Kobe Bryant Reveals What Happened When He Played 1-On-1 With Beyonce’s Dad

Last week, Beyonce‘s father, Matthew Knowles, shared a 20-year old video clip taken on the set  Destiny’s Child’s “Bug a Boo” video shoot, in which he can be seen driving past a young Kobe Bryant for a lay-up. The footage also showed Kobe bricking a jump shot while Beyonce and co. looked on.

Naturally, fans were left wondering a couple things – including how the 1-on-1 game came about and whether or not Kobe really took an L to Beyonce’s dad.

Fox Sports recently spoke with Kobe and they got to the bottom what really happened on the Bug a Boo video set back in 1999. According to the Black Mamba, Mr. Knowles didn’t score another bucket after he let him get that easy layup.

“I don’t remember him scoring another basket after that,” Bryant said. “I had to be nice a little bit. It is his video set, so, I decided to let him get a little lay-up in.”

Check out what Kobe had to say about how the game came about, and what transpired, in the video embedded below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Denver Trio Secret Dog Premieres "Garlic Bread" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – Straight from the 303, Denver-based Hip Hop trio Secret Dog is ready to mark their territory. Comprised of An Hobbes, Aethernaut and Felix Fast4ward, Secret Dog combines their unwavering love of classic, soul-infused Hip Hop with avant-garde production.

MC/Vocalist An Hobbes, who originally hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, thrived on a healthy diet of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Onyx, Heavy D & The Boyz and — yes! — even MC Hammer growing up, but didn’t realize he had a penchant for rhyming until he was almost finished with high school. He’s been honing his craft ever since.

Ahead of Secret Dog’s Thumb. Index. Middle. album release, the group has dropped an animated visual for the inaugural single, “Garlic Bread.”

“‘Garlic Bread’ is a narrative of the disparity and hypocrisy we have the misfortune of experiencing everyday,” An Hobbes tells HipHopDX. “[Animator] Jake Gillespie somehow managed to express all of that while simultaneously making it fun to watch.

“We we’re so fortunate to have Jake animate this video for us. Jake has been a friend for many years and actually created the flyer for my very first show! Well over a decade later, here we are working together to showcase how far our art has come since then.”

Thumb. Index. Middle. is expected to arrive in July.

Until then, check out the visual up top.

Robert Kraft’s Spa Sex Tape Should Be Released, Says D.L. Hughley

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his legal team have been working tooth and nail to make sure the alleged video him soliciting prostitution in a Florida spa doesn’t make it to the public. Unfortunately for Kraft, Florida law requires that evidence be disclosed when requested by the media, so it looks like the video will be coming out after all, however, it will be pixelated so don’t be too alarmed. 

Comedian D.L. Hughley spoke to TMZ last night about the tape and his eyes, the tape absolutely needs to be released. His reasoning all stems from the Colin Kaepernick situation. 

“I think the NFL is hypocritical,” Hughley said “I do. I think that they didn’t want Colin Kaepernick to have a job in the NFL because he took a knee. Robert Kraft was one the main detractors. He didn’t want him to get a job. He got busted in a prostitution ring. So, apparently, to the NFL … a black man on one knee is too much, but a hooker or two is alright. So, the NFL has a problem with the number knees you take. So I think we should see. And I think they get a chance to see how hypocritical they are.”

Hughley has been a huge Kaepernick supporter over the last two years so there is no surprise that he would take this stance. Whether or not he’s actually going to watch Kraft’s video is a different story.

Claressa Shields Claims She Can Beat GGG & Keith Thurman In The Ring

Claressa Shields is the undisputed Middleweight champion in women’s boxing and has been dominating opponents in the ring. Her most recent win was against undefeated fighter Christina Hammer, who she defeated in a unanimous decision. With Shields dominating the sport boxing, she’s confident she could win against some the most prominent men in the sport. In an interview with TMZ, Shields made her case as to why she could be a champion in the men’s division.

