New Footage Shows Brother Nature As Aggressor in Violent Fight

The restaurant where the violent and viral altercation involving Brother Nature took place has released new surveillance footage that shows the social media star to be the initial aggressor contrary to what video clips suggested in initial reports.

Miami’s La Sandwicherie uploaded several clips from its indoor security cameras while explaining in accompanying captions that Kelvin Pena, best known as Brother Nature, confronted a patron after discovering that he was taking a video Pena and his female company. This patron, going by the name “D” says he began to record after observing “belligerent” and “drunk” behavior from Pena.

“Brother Nature and a female friend his were angry at someone who recognized him and took a video them,” pens the restaurant in an Instagram caption. “They wanted the guy to delete the video. He did not give them his phone so Brother Nature said he wanted to “take it outside”. Our employee tries to keep them separated, one inside and one outside.and also we called the police.”

In a separate clip they would add: “After a few minutes, Brother Nature comes back, rushing inside the store and starts attacking a totally different guy. Brother Nature started the entire altercation.”

Another clip was taken by Brother Nature himself as he exited the restaurant the first time around displays him gesturing to “D” and his companion.

“Dead man. Dead man,” he declares pointing toward the two men.

What took place thereafter are the clips that led this story in which Brother Nature is kicked and stomped and has drinks poured on him.

According to “D,” the restaurant filed self-defense on his behalf with police arrived on the scene.

Tony Rock Says Pete Davidson Has "Balls" For NDA Move

In Tony Rock’s eyes, Pete Davidson is a visionary. TMZ caught up with Rock at LAX who gave Pete Davidson mad props for making fans sign non-disclosure agreements at his shows. The move is an attempt to protect his material and according to Tony Rock, in this day and age, it’s a novel idea. Nowadays people go to shows and pull out their cellphones, recording the material for themselves and then uploading the routine to social media where the shows can go viral. Tony says this is an impediment to stand-up comics trying to see how new material works on stage.

Tony Rock Says Pete Davidson Has "Balls" For NDA Move
Bryan Bedder/Getty s 

Rock said it “takes balls” to do that. The NDA Pete has for his shows mandates a steep million-dollar penalty for breaking the terms the agreement. Tony likes the idea but thinks that maybe it goes a little too far. That being said, he believes that other comics should follow Pete’s lead including himself, and Eddie Murphy who is slated for his return to stand-up on Netflix.

Would you sign a million-dollar NDA to go and see one your favorite comics perform live? While it definitely makes sense to want to protect your material, do you believe that as a comedian Davidson is taking things too far?   

Quavo Reveals How Migos Scored Popeyes Deal

A viral video turned into a big paycheck for Migos.

The Atlanta rap trio scored a deal with Popeyes after Quavo tried to sell the restaurant’s popular chicken sandwiches out of his trunk for $1,000 a piece when they were nearly impossible to get.

His Instagram video from August went viral and caught the attention of Popeyes, who made it official by giving Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff their own meals in partnership with Uber Eats.

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I G O T T H E M T H A N G S 🐔 1k A Sandwich

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During an interview with TMZ, Quavo opened up about how the deal came to fruition. “It started out the trunk,” he said.

The special Migos menu includes four new meals inspired by the platinum-selling group. The Quavo combo appropriately includes two chicken sandwiches, two fries, one mashed potatoes with gravy, two apple pies, and two small drinks for $17.99.

Popeyes Migos Menu is available exclusively on Uber Eats until Jan. 2.

Quavo Reveals How Migos Scored Popeyes Deal

Tory Lanez Clarifies Buying Gifts Remark: "There’s A Norm In Our Industry"

A recent conversation between Tory Lanez and Joe Budden became a hot topic for the ladies  The Real. While the friends were chatting on an episode Budden’s Pull Up, Tory mentioned that when certain women ask him to purchase something for them, he has a unique response. “I have this line with women when they’re like, ‘Can you buy me this?” he said. “‘Shorty, I thought you was up. You can’t buy yourself that?’ If you can’t buy yourself that, you can’t f*ck with my tax bracket. Period. If you can’t buy a Gucci bag, you can’t f*ck with me in my tax bracket.”

