Patrick Mahomes Could Return Sooner Than Expected: Report

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes went down with a dislocated kneecap and a high ankle sprain during Thursday’s victory over the Denver Broncos, but he could be ready to return in just three weeks time. In fact, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the reigning NFL MVP might be back in the lineup even sooner than three weeks, although the Chiefs are obviously not going to force him back until he is fully healthy.

Mahomes posted the following message on instagram on Sunday: “God was watching over me on that field! My brothers held it down! We keep it moving forward!”

MRI results on Mahomes’ knee were as good as the team could have hoped for, it just remains to be seen how quickly he’ll be able to recover and get back on the field. So far this season, Mahomes has completed 65% his passes for 2,180 yards with 15 touchdowns and just one interception. In his absence, KC will turn to veteran backup Matt Moore.

The Chiefs sit atop the AFC West with a record 5-2 as they prepare for a Sunday night showdown against the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 8. They’ll host the Minnesota Vikings in Week 9, followed by a pair road games against the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers before their bye week in Week 12.

Stephen A. Smith & Michael Irvin Deliver Explosive Cowboys Debate: Watch

Stephen A. Smith is known for being a wonderful objective sports journalist who looks at the world athletics from a fair and honest point view. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Smith delivers his opinions with a hatred that can only be explained by the fact he had to put up with Cowboys apologist Skip Bayless for a decade. Smith’s opinions on the Cowboys have been consistently questioned by the likes Michael Irvin who, course, is a Cowboys legend.

The two are constantly sparring about the Cowboys on ESPN’s First Take and this was especially true this morning as the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles last night in convincing fashion. Irvin came into the show with a purpose as he continued to rub the Cowboys win in the face Smith, who couldn’t do anything but just sit there and take it.

As you can see from the clips above, Irvin was in an explosive mood and thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. Smith laughed at times and tried to get a word in edge-wise but it was too late as Irvin had practically already won. 

With the win, the Cowboys are now 4-3 on the season and have sole possession first place in the NFC East. Meanwhile, Smith’s Steelers have been struggling all season without Big Ben.


Nick Young Makes NBA Finals Prediction, Says Nuggets Are "Scared Of LeBron"

The 2019-20 NBA season ficially tips f on Tuesday night and if you haven’t yet gone on the record with your NBA Finals prediction the time is now.

Ahead the season-opener, former NBA champion Nick Young sat down for an interview with Complex’s Adam Caparell, during which he made his selection for the 2020 NBA champion and explained why he thinks the Denver Nuggets won’t be as good as everyone thinks. In fact, Swaggy P says Denver is “scared LeBron.”

In addition to his thoughts about Denver, Young predicts that the Golden State Warriors will be an eighth seed, at best.

Caparell: If you have one crazy NBA prediction for the season what would that be?

Young: I will say either New Orleans making the eighth seed or Denver not making the playfs. I don’t think the Warriors going to make it this year. If they do, it’s the eighth seed.

Caparell: Denver was the No. 2 seed last year in the West. To have them go from the No. 2 seed and to not making the playfs this season that’s a hot take.

Young: That could be. They’re scared the Lakers, they’re scared LeBron. Every time Denver played LeBron, and they get killed. They’re going to be scared the Clippers.

Caparell: Who is your champion?

Young: Lakers.

Young, who won an NBA title with the Warriors during the 2017-18 campaign, appeared in just four games for the Nuggets last season before he was waived. He’s currently a free agent and is prepared to ficially announce his retirement if no teams come calling.

“This is pretty much like my last year, if nothing happened,” says Young, per Adam Caparell. “I’m just going to call it, it’s over. No more Swaggy P.”

Nick Young Makes NBA Finals Prediction, Says Nuggets Are "Scared Of LeBron"

Ezra Shaw/Getty s

Danny Brown Blasts Male Fan Who Heckled Opening Act Ashnikko

Danny Brown recently embarked on the Uknowhatimsayin¿ tour in support his latest album with opening acts ZelooperZ and Ashnikko. Unfortunately, during a recent show in Dallas, Ashnikko had to deal with a heckler who was undoubtedly doing the most to upset her. “last night some lame ass dude was heckling me n shouting that my “music sucks” while I was onstage. put his own headphones on & nearly had me in fuckin tears midset,” she tweeted.

