Cardi B Shares Update on Sophomore Album

Cardi B is nearing the finish the line on her sophomore album.

The Grammy-winning rapper reveals that she’s just a couple songs away from completing the follow-up to her debut Invasion of Privacy. During an interview with Baller Alert, she shared an update on the project.

“I have my cool, calm, and collected songs, just missing a couple of more club hits,” said Cardi. “But we getting there.”

She has not set a release date yet. “I can never put a date on it ’cause when you feel that you got those songs, that’s when it’s gonna come out,” she added. “I cannot put a date on my ears. When I feel like I have it, that’s when.”

Last month, Cardi offered a taste of what’s to come with a teaser of a brand new song. “Shake, earthquake,” she can be heard rapping on the Wheezy-produced track.

In her Vogue cover story, she opened up about the pressure surrounding the highly-anticipated project. “So it’s scary because it’s like, now you got to top your first album, and then it’s like, damn. I wonder if people are gonna relate to the new things, to the new life, to the new shit that I gotta talk about now,” she told the magazine.

The album, which she once titled Tiger Woods, follows 2018’s Invasion of Privacy, which become the longest-charting debut album from a female rapper in Billboard history.

Justin Bieber Does Impromptu Gospel Performance At Beverly Hills Church

We’ve known for some time now that Justin Bieber is a man the lord and he’s a proud member Hillsong, the Beverly Hills-based church he frequents on the regular. “I wouldn’t consider myself religious,” Justin explained in his last Vogue feature. “That confuses a lot people because they’re like, ‘Well, you go to church.’ I believe in the story Jesus — that’s the simplicity what I believe. But I don’t believe in all the religious elitism and pretentiousness like people are better than you because they come to church, like you have to go to church and dress a certain way.”

Justin Bieber Does Impromptu Gospel Performance At Beverly Hills Church
Getty s/Dave Hogan 

During Justin’s recent visit to his location prayer, the “Yummy” singer was feeling high f the higher power since he jumped on stage for an impromptu performance gospel songs as his wife, Hailey Beiber, watched from the front row. 

After days trying everything in his power to get his latest single “Yummy” to become the number one song on Billboard, the singer lost out to Roddy Ricch whose single “The Box” became the smash hit. “Thanks everyone. So thankful,” said the singer, re-posting a report the chart positions. ” @RoddyRicch You had to go and make a banger smh! Haha ur the man!! Love the song!! congrats on your first #1!! Everyone go stream #thebox,” he wrote on Twitter.

Maybe next time, Justin. 

Kim Kardashian Details Story Behind Necklace Gifted From Kanye West

In a new Instagram upload, Kim Kardashian opened up about the story behind a necklace gifted to her by husband Kanye West.

The necklace in question is a vintage Cartier piece that features a personalized engraving inspired by an image and text that Kanye sent to his wife at one point.

“If you look closely at my necklace, you can see it’s from a text Kanye sent me,” Kardashian penned int the accompanying caption. “He took an amazing vintage Cartier gold plaque necklace and had it sketched out. He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts.”   

The text featured in the design reads, “This your life/ Married with four kids/ Get people out jail/ Cover Vogue/ Go to church every week with your family/ Dreams come true.” 

The text, course, as a general recap what Kardashian has accomplished within the past year as Kanye refers to the four children that the couple share together, Krdahsina’s budding law career and her involvement in helping free the likes Cyntoia Brown and Alice Marie Johnson from jail. In addition, Kardashian, like West, has renewed her faith, getting baptized alongside her children in Armenia in October.

Orlando Bloom Kept His Dead Dog’s Skeleton & Penis: "It Is Quite Tastefully Done"

Orlando Bloom loved his dog so much that he simply would not see him go, leading him to keep his pooch’s skeleton. The 42-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean actor recently opened up about his former pet Sidi and how he not only kept the dog’s skeleton, but something else. 

Orlando Bloom Kept His Dead Dog's Skeleton & Penis: "It Is Quite Tastefully Done"
Phillip Faraone/Getty s

“I had his skeleton mounted so that he stays with me,” he said, Daily Star. “I know that sounds a little odd to some people, but it is quite tastefully done and I still get to say goodnight to him. I just couldn’t stand the fact that he was just not going to be around anymore.” Orlando went as far as to have Sidi’s penis turned into an ornament, as well. 