“I spar with men. I drop men. I bust men’s noses]. I beat men up all the time,” Shields said. “I think I can beat up Keith Thurman … I really do.”

Shields then explained how she could beat someone like Gennady Golovkin. While she agrees those fighters have more hitting power, she believes her boxing ability is superior in every other facet.

“They may be stronger than me, but their boxing ability isn’t like mine. GGG, he’s older now, but I could give GGG a run for his money,” Shields said. “Power for power isn’t a question because what is boxing? Boxing is the sweet science. It’s not about strength … because people were saying Christina Hammer was stronger than me. They were saying all these girls were stronger than me, but did you not see the head movement that I had during the fight? See the defense? The fense? The traps I set!?”

A fight with Thurman or GGG won’t happen anytime soon although her statements will surely cause quite a stir and a debate.

What do you think about what she said?

Rob Gronkowski Uses Lombardi Trophy As A Baseball Bat And Dents It

Rob Gronkowski is known as being a huge party animal and someone that likes to have fun no matter what the circumstance. That’s why fans were disappointed when Gronk announced his retirement from football after just nine seasons. At 29 years old, Gronk could still be an effective tight end, although his various injuries throughout his career have made him not want to continue with the game football. 

This past season, Gronkowski helped win the team’s sixth Lombardi trophy which was also his third as a member the team. The Patriots posted a video the team when they went to Boston for the Red Sox home opener and brought the trophy along. Gronkowski being the jokester that he is, asked Julian Edelman to throw a pitch at him. While using the Lombardi trophy as a bat, Gronk hit the ball and ended up leaving a dent in the prestigious trophy.

According to ESPN, Patriots executive vice president media relations, Stacey James says they will not be fixing the dent anytime soon as they want to “keep the dent and tell the story.”

Gronk got to leave his mark on the city one last time and he did it the only way he knows how. Really brings a tear to your eye.

Saquon Barkley Says His Parents Almost Named Him "Tupac"

Taylor Rooks has launched her new show “Take It There” on the Bleacher Report YouTube channel and so far she’s interviewed esteemed athletes such as Jimmy Butler and Damian Lillard. Today, her latest interview was released and it was her show’s first with a football player. New York Giants rookie Saquon Barkley spoke to Rooks about everything from the Giants season, his status as a future great, and even what his parents almost named him.

“Tupac,” Barkley said. “Tupac Makaveli. My dad is a big Tupac fan… It] was real close until my mom put her foot down.” 

Barkley and Rooks then transitioned into how he won the rookie the year trophy this year. Barkley believes he can become the best running back to ever do it, although he’d prefer to show it to people instead telling them.

“I believe I can be the best running back to ever play the game,” Barkley said. “I don’t need to express myself or to go on a Twitter rant or go on a rant on ESPN. To tell people why I need to win Rookie the Year]… I don’t need to do that and if I did that wasn’t going to help me win or lose anyway. But, that’s what everyone expects me to do.”

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

Russell Westbrook’s Top 10 Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 PEs

Oklahoma City Thunder All Star point guard Russell Westbrook laced up a plethora player exclusive colorways his Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 signature sneaker this year, many which served as a portal to the ’90s.

Video games, tv shows, athletes and toys all played a part in Westbrook’s best PEs, as well as the special edition sneaker boxes that the kicks were housed in.

While we wait to see what kicks he breaks out for the pivotal Game 3, scroll through the list below as we look back on 10(+) the craziest Why Not Zer0.2 PEs shared by Jordan Brand Promo PE designer, Kelsey Amy.

Ariana Grande Fans Suspect She’ll Perform With NSYNC During Coachella Set

Ariana Grande‘s Coachella set is taking place this Sunday and fans are convinced that she’ll be inviting NSYNC to the stage to throw down with her. All the assumptions are coming from recent tweets Ariana dent out into the Twitterverse. The first one was a throwback video to NSYNC’s July 2nd, 1999 concert in Sunrise, Florida where you can see Ariana and her mother in the audience. 