Tory Lanez Clarifies Buying Gifts Remark: "There's A Norm In Our Industry"
Cindy Ord/Getty s

The comments quickly went viral and the public’s reactions were a mixed bag, but Tory clarified his statements during his visit to The Real on Thursday. He said he wasn’t suggesting that men shouldn’t buy women presents, but it all depends on the context. “I come with a vibe. If I meet somebody, we’re vibing out and we know each other and it’s gotten to a certain point where we have that kind rapport with each other, it’s no problem for me to shower you with things if you’re my girl and you’re somebody I look at like that,” he said.

Yet, if the woman is just someone he met during a night on the town and took her home for a little fun, she shouldn’t expect him to drop stacks on her because they had a “night passion.” Tory added, “If we’re at the club and me and this lady have a night passion, all a sudden it shouldn’t just be right for me to ask her for anything either or for her to ask me for anything. It’s like for instance, I’m sure everybody here, I’m sure you guys are very independent, accomplished women. So, let’s say you meet this dude at the club and he looks like the guy that you want him to look like, y’all have a night passion whatever the case is and it goes the way you want it to go. Is it alright, the next morning for the guy, knowing your status and he doesn’t have your status, for him to look at you like, ‘Now, that I laid it down can I get a car?’ That’s what I’m touching on. I feel like there’s a norm in our industry.” 

Watch his explanation in full below.

Quavo Reveals IG Troll Led To Migos Partnership With Popeyes

The Popeyes Chicken sandwich was one the strangest crazes the year. Popeyes undoubtedly has fire chicken but the sandwich led to pandemonium. Individuals have been stabbed, shot and jumped over the sandwich and there have been countless physical altercations at Popeyes in relation to the menu item.

The high-demand led to Popeyes to re-route their strategy after selling out the product at all locations. The demand was higher than they expected and the company hired 400 more employees to make it happen. Quavo, who’s a hustler by nature, found an opportunity in this. He took to Instagram where he joked about selling the popular chicken sandwiches for $1000 a pop out the trunk his car.

Who would’ve thought that a simple Instagram post would actually lead to a bag? After the announcement Migos partnership with Popeyes and UberEATS, Quavo explained that how Migos partnered with Popeyes for the Migos menu. He revealed that it all started from the IG Post himself selling chickens out the trunk. From there, it appears that Popeyes reached out and it was smooth sailing from there.

The menu includes four items including “Tour Rider,” “The Offset,” “The Quavo,” and “The Takef.” Peep the details below. 

  • Tour Rider (starting at $46.99): 20 tenders, 7 sauces, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 large fries, 5 biscuits, 1 gallon lemonade
  • The Offset ($21.99): 8 pieces BIC chicken meal, 1 large fries, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 4 biscuits
  • The Quavo (starting at $17.99): 2 chicken sandwiches, 2 regular fries, 1 regular mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 apple pies, 2 small drinks
  • The Takef ($9.99): 5 tenders, 2 sauces, 1 regular mashed potatoes, 2 biscuits, 1 apple pie

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"The Mandalorian" Gets More Viral Attention After Boom Mic Falls Into Shot

Earlier this year Game Thrones gained even more attention when people noticed a Starbucks cup in an episode the show’s final season. The accidental prop was easy to spot considering the show is set in medieval times and the well-known logo the popular cfee house stuck out like a sore thumb. Only recently did actress Emilia Clarke reveal who the culprit was and now another popular show has made an accidental move when it comes to final editing. 

"The Mandalorian" Gets More Viral Attention After Boom Mic Falls Into Shot
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Disney+’s The Mandalorian has become the most-streamed series in the U.S. and now just four episodes in one viewer noticed a boom mic in one shot, at the 16:37 mark Chapter 4. The episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, marking the actresses directorial debut. According to The Daily Mail, after one YouTuber posted about the accidental mic feature, it was quickly scrubbed from the episode with no comment coming from the network.