“They asked me if I wanted to keep the penis. What do you think I said?” he added. “Yes! Actually aesthetically it didn’t look quite right, so I have it on the side.”

Orlando is engaged to singer Katy Perry and the couple are set to get married this year. “Orlando is like a sage. When we first met, he said we would pull the poison out each other, and we really do. It’s exhausting, but we really hold each other accountable,” Katy said her man in Vogue

Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 16-Year-Old Model From Poland

Harvey Weinstein recently reached a temporary settlement with his numerous accusers worth $25 million. After the news broke, the 67-year-old disgraced movie executive called himself the “forgotten man,” trying to get credit for doing a lot for women in the film business. “I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first,” he said.

Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 16-Year-Old Model From Poland
Stephanie Keith/Getty s

While Harvey continues to try and big himself up and not focus on the horrible ual assault he’s committed, another woman has come forward with another accusation against his name dating back to when she was only 16-years-old. Kaja Sokola, who is now 33-years-old, says she came to America from Poland in 2002 to pursue modelling. Kaja met Harvey at an agency event and he invited her to lunch claiming he wanted to help her career but a car took Kaja to his home instead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kaja said Harvey “terrified and ually abused her.”

Harvey allegedly told a young Kaja that “she would have to be comfortable doing whatever the director told her to do — including losing her inhibitions and getting naked” telling her it was “normal.” Harvey has yet to respond to the case but Kaja’s attorneys are not backing down. 

“While others may have decided to settle, albeit under some the most fensive and one-sided terms, we hope that the filing this complaint encourages other victims and the New York Attorney General to join us as we continue our efforts at holding Harvey Weinstein and his enablers accountable,” they stated. 

Harvey Weinstein Wants Credit For Helping Women In Film: "I Feel Like The Forgotten Man"

Harvey Weinstein believes that all his great works have been forgotten.

Yeah, that’ll happen when over 80 women come forward with accusations ual assault or harassment.

In a new interview with the New York Post, Weinstein has reportedly opened up about his biggest regrets with the whole ual assault deal: removed focus from what he’s actually done for women in film.

“I feel like the forgotten man,” Weinstein declared. “I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first.”

In January, Weinstein will stand trial for two his alleged victims on charges rape, predatory ual assault, and criminal ual acts. He has pled not guilty to all charges and is instead more focused on his this situation has affected his own life.

“It all got eviscerated because what happened,” Weinstein added. “My work has been forgotten.”

The interview took place a day after Weinstein has three-hour surgery on his spine after sustaining a back injury in an August 17th car accident. initial reports suggested that Weinstein was faking the injury in order to earn sympathy during his ongoing trial. His attorney, Donna Rotunno, shot down the accusation earlier last week.

“Mr. Weinstein was in a serious car accident in August, which resulted in a concussion and has now necessitated the need for back surgery later this week,” Rotunno said in a statement. “He has been using a walker to assist him as the back pain has increased. He wanted to leave the walker in the car, so it did not appear that he was looking for sympathy, as he is not. The press surrounding his physical condition is mean spirited and false.”

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Booty In Halloween Throwback

Halloween is just days away which means fans the annual event are prepping their costumes for any given party that’s taking place this weekend or next. Megan Thee Stallions throwing a Halloween bash in both Los Angeles and Atlanta and by the looks it, Kendall Jenner is reminiscing on last year’s events before she showcases her costume for this year. 

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Booty In Halloween Throwback
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty s

The 23-year-old posted a throwback image to her Instagram feed that sees her Victoria’s Secret Angel costume with the big feathered wings and all. Kendall is seen looking back at the camera, giving everyone a full view her booty. 

The famed model has opened up in the past about becoming growing in career, claiming it has nothing to do with her name. “I’ve always been the person to prove critics] wrong, even when I was younger,” she told Vogue. “I’ve always been a hard worker: that’s in my blood. My parents raised me and my little sister to be that way and the rest my sisters, too. A lot people assumed that because I came from a ‘name’ that it was a lot easier for me to get to where I got, but actually it’s the completely opposite.”


