Victor Cruz Comments On If He’d Want To Make NFL Comeback: Watch

Victor Cruz was one the most electrifying wide receivers in the NFL at the beginning the decade. While playing with the New York Giants, Cruz was a highlight-reel machine and helped the team win numerous games. If you’re a Giants fan, you know all about Cruz’s greatness and just how important he was to that franchise at the time. As Cruz’s career progresses, injuries and the decline Eli Manning ultimately had him questioning his role as a player. A Summer ago, Cruz confirmed his retirement from football after a season away from the game.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Cruz was asked about the possibility a comeback and as he explained, he still thinks about making a return. Not to mention, he’s adamant he is still in good enough shape to pull it f.

“I still wake up thinking about it,” Cruz said. “I’m still in good shape. I can still run, jump and do all those things. Absolutely.”

While Cruz is firm in his belief that he can still play, he realizes a team won’t sign him at this point considering how long it’s been since he played. Cruz said he’s now focusing on other avenues in his life and wants to make a living in different ways. 

With Daniel Jones starting for the Giants now, perhaps the team could use a dynamic receiver like Cruz.

Deshaun Watson Gets Drippy With Iced Out $25K Diamond Chain: Watch

Deshaun Watson is one the most impressive young quarterbacks in the entire NFL and if it weren’t for his suspect fensive line, he would probably be doing a lot better right now. Regardless, Texans fans have a lot to be excited about when it comes to Watson and as right now, they are the favorites to come out the depleted AFC South. Watson recently celebrated his birthday this past week with a bunch his friends and according to TMZ, he was gifted a pretty impressive chain.

In the video below, you can see the jeweler, Iceman Nick, present Watson with a chain that says “DW4.” According to the report, the chain cost $25,000 and was made with 12 carats VS1 clarity diamonds, as well as 14k gold. This chain is pretty flashy and as you can tell, Watson wears it pretty well.

Watson and the Texans will be in tough next weekend as they take on the Los Angeles Chargers away from home. Both teams boast a record 1-1 and will be motivated to improve to a winning record.

As for the chain, we’re sure Watson will be keeping that at home come Sunday. That’s definitely not the type piece you wear out on the field, unless you’re Odell Beckham Jr.

Melvin Gordon Updates Fans On His Chargers Holdout Situation

Two weeks have passed in the NFL season and we still haven’t seen star running back Melvin Gordon out on the field. Gordon is currently holding out from playing with the Los Angeles Chargers as he isn’t a very big fan his contract situation. Much like Ezekiel Elliott was, Gordon is on a rookie contract and wants to get paid now before he starts his decline. The Chargers and Gordon seem fairly far apart right now and the team’s running game is starting to suffer because it.

In a recent Instagram live session, Gordon addressed his fans and told them he is going to play this year although it’s going to be “somewhere.” He isn’t promising a return to the Chargers and even said “it would be a waste talent” should he miss the entire season. Thanks to an article from ESPN’s Eric D. Williams, we know exactly why Gordon is sitting out right now.

Melvin Gordon Updates Fans On His Chargers Holdout Situation

Phillip Faraone/Getty s

Per Williams:

“Gordon desires a contract extension that will compensate him among the top running backs in the league like Todd Gurley, David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell, who earn an average $13 to $14 million annually. During training camp the Chargers fered Gordon a new contract that doubled his salary at roughly $10 million annually.

Gordon likely will continue to sit and wait to see if his leverage in negotiations changes during the season, depending on the Chargers’ record or injuries at his position.”

Stay tuned for updates on Gordon’s holdout situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.


Michael Vick Offers High Praise For Lamar Jackson After Hot Start: Watch

Regardless how you feel about Michael Vick and his past transgressions, there is no denying that he revolutionized the quarterback position and inspired a generation football players. If you played Madden 2004, you know very well that Vick is an unstoppable player as he could run and pass the ball better than anyone in the game. Numerous players have been passed the Vick torch over the past few years and the latest player to draw comparisons to the former Atlanta Falcons superstar is Lamar Jackson the Baltimore Ravens.