The series is set five years after the original Star Wars trilogy where Pedro Pascal stars as the main character. “He’s a mysterious lone gunfighter in the outer reaches the galaxy,” he previously revealed his character. “He has a questionable moral character, which is in line with our best western and samurai movies. He’s a badass.”

Justin Timberlake Apologizes To Jessica Biel For Holding Alisha Wainwright’s Hand

He’s been an entertainer since he was young and has had his name entangled in his fair share gossip, but these recent reports have caused Justin Timberlake to step forward. The actor-singer has ten spoken lovingly about his adoration for his wife seven years, Jessica Biel, and fans have enjoyed seeing their relationship develop. Yet, after a video went viral weeks ago showing Justin with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright, people began to speculate that Timberlake was carrying on some sort affair. According to the former N’Sync frontman, that’s not true at all.

Justin Timberlake Apologizes To Jessica Biel For Holding Alisha Wainwright's Hand
Jon Kopalf/Getty s

In the video, a very inebriated Timberlake is seen sitting on a balcony in New Orleans. He’s surrounded by friends who are enjoying themselves, but it’s clear that the singer is feeling the sauce more than everyone else in his group. For a moment, Timberlake and Wainwright hold hands, and while the remainder the clip shows that Timberlake is drunk and can barely stand, the hand-holding made headlines.

In a post on Instagram, Timberlake publicly addressed the rumors and laid them to rest. “I stay away from gossip as much as I can, but for my family I feel it is important to address recent rumors that are hurting the people I love,” he wrote. “A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgement – but let me be clear – nothing happened between me and my costar. I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior. I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son.”

“I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This was not that,” Timberlake continued. “I am incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Looking forward to continuing to make this movie and excited for people to see it.”

Gucci Mane Offers His Take On The Baby Yoda Meme With Throwback Classic

Ever since Disney+ came out, people have been raving about The Mandalorian. The show takes place in the Star Wars universe so f the rip, it was about to be a success. It’s already manifested its way into pop and internet culture with Baby Yoda. There’s a widespread infatuation surrounding Baby Yoda that’s taken over the Internet. 

The Baby Yoda has also managed to make its way into the world hip-hop. Over the last few days, memes have surfaced online where people dub the scene where Baby Yoda flips switches and press buttons in the Mandalorian’s spaceship. Future‘s “Codeine Crazy,” Lil Jon‘s “Get Low” and others have been used in the meme but Gucci Mane tapped into his 2006 energy for his take on the meme. Dubbing the scene with “Street N***az” f  Hard To Kill, the rapper simply captioned his post with laughing emojis. There have been a few celebrities who’ve joined the fun but Gucci’s clearly found amusement in one his tracks soundtracking the scene. 

Although he brought back an older cut for his day-one fans, he is fresh f the release his latest project, Woptober II. The project appropriately arrived on 10/17 and included appearances from Lil Baby, Kevin Gates, Kodak Black

DJ Drama Busts Out The "Futsal Shuffle" In Lil Uzi Vert’s Honor

Despite the implosion that seems to be surrounding Lil Uzi Vert‘s tumultuous and highly uncertain musical career, the bromance between Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Drama remains…complicated to say the least. We’ve seen many callouts regarding the mysterious fate  Eternal Atake, an album that has taken on Detox levels mystique, to the point where even today its state remains a giant question mark. Essentially, all we know is that Uzi has been hard at work perfecting his next single “Futsal Shuffle,” having studied the TikTok algorithm with a studious, borderline academic eye. There’s even a dance, which comes f like Riverdance-lite, an essential component the going-viral starter pack. 

DJ Drama Busts Out The "Futsal Shuffle" In Lil Uzi Vert's Honor

Prince Williams/Wire/Getty s

Today, DJ Drama came through with a peace fering sorts, pro that no matter what happens, he remains in Lil Uzi Vert’s corner. So much so, he queued up a playlist YouTube’s best “Futsal Shuffle” tutorials and went to town. And what’s best, he’s got a smile supplanted on his face, one pure jubilation at that! Behold the footwork, and let it be a reminder one cold, hard truth: you’re about to see a lot flailing limbs. 