Jordyn Woods Kicks Off Birthday Celebrations With A Moonlit Patio Session

Jordyn Woods may have lost a lot her friends and was cut from attending her usual stomping grounds after her break from the Kardashian family but everything’s seemingly happened for a reason since the 21-year-old’s career has boosted tremendously. “To watch the majority her friends leave her, not be able to go get services where she got accustomed to going and get bullied by the world, it takes a strong ass family and individual to be able to deal with that on a daily basis,” Jordyn’s mother stated

Jordyn Woods Kicks Off Birthday Celebrations With A Moonlit Patio Session
Robin L Marshall/Getty s

Jordyn is days away from turning 22-years-old and according to her recent shares on Instagram, the model has already begun her celebrations. A posted on her Instagram story, Jordyn was treated to a sweet surprise with a candlelit dessert and ended the evening with a moonlight patio session.

“Everyone is trying to figure out what I’m doing but, to be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m finding my self-worth,” Jordyn told Teen Vogue. “At 21, this is the very beginning, even though I feel so old. This is the time you figure out who you are, and don’t let anyone define you.”

Justin Bieber Looks Forward To Having Kids, Makes It Clear He’s "Not In A Rush"

Justin Bieber is so in love with his wife Hailey Baldwin, something he makes very clear with his shares to Instagram that sees them cuddled up in bed or hugging it out in the studio. The latest the latter sees the two on a date at Disneyland, with a pretty cute caption by Justin that explains how one day he’ll be attending the park with his daughter, something he’s okay with waiting for. 

“Love dates with you baby.. one day Ill be doing daddy daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush. i just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while!” he wrote. 

Back in February, Justin and Hailey were Vogue’s cover stars and opened up the magazine about their marriage, with Justin revealing how he was dealing with celibacy (as a way to be closer to God) right when he reconnected with Hailey. He knew right away he wanted to marry her and be with her forever, so they got married so he could be with her in full. 

“God] doesn’t ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff,” he told the publication.

“He’s like, I’m trying to protect you from hurt and pain. I think sex can cause a lot pain. Sometimes people have sex because they don’t feel good enough. Because they lack self-worth. Women do that, and guys do that. I wanted to rededicate myself to God in that way because I really felt it was better for the condition my soul. And I believe that God blessed me with Hailey as a result. There are perks. You get rewarded for good behavior.”

Billie Eilish Quotes Rihanna On What Inspires Her Style, Saying It’s Her "Defense Mechanism"

In an era where everything has become about the need for visual stimulation, a star’s style, and personal aesthetic is arguably just as important as their talent and the work they put out – at least so much as the image they try to present themselves to fans. For women especially, the way they dress is being looked at more closely than ever, with fans expecting only the best in terms cohesion style with their work and their wardrobe. One star who has gained a lot recognition, obviously for her talent, but also for her outlandish stylistic choices, is 17 year-old Billie Eilish. The star sat down to talk to Vogue Australia in a recent interview, in which she shared details about the personal importance she places on her (much talked about) aesthetic.

Eilish was very deeply inspired by Rih Rih’s 2014 CFDA speech, which she during the interview. “What I like about just dressing like I’m 800 sizes bigger than I am is it kinda gives nobody the opportunity to judge what your body looks like,” Eilish said, in the video below. “I don’t wanna give anyone the excuse judging. It’s not like everyone’s gonna judge you but they all do in their head. Anything you look at, you judge. That’s just how we work. That’s how human beings work.” Adding that she wants to remain “mysterious,” Eilish was then asked what she loves about fashion. “I remember seeing an acceptance speech that Rihanna gave where she said that fashion has always been her defense mechanism, and I feel like I’ve never felt something as strongly hearing someone else say it as I did when I heard her say that,” she said. “It’s always been that way for me. It’s always been my security blanket. It’s my way expression without having to use words . . . Fashion is its own language and I use mine all day, every day. I always have.” Say what you want about the young singer’s unconventional wardrobe, it’s easy to see that she dresses for herself and her own taste, and doesn’t take into regard what anyone else has to say. Now how can you slam her for that?