The heckler didn’t go unnoticed and Danny Brown made a concerted effort to address it during his set. “Aye, my n***a. I heard that hoe ass sh*t you said to my niece, my n***a. How you think I’m ‘posed to handle that?” He asked the concert-goer before directly pointing him out. “Yeah, you. I heard what the fuck you said. I heard you, my n***a. I heard the fuck you said my n***a. Ain’t no mothafuckin’ jokes. We respect women.”

“You see me come out here with people, you respect them the same way you respect me if you a fan me, you know what I’m sayin’? Grow the fuck up, my n***a. You was wrong for that shit,” he continued. “Respect women, man. Regardless what, that’s a mothafuckin’ female. What the fuck she supposed to do? You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause now, we gotta beat you the fuck up,” he concluded before jumping into “Dirty Laundry.”

Ashnikko thanked him on Twitter for stopping his show to address the heckler. 

Rihanna Upsets Fans by Using Chris Brown Song in Fenty Beauty Video

It’s been a decade since Rihanna and Chris Brown split, but RiRi is still a fan of his music.

The singer took to social media on Saturday to promote her Fenty Beauty products, but it was her song choice that raised eyebrows. The clip shows her Glossy Posse lip gloss products in a pool, soundtracked by Chris Brown’s H.E.R. collaboration “Come Together.”

“Gang Gang. just me and my #GlossyPosse !!! @fentybeauty,” tweeted RiRi.

Fans took to social media to voice their disapproval based on their troubled past (The couple split in 2009 after Brown physically assaulted Rihanna). “Years of an abusive relationship brought about by the man singing this song,” tweeted one user, while Rihanna reportedly blocked another fan for their comment.

But not everyone was mad. Others, including members of Team Breezy, shared their support for her Indigo song selection. “That’s why I love you!! I knew that u we’re not a person that carries bad memories from others,” wrote one fan.

It wasn’t long before Chris himself noticed the post and left a heart emoji in Rihanna’s comments. He also showed his approval by reposting the clip on Instagram Stories with the praying hands and smiling face with hearts emojis.

Kanye West Considered Quitting Rap Because It’s the ‘Devil’s Music’

Kanye West almost turned his back on rap.

The rapper’s pastor, Adam Tyson, recently spoke with Christian-based media outlet Apologia Studios ( XXL) about Kanye’s religious rebirth and how its affected his music.

“[Kanye] started visiting our church back in mid-May,” said Tyson, who is the senior pastor at Placerita Bible Church in Newhall, Calif.

After showing up to service a few times, he requested to speak with Tyson. “[Kanye] said, ‘About five weeks ago, I got radically saved,’” shared the pastor. “He just started telling me a little about his testimony.”

Kanye told Tyson that he turned to Christianity after feeling the “weight of sin” from fame and the music industry. “The guilt of sin brought him down low,” he said. “He would say the devil basically brought him to a place where he just felt like he was in bondage to his sin. So he said, ‘I got delivered.’”

At one point, he even considered giving up rap altogether. “One time, he told me that he wasn’t going to rap,” Tyson revealed. “I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘Well, that’s the devil’s music.’ I said, ‘Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.’ I think he was already thinking about it a little bit, but I just definitely said, ‘Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God’s given you and use that platform for God.’”

Ye ultimately decided not to abandon his craft, but use it as vehicle to spread his beliefs. He continues to host his gospel-themed Sunday Service performances, which made a recent stop in Jamaica. His religious-themed album Jesus Is King is reportedly now due Oct. 25, while his film of the same name arrives in IMAX theaters the same day.

Future’s Baby Mama, Brittni, Flexes Her Expensive Watch Collection

Although Future may not be the easiest partner and father to pin down, he makes sure to shower his large clan with gifts. According to our Complete Guide to Future’s Baby Mamas, Brittni Mealy is the mother Prince and has vowed to never be with Future again.

However, Brittni and Future’s arrangement may have resulted in her acquiring some luxurious items. On Sunday, Brittni posted a photo her extensive watch collection on Instagram, asking her followers whether the seven pricey timepieces would qualify her as an addict. The majority the watches appear to be Rolex’s, a few them encrusted with diamonds. Brittni is also an Instagram model and founder clothing brand, Unicorn Universe, so it’s possible that neither Future or anyone else is responsible for fueling Brittni’s watch addiction. 

Future was credited recently for bringing another one his baby mamas, Joie, on a lavish trip to Turks and Caicos for her birthday. He appeared on Joie’s IG at one the vacation’s ritzy dinners and Joie later posted a new iced-out watch. Future also absurdly gifted his five-year-old son a Rolex for his birthday, so we could pick up on a pattern that the rapper shows his affection and appreciation in the form luxury watches. 

