Stephen A. Smith Gets In On The "LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder" Meme

If you’ve avoided social media for the past week, you’ll be surprised to learn that 74-year old Dolly Parton has created a four-part meme that is currently taking the internet by storm. In short, Parton uploaded four very different photos herself, each referencing a specific social platform, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Since then, it seems as though everybody and their grandmother has done the same, resulting in a viral craze simply dubbed, “The Social Challenge.” 

On Friday, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith decided that he’d dabble in the challenge. A suited up, pressional LinkedIn prile photo? Check. A pic with one his boys for Facebook? Check. Flexing with a trophy for the ‘gram? You know it. A casual, but confident Tinder pic for the ladies? Say no more.

In the words SAS himself, take a look y’all:

Smith has had quite an eventful week on social media, starting with his criticism Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone following UFC 246. MMA fans were less than thrilled with his breakdown the main event, which included the following assessment: 

“I’m quite disgusted,” Smith said Cowboy’s performance. “Let me be very, very clear: I’m honored to be up here with you guys. I’m a spectator watching the sport. I expected to see more than 40 seconds. I predicted McGregor was going to win this fight inside two rounds. I thought he would take him out.

“Here’s the deal: 15 seconds in, ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was done. He got hit with those shoulders in the clinch, and he was done. It look like he gave up. It was just an atrocious performance on his part.”

A video Smith’s boxing workout surfaced shortly thereafter and, naturally, twitter had a field day with the footage. That said, the ESPN host took it all in stride. Click here to see his reaction to all the mentions he received this week.

Stephen A. Smith Gets In On The "LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder" Meme

Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty s

Stephen A. Smith Responds To All The Jokes About His Boxing Video 

Stephen A. Smith has seen all the twitter comedians making jokes about his boxing video, but he’s being a good sport about it. In fact, Smith seems to be encouraging the roast.

After some footage his glove work went viral, Smith tweeted that he totally understands why all the trolls are flooding his mentions and said he’d be doing the same if it were someone else in that video. Although he took it all in stride, SAS also made sure to clarify that the video was taken months after he tore his rotator cuff, and immediately following a 90-minute workout.

“Please bro.! That was me 8 months ago AFTER I torn my rotator cuff — BUT BEFORE SURGERY….AND….following a damn 90-min workout. But I totally get it. If that was anyone I knew, I’d rip their ass. Everyone can feel free to get on me about this one. I’m laughing my damn self:-)”

In case you missed it, Smith isn’t exactly the most well-liked ESPN personality at the moment. MMA fans were highly critical  his remarks about the UFC 246 main event, specifically the way he slammed Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone for getting dismantled in under a minute.

“I’m quite disgusted,” Smith said Cowboy’s performance. “Let me be very, very clear: I’m honored to be up here with you guys. I’m a spectator watching the sport. I expected to see more than 40 seconds. I predicted McGregor was going to win this fight inside two rounds. I thought he would take him out.

“Here’s the deal: 15 seconds in, ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was done. He got hit with those shoulders in the clinch, and he was done. It look like he gave up. It was just an atrocious performance on his part.”

Kanye West Has Inspired A 5-Foot Sculpture Of His Head

Kanye West can be difficult to comprehend at times, but his cultural impact is indisputable. His more confusing behavior is ten explained as the byproduct genius. Celebrity designer David Week’s new sculpture can be seen to capture the capriciousness the legendary recording artist. Weeks has created a 5″5 sculpture that depicts four different faces Kanye West, titled NSEWest (which is a play on North, South, East, West). In Week’s own words, the giant bust “represents] the range emotions a creative goes through on a daily basis.” This ambitious year-long project actually marks Weeks’ first sculpture, as the Queens visual artist was largely known before for inventing the broken skateboard aesthetic

NSEWest belongs to Week’s new “Modern Day Mount Rushmore” series, which, according to a press release, “seeks to bring awareness to cultural icons within the African American community who’ve helped shape the culture and provide a blueprint for wealth, success and advocacy.”

