LaVar Ball Gives Tour Of The Big Baller Brand Estate: Watch

LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand experiment turned out to be a total flop, but the Ball Father is still living large at his massive estate in Southern California. In the season two premiere The Players’ Tribune’s “House Guest” (think MTV Cribs with a twist), as Nate Robinson made the trek to Chino Hills to take a tour the Big Baller Brand estate.

The 13,800-square-foot home, reportedly priced at $5.2 million, comes with all the bells and whistles including a gourmet kitchen, elevator, movie theater, weight room, swimming pool and a 1,200-square-foot guest house. As you’d expect, LaVar’s estate is also filled with “BBB” logos, including on the front the home, in the grand chandelier and in the pool.

Check out the full episode in the video embedded below.

Mathew Knowles: Jagged Edge Members Sexually Harassed Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

Beyonce‘s father, Mathew Knowles, is set to drop a tell-all book on his life as a former manager Destiny’s Child that consisted Bey, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The 67-year-old recently chatted with Vlad TV about some the book’s ferings and revealed that his daughter along with Kelly was a victim ual harassment by two Jagged Edge members when they were on a joint tour. 

Mathew Knowles: Jagged Edge Members Sexually Harassed Beyonce & Kelly Rowland
Chris Weeks/Liaison/Getty

Mathew admitted that it was a “poor” decision he made when he put both groups on the bus. “Now remember, the girls are minors. They’re 16-years-old the guys are 21, 22-years-old,” he explained. “…] I got a call from Kelly and Beyonce – and I talk about this in the book in detail – saying that they were constantly being harassed by two other members Jagged Edge. I couldn’t have that.” Mathew said he kicked the men f the bus at the next tour stop. Jagged Edge consisted  Brian Casey, Brandon Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman but Mathew did not name who the two culprits were. 

Neither Beyonce, Kelly or any Jagged Edge member has responded to the claims but we can only assume that some reaction will arrive in due time. Vlad asked Mathew just exactly how he handled a group men trying to sleep with his daughter. “We won’t talk about that on camera,” he said. 

Amazon Prime Teases "The Boys" Second Season With This Trailer

Amazon Prime successful TV series The Boys will be returning for a second season, and the first teaser has ficially– albeit perhaps accidentally– been released. The trailer doesn’t tell the fans too much, but one thing it does promise is a lot more action and excitement. Karl Urban will uphold his role as Billy Butcher. Other actors and actresses that can be seen in the preview include Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, Tomer Capon, Erin Moriarty, and more. Terror the Bulldog will also be making a return.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke gave un update on what to expect in season 2: “Once you end up on that season 1 cliffhanger, you know that’s going to be a big part season 2, you know that Stillwell’s death is going to be a big part season 2, and superheroes being in the military.” Kripke went on further to describe his process setting up the suspense, “I always try to write the season finale as a pilot for the following season and make sure that whatever we’re talking about in that finale are issues we’re going to be interested in exploring next year.”

The original YouTube video was taken down shortly after it dropped, but you can watch it this stealthy twitter user below.

Camila Cabello Enlists DaBaby for New Album

In less than two weeks, Camila Cabello is set to release her highly-anticipated sophomore album Romance.

In addition to the hit “Señorita” with boyfriend Shawn Mendes, the project will feature a collaboration with DaBaby, who appears on “My Oh My.” According to The Sun, the “deliciously carnal” song is “her naughtiest yet — and sounds like a sequel to global hit Havana,” her chart-topping collaboration with Young Thug.

“My mama doesn’t trust him, he’s only here for one thing but, so am I,” Camila sings on the track, adding, “I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl / Tonight I don’t want to be her.”

Other highlights include the vulnerable “Easy,” the break-up anthem “Feel It Twice,” and piano-driven “First Man,” inspired by her father.

Romance, the follow-up to Camila’s self-titled 2018 debut, is due Dec. 6. “Intimate, passionate, and deliciously modern in production — there is no stopping Camila,” writes The Sun.

DaBaby has had an epic year himself. In addition to releasing his No. 1 album KIRK in September, he has collaborated with Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and J. Cole.

Mark Ruffalo Wants The Hulk To Have A Cameo In "She-Hulk"

Mark Ruffalo is ficially the only Avenger that doesn’t get his own entertainment venture. When The Incredible Hulk  movie dropped, Edward Norton was still playing Bruce Banner. Imagine if he had stayed in the MCU? Either way, Ruffalo picked up the role for The Avengers and has played The Hulk ever since. Captain America had a trilogy, Thor has a fourth film coming out, Iron-Man had a trilogy, and now Black Widow is getting a film and Hawkeye is getting a show. That leaves Ruffalo as the odd man out. Marvel will be bringing a She-Hulk series to Disney +, and since in the comics Hulk and She-Hulk are related, it makes sense to include Mark Ruffalo on the TV show.