Dion Waiters Reacts To Being Suspended By Miami Heat

Dion Waiters will be watching from the sidelines when the Miami Heat host the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, following a disagreement he had with head coach Erik Spoelstra during Friday’s preseason finale. The Heat ultimately opted to suspend Waiters for the season opener, citing “conduct detrimental to the team.”

Pat Riley issued the following statement regarding the suspension:

“There were a number unacceptable incidents this week, culminating with his unpressional conduct on the bench last night. As a consequence, I feel we had to suspend him.”

Waiters, 27, has come f the bench in each the four preseason games he appeared in, and he clearly isn’t happy with his role right now. He took some jabs at Spolestra on social media over the weekend, writing that he only won a title because he had LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on his roster. Additionally, he laughed at a comment about Heat rookie Tyler Herro being better than him, and “liked” comments about him being waived or traded.

The Heat signed Waiters to a four-year, $52 million extension in July 2017, and he has averaged 12.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game in his 74 appearances since then. 

According to’s Sean Deveney, an anonymous NBA GM says the team has been trying to trade Waiters for almost a year now.

“They’ve been trying to trade him since last Christmas. No one was trying to take him on then. And after this kind thing suspension], it would be really hard to take him on now. He has had just kind junk attached to him just about his whole career.”

Tupac Shakur (Not That One) Arrested For Pulling A Knife On Police

The case is closed… we’ve found him! After years speculation, the real Tupac Amaru Shakur has been found in Tennessee and, strangely enough, he does not look anything like he used to. In one the most bizarre stories the entire year, a man named Tupac Shakur, who has zero relation to the rapper who was murdered in 1996, was arrested recently for drug possession, aggravated assault, possession drug paraphernalia, and more.

The Johnson City Press notes that a 40-year-old white man named Tupac Shakur was arrested after pulling a knife on police, resisting arrest after reportedly having a warrant out for his capture. When authorities tried to detain him, he reached for something in his waistband and pulled out a knife. At that point, he was wrestled to the ground and subdued after a struggle. 

Shakur reportedly had several baggies methamphetamine on his person with syringes. The man was held under $18K bond.

Of course, the nature this story is humorous, with the man sharing a name with the late rapper. Social media has been howling about this, reacting strongly with memes, jokes, and more online. Check out the best responses below. 

LaMelo Ball Teases Fans With Exciting And Slick No-Look Pass: Watch

As we head into a new season NBA basketball, many the narratives will be centered around the 2020 NBA Draft where a whole crop young players will be selected into the league. One the players who have gotten a ton traction recently is none other than LaMelo Ball who is currently in Australia playing for the Illawarra Hawks the NBL. So far, LaMelo has been a shining star in the league as he has consistently pulled f highlight-reel plays that make it to Twitter in droves.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be surprising that LaMelo pulled f yet another phenomenal play over the weekend. In the clip below, you can see LaMelo driving to the basket and then delivering a no-look pass to his teammate who finishes f the play.

Ball is considered to be a lock to be taken within the first five picks the draft which is pretty interesting considering we haven’t seen much NCAA action so far. Regardless, if Ball continues to play like this, he will certainly catch the eye NBA scouts out there who are looking for the next franchise player.

Who knows, maybe LaMelo could even go first overall. 

New York Knicks Unveil New Statement Edition Uniforms

After weeks leaked images and rumors, the New York Knicks ficially introduced their 2019-20 Statement Edition uniforms inspired by “the hustle and strength the city and team.”

The uniforms are highlighted by a slightly different shade blue with white lettering and numbers, as well as a white and orange trim.

Per the Knicks’ press release“Blue is our statement – we’re not here to ball, we’re here to battle. While our core colors remain, our updated style reflects the team today.” As for the steel piping, the Knicks explain, “These sleek, modern lines flow through the jersey – a nod to our evolving city – while staying true to the classic look past Knicks uniforms.”

The Knicks will wear the Statement Edition uniform against all Western Conference teams, beginning with their season opener in San Antonio on Wednesday, October 23 and at The Garden for the first time on November 3 when they take on the Sacramento Kings.

Take a look at some additional images in the tweets embedded below.


Antonio Brown’s Raiders Grievance Hits Snag Due To Alleged Text Messages

Antonio Brown has had a turbulent last few months and much it has to do with his tenure with the Oakland Raiders. If you haven’t been paying attention, Brown exhibited some wild antics while with the iconic franchise and eventually got himself released from the team. It appeared as though he had no interest in playing with the team and his behavior corroborated that very notion. Once he was released from the Raiders, Brown had a short stint with the New England Patriots but he was released from them as well.