The public will have 30 days to get a glimpse this statue at Sneakertopia in Los Angeles, following its unveiling on January 24. The unveiling will be a private event, hosted by recording artist and friend Kanye, Fonzworth Bentley. People attending this event will have the opportunity to buy a mini version NSEWest at the pop-up shop (which can be seen in the post below).  

Fortunately, this sculpture bears more resemblance to its subject than the one Tupac Shakur that went viral this week. 

Tupac Shakur Statue Gets Roasted On Twitter For Lack Of Resemblance

Social media thrives on lack context. The less research people do and the more quickly they react, the more entertaining content there is to be consumed. Due to this dynamic, a tweet about Tupac Shakur statue was able to go viral today. Someone shared a photo a statue that used to sit outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The photo was accompanied by the poorly-typed caption: “New Tupac statute in Dallas, what’s your thoughts.” 

People’s thoughts were not good. The statue was unrecognizable. For some reason, Tupac was depicted in a suit, wearing a huge cross around his neck and holding what appears to be a Bible. The late rapper was rarely seen with this sort getup, which makes sense because he wasn’t a missionary. Twitter wondered why he would be immortalized in this manner… and in this location, since he didn’t have any strong ties to Dallas.  

However, some users in the replies did a bit Googling and discovered that this statue is not new, nor is it in Detroit. As mentioned above, it used to be in Georgia, but was removed when Tupac’s mother, Assata Shakur, sold the arts center in 2015. The center’s new owner, Jim Burnett, wishes to keep Tupac’s spirit tied to the space by erecting a new statue him there. In 2017, it was reported that a $500,000 bronze statue was commissioned for artist Nijel Binns to complete. The final product has yet to be revealed, but with that kind budget and this much time to work on it, hopefully it will bear a stronger resemblance to the hip hop legend. 

Read the disapproving reactions to the old Tupac statue below. 

Bhad Bhabie Shows Off Booty & Declares Herself "The Only Case Worth Catching"

Just last week, Bhad Bhabie claimed that she was leaving Instagram. She gave a “Y’all Won” speech about how the constant criticism she faces on social media for cultural appropriation has been damaging to her mental and how she needed a break from it all. “Congrats mission complete!” she wrote. “Y’all made the lil 16 year old completely loose it! Social media has not only made me but also is every reason I can’t sleep at night. Imagine being called a racist white c*nt every second they day… I show f a tattoo they say I’m tryna b black… I defend my self then boom I’m labelled as a racist. There’s no winning as a celebrity on this app everything I do will b considered wrong.”

She did refrain from using the app for a few days, but returned yesterday to advertise the music she was bumping the car (Lil Durk‘s “Prada You”), as she usually does. The viral sensation also said during her rant last week that she would be disabling comments on her posts, but she didn’t follow through on that resolution either. Comments are pouring in on her latest post, which shows her, dressed in a groutfit, taking selfies her booty. In the caption, she declares herself to be “the only case worth catching”, so it seems all the haters haven’t diminished her confidence too much.  

Doja Cat Flaunts Her Bodacious Curves In All-White Outfit

Doja Cat has been making waves in the industry over the last couple years or so. After her “Bitch, I’m A Cow” video went viral, Doja Cat’s fame skyrocketed and now she is making music that has seen quite a bit success over the last little while. She is part an evergrowing movement female MC’s and based on her last project, it seems as though she has some potential for longevity. 

The Juicy artist understands better than anyone that sells. When it comes to her music video and on-stage attire, Doja Cat likes to show f her curves and be y. In her latest Instagram post, Doja Cat does just that with a witty caption. Donning an all-white outfit, the artist shows us how she gets ready before a performance. 

“Everyone showing their baby pictures and throwback photos the last couple weeks so I thought Id share this video me being born,” Doja Cat wrote sarcastically.

Doja Cat has also been excelling in the industry because her humor. The artist knows that no one likes it when you take yourself so seriously and this latest post is an example that. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to hearing what kind my music she puts out in the future.