Jackson has had an incredible start to the season and in a recent interview with TMZ, Vick gave some heavy praise to the sophomore QB.

“I think they’re good comparisons man,” Vick said. “If anybody looking like me, it’s Lamar. That’s a dangerous man behind center.”

Vick then fered some sound advice to the young gun, saying to keep playing like he has been and not listen to the haters. Some critics say Jackson isn’t good at throwing the ball but Vick is calling BS on that.

“You don’t go out and throw 5 touchdown passes and call it a fluke,” Vick explained. “I’m excited for the guy. He’s going to be hard to deal with for a long time.”

Jackson will be in a quarterback duel against Patrick Mahomes next Sunday which will be the true indication Lamar’s talent.

MLB Pitcher Felipe Vazquez Accused Of Soliciting 13-Year-Old Girl: Report

Felipe Vazquez is one the best closers in Major League Baseball and plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Today, his career is in jeopardy being completely shut down after some disturbing accusations have been brought his way. According to TMZ, Vazquez was arrested in Pennsylvania today on an arrest warrant in Florida which alleges he tried to solicit a 13-year-old girl for sex.

In the report, it states a girl, who is now 15, alleges Vazquez has been in contact with her for the last two years and has been sending her sexual messages. The relationship allegedly began in Lee County, Florida and according to ficials, Vazquez had recently sent her a video himself performing an act that is sexual in nature. He allegedly also told her that they would meet up for a sexual encounter once he was done with the season.

MLB Pitcher Felipe Vazquez Accused Of Soliciting 13-Year-Old Girl: Report

Jamie Sabau/Getty s

Vazquez is now in custody and is also being investigated by the authorities. When he was arrested, police took electronic devices from his home and are hoping to find more materials to aid in their inquiry. So far, Vazquez has been arrest on one charge  “computer pornography – solicitation a child” and another for “providing obscene material to minors.” If authorities find more evidence, he could be facing even more charges. 

Stay tuned for updates on this story as we will be sure to follow up.

Trevor Siemian’s Gruesome Ankle Injury Had NFL Fans Queasy

Trevor Siemian was thrust into the starting quarterback role for the New York Jets this past week after it was revealed that Sam Darnold was suffering from a bad case Mono. Siemian doesn’t have very much starting experience under his belt so it wasn’t a surprise when he had an abysmal start to the game. Things went from bad to worse for Siemian when he was tackled by Myles Garrett in the second quarter. As you can see from the gruesome video below, Siemian’s ankle collapses from underneath him and it looks as though it’s broken. Shockingly, Siemian was able to get up under his own power and walk it f.

Siemian didn’t come back to the game and was replaced by Luke Falk who did a decent job for the Jets, although he struggled to get points on the board. Siemian is set to receive an MRI on his ankle and as right now, Falk is the number one quarterback for a Jets team who are now 0-2 on the season.

Fans witnessed the injury live and were pretty taken aback by what they saw, rushing to Twitter to proclaim their disgust. The injury definitely wasn’t for the faint heart.

"Wrinkles The Clown" Will Strike Fear In The Most Hardened Of Hearts

At this stage in the game, a clown is more likely to elicit terror than laughter. Entities like Stephen King’s Pennywise, Rob Zombie’s Captain Spaulding, and the real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy have seen to that. Yet there is one clown who continues to fly under the radar. A cult classic clown, if you will. And to think, with the exception Gacy, he may be the most terrifying one all. His name is Wrinkles The Clown, and he’s set to be the center an upcoming documentary from Magnolia Pictures.

The story goes as follows. In 2014, video footage Wrinkles enacting pure nightmare fuel hit the internet, prompting speculation about the nature his very existence. It was eventually learned that the visually disturbing Wrinkles was the imagining a Florida Man(!), who found himself becoming the world’s first Clown Mercenary. The premise was simple: for a modest fee, Wrinkles would down his garb and scare the shit out your chosen target. Naturally, it didn’t take long for Wrinkles to explode on social media, equal-parts creepypasta and genuine service-for-hire. 

