Travis Scott’s "Astroworld" Takes Home BET’s "Album Of The Year"

2018 was a bountiful year, and the true holder “Album Of The Year” has been widely debated across the board. Here at HNHH, we bestowed the prestigious honor to J. Cole’s KODwith Travis Scott‘s Astroworld securing the second position. Yet there remain many who feel La Flame deserved the crown, and thus his accolades continue to stack. Last night, at Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center, Travis Scott found himself receiving the “Album Of The Year” prize at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. 

Travis Scott's "Astroworld" Takes Home BET's "Album Of The Year"

Ethan Miller/Getty

In the process, Scott’s ambitious album beat out a slew competitors, including Meek Mill‘s Championships, Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You, DJ Khaled‘s Father Of Asahd, the Dreamville camp’s Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, and Tyler, The Creator‘s Igor. A curious mix to be sure, but such is the way the BET Hip-Hop Awards. In any case, Travis took home to trophy, a win befitting his album’s ambitious scope. 

Congratulations to the winners and nominees, and should you be looking to refresh your memory on Tuesday night’s ceremony, check the full list winners right here. For other notable moments, check out Billy Ray Cyrus dedicating his “Old Town Road” win to Nipsey Hussle, as well as a performance from YBN Cordae, Anderson .Paak, Chance The Rapper, and Rapsody

Tyler, The Creator Reacts To Eminem’s Diss In New Interview

Back in 2018, Eminem faced controversy for a diss directed at Tyler, The Creator on his track “Fall” f Kamikaze. Em rapped, “Tyler create nothing, I see why you call yourself a faggot, bitch.” The lines came after Tyler criticized Eminem, calling one his new tracks “horrible.” Public outrage ensued, Justin Vernon (who is featured on the track) asked the line to be removed, but Tyler didn’t have much to say. In a newly released interview with Rebecca Nicholson The Guardian, Tyler opened up about his reaction to the incident. 

“Did you ever hear me publicly say anything about that? Because I knew what the intent was. He felt pressured because people got fended for me. Don’t get fended for me. We were playing Grand Theft Auto when we heard that. We rewound it and were like: ‘Oh.’ And then kept playing,” he said.

Eminem eventually apologized for the bar saying “In my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot other people by saying it… It was one the things that I kept going back to and going ‘I don’t feel right with this.”

Head over to The Guardian to read the rest the interview with Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator Scolds Fan For Interrupting His Set To Announce It’s Her Birthday

We have likely all been to a concert where one self-important audience member felt the need to point out that it’s their birthday, when literally no one cares. To think that an artist should pause their set to wish you a happy birthday and direct a whole room people’s attention towards you is just ludicrous. Sometimes, the artist will be kind enough to indulge this obnoxious fan by responding to their plea for recognition. This is what Tyler, The Creator did at a recent stop on his IGOR tour, but in typical Tyler fashion, he didn’t let the bullshit slide. 

Tyler, The Creator Scolds Fan For Interrupting His Set To Announce It's Her BirthdayNicholas Hunt/Getty s

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, Tyler leads the crowd in a lively “Happy Birthday, F*ck You” chant. When the part the tune comes around when the birthday wish is to be directed at a special someone, Tyler unloads in a single, scathing breath, “Happy birthday… random lady who thinks she’s special so she tell a n**** while he playin’ piano that it’s her birthday like I give a f*ck.” The fact that Tyler was in the midst a passionate piano solo while the random lady interrupted his set makes the whole thing more infuriating, explaining Tyler’s reaction. Hopefully, that taught her a lesson. Hope she had a lovely birthday being scolded by her favourite artist. 

Watch the awkward incident below. 

Tyler, The Creator Claims He’s On American Airlines’ No-Fly List; Airline Responds

Tyler, The Creator is no rookie when it comes to being put on a ban list. The Flower Boy musician only recently was allowed to visit New Zealand since the country banned him from both entering and performing on their grounds. The ban was lifted after the country decided that Tyler “is no longer deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest.”

However, the “Puppet” music maker recently shared a tweet claiming that American Airlines had put him on a no-fly “terrorist” list. “HA IM ON

Immediately, Tyler’s fans followed up with positive remarks on why he could have been added to the list with one user writing, “I bet you they saw the NPR tiny desk session and were appalled by how much fun you and the crew were having,” while Paper Magazine responded with, “It’s bc that album is bomb it’s a compliment.”