The second video shows Ariana at her current age, dancing to “Tearin’ Up My Heart.”

“hi everyone – calling it now. @ArianaGrande is bringing nsync or part them out at Coachella since she sampled their song in break up w your gf and while that’s happening, I will be crying from home!!!! ok thanks bye @scooterbraun,” one user tweeted, while another added: “I probably don’t ever want to go to Coachella again but STG if @NSYNC  comes out with @ArianaGrande I will probably be depressed 😩😩💔”

Of course, Ariana hasn’t added any more fuel to the rumors and she hasn’t confirmed out denied the theories either. Not too long ago Ariana’s mom, Joan, responded to a fans question asking when it was she knew that Ariana had “amazing talent and potential.”

“She was 2-1/2 sitting in her car seat, singing to ‘NSYNC and she was nailing all JC’s high notes… I was in shock..xox~JG,” she responded. 

New Music: Khalid feat. Megan Thee Stallion & Yo Gotti ‘Talk (Remix)’

Can we just talk? Khalid enlists two unlikely collaborators, Megan Thee Stallion and Yo Gotti, for the official remix to “Talk.”

The “Big Ole Freak” hitmaker unleashes an unbridled verse to kick off the Disclosure-produced track (“I know I get a lil crazy, I need somebody to tame me”), while Yo Gotti adds his Southern swag.

“Talk” has also spawned a Disclose VIP remix and an unofficial remix from August Alsina.

The original “Talk” is currently No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. It can be found on Khalid’s sophomore album Free Spirit, which is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with around 200,000 equivalent album units.

Listen to them talk that talk.

Ray J Still Distraught Over Missing Dog; Offering $20,000 Reward

Ray J is still on the hunt for his missing/kidnapped dog who is a very important member his family. The little pooch named Boogotti went missing just a few days ago from Ray J’s parents’ Calabasas home but according to the “One Wish” singer, the pooch didn’t just wander f. Ray and his wife Princess Love are fering a $20,000 reward and Ray now has more to say on the matter. 

Ray tells TMZ that he believes a dognapper is the one to have taken f with his dog, telling the publication that the pooch made its way through a gate and then a white man in his early 20s pulled up in a Dodge Charger, grabbed the dog and jolted. 

“My dog went from being lost to stolen to kidnapped to whatever you call it,” Ray said, as seen in the video below. “Please help me find my dog. It was taken in a Dodge Charger, it was a young white kid I think he was around 19 or 20. If that kid was listening please be a hero, be a good person and bring my dog back.”

We can only hope the family gets their dog back. 

Mariah Carey Turned Into A Meme About Whisks & She Loves It: "Whisk Me Away Dahhling"

We’re not sure what’s going on here or who started this but Mariah Carey is the subject a new Twitter thread that has people comparing her past outfits to colorful whisks…seriously. Almost every whisk that falls on the color spectrum is put to the test matching to an outfit in Mariah’s catalog, and some are quite impressive. 

Some fans have even contributed a rainbow whisk to match a rainbow outfit, while others show a gold and silver whisk for Mariah’s more sparkly dresses. As for our favourite, it’s easily the “skinny legend” contribution that brings back an age-old meme Mariah edited to look like a toothpick at the mic. 

Mariah has responded to the round-up her whisk comparison outfits, clearly a fan the roundup. “Whisk me away dahhling,” she captioned the thread. 

In other Mariah news, the Caution singer recently dropped f a revamped video for her track “A No No” this time featuring Stefflon Don – peep that video here. 

Trump Removes "Dark Knight Rising" Music From Campaign Video After Legal Threats

Donald Trump has likened himself to Batman in the past so it didn’t come as much a shock when he decided to use the score  Dark Knight Rising for his campaign video. However, it probably would’ve been a wise decision to clear it with Warner Bros. before posting it.