Now, filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols has been granted access to the man behind the mask, and come October 4th, the mystery will open up to sate our morbid curiosity. “Nobody would hire me when I was just a regular clown,” he reflects, in the trailer’s closing moments. “I just thought, hey, maybe I’ll give it a little edge. 

Jamie Foxx Says He Talked Idris Elba Out Of Lead Role In "Django Unchained"

Jamie Foxx was recently in Toronto for the film festival debut his latest film Just Mercy starring alongside Michael B Jordan, Brie Larson, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and more. Jamie and Michael attended a live conversation in front fans to discuss the movie as well as other moments that made their career come to life. Jamie, who previously starred in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained opened up to the audience about his role securing his spot in the film. 

Jamie Foxx Says He Talked Idris Elba Out Of Lead Role In "Django Unchained"
Robin Marchant/Getty s

As we now know, Jamie stars as Django in the movie but the role was previously fered to British actor Idris Elba. According to Jamie, he ran into Idris at an event (before Quentin made his decision) and expressed to Idris that maybe he should pass on the film. “You’re beautiful black ass riding up on a horse, there’s going to be some problems for everyone,” Jamie joked, as seen in the video below.

Quentin Tarantino has previously discussed the latter back in 2013 when he explained his choice in casting Jamie over Idris. “Yeah, Idris is British and this is an American story,” he said. “I think a problem with a lot movies that deal with this issue is they cast British actors to play the Southerners and it goes a long way to distancing the movie. They put on their gargoyle masks and they do their accents and you are not telling an American story anymore.”

Joyner Lucas Drops New Track ‘ADHD’

As he gears up for his highly-anticipated album ADHD, Joyner Lucas unleashes the title track.

The Massachusetts rapper wrestles with his demons on the brooding production. “I feel like I’m dying inside / Why do I seem crazy?” he raps. “Someone save me, you can’t blame me / It’s my ADHD.”

But despite his struggles, he refuses to medicate. “And I’ve been this way since day one / I don’t need no medication / No, I don’t need no drugs.”

“ADHD” is the latest release from Joyner following “Broke and Stupid” and his “Suge” remix with Tory Lanez.

You can currently catch him on Chris Brown’s “INDIGOAT Tour,” which runs through Oct. 19 in Anaheim, Calif.

#DXCLUSIVE: Nef The Pharaoh Roams London In "Needed You Most" Video

Nef The Pharaoh takes viewers on a journey through the streets of London in his new video for “Needed You Most.” The track comes from the E-40 protégé’s latest album Mushrooms & Coloring Books, which dropped in August.

“‘Needed You Most’ was fueled by me working my ass off and finally getting a big show overseas,” Nef tells HipHopDX. “The best part of the video was recording by Big Ben.”

Watch Nef’s “Needed You Most” video above and stream Mushrooms & Coloring Books below.

Stephen A. Smith Unveils His Top 5 Teams In The NFL: Watch

There has only been one weekend NFL football so far but for Stephen A. Smith, it’s already enough to determine who the best teams in the league are. Since the fseason, there has been plenty movement when it comes to players being traded and signing with new teams so as you can expect, there is a ton debate to be had over who is going to win the Super Bowl. During today’s episode  First Take, Smith was tasked with yet another “A-List” segment where he counted down the five best teams in the NFL.

In the fifth spot, Smith had the Saints, while the Dallas Cowboys were placed fourth. From there, the Philadelphia Eagles came in third, the Kansas City Chiefs second, and the New England Patriots first. In the video below, Smith gives his explanations as to why these teams are ranked as such.

Smith has never been one to mince words and is typically a huge Cowboys hater. The fact he put them in his top five speaks to just how impressive they were against the Giants in Week 1. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Patriots were ranked first considering how easily they dismantled the Pittsburgh Steelers who are a team some thought could make a deep run.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with Smith’s picks and if not, who is in your top 5?