Talking with People, Ruffalo was asked about Marvel’s She-Hulk series. “I don’t know,” he said when asked if he would make an appearance.  “I’m supposed to go talk to Kevin Feige] to see if there’s someplace for me].” He was then asked if he would “want to” cameo in She-Hulk, or anywhere else in the MCU, and course Ruffalo said yes. “Sure. Why not?,” he responded. It appeared as if he was gingerly trying not to spoil anything. Do you want to see The Hulk in more MCU content? 

"Weeds" Sequel Series Is "In Active Development"

According to Variety, a sequel to the dark comedy, Weeds, is in the making. Airing on Starz, the new show will follow the Botwin family 10 years after the events the original series. It’s currently being referred to as “Weeds 4.20,” by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer.

"Weeds" Sequel Series Is "In Active Development"Frazer Harrison / Getty s

“As excited as we are about our new series, I want to remind everyone that ‘the old is also new,’ and we’re pleased to be bringing two the most acclaimed shows in television history, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Weeds,’ to the global syndication marketplace next year,” Feltheimer said. “We will be launching the marketing campaign for ‘Mad Men,’ winner 16 Emmys and five Golden Globes during its eight-year run, later this month. And we’re thrilled to be back in business with series star and producer Mary Louise Parker on what we’re calling ‘Weeds 4.20,’ already in active development at Starz, as we prepare a comprehensive and integrated rollout for one television’s most beloved properties.”

Weeds originally ran for eight seasons from 2005 to 2012, raking in 20 Emmy nominations during that time. Original star, Mary-Louise Parker, who was nominated for best actress in a comedy during her time on Weeds, is set to star in the follow-up.

Mitch Trubisky Lit Up By Adam Schefter For Complaining About Criticism

Mitch Trubisky has been one the most scrutinized quarterbacks in all the NFL this season thanks to his lackluster play with the Chicago Bears. Last season, he wasn’t the most impressive player but he looked as though he could do some serious damage this year with a full season being a starter under his belt. Instead, Trubisky has been one the biggest disappointments in the league this year and it has been pretty detrimental to the Bears who sit at a record 3-5.

Trubisky recently spoke about dealing with criticism and how he has turned f the TV’s in the Bears facility because he is sick and tired people ripping him to shreds. During the latest episode ESPN’s Get Up, Damien Woody laced into Trubisky for his comments while insider Adam Schefter went on a bit a rare rant his own.

“If you can’t handle some criticism, then you don’t need to be the quarterback,” Schefter said.

The entire panel couldn’t seem to believe that Trubisky would say something like this so publically considering how it’s a pretty embarrassing admission. When you’re the quarterback, you’re going to have to deal with people saying bad things about you and so far, Trubisky doesn’t seem like he can handle himself very well.

Charlamagne Tha God Gifts HBCU With $250K Scholarship Fund For Women

Charlamagne Tha God recently gifted a historically black college with a hefty scholarship fund dedicated to supporting Black women in their studies. According to BOSSIP, the famous radio host established a scholarship fund at South Caroline State University recently. CTHAGOD’s mother is actually a school alumnus and thus he decided to provide the scholarship in honour his mother dearest. This weekend, during the school’s homecoming game, the radio personality made his way to the university to present them a $250K check for the scholarship fund.

“Today was South Carolina States homecoming and I had the honor announcing “The Ford Family Endowed Scholarship Fund” named after my mother and my grandmothers maiden names,” shared the radio star. “We will be providing scholarships to black women in South Carolina who Major in English, (my mother’s major) Communications, (because I’m a Radio/TV Guy), and for any sister that wants to be a mental health pressional,” Charlamagne explained in his caption. “Always remember investing in an HBCU is investing in the future our people so the next time an HBCU asks for money, open that wallet.” The “Black Privilege” author shared the moment his Instagram as well, jokingly adding “I’m tapped out until February so to all friends and family, don’t even consider calling me this holiday season for nothing.”

A scholarship fund to support Black women is amazing. Good look, Charla!

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

A wallet-friendly pair of bookshelf speakers with great sound.

I was recently sent a pair of speakers from Q Acoustic. Previously, I’d tested and reviewed Q Acoustics’ 3020 and 2020 speakers and thought they were great for their respective price points. Initially, I was intrigued by these speakers because of their design. They have the option to include stands for these bookshelf speakers, so I thought it gave them a really nice look, especially in the white version.


Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Getting them unboxed, the quality of these speakers for the cost was immediately noticeable. These can be purchased for $400, and for that price, I cannot think of a speaker I would more strongly recommend. I’m using them with the Q Acoustic stands, which brings the price up to $650, but I still think they are an incredible value at that price.