It seems as though American Airlines was unaware the no-fly ban and asked Tyler to DM their ficial Twitter account for them to investigate further. “We’d like to look into this. Send us a quick DM with your record locator,” the airline wrote.

Let’s hope this crisis gets averted for the sake Tyler’s travel plans. 

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator has made quite a name for himself as an artist over the last few years although when it comes to fashion, he has been quite the pioneer as well. Tyler’s fashion imprint is called GOLF le FLEUR* and perhaps their most significant collaboration is with Converse. There have been plenty colorways and models to drop over the last few years and in just a few weeks, another collaboration is set to hit the market.

In the photos below, we can see a GOLF le FLEUR* Converse Chuck 70 which appears to be inspired by the album art for Tyler, the Creators album Cherry Bomb. The upper is made blue canvas while flames make their way all throughout the upper. It makes for a flashy shoe that Tyler fans will want to scoop up immediately.

According to Hypebeast, these are set to release on Saturday, October 12th for $100 USD. They will be available on the Golf Wang webstore and Let us know in the comments if you plan on copping these or if they’re are skip.

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Golf Wang

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Golf Wang

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Golf Wang

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Golf Wang

GOLF le Fleur* x Converse Chuck 70 "Flames" Pays Homage To Tyler, The Creator

Golf Wang

The Black Keys Explain To Joe Rogan The Sham Of Album Bundling

The business side the music industry has always been tarnished by shady dealings, whether it be label executives screwing artists out money or coercing musicians to “sell-out.” During a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney the iconic rock band, The Black Keys, pointed out a new dilemma, album bundling. 

Essentially, album bundling is when an artist includes a copy their record with a piece merch or a ticket sale. You might remember the term from earlier this year when DJ Khaled complained about not beating out Tyler, The Creator for a number one album. He claimed his album bundle sales were not counted. 

Around the 47:00 minute mark during episode 1354 the JRE, Carney explains to Rogan an fer Warner Bros. made to The Black Keys saying, “You would give five dollars each ticket back to Warner Bros. and then, you would get a record sale… It’s the only way you’re going to get a number one record, so if you want a number one record, you have to do it… You don’t get a royalty and you only get an album sale count if they click the link.” 

Carney then explains how much money doing that deal would cost their band, “We’ve sold 250,000 tickets on this tour so, we would have to give back 1.25 million. Our record advance for this record was less than that.” Artists have to be willing to forfeit an immense percentage their prits in order to reach the top the charts. 

The group goes on to discuss artists getting a raw deal on streaming services such as Tidal as well.

Tyler, The Creator Appears To Be An Animal Whisperer

Tyler, The Creator‘s a Grammy-nominated artist who’s secured a number RIAA-certified plaques for selling millions copies some his hottest songs. The 28-year-old’s also got an impressive fashion empire consisting his Golf Wang looks that never lacks on dropping f bold, colourful collections clothes fit for every season. Among his other accolades, we now see that the 28-year-old has a magic touch when it comes to certain animals.

As per Tyler’s recent Instagram shares, it’s clear that while he’s on the road for his Igor tour he’s picked up a few friends along the way in the form a squirrel, duck, bee, and beetle. 

A while back when Tyler caught up with Zane Lowe to discuss his Igor album, he stated how he didn’t have pets growing up as a child. “It’s crazy, things really point back to your childhood. I didn’t have a pet, so this car could blow up, I could get another one. I don’t have to take care things,” he said when discussing his ways and how it affects music. 

“I wasn’t trying to be cool. It’s no ‘Who Dat Boy’…It may seem repetitive, but that’s kinda what life is,” he added his fire album. “Everybody wake up in the morning and brush they goddamn teeth.” 

Future’s "Draco" Lyric Caused Student To Be Suspended, Claims Parent

While one student was charged over Tyler, the Creator lyrics, another student in Illinois is being suspended over singing rap lyrics. According to local ABC affiliate in Illinois, the father a freshman at Washington Community High School claims that his son was suspended over singing the opening lyrics to Future‘s “Draco.” But instead saying Draco, he mistakenly said AK, prompting another student to report him.

“He was leaving class headed to the bus,” Brandon Porter said. “He was singing the song and she felt threatened by the song apparently, but she kept walking towards the bus or what not.”