Is this an olive branch, a publicity stunt, or an amalgamation the two? The jury is still out on that one. Are you looking forward to the “Futsal Shuffle?”

Jason Derulo On Instagram Removing His Swimsuit Shot: "I Can’t Help My Size"

Last week, Jason Derulo broke the Internet, as they say. He shared an old photo himself at a Bali resort, wearing only an incredibly tight-fitted swimsuit. While his toned physique would have been enough to get people talking, a prominent print in his shorts raised some questions. In response to one commenter who played dumb and asked what Derulo was hiding down there, the singer smugly said, an “anaconda”. The photo was so baffling for some that Derulo even had to clarify to TMZ that he didn’t resort to any Photoshop to endow himself with this bulge

Now, the Cats star is being forced to launch a #bringbackAnaconda campaign, since Instagram removed his steamy photo for not abiding by the app’s guidelines. It’s not surprising that the photo was flagged because it quickly became Derulo’s most-liked post. The social media platform couldn’t possibly allow that many eyes to ogle that man any longer. The “Goodbye” artist shared a screenshot the notification he received regarding his transgressive post, which reads: “We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on nudity or ual activity. Our guidelines are based on our global community, and some audiences may be sensitive to different things.”

Derulo is evidently indignant about his thirst trap being deleted, as he wrote, “Fuk u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size…” Is he right to be upset? Is he being unjustly targeted?  

Charles Barkley Hits Shaq With An Egg And Hilarity Ensues: Watch

If you’re a basketball fan, NBA on TNT is most likely your go-to basketball show. The crew is always up to some hilarious antics with Shaq and Charles Barkley stealing the show on a nightly basis. On Tuesday night, Shaq and Chuck gave us even more reason to love them as they engaged in some hilarious hijinks. 

As you can see in the clip below, Shaq is doing the viral challenge where you throw an egg in the air and see if it lands on someone. The egg thrown by Shaq end up landing to the right the camera but Chuck was ready with some ammo. One Shaq lifted his head to move away from the challenge, he got drilled in the head by Barkley’s egg.

The NBA on TNT set erupted in giggles after Shaq got hit and as you can imagine, he immediately retaliated by throwing a few eggs his own. Fortunately for Chuck, nothing hit him as Shaq’s aim was completely f. For Chuck, this is simply some payback as Shaq has been able to prank him numerous times in the past.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from this clip, it’s that Chuck is deadly with the eggs. We can’t wait to see what Shaq does in retaliation for the next time.

Twitter Moments Of The Decade That Will Make You LOL All Over Again

Now that the decade is coming to a close Twitter is assembling all the best moments the last ten years. Some the videos and media shared are the clips that collectively have brought us the most real “laugh out loud” moments while staring at our smartphones. Some the highlights that are making the rounds online show how an ordinary moment for one person can turn into a viral sensation for millions.  

 You will probably remember a lot the media being shared from the jump but some you may not have seen some this Internet glory. One video for example, is a student filming while he asks his teacher, “what’d you say, what’d you say?” Then, the teacher who presumably has had enough with his students responds with, “I said whoever threw that paper…your mom’s a hoe.”

And who can forget possibly the most memorable video the decade, Antoine Dodson saying “hide yo kids, hide yo wife.” Obviously Dodson’s video which was remixed and shared widely on social media platforms made the list memorable Twitter moments along with other fan favorites. Check out the videos below and experiences the last decade in viral videos all over again.