I personally find the stands to be stylish (my wife doesn’t agree, so they won’t please everyone).

Once I got them set up and running, I was really impressed by their sound! Compared to the 2020s, these had a much fuller sound. It was sort of like a mix between the smoothness of the 3020s, with a more dramatic punchiness than the 2020s. They have lots of clarity thanks to the evenness of the highs, mids and low-end tones.

Comparison to tower speakers (3020)

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

The 3020s are great, but I think at this point, I would recommend them for much larger rooms than I can currently afford to live in. This could also be a byproduct of the listening conditions I personally prefer over what is more universally considered ‘good’, but I prefer the sound of the punchy bookshelf speakers over that of the sometimes overly warm and smooth tower speakers.

I’d have to bring the towers up to a louder volume than is really acceptable in an apartment building in order to get the same fullness and punchiness of sound I get from the bookshelves at moderate volumes.


Music sounds great through these speakers. The one thing that was lost between these and the larger tower speakers is some of the finer details in the treble. The power of the mids and lows somewhat overwhelmed them, but this is a pretty standard tradeoff. Because there is less room to create the bass, you get a more forceful sound out of them, which is that ‘punchiness’ I referred to earlier.

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Film and TV were also handled really well by these speakers. One of the problems I have with the tower speakers is that the smoothness of the midrange also makes voices a little less distinctive and pronounced. I think that people with large spaces and no shared walls may enjoy the larger tower speakers, but I found that the volume control between dialogue sections and more special effects-driven sections to be all over the place.

The consistent sound levels may have something to do with the more compact soundstage that the bookshelf speakers provide. But part of the solution may also come from the ‘Gelcore’ technology that allows for more evenness of volume without causing vibration noises. This allows for a pretty even volume, and I didn’t find myself constantly holding the remote to increase or decrease the volume of whatever I was watching.



Gelcore is a new technology that Q Acoustic invented and deploy in the Concept 20s. It separates the inner and outer walls of the speaker with a glue-like compound which remains viscous. The gel helps isolate the vibration into the inner cabinet of the speaker. This allows for fewer vibrations to be transferred into the room, enhancing the clarity of the sound.

An additional layer on the Concept 20 speaker stands is also used to enhance the experience for those who choose to purchase them. This new technology is absolutely effective and there is a clear and audible difference (your neighbors will also appreciate it if you have shared walls). Luckily, this will be utilized in future Q acoustic models as well; it’s the most important new addition to these speakers as compared to the previous models tested.


I think these speakers are a great purchase! These can be had for under $300 from various online stores. Anyone in the market for a pair of great-sounding bookshelf speakers will be extremely pleased with the Q Acoustic Concept 20s.

Dollywood Sued Over Unauthorized Use of 'Charlie Brown Christmas'

Christmas may be quickly approaching, but not everyone is in the holiday mood.

The film production company that owns the rights to the “Charlie Brown Christmas” theme song is suing the Dollywood theme park in a federal court for copyright infringement. The damages could end up being enormous.

Dollywood is a theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that is named after and pays homage to legendary country music star Dolly Parton, though she is not personally named in the suit. According to the lawsuit, the park has been using the theme song in its live Christmas performances for a dozen years in a stage show called “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Footage available on the Internet clearly depicts the cast of the show singing the song, with its melody playing in the background.

Lee Mendelson Film Productions, which is a company based in Los Angeles named after one of the co-writers of the song, is the owner of the song’s copyright. They want Dollywood to pay them $150,000 for each time the song has been used without permission as well as for each use in the future.

While the song is commonly known as the “Charlie Brown Christmas” theme song, its actual name is “Christmas Time Is Here.”

It was written in 1965 by both Mendelson and jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” television special, which has since become a timeless classic and a staple of holiday TV programming. Mendelson was also the executive producer of the special.

Dollywood issued a brief statement in response to the suit. They said that, while they are aware of it, they would not directly comment on it, citing the fact that it is pending legislation.

The lawsuit should not have been a complete surprise to the theme park, as the production company warned it last year that it was using the song in an unlicensed manner. Then again, the performance itself could be considered a cover, and authorized by U.S. statutory licensing rules.

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord" Releasing With A Unique Twist

Another day, another rumor about what to expect from Jordan Brand’s 2020 lineup.

The latest development regarding next year’s Air Jordan releases pertains to the Air Jordan 11 Low, which will reportedly be returning in an alternate “Concord” color scheme. This time around, the sneaker’s namesake color is expected to take center stage on the patent leathr, rather than just appearing on the outsole and subtle detailing on the tongue.

According to sneaker source @Zsneakerheadz, the kicks will be another women’s exclusive, meaning they’ll only be available up to the equivalent a men’s size 9.5. A specific release date hasn’t been announced but it is believed the sneakers will be arriving in the spring 2020 for the retail price $185.