After singing the lyrics, which go “Draco, sittin’ in my bookbag,” a female student felt threatened and told the school ficials. The police and the school called the kid’s mom and the two both returned to the school where authorities were waiting. Police did an investigation but didn’t file any charges after their discoveries. From there, the school suspended the kid for six days and banned him from school functions for the remainder his years but Porter said that his son didn’t mean any harm.

“At this point, its her word over his, since when is her word more credible than his, he didn’t threaten her. What witness does she have? It’s not fair. It’s not fair to us. It’s not fair to him,” Porter said. 

Student Charged With Terrorist Threat After Writing Tyler, The Creator Lyrics On Campus

While Tyler, The Creator has expressed many times over that his lyrics and savage commentary should not be taken seriously, still his subject matter has made people angry and more recently, resulted in a University South Alabama student to be charged. According to CBS42, 21-year-old Jack Aaron Christensen wrote lyrics to Tyler’s 2011 track “Radicals” on a whiteboard in a campus library that was taken as a terrorist threat. 

Student Charged With Terrorist Threat After Writing Tyler, The Creator Lyrics On Campus
John Lamparski/Getty s

The words read: “kill people, burn shit, fuck school,” the intro verse to the song before Tyler makes it clear to not do any act he’s rapping about. “Random disclaimer, Hey, don’t do anything that I say in this song, okay? It’s f**kin’ fiction. If anything happens, don’t f**kin’ blame me, White America. F**k Bill O’Reilly,” he says. 

The publication doesn’t detail the extent Jack’s charges but since it happened around the anniversary 9-11, the lyrical context was perceived as a terrorist threat aimed at the campus. 


This isn’t the first time Tyler’s lyrics have sparked some controversy. Only recently has he been allowed to visit New Zealand after the country realized that he “is no longer deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest.”

Watch Tyler, The Creator’s ‘A BOY IS A GUN’ Video

Tyler, The Creator debuts the self-directed video for “A BOY IS A GUN” off his critically-acclaimed album IGOR.

Rocking his signature blonde wig, Tyler roams the grounds of his palatial estate, with expansive gardens, and soaks in a bathtub. But everything is not as perfect as it seems. He eventually has a fallout with his partner and is seen arguing with him (“Oh, you wanna go home? Cool, you better call you a cab”). Wearing a mint green suit, he tells his lover to “stay the fuck away from me” before the man packs his bags, leaving Tyler alone and heartbroken.

“A BOY IS A GUN” is the latest release from IGOR, which became his first No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in May.

Tyler is currently on his “IGOR Tour,” which runs through Oct. 26. Following that, he will headline his 8th annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at the Dodger Stadium grounds in Los Angeles on Nov. 9-10, with performances from Solange, YG, BROCKHAMPTON, and Juice WRLD.

Fze Disses Tyler, The Creator With Song To His Mother

Moreno Valley, California rapper Fze took issue with a recent tweet from Tyler, The Creator that subtly (or perhaps not-so-subtly) dissed Fze’s hometown.


So, instead of taking direct shots at Tyler, Fze decided to frame his vitriol in a letter to the Odd Future vet’s mother.

“My Public Letter To @Feliciathegoat Mother,” he wrote in the caption. “#TylerPainfulFaceLookinAss. Dont Speak On Nothing This Way!”

Fze explained to HipHopDX, he would’ve let it slide if Tyler hadn’t singled out his hometown.

“If he would of just said IE I prolly wouldn’t of said shit, but he subb’n tho,” he told DX. “Niggas from L.A. moved all over the IE, but he singled out Moreno Valley so I had to [do the track].”

Throughout the roughly two-minute track, Fze flips the script and thanks Tyler’s mother for not moving to Moreno Valley. He then says he knows Tyler has “mental problems” because his father abandoned him and accuses him of pretending to be gay just to sell records but says he “probably is.”

Fze ends the track with a stern warning.

“Mama it ain’t beef/I spoke my piece/And I’m just protecting the streets of Moreno Valley/So he don’t got to hide in the house/Next time he typin’ or talkin’ keep the city out his mouth.”

Listen to the full track up top.

Warner Records Inks a Label-Focused Partnership With Masked Gorilla

Roger Gengo, who runs the hip-hop site Masked Gorilla, has started a new record label called Masked Records in partnership with Warner Records.

The new label has already signed its first major music artist: up-and-coming rapper 2KBABY, whose “Old Streets” has garnered more than 2.5 million streams on Spotify since it was released back in June.