"Star Wars" Creator George Lucas Cradles Baby Yoda In His Arms & It Is Glorious

The feelings we have for this photo cannot be expressed with mere words, but it’s worth a shot. Jon Favreau, executive producer  The Mandalorian series from the Star Wars franchise, shared a very important Instagram post on Thursday. In the photo, the famed creator the entire Star Wars universe, George Lucas, can be seen cradling Baby Yoda, the Internet’s favourite little gremlin and the standout star the series, while filming season 2.

Baby Yoda, who was given his name since he resembles a baby version the original Yoda character but has actually been revealed to be called The Child, has become somewhat  an Internet sensation. His adorable baby antics has turned him into a viral meme on more than one occasion, and his wide-eyed wonder has fans melting from cuteness on a regular basis. Instagram meme account, Tank Sinatra, commented on the photo, “Proud grandpa,” and it’s definitely a fair assessment. Considering George started Star Wars way back in the 70s with Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope, he could lowkey be considered Baby Yoda’s grandfather. The photo is made even more comical by the fact that Baby Yoda is inexplicably wearing a winter coat, somewhat resembling the one worn by the infamous Ikea Monkey in 2012—remember that? Who would’ve thought that two cute viral legends would have such similar taste in outerwear.

Wifisfuneral Talks Living With XXXTentacion & Smashing The Same Girl

As many throughout the Hip-Hop community are still feeling the loss burgeoning rapper XXXTentacion, those who knew him best have understandably been taking his death the hardest. Of course, they’re also the ones who can enlighten us on lesser known facts and behind-the-scenes moments in the late emcee’s life & career, which his ex-Members Only crewmate and longtime homie Wifisfuneral was able to do in a recent interview with VLAD TV. 

 As you can see from his Instagram tribute to X seen above, Wifisfuneral had a very close friendship with the “Look At Me!” rapper for years before the two even really blew up. Speaking with Vlad, he says, “I knew XXXTentacion] since he was like 14,” continuing by detailing a pretty hilarious tale how they initially met. “We knew each other because we were fucking with the same girl, little did we know,” says Wifi, jokingly referring to the love triangle as “Florida shit.” Another thing he mentions in reference to his relationship with X includes the two them, along with Ski Mask the Slump God and DJ Skeme, living together at the house his former manger, Table, who X reportedly was arrested for stabbing back in 2016. He also speaks on X’s incessant promo for the now-viral hit “Look At Me!” and ending the interview by calling him “on the best” artist to ever do it.

Watch the full clip below, and let us know if you agree with Wifisfuneral that XXXTentacion is in fact one the greatest artists ever:

Damian Lillard Delivers Effortless Response To Russell Westbrook’s Trash Talk

Damian Lillard notched another win against his on-court rival Russell Westbrook on Wednesday night, as the Portland Trail Blazers walked out Houston with a 117-107 victory. That’s even more impressive when you consider that Westbrook is “impossible” to guard.

The Rockets’ point guard was heard jawing at Dame after drawing a foul midway through the fourth quarter, “A foul is a bucket. Can’t guard me. Impossible.” As seen in the footage embedded below, that viral moment occurred while the Rockets were down by double digits.

Westbrook did finish with a triple-double, posting a game-high 31 points with 12 assists and 11 rebounds, but his efforts weren’t enough to lift his team to victory. Lillard, meanwhile, paced Portland with 25 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in the win.

Following the victory, Lillard fered up a perfect three-letter response to Westbrook’s fourth quarter trash talk.

The two All-NBA point guards have had their share battles over the years, most notably during the opening round last year’s playfs. As we know, Lillard won that battle, and the war, as the Blazers eliminated OKC from the post-season thanks to Dame’s iconic 37-foot game-winner in Game 5

Despite the on-court feud and the jabs on social media, Lillard insists that he and Westbrook are “really cool f the court.” During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show following their playf series, Dame explained, “Me and Russ are really cool f the court. But when we get on the court, I don’t expect anything else from him and he doesn’t expect anything else from me. There’s no dislike.”

