign brands.  Its own platform. Tmall Import and Export, is simply dwarfed by Kaola.  According to the terms of the deal, Kaola will operate independently under a new CEO. Alvin Liu is a Tmall veteran who will assume the role.

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma’s Yungfeng Capital also invested $700 million in NetEase Cloud Music.

NetEase will remain the controlling shareholder of its music app, according to deal terms shared with DMN.  Both Alibaba and NetEase have fought vicious battles against Tencent Holdings, which is emerging as a ferocious heavyweight in the music space.  The rapid ascent of Tencent has forced an unlikely partnership between Alibaba and NetEase.

With the sale of the e-commerce platform, NetEase will focus on its gaming business. Meanwhile, Alibaba will focus on strengthening its cross-board e-commerce platforms. Alibaba and Kaola control around 60% of all Chinese purchases of foreign brands.

The huge investment into NetEase Cloud Music comes just after $600 million raised in a fundraising round. Baidu Inc., General Atlantic and Boyu Capital are just a few of the firms participating in that funding round.

China is currently investigating rival Group over its licensing practices. Tencent Music and NetEase Music agreed to relicense 99% of their music catalogs to one another. The 1% exclusive content is how the two services are trying to set themselves apart.

So where will the $700 million be deployed?  Shenzhen analyst Shawn Yang says NetEase will use the funding to buy copyrights.  If true, an IP grab could spike prices worldwide for coveted catalogs, which is great news for owners of valuable IP.  Throughout, NetEase is hoping to eventually rival Tencent Music Entertainment in China, though Tencent’s partial purchase of Universal Music Group will make that a difficult challenge.

Shaq Replies To Dwight Howard’s Comments With Love & Affection

If there was one beef that NBA fans truly didn’t care about anymore, it would probably have to be Shaq and Dwight Howard. The two have been at each other’s throats since the 2000s, although only Shaq seems to be petty enough to keep the feud going. Shaq has been steady trolling Howard for years now and instead replying back with some vigorous trolling his own, Howard has taken the high road and has pressed his love for Shaq instead.

Yesterday, we reported on Howard who told ClutchPoints’ Ryan Ward that “Shaq and Kobe are some the greatest players to ever play the game basketball. I have nothing but love and respect for those guys.” In a new Instagram post, Shaq responded to those comments and instead trolling, he complimented Howard.

“Love u to Dwight,” Shaq wrote.

Shaq never really expanded on this comment further so there is no telling whether or not it was just a sarcastic jab. We know trolling isn’t exactly beneath Shaq as he does it every single day to Charles Barkley on TNT. 

Now that these two seem to be on good terms, we hope this beef is finally going to be put to bed. It’s long overdue especially with Shaq out the league for almost a decade now.

Billie Eilish’s First Kiss Is Getting Trolled By Her Fans

Bille Eilish’s personal story about her first kiss that she shared with fans during her tour performances has blown up into something far more than what she imagined. As the story goes, Billie had her first kiss two years with a boy named Henry Whitford. The duo went to a movie together and then decided to chill on a rotop afterward where they happened to kiss. 

“Wow, that was really not as magical at all as I thought it was going to be,” Henry said after the kiss, according to Billie. The “Bad Guy” singer then shouted out Henry and dedicated a song to him.


Since then, Billie’s fans managed to find Henry on Instagram and they’ve left numerous comments on his photo – some good some bad. “How was the kiss not magical enough for you billie has the best lips,” one user wrote, while another added: “Can’t believe this guy who looks like a character out the diary a wimpy kid kissed @billieeilish and had the never to say what he said honestly two years isn’t enough cure that her first kiss.”

Both Henry and Billie have yet to respond to the overflow comments. 

Dwight Howard Addresses Shaq & Kobe Bryant After Twitter Trolling

Dwight Howard is back with the Los Angeles Lakers after about half a decade bouncing around from team to team. While Howard is excited to be back with the team, there has been some trolling going on when it comes to his former foe, Shaq. Of course, Shaq used to play for the Lakers and when Howard was coming up in the league, Shaq was incredibly critical Howard. This criticism became amplified when Howard had his first stint with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Just last week, Shaq began trolling Howard even though the latter wasn’t really interested in a back and forth.

Howard’s relationship to Shaq and Kobe is a complicated one and during his first Lakers press conference yesterday, he addressed all the chatter. 