Early images the remixed “Concord” Air Jordan 11 Low have not yet surfaced, but they could look like the mockup shown below based on the leaked information. Stay tuned for more details.

Rob Gronkowski Joins Fox As NFL Analyst, Debut Date Announced

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is joining the Fox Sports team as an NFL analyst, and his first gig will take place this Thursday, October 10 as the undefeated Patriots host the New York Giants. 

Fox announced the Gronkowski will serve as an analyst on the pregame show, alongside Hall Famers Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan and Tony Gonzalez. Gronk, or rather someone on his PR team, issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding his move to TV.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining FOX Sports. For the past 25 years, they’ve fered viewers top-notch NFL programming from the field to the booth to the studio. Their deep talent roster is unmatched, which was important for me as I embark on this new chapter in my life because I’ll be able to learn from the best in the business.”

The Patriots enter their Week 6 matchup against the G-Men with an unblemished 5-0 record and the league’s top defense. Through their first five games, the Pats’ D has surrendered just two touchdowns and an average 6.8 points per game.

The Giants, meanwhile, are sitting at 2-3 for the year, but they are 2-1 with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones under center. Patriots-Giants, airing on Fox, is scheduled to kickf at 8:20pm ET but Gronk fans will want to tune in early to catch the pre-game antics.

Alex Trebek May Step Down As Host On "Jeopardy!" Due To Battle With Cancer

Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek announced his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer back in March and has not once thought about quitting his job on the show, until now. The 79-year-old previously had a successful round chemotherapy but things took a bad turn when he was readmitted to the hospital after cancer became more aggressive. “I lost about 12 pounds in a week. And my numbers went sky high. Much higher than they were when I was first diagnosed. So, the doctors have decided that I have to undergo chemo again. And that’s what I’m doing,” he stated.

Alex Trebek May Step Down As Host On "Jeopardy!" Due To Battle With Cancer
Gregg DeGuire/Getty s

Alex opened up to CTV News about his diagnosis and how his second round chemotherapy has given him sores in his mouth, delaying his speech. “I will keep doing it (the show) as long as my skills do not diminish, and they have started to diminish,” he said. Alex has hosted the game show for 35 years and has been apart more than 8,000 episodes. 

“I’m not afraid dying,” Alex added. “I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end that life … if it happens, why should I be afraid that? One thing they’re not going to say at my funeral, as a part a eulogy, is ‘He was taken from us too soon.’”

Ja Rule Clarifies If Ashanti Assisted Jennifer Lopez’s Vocals On "I’m Real"

One Ja Rule‘s best hits is “I’m Real” that was released in 2001 with the likes Jennifer Lopez as a feature. A while back, Ashanti (a frequent collaborator fo Ja Rule) explained how she demoed the track for JLo and some adlibs were left on the beat but Jennifer handled the verse. “They kept some the backgrounds and ad libs and stuff like that,” Ashanti said. “And it was funny, it was bittersweet because I was really excited ’cause it was J.Lo. But I was so mad at Irv. I was like, ‘You know I wanted that record!”

Ja Rule Clarifies If Ashanti Assisted Jennifer Lopez's Vocals On "I'm Real"
Jemal Countess/Getty s 

Ja Rule recently made a visit to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and he was asked about the latter and if it’s true or not. At first, Ja Rule said it’s a lie but then his explanation said something different.  

“So I wrote ‘I’m Real’ for Jennifer Lopez,” Ja Ruled said. “And I sung the original version it as a reference, but I sound terrible, course. … Ashanti then sung the reference for Jennifer Lopez.”

He added: “When they mixed down the record, Irv Gotti] left some the vocals underneath. … She has some vocals underneath, I believe. And that is the rumor. I don’t even know if it’s really true.”

Watch his full ‘explanation’ below.

T.I.’s Wife Tiny Reported $750,000 Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From Her Lamborghini

According to a report on WSB-TV, Tameka “Tiny” Harris reported almost $750,000 worth jewelry, including wedding rings, watches and stud earrings, stolen directly from her Lamborghini. She was with some friends at Bar Amalfi in Atlanta, and did not realize what had happened until she left the bar at night.  

The police department revealed that the singer had her items hidden in a blue Velour bag, which was itself stolen from the vehicle. The police also revealed there was no damage to the car, nor were there signs forced entry. She told the police that her friend went to grab a deck cards from the car, which, to her knowledge, was the last time her car was approached. However, Tiny refused to comment and stated that her friend had no knowledge the jewelry. 

Although there were many people that circled the vehicle that evening, it is difficult to pinpoint a suspect. $750,000 worth jewelry is not easy to lose. We’ll keep you posted as the investigation unravels.