Steve Harvey Says He’s "Happy" For Kelly Clarkson After NBC Replaced His Talk Show With Hers

Steve Harvey told Ellen during an appearance on her show on Monday that he does not hold any grudges against his NBC time slot replacement, Kelly Clarkson. After NBC canceled Steve’s daytime talk show, Steve, in May last year and replaced its time slot with Kelly’s new show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, some might wonder if the seasoned host would be resentful towards Kelly, who has never had her own show before. However, Steve reveals that he has no negative feelings about the whole situation, mostly because he already found a new home for the show on Facebook Watch.

“I’m back on TV, you know,” he shared about the renamed program, now titled STEVE on Watch. “Everybody thought I was gone. But I’m happy for people. You know, I’m a person faith, so when a door closes for me, I just walk up the hall. It’s more doors! You’ve just got to keep going up the hall…So I open other doors and I’m back on TV and I’m happy for everybody. I like Kelly Clarkson. I’m happy for her.” Steve continued these sentiments by sharing a funny exchange between himself and his friend. “One my friends said, ‘Man, that’s really big you to be happy for somebody who replaced your show,'” he shared. “I said, ‘No, I’m happy for her.’ He said, ‘So you watch her show]?’ I said, ‘I ain’t that happy!’” Steve goes on to call Kelly, whose show was recently renewed for a second season, “cool people,” acknowledging that she had no say in replacing him anyway. Steve also discussed a recent viral video posted by his son that showed Steve grooming his famous moustache as well as his recent trip to Africa.

Beyoncé’s Adidas x Ivy Park Lookbook Has Everyone Staring At Her Royal Heinie

Beyoncé had the entire sportswear world at full attention with the recent announcement her adidas x IVY PARK collection, and now she’s just got the attention everyone (as per usual) as she slowly rolls out the entire lookbook. So far, some these shots are, well, eye-grabbing to say the least.

While the adidas UltraBOOST that’s included in the collection is a beauty in itself, it’s Bey’s back-end that’s got everyone screaming “Bootylicious” like it’s 2001 all over again. The most viral photo (seen above) show’s the Lemonade singer showing f some the set’s key pieces, including a new Sleek Super 72 colorway, backpack, socks (over heels?) and a bodysuit that shows f all the goods. With just a few days until the collection hits retailers — that’s not including the celebs like Cardi B that’ve already gotten wardrobe-style deliveries the entire set — this is definitely a great way to get people more excited about a line clothing and footwear that already had people talking. Good job, Bey.

Watch the campaign video for Beyoncé’s debut adidas x IVY PARK collection below:

TikTok Superstar Chase Hudson Inks Representation Deal with WME

TikTok star Chase Hudson and the content creation collective Hype House have signed a representation deal with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, WME will provide representation in the following areas:

  • digital
  • fashion
  • modeling
  • music
  • touring
  • commercials
  • film and television
  • licensing

Hudson is only 17, and he already has over nine million followers on TikTok. There he makes not only lip syncing videos but also comedy and dancing videos. It is said that many of these videos routinely receive millions of views. He also has millions of followers on Instagram and Snapchat, too.

Known as an E-boy, Hudson represents a new kind of viral music star. A kind that does not sing but simply looks good along with the music. Some believe that E-boys and E-girls could one day rival the boy and girl bands that have succeeded in the industry for decades. They could also generate millions in advertising revenue in the same way Instagram influencers have done.

Along with fellow TikTok user Thomas Petrou, Hudson founded Hype House a couple of months ago. According to the New York Times, the collaboration group currently has 19 members and includes some of the most popular TikTok users, such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Some of them even live together in a Los Angeles mansion.

D’Amelio, who is 15 and is rumored to be Hudson’s boyfriend, has 5 million followers on TikTok, which she gained in only 3 months.