“Shaq and Kobe are some the greatest players to ever play the game basketball,” Howard, Via ClutchPoints’ Ryan Ward. “I have nothing but love and respect for those guys.”

So there you have it, Howard still doesn’t have anything bad to say about either Laker legend and instead, seems more focused on his own play. Lakers fans should be excited about Howard’s newfound attitude as he seems as determined as ever to prove his doubters wrong.

It’s good to see Howard be the bigger man and not pay attention to the slander Shaq has been throwing his way for years.

Hurricane Dorian Washed Up Multiple Bricks Of Cocaine On Florida Beaches

Many are fearing for their lives and their homes as Hurricane Dorian inches towards the United States. The hurricane already hit the Bahamas, reportedly killing atleast twenty people. However, it also appears as though someone may have lost a copious amount cocaine due to the hurricane. According to NBC News, over a dozen bricks cocaine have washed up on the shore two beaches in Florida. 

A police ficer received a complaint from someone at the beach that something strange and suspicious washed ashore at Paradise Beach Park. The ficer, who was patrolling the grounds on foot, located the suspicious package that was “wrapped in a way that was consistent with narcotics,” according to a police spokesperson. The package was later tested and determined to be cocaine.

Elsewhere in Florida, another fifteen bricks made its way onto the shore Cocoa Beach — located 20 miles north Paradise Peach Park. Police found a dufflebag which carried fifteen bricks in total. Sergeant Manny Hernandez said that one kilo cocaine goes for $20K to $30K in the Orlando area. Needless to say, the individual who lost the fifteen bricks is probably punching the air right now. The bricks have been turned over the U.S. Custom and Border Protection, Hernandez said.

Issues have been warned for Hurricane Dorian in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Too $hort Becomes Cannabis Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, CA – Too $hort has reportedly partnered with Green Holdings Group and White Angel Farms to launch a new cannabis line called “TOO $HORT STIX.”

According to The Blast, the pre-rolled joint life is nothing new for Short. He says he funded his early rap career by selling them along with his mixtapes, plus he’s been a cannabis connoisseur for over 30 years.

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Short Dogg’s Instagram Live videos were shared to the Green Holdings Group’s IG and show Short strolling through the company’s “What’s My Favorite Joint” (Why they gotta say it like Short?) event in Los Angeles last month.

The legendary MC joins the long line of artists who have invested in the marijuana industry, including Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, JAY-Z and more.

Too $hort Becomes Cannabis Entrepreneur

Are Hit Songs Under Attack? What a Top Music Industry Attorney Thinks About the Rise In Copyright Trolling

In the wake of the $2.78 million copyright infringement decision against Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” the industry is getting very, very concerned.  Here’s what one industry attorney is doing about the scary rise in questionable copyright infringement litigation.

Ed McPherson is one of biggest attorneys in the music industry.  And he’s getting worried about a spate of recent music copyright infringement decisions with highly-controversial outcomes.

The latest of those decisions involves Flame, a relatively-unknown Christian rapper who scored a $2.78 million award after suing Katy Perry, producer Dr. Luke, Capitol Records and others involved in the 2013 hit, “Dark Horse” for copyright infringement.  McPherson doesn’t agree with the decision — to put it mildly — and deeply questioned whether the U.S. court system is producing reasonable outcomes.

I asked McPherson if the music industry is in trouble.

“I think it is, I really see this as an outgrowth of the ‘Blurred Lines’ case,” McPherson noted, while referencing the  handed to the Marvin Gaye estate against Pharrell and Robin Thicke.

Those were “horrendously wrong” decisions, according to McPherson, with an ongoing copyright lawsuit against Led Zeppelin over alleged infringement on “Stairway to Heaven” also noted.  The “Stairway to Heaven” case is now being heard on appeal, with an initial victory by Zeppelin in limbo.

Earlier, I’ve written that the music industry is facing what I call a , with a reference to the dramas of “patent trolling” impacting the tech industry.   But McPherson pointed to another industry — film and TV — in which certain production elements like chase scenes are ruled by courts as scènes à faire, meaning they are so commonplace to building scenes and stories that they are never considered copyrightable.

The music industry, by comparison, lacks those scènes à faire standards, even for basic building blocks like descending scales and simple rhythms.