Baby Yoda Torments The Mandalorian With His Fire Music In Latest Viral Meme

Let my man have the aux! In the latest Baby Yoda meme to blow up on the Internet, the cutest little green creature to ever exist is just trying to vibe, and the Mandalorian is being a hater. On Friday, the fourth episode the Star Wars franchise series, The Mandalorian, aired on Disney+. The episode features a scene where the now-infamous unnamed character who has come to be known as “Baby Yoda” (due to him looking like a baby and being the same species as the original Yoda character, not because he is actually Yoda as a baby) is riding with the Mandalorian in a spaceship. Baby Yoda can be seen playing with the buttons on the dashboard, which prompts the Mandalorian to press different buttons to stop him. However, the little guy is relentless, and continues to press the buttons until the Mandalorian has to pick him up and puts him in his lap.

Like everything that features the Internet’s new favourite infant, the scene is too adorable. It also makes it look as though Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian are fighting over the radio or the aux cord, which inspired a new viral meme. Twitter users are editing a song their choosing into the scene so that it plays every time Baby Yoda presses the button again, and the results are hysterical.

While many the songs choices have been from the rap genre, probably due to the comedic effect a baby blasting Lil Jon and Juvenile, Twitter users proved that any type music works in this meme.

Praying that the Baby Yoda meme train never stops.

Megan Thee Stallion Gasses Up Karrueche Tran On Ass-Shaking Doja Cat Parody Video

Nothing like women supporting women supporting women. Karrueche posted a video on Instagram on Sunday dancing along and mouthing the words to Doja Cat’s hilarious joke song, “Mooo ! (B*tch. I’m A Cow).” In the clip, shots Karrueche dancing in a cow print two-piece set and a green sports bra are cut together. The DIY style and ass-shaking focal point Karrueche’s version are very similar to the original video, which Doja Cat uploaded on Youtube in August 2018. The random, non-sensical energy the song, which includes enlightened lyrics like “B*tch, I’m a cow, b*tch, I’m a cow, I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow,” and video made it go viral, and Doja toblew up as an Internet meme. Karrueche’s video doesn’t have the green screen backgrounds strawberry milk, hamburgers, and ographic anime images, but we’re willing to let that slide.

The post is captioned it, “I miss this b*tch @thequeenvirginia.” While it may seem like that account would be some kind  second account belonging to Doja, it appears to be Karrueche’s own personal finsta, which she hasn’t posted on since July 28th. However, Karrueche did tag Doja in the video itself, and we’re all awaiting Doja’s response to the tribute. One famous female did gas Karrueche up in the comments, and while Megan Thee Stallion only commented the word “Okayyyy,” that’s all anyone needs to feel validated by the Hot Girl herself. Karrueche responded asking Meg to teach her “some new tricks👅.” This supportive exchange is too sweet, and shows that nothing but positivity should be left on another hottie’s posts.

TikTok Reinstates Banned User Who Criticized China

In the wake of the controversy that ensued after TikTok a user who had posted a video that criticized the Chinese government, the company has reinstated the user while insisting that the ban was not related to the video’s criticism of China.

The ban occurred this past week after a teenage TikTok user named Feroza Aziz posted a video that criticized China’s treatment of its Uighur minority, which subsequently went viral. The video’s description deceptively described the content as a beauty tutorial, apparently in an attempt to get it passed the company’s censors.

All this happened in the aftermath of questioning by some U.S. legislators as to whether the Chinese government was censoring speech that it did not like within the app.

In response to the uproar generated by the user’s ban, the company insisted that it did not censor free speech. “TikTok does not moderate content due to political sensitivities,” a spokesperson for the company then claimed.

While TikTok reinstated the user’s account 50 minutes after it blocked it, it is continuing to insist that it was not censoring speech when it initiated the ban.

The company claims that the user was banned not for the video about the Uighurs but because a different video posted on a different account owned by the same person included an image of Osama bin Laden. They say that this violated its rule against the posting of terrorist imagery. Though it added that the ban was a “human moderation error.”

In spite of all TikTok’s claims that it does not censor speech relating to sensitive topics the could upset China’s communist government, in September of this year The Guardian reported that the company does in fact requests its moderators to crack down on posts that touch upon the following subjects:

  • The Tiananmen Square massacre
  • Tibet
  • Pro-LGBT content