Bryan Cranston Sends Message To Donald Trump: "Media Is Not The Enemy’"

Bryan Cranston was at the Tony Awards last night and accepted an award for portraying newsman Howard Beale in the Broadway play, Network. Bryan not only dedicated his acceptance speech to journalists everywhere but also sent a message to President Donald Trump letting him know that media is now the enemy, in regards to Trump’s “fake news” rants. 

“I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world both in the print media and also broadcast media who actually are in the line fire with their pursuit the truth,” he told the audience, as per CNN. “The media is not the enemy the people. Demagoguery is the enemy the people.” 

Bryan Cranston Sends Message To Donald Trump: "Media Is Not The Enemy’"
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While Trump’s name was not called out, it’s clear who Bryan was referring to and even discussed the perception the media further after his speech, detailing how it’s “absurd” to believe that media is the enemy the people.

“If that message keeps getting propagated over and over and over again, sometimes it starts to seep in,” he explained. “The perception the truth is ten more important than the truth. Because if people believe it, it doesn’t matter really if it’s true or not. So, the opposite message has to be continued to put out there.”

Azealia Banks Sides With Alabama: "Abortion Is A Luxury Provided By Modern Science"

Azealia Banks is the latest public figure to address the issue Alabama’s change in legislation governing abortion. For the sake objectivity, I’ll refrain from criticizing her opinion, mostly due to the fact that as a woman color, Azealia Banks has more to gain/lose from this ongoing debate. That said, Azealia Bank’s decision to stand behind what other’s perceive as oppressive measures by the Alabaman senate (and other caucuses in the Confederate States) is riddled with nuances and contradictory statements.

Azealia Banks Sides With Alabama: "Abortion Is A Luxury Provided By Modern Science"

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For starters, Azealia Banks stands on two fronts. She stands behind the criminalization Abortion, but only as it pertains to control the Pharmaceutical Industry maintains over the practice itself. In the closing sentence her public address, Banks defines abortion as a “modern luxury provided by modern science,” while altogether showing a semblance solidarity with the anti-establishment and pro-choice movement in America.

As she clearly states in the caption the Instagram posting, her PSA was written in response to Munroe Bergdorf dedicated efforts on the same platform. For added context: Bergdorf is an English transgender model and activist who was herself ejected from a lucrative L’Oréal sponsorship after her racial commentary was taken out context.

HBO Having None Of Donald Trump’s "Game Of Thrones" Meme

Game Of Thrones fever has reached a monumental state. Naturally, the internet has been vibrant with buzzing Thrones memes, many which include the piercing gaze Brandon Stark. Given the fervent nature  the Thrones takeover, it was only a matter time before Donald Trump revisited his “Sanctions Are Coming” formula, once again blending HBO’s series with real-world politics. And once again, HBO has taken a stance against it. 

Citing a recent development from the Mueller trial, Donald Trump fered a firm message to his opposition. “No collusion. No obstruction,” he writes. “For the haters and radical left democrats – GAME OVER.” And course, he made sure to utilize the signature Game Of Thrones font for additional emphasis. Now, speaking with The Blast, an HBO representative has issued a response to Trump’s chosen meme, elaborating on why they’re not for it. “Though we can understand the enthusiasm for Game Thrones now that the final season has arrived, we still prefer our intellectual property not be used for political purposes,” writes the rep. 

If you recall, Donald Trump previously caught some flak from HBO for the aforementioned “Sanctions Are Coming” meme, which prompted the network to hit him with the snark. 

Donald Trump Says Obama Nearly Kicked Off A Nuclear War With North Korea

Donald Trump’s phrase is about as strong as a microwavable pizza bagel, however that hasn’t stopped him from talking within the loudest method, nearly each time he opens his mouth. His newest pronouncement towards Barack Obama has him claiming that America’s earlier President virtually led the nation right into a conflict with North Korea. Trump uttered his phrases at a press convention on Friday, the place he once more patted himself on the again for saving the US–A from an all however sure Nuclear recreation chess with the Socialist regime.

“I consider he would have gone to conflict with North Korea,” Trump informed members the press. “I feel he was able to go to conflict. In truth, he informed me he was so near beginning a giant conflict with North Korea.”

In response to these claims, Barack Obama’s memoirist jumped on Twitter to level out, that though America and North Korea are always at odds for varied philosophical and downright insensible causes, the 2 international locations weren’t on the brink a conflict in 2016 – as a result of as Rhodes so aptly put it, “Highlighting the longstanding and extensively identified risk North Korea’s nuclear program could be very totally different from saying..” you get the gist.

Cardi B Clashes With Right-Wing Pundit : "Leave Me Alone I Will Dog Walk You"

Cardi B would finally witness her “Government Shutdown” rant remixed right into a hilarious banger a music. But even at that, Cardi confirmed little signal backing down from the symposium, as she continued her ranting effectively into the evening (Saturday). Then following the issuance an anti-Trump Tweet, Fox’s right-wing pundit Tomi Lahren joined in, on the first signal a rubber match. “Looks like @iamcardib is the newest genius political thoughts to endorse the Democrats,” she mockingly Tweeted at Cardi – within the guise an goal reporter.

Incidentally, Cardi B wasn’t having any it. “Leave me alone I’ll canine stroll you,” she affirmed, forcing Lahren to concede defeat, however not earlier than taking a parting shot as she signed out. “I’m positive you’ll. Still doesn’t make your political rambling any much less moronic,” Lahren wrote in closing.

But ultimately, Cardi would have the final snicker all to herself – her longwinded tweet addressing each systematic racism and blind patriotism, standing taller than the remaining. All earlier than the graduation Sunday mass, I’d add.