While WME will represent Hudson as his agent, Erika Monroe-Williams — who works for The Green Room — will continue to serve as his manager.

Hudson is not the first TikTok star to find success. It is being reported that the fashion brand Céline hired 18-year-old Noen Eubanks to become the new face of their brand. He currently has 7.5 million followers on TikTok and lots of fans on Instagram, too.

Vince Vaughn Scolded For Shaking Hands With Donald Trump At NCAA Championship

In these extremely heated and divisive political times, many believe there is no leeway to justify fraternizing with the enemy. Many also believe that all members the Hollywood elite staunchly oppose Donald Trump and his policies. These two widespread beliefs could explain why Vince Vaughn is currently under attack for shaking hands with President Trump at the College Football National Championship game in New Orleans. 

The Wedding Crashers actor was seated near POTUS in a box at the game on Monday night. A 30-second clip surfaced them amicably chatting and eventually shaking hands. The caption for the video could make sense why Twitter erupted upon seeing this encounter: “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All it, every part it.” The caption assumed that viewers would never expect a beloved comedian to be a Trump supporter, hence, it anticipated backlash or cancellation. 

However, there was a faction people who were not surprised by this clip and pointed out that Vaughn has openly been a Republican for years. Pro Vaughn expressing libertarian views in the past are now being rehashed in an attempt to contextualize this new viral story. In a 2015 interview with British GQ, Vaughn said “banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat.” The person who posted the initial tweet said that he started receiving “actual death threats” once the video started circulating. 

Read reactions to #HandshakeGate below. 

Zion Williamson Caught Dozing Off On Pelicans Bench: NBA Twitter Reacts

Mondays can be tough for everyone. Whether you’re a student, working your 9-5, or just trying to stay focused during a Pelicans-Pistons game. Just ask Zion Williamson.

The Pelicans’ No. 1 overall pick was seen dozing f on the bench late in the fourth quarter last night’s overtime victory and, naturally, the footage quickly went viral. As expected, there were some jokes about Zion being in a “food coma” from eating too much gumbo, but there were also others who felt no need to shame the rookie forward for trying to catch a couple Zs on the sly.

Check out the video clip, as well as some the reactions from #NBATwitter, below.

Jokes aside, the time for snoozing through Pelicans games will soon be coming to an end as Williamson is reportedly targeting Thursday’s home game against the Utah Jazz for his NBA debut. There have been plenty debates about whether or not Zion should risk playing at all this season, especially considering how poorly the Pelicans have played, but SiriusXM NBA Radio host Mitch Lawrence claims that the return is imminent. 

New Orleans will also host the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday afternoon in a game that will air on ABC at 3:30pm ET. Needless to say, that game becomes all the more intriguing if the 19-year old phenom is in the lineup. 

Trick Daddy Responds To Critics Making Fun Of Him: "Thank God I’m Strong"

Immediately after his mugshot went viral, Trick Daddy became the target social media trolls. The rap icon was teased about his physical appearance and people altered the picture with various hairstyles, but Trick Daddy Dollars made it clear that what he’s going through is no laughing matter. 

Trick Daddy Responds To Critics Making Fun Of Him: "Thank God I'm Strong"
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty s

Fans have known about Trick Daddy’s medical condition for years, but when it comes to the internet, it seems as if anything is fair game. The rapper took to his Facebook and Instagram accounts to address being teased. “Let me get this right .. you lie on me .. make fun the fact that I Have lupus … and all this just for likes,” Trick said. “Thank god im strong .. everything is funny until it hits close to home .. my feelings don’t hurt easily I’m too worried about waking up tomorrow.”

Aside from the criticisms, there has been an outpouring support from Trick’s friends and fans since the news his arrest surfaced. We previously reported that Trick was taken into custody on charges driving under the influence and cocaine possession. Police allege that the rapper “appeared to be asleep behind the wheel,” and “had a slurred speech, bloodshot, watery, glassy eyes, and the ficer smelled alcohol on his breath.”