In the case of music, judges and juries also lack basic music theory knowledge and can’t discern common building blocks.

“A judge looks at [a music copyright case] and says, ‘Look, I don’t speak this language, let’s hear from the experts’.  You then get one expert saying this is a car chase or a rabbit out of a hat for a musician, and then you have another expert saying, ‘no, this is the most unique piece of music I’ve ever heard in my life’.”

I asked how it was possible that two trained musicologists could possibly disagree on the musical equivalent of a chase scene.  And the answer was pretty depressing — with huge implications for the future of musical creativity and expression.

Here’s my interview with Ed.

T.I. Continues to Battle Allegations of Cryptocurrency Fraud

Rapper T.I. is hoping to escape a lawsuit filed against him by investors in a failed cryptocurrency ICO, FLiK.

Investors allege that T.I. — whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. — hyped up the entertainment company FLiK and its ICO.  The rapper heavily promoted the ICO with the company’s executive, Ryan Felton.

The duo promised a major return on investment, but now the token is worthless.  Seriously.  Here’s a look at where FLiK sits today, with 99.26% value lost.

T.I. Continues to Battle Allegations of Cryptocurrency Fraud

T.I. filed for a dismissal on Thursday, saying the amended complaint lists him and Felton as controlling shareholders. However, it’s not mathematically possible for both oft hem to own more than 50% of the company.

The dismissal also says that T.I.’s actions did not induce the investors to purchase the tokens. It also says the complaint lacks sufficient evidence that he solicited investors to buy tokens.

Most of the original lawsuit’s content revolved around the rapper’s tweets about the failed ICO. that Harris and Felton ran a pump and dump scheme, hyping FLiK with celebrity endorsements. Investors claim they were outright duped, even though they were investing in a highly speculative financial bet with no regulations.

FLiK tokens were supposed to address the issue of low artist payouts for royalties. Using blockchain ledgers and transactions, FLiK promised creators up to 98% of their profits.

Early on, Felton promised investors a skyrocketing token from $0.06 to $14.99 in 15 months. FLiK hit an all-time high of around $0.35 USD before people realized it was a scam.

T.I.’s lawyers argue that the validity of the case comes down to whether Georgia’s securities laws apply. During its brief life, FLiK was a globally traded token.

“We don’t see how Georgia law would govern sales on some exchange somewhere any more than say Hawaiian law would.”

T.I. also labeled two other claims against him as “shotgun pleadings.”  Specifically, he says claims of unjust enrichment and punitive damages generalize the facts and should be thrown out as well.

GoDigital Pumps $40 Million Into Cinq Music for an Even Bigger IP Shopping Spree

The time to purchase massive amounts of music-related IP is now.

Hipgnosis isn’t the only one making massive bets on music IP.  Just this morning, GoDigital Media Group pumped $40 million into its subsidiary, Cinq Music, for publishing and recording asset purchases.  Cinq also indicated that it will use the funding to stretch further internationally.

The move follows an earlier injection of $20 million back in 2017, which helped to secure rights to a number of highly-valued T.I. albums.  Cinq also inked a global recording and distribution pact with Janet Jackson and her Rhythm Nation Records imprint.

Fun stuff, though Cinq is easily getting outbid for choice catalogs — if they’re even bidding — and valuations keep going up. That would partly explain the newfound $40 million tranche, which GoDigital is classifying as a ‘Series C’ round.

It’s unclear if any other investors besides umbrella company GoDigital are involved in this ‘funding,’ though we’ve reached out to GoDigital Chairman and CEO Jason Peterson for clarification.

In terms of what’s being eyed, Cinq is keeping its cards close to the vest.

Barry Dafurn, Cinq’s President, only pointed to “some very exciting projects that we can’t wait to show the world”.

The Santa Monica, CA-based GoDigital, which is a holding company focused on “technology enabled intellectual property rights management,” traverses IP acquisition, distribution, and collection and counts Cinq Music among several properties.  Sister companies include VidaPromo, LatidoMusic, AdShare, and ContentBridge, with Peterson first creating the umbrella firm in 2005.

Incidentally, one of Peterson’s longtime connections is No Limit boss Master P, who is now President of Urban Music for Cinq Music.