Trump was forced to remove his Dark Knight Rising-themed campaign video for the 2020 elections today after Warner Bros. threatened him with legal action. The campaign video included music taken from Dark Knight Rising which was composed by Hanz Zimmer’s as well as font taken from the film’s title cards.

Trump Removes "Dark Knight Rising" Music From Campaign Video After Legal Threats
Tasos Katopodis/Getty s

“The use Warner Bros.’ score from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in the campaign video was unauthorized,” a Warner Brothers spokesperson said in a statement before the removal. “We are working through the appropriate legal channels to have it removed.”

Trump uses the film’s font while pushing for a 2020 victory. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they call you a racist. Donald J. Trump. Your vote. Proved them all wrong. Trump: The Great Victory. 2020,” it read across the screen.

The video also took aim at some his political opponents such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as Hollywood stars who’ve been critical his presidency such as Amy Schumer and Rosie O’Donell. 

Duke Star RJ Barrett Declares For NBA Draft: Report

The NCAA March Madness tournament has come to a close which means young basketball starts across the country will be declaring for the NBA Draft this June. A plethora players have already made their draft intentions clear, although no one from the Duke Blue Devils had made an announcement. That all changed today when RJ Barrett took to Twitter to say thanks to the Blue Devils for a great season, all while letting us know that he plans to play in the NBA next season.

It was amazing to play for Coach K, play for the brotherhood. It was a dream mine to play at Duke ever since I was a young kid. It’s also a dream mine to play in the NBA and have great success there,” Barrett said in the video. “I’m looking forward to coming back and supporting the Blue Devils any way I can.”

Barrett is expected to be a top-five pick in the upcoming draft, alongside his teammate Zion Williamson who many believe will be the surefire number one pick. Zion has yet to declare for the draft but all signs indicate that he will. 

Both Barrett and Zion will be highlighting this year’s draft alongside Ja Morant Murray State, who also declared for the draft.

EA Share Teaser For Mysterious "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Game

Throughout gaming history, Star Wars video games have been numerous in nature. Nostalgic selections like N64 cult classic “Shadows Of The Empire” have many older gamers looking back fondly, and the Knights Of The Old Republic series likely stands as the prime Star Wars gaming experience thus far. Even the modern-day Battlefront games are enjoyable returns to the classic world, albeit relatively shallow in terms gameplay and replay value. Now, however, EA is looking to unveil a new single-player experience, the mysterious Jedi: Fallen Order.

Taking to Twitter to reveal the first teaser, EA will be revealing further information about the game during Star Wars Celebration on Saturday, April 13th. In the meantime, we’re left with what we do know. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place following the events Order 66, during which the Clone Troopers turned on the Jedi order, leaving them blindsided and massacred. The game will find you taking control a survivor, who must lay low a la Snoop Dogg circa Tha Last Meal

Gamers, keep an eye out for this one. While details are scarce, early reports indicate that we’ll be seeing this one released before the end the year. Expect plenty lightsaber action to unfold, and if we’re lucky, we’ll see an fering worthy picking up the torch from the KOTOR series. Such a conclusion would be a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. 

New Music: Jessie Reyez feat. 6LACK ‘Imported’

Following collaborations with Normani, Rita Ora, Quiñ, and Bea Miller, 6LACK teams up with Jessie Reyez on “Imported.”

The East Atlanta crooner duets with the Toronto singer on the slow-burning track, which originally appeared on her sophomore EP Being Human in Public. “Hi, my name is 6LACK and sometimes people call me 6-LACK / I don’t mind because they stubborn, and my bank account is looking mighty fine,” he sings. “We can skip the wine and dine / Go straight for the wind and grind.”

He tries to offer Reyez some help to take her mind off loving someone else, but has second thoughts. “I ain’t slidin’ if you’re wit’ him / You gon’ have to leave him, I got morals,” adds 6LACK, who just performed at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival. .

Jessie’s Being Human in Public EP was released in October and featured a “Body Count” remix with Kehlani and Normani.