Gengo started Masked Gorilla 10 years ago when he was only 17. The website is known for supporting underground music artists in the early stages of their careers. Mac Miller’s first video interview appeared on the site, which also produced interviews of many who would become stars, such as Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, and Childish Gambino.

Aaron Bay-Schuck, co-chairman and CEO of Warner Records, ushered in the partnership with Gengo. He praised Gengo’s entrepreneurial skills, calling his success “nothing short of amazing.”

“What he’s done as a young entrepreneur over the past decade has been nothing short of amazing – literally redefining the hip-hop landscape, time and time again identifying groundbreaking artists while they were still way under the radar,” Bay-Schuck stated.  “And that’s what real A&R is all about – great ears, impeccable taste, and the discovery and nurturing of original talent.”

Instead of an A&R-focused indie label, Masked Gorilla largely focused on covering emerging artists.

In its 10-year history, the Masked Gorilla site has published in excess of 20,000 articles.  They have also launched a podcast as well as a concert series called ‘Unmasked’ that began in 2014.

The concerts originally were staged in warehouses throughout Los Angeles before moving on to some of the biggest venues in the city.  Artists that have appeared in their sold-out shows have included Tyler, the Creator, Playboi Carti, Denzel Curry, $uicideboy$, and Lil Peep, among others.

Gengo says that Masked Records will allow him to help emerging artists in a brand new way. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

IDK Reveals He Was Forced To Take Frank Ocean Off "Is He Real?" Album

IDK — formerly known as Jay IDK — dropped his debut album Is He Real? earlier this week. According to the Warner Bros. artist, the 14-track album is missing one thing — Frank Ocean.

On Wednesday (September 4), the Maryland-bred rapper hopped on Twitter to let his fans know why the Odd Future alum was removed from the project.

“I had to take Frank Ocean off of The album because I didn’t get the clearance in time,” he wrote. “Frank ocean is my favorite artist of this generation and I would have pushed the album back again but I couldn’t do that to my fans. I do appreciate his team for reaching out to get it cleared.”

Is He Real? does, however, feature notable contributions from DMX, Pusha T, Tyler, The Creator, Burna Boy and J.I.D, among others.

He thanked them all for sharing their talents with him Instagram.

“Thank you for your blessings,” he wrote.

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Thanks for your blessings 🐐🍾

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Frank Ocean Flexes Pink Du-Rag & Grills In Outrageous IG Upload

Frank Ocean is an anomaly. He exists in rumors and his life is the stuff legend. Rare is the day fans actually get a chance to hear from the revered artist, and yesterday was one those days. It was only last November when Ocean opened the gates his Instagram to the public. Fans flocked in and painstakingly scoured through years posts that had only been seen by a fortunate few. He’s one the greatest artists our generation, and also, the man pictured below.

That’s right. The purple and pink camouflaged du-rag, grills, and matching pink shirt all belong to one the greatest artists our generation. Presented with no comment other than a simple “😬” emoji, Frank lets the commentators here do the talking. Tyler, the Creator writes, “that NOLA seeping out.” Sage Elsesser wrote, “maaaan why I thought you had on a velvet rag 📶.”

Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary Frank Ocean’s magnum opus, Blonde and, in conjunction, the release his underrated classic, Endless. Both albums are masterpieces in their own right. Make sure to check out our look back at the iconic albums that have more than defined Frank Ocean’s career.

Tyler, The Creator Performs "IGOR" Front To Back: Watch

A few days after the release his fifth studio album, IGOR, Tyler, The Creator performed the 40-minute album in full at intimate concert in Los Angeles. Apple Music hosted the event and live-streamed it that night, but it has just been made available to stream track by track or all at once. 

In front a silver glitter curtain, Tyler flails around the stage dressed as his Igor persona, donning a powder blue suit (with no shirt underneath) and a bleached blond bowl cut wig. Tyler is always one to try to execute a specific vision he has in mind and you can tell by the way this concert is shot that it was meant to conform to his direction. There’s a grainy, blue-tinged aesthetic and weird camera angles that make the video a fascinating watch. He also pauses several times between songs to provide his fans with some backstory regarding how the songs came to be. For example, he shares that “EARFQUAKE” was birthed out his desire to write pop songs, and he ended up keeping it for his record after both Justin Bieber and Rihanna turned it down. 

If you like what you see here, you can catch Igor in your city. Tyler embarks on a tour with Blood Orange, Jaden Smith and Goldlink very soon.