Meanwhile, recording and publishing IP continues to look like the new oil, though challenges certainly remain.  Investors in this space continue to tell DMN about difficulties extracting value, thanks to the inanities of royalty accounting and collection.  Indeed, there are now potentially dozens of companies and firms dedicated to solving one or several pieces of this puzzle, though working through difficult metadata challenges, misreporting and outright theft remain expensive and time-consuming challenges.

Separately, a dark cloud of copyright trolling is now hanging on the horizon. Just this week, Lady Gaga for a somewhat ridiculous melody match. The claim might seem frivolous, except when the recent, suffered by Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Capitol Records is considered.

All of that increases the risk of litigation around well-known catalogs, potentially lowering valuations over the long term.




50 Cent Ridicules Bow Wow: "If You Didn’t Act Crazy You Could Have Been A Tycoon"

50 Cent‘s mockery Bow Wow started up again this afternoon, his underlying motive being: the tacked-on interest he forgot to tabulate when he wiped the slate clean in the month June. If you’ll recall, Bow Wow was accused stealing 50’s hard-earned cash during a romp at the strip attended by many famous observers.

50 Cent Ridicules Bow Wow: "If You Didn’t Act Crazy You Could Have Been A Tycoon"

Ethan Miller/Getty s

From there, things escalated to the point where Fty began referring to the Summer months as the “Bow Wow War” before it reached its end. Fast forward to this afternoon, and Bow Wow’s career downfall was once again, plastered on the face the teleprompter for all to see. “If you didn’t act crazy you could have been at TYCOON now you stuck in London. LOL,” 50 Cent languished on Instagram, at Bow Wow’s expense if that wasn’t already obvious.

Rather than sit there and idle, Bow Wow responded the gag in the comments, by assuring 50 Cent that he was doing well financially. “Hahahahaha motherf****** im getting this bag tho bro! Yall turn up for me,” he wrote, before crawling to the kitchen for another hot pocket. No need for the coast guard this time around, as the constituents appear to be sun-soaked, delirious, and completely out quarters. 

People Can’t Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

Just a few days ago Cardi, took to Instagram to give her fans on an up-close-and-personal tour her garage and all the insane cars she shares with her hubbyOffset – which included: her blue Lamborghini, the Lambo truck Offset had bought for her, her black Maybach, three Offset’s black and red rides: a Wraith, Bentley truck,Rolls Royce truck, their black Porsche, an orange McLaren, and a huge raised truck with an orange interior. This time, it was Offset’s turn to hit the Gram with his own flex, showing f his a neck (and hand) decked with some pretty insane ice, alongside the caption “IM BLACK AND IM PROUD. Rip JAMES BROWN.” However, it’s not the drip that has people talking but rather: Offset’s hand.People couldn’t help but notice that the Father Four’s hand looked smaller than the rest him. Indeed, if you take a look at the picture its pretty much the first thing you’re likely to notice. The hand, which is gloved and fisted, appears to look, well… pretty much like an infant’s hand.

And, as they are, fans were QUICK to flood the Migos member’s comment sections with remarks asking just wtf was going on, as well as roasting Offset. Some just took to pointing out how miniature it looked, but others questioned whether it was really even his hand, with one user saying “who tf hand is that!? 😭😭😭” and another remarking “That can’t be his hand 😂😂😂.” Some other users even comically compared the little guy to the butler from Scary Movie 2‘s own tiny hand. Check out some the funniest comments below.

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand


Immature, Ray J, Day 26, J. Holiday, & B5 Announce "#TBTour"

The promotions company behind the Millennium Tour is still reeling from the success because they’re back with another throwback R&B concert series. They have yet to announce the ficial dates, but G-Squared Events has revealed that their upcoming “#TBTour” will feature Immature, Ray J, Day 26, J. Holiday, and B5. Aside from all the artists reposting the same photo and caption, not much information has been made available about the upcoming concerts. The responses thus far from fans has been a mixed bag, but many are looking forward to this group hitting the road to deliver some their fan-favorite ’90s and 2000s R&B jams.

According to Billboard Boxscore, the Millennium Tour raked in over $5 million within three cities in April alone, so reprising the show with another group artists only made sense to the promoters. There were adoring fans who helped sell out arenas to see B2K, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Mario, Chingy, and Bobby V, but only time will tell whether or not the response will be just as enthusiastic for the new R&B crew. If so, you never know, Drake may add them to OVO Fest 2020’s list performers. Will you be copping tickets to the TBTour?