Since being released by both teams, Brown has launched a grievance to get the $30 million in guaranteed money he lost after being released by the Raiders. According to Chris Mortensen ESPN, Brown could very well lose his grievance as there are alleged text messages floating around that show Brown asking owner Mark Davis to release him. 

Brown has been everywhere when it comes to the NFL news cycle this season. Even though he isn’t playing, he is always doing something that has people talking and it’s been quite the sideshow. It will be interesting to see what happens with these grievances and whether or not Brown will get the money he believes he’s owed.

Stay tuned for updates on this story as we will be sure to bring you the latest.

Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma’s Injury Status Revealed For Season Opener

Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Kyle Kuzma won’t be suiting up for the season-opener against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night, as he continues to work his way back from a stress reaction in his foot that he suffered during Team USA training camp back in August.

Kuzma was recently cleared to participate in non-contact practices but it remains to be seen how many games he’ll miss.

“Right now, we’re just talking about ramping up his activity, and we’re not going to look past two days from now,” said head coach Frank Vogel, per ESPN. “We’re going to try to increase his workload and activities this week, and we’ll see where we’re at.”

Despite being ruled out for the much-anticipated opener against the Clippers, Kuzma is optimistic about how he has progressed thus far.

“I haven’t really been doing too much, really, for the last two months, so just being able to shoot jump shots and being around the team a little bit more, it’s optimistic, for sure,” Kuzma said before the team’s final preseason on Friday, according to ESPN.

“The main thing is just making sure I’m healthy and (ready to) go,” Kuzma said. “It’s a long season, so (missing opening night) won’t affect me mentally or anything.”

General Manager Rob Pelinka announced last week that the Lakers have exercised the team option in Kuzma’s contract for the 2020-21 season. As a result, Kuz will make $2 million this season and $3.5 million in the 2020-21 season. The 24-year old forward averaged 18.7 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in his second season with the Lakers last year. 

Lakers vs Clippers, airing on TNT, is scheduled to tipf at 10pm ET tomorrow night.

Future & Lori Harvey Have People Thinking They’re Dating

It takes a lot work to try to stay on top Lori Harvey’s dating life. She has alternated from Justin Combs to his father, Diddy. Harvey and Diddy were believed to have split several times and then they would be spotted out together again. Two weeks ago, Diddy was seen with another woman and then just a few days later, Diddy’s son, Christian, seemed to confirm that he was still dating Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter

However, now people are speculating that Harvey is hanging out with Future, who she was rumored to have dated last December. On Sunday, both Lori and Future posted Instagram stories at what appeared to be the same beachy location, causing people to think that the two were on vacation together. Their videos showed ocean-views from a deck with the same banister. 

Although people are quick to get the rumor mill spinning, a bit investigating would prove that Harvey and Future just both happened to be at Nobu Malibu – a popular dining spot for the elite. Harvey’s later Instagram story even showed that she was accompanied by her friend, Amaya Colon, not Future. It makes sense that people were eager to jump on this story considering Future and Lori are both known to have erratic and secretive dating lives

Future & Lori Harvey Have People Thinking They're Dating

Kanye West Announces New "Jesus Is King" Release Date In 1st Tweet Since January

Twitter – Kanye West has announced a new release date for his forthcoming album Jesus Is King. 

The former Twitter enthusiast shared his first tweet since January on Sunday (October 20), revealing the long awaited project (allegedly) arrives next week.

“JESUS IS KING,” he wrote alongside a photo of a blue vinyl version of the record. “OCT 25th.”

Those taking Ye’s announcement with a grain of salt aren’t out of line. Kanye has historically delayed or missed scheduled release dates for years. Most recently, his wife and reality television queen Kim Kardashian told his fans Instagram Jesus Is King would arrive on September 27.

That day came and went without the album, ruffling fans’ feathers in the process. Then, it was reportedly going to drop on September 29, but again, nothing materialized and Ye didn’t offer an alternate date — until now.

Someone made a bootleg copy of Jesus Is King during Ye’s listening party in Queens earlier this month, not long after he denounced secular music forever.

As longtime Kanye collaborator Consequence told HipHopDX last month, “With Kanye, it always runs down to the wire.” The delay can reportedly be attributed to Ye’s last minute fine tuning. Let the (new) countdown begin.