James Harden Shows Off Silky Smooth One-Legged Jump Shot: Watch

James Harden is far and away one the best scorers in the league and was on an absolute tear last season as he continuously put up over 30 points per night. Last season was fairly impressive for Harden although unfortunately, it ended with a second-round playf exit at the hands the Golden State Warriors. With that loss fresh in his mind, Harden has been working hard this summer to come back better than ever. As it turns out, all his hard work has evolved into a brand new jump shot that will surely make waves throughout the season.

In the video below, Harden can be seen making a few moves before shooting a three-pointer on one leg. This new form will certainly be an interesting change pace and could lead to some phenomenal highlights throughout the season.

Harden has consistently been accused traveling over the past few years so he’ll certainly be getting his fair share criticism with this new form. Fans are already making jokes about how Harden has found a new way to travel and draw foul calls.

If you’re a Rockets fan, you can’t help but feel excited about this upcoming season, especially with Harden being reunited with Russell Westbrook.

Nikki Bella Teases Coming Out Of Retirement: Wrestling Fans React

Nikki Bella recently put on her in-ring gear again, giving diehard wrestling fans hope that the former champ might soon be returning to action in the WWE. Unfortunately, those fans shouldn’t hold their breathe.

Nikki, who last wrestled almost a year ago in a match against Ronda Rousey, posted a video on social media Sunday morning, where she showed f her familiar attire and mentioned how she’s “feeling like I need to come out retirement.” However, the 35-year old star quickly added, “Well, I wish … we all know why I can’t,” referencing the neck injuries that forced her out competition.

This begs the question: Why tease the fans by dressing up in her old in-ring gear? Nikki didn’t give an explanation, but teased that she was about to meet someone “super amazing.” Guess her fans will just have to wait and see. 

In the meantime, check out some the reactions to the video in the tweets embedded below.

Cam Newton’s Week 1 Outfit Warrants Hilarious Reactions From NFL Fans

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton pulled up to Bank America Stadium on Sunday in one his most ridiculous outfits yet, and things were made wore when he had to put it all back on following his lackluster performance in the 30-27 loss.

As seen in the video clip taken ahead the Panthers vs Rams showdown, Cam’s Week 1 ‘fit consisted a barbed wire-wrapped top hat, a handkerchief tied under his chin, and a t-shirt jacket.

Newton, who threw for 239 with zero touchdowns and one interception on Sunday, admitted after the game that he was a bit rusty.

“(I was) a little rusty. Just have to get on the same page with everybody,” said Cam. He added, “I wish I could have a couple throws back.”

While Panthers fans were surely disappointed in the result, NFL fans around the league took great pleasure in seeing Cam take the podium in his bizarre ensemble. 

For instance, the reactions included the following:

“Cam looks like an old woman in a fable who puts a curse on a young prince in order to teach him a lesson about empathy.”

“Cam Newton looks like a woman who has lost several husbands under “mysterious circumstances””

“Cam Newton look like he’s about to start a new narrative in Westworld”

Check out some the best reactions to Cam’s Week 1 look in the tweets embedded below.

LeBron James Schools Lakers Teammates During Training Session: Watch

LeBron James is a man on a mission this upcoming season as he experienced a bump in the road during his first campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Under James’ direction, the team was expected to at least make the playfs and win a couple rounds. Thanks to some untimely injuries and all-around chemistry issues, the Lakers faltered in the second half the season and ended up missing the playfs while finishing tenth in the Western Conference. Now, the team is bigger, better, and faster and some believe they could win the championship.

James is doing everything he can to make sure that happens and is even bringing his team together for some early training sessions. In a video posted by Klutch Sports, LeBron can be seen dominating his teammates and getting some pretty impressive buckets. Based on the clip below, it’s clear LeBron has come ready to play this season.

If you’re a Lakers fan, this video should give you quite a few reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. On one hand, LeBron looks incredible out on the court, while the rest the team is already together working out. The Lakers mean business this season and the video above is pro that.

It will be interesting to see how the Lakers can compete this season as they will be in tough against some formidable Western Conference opponents.