A$AP Rocky Says A$AP Twelvyy Came Up With The Name "Off-White" After Virgil Was Sued

We all know that the A$AP mob ten works closely with Virgil Abloh, the famed streetwear label Off-White. In fact, they even teamed up with the brand at the start the year to release merch in celebration “Yams day,” honouring the legacy their late mob member, A$AP Yams. Virgil Abloh has been a big part the fashion world for a hot minute now, whether he’s DJ’ing all across the world, working with Louis Vuitton, or taking on big projects with his signature Off-White brand, but few know that he had his start founding the Chicago streetwear brand Pyrex Vision. In a surfaced video, A$AP Ferg discusses how A$AP Twelvyy was actually the one to come up with the name for the esteemed label.

Ian connor and A$AP Rocky appear in an episode Kerwin Frost Talks, with Kerwin frost, and as the 3 leisurely sip their tea (and Lord Flacko proceeds to stroke a dog), Rocky recalls how there would be no Off-White “if it wasn’t for A$AP Twelvyy]”. “Twelvyy’s the one who named Pyrex,” piped in Connor, referring to how Abloh’s original brand, Pyrex, was later made into the Off-White brand we all know today. Flacko explained how, after Abloh got sued for copyright for the Pyrex name, Twelvyy decided to take inspiration from the trademarked Pyrex brand, and come up with a new, and original name. For those that don’t know, Pyrex (trademarked as PYREX) “is a brand introduced by Corning Inc. in 1915 for a line clear, low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass used for laboratory glassware and kitchenware.” Flacko explained how, after getting sued for a cease-and-decist  Twelvyy said “well you know what they only use Pyrex for, they use it to cook f-white, people don’t know they wearing something called crack, they might as well say ‘crack’, it’s called f-white cus thats what you cook in Pyrex. So Twelvyy named that with Virgil.” Rock is referring to the common practise cooking crack cocaine in Pyrex containers as they are famously known to withstand very high temperatures. 

In an interview with Teen Vogue back in 2018, Virgil Abloh was briefly questioned about his first brand, Pyrex Vision, and what made him “transition from Pyrex Vision to Off-White,” but he didn’t seem to mention the story with Twelvyy at all. “My goal was to tell a dialogue between high fashion and streetwear,” he explained, “so, the name Off-White, in my mind, is between black and white. So, that middle ground is a mixture between both genres fashion.”

Yeezy Designer, Maisie Wilen, Debuts Her First "Gymnastics & Robotics" Themed Collection

At the start the month, news arrived that Kanye had launched a talent incubator to help emerging designers, both financially and in terms mentorship. Parsons graduate turned Yeezy designer, Maisie Schloss, was the first beneficiary the grant, and now she’s debuted her label’s first collection in Los Angeles. “I had the pleasure working with Kanye for a number years,” Schloss told the Los Angeles Times before the presentation, “and when he approached me about this partnership, I was absolutely floored. It’s a dream come true.”

The pre-fall 2020 collection (previewed on Complex) delivers body-con silhouettes, an assortment  multicolor printed garments, and a cohesive range  knitwear that includes both evening dresses, as well as daytime streetwear. The avante-garde, but still wearable aesthetic the Chicago-born designer managed to capture really showcases the knowledge she acquired while working for Kanye’s label. However, that’s not to say that West’s arrival at the presentation took centre stage. During West’s arrival to the debut on Wednesday, he let his mentee have all the spotlight, delivering only a brief statement to all those in attendance. “Maisie has always had a strong perspective, and we’re truly pleased with her first collection.” 

Schloss drew inspiration from gymnastics costumes and robotics, which is evident in the stretch material and slim-fitting silhouettes that run through her first collection. “The fabric can be printed beautifully. I was looking at gymnastics costumes, and the cut-outs that they have, which look so gestural on the body. And I was also looking at pictures robotics,” she told Vogue“I think gymnastics and robots mirror my work well, in that I am systematic and regimented in how I operate, but the outcome looks organic.”

The Third & Final Trailer For Netflix’s "Jessica Jones" Has Arrived

It’s been previously announced that Netflix is pulling the plug on Jessica Jones but it doesn’t mean the Marvel show won’t end with a bang as the latest trailer depicts. The trailer for the third and final season the Netflix series looks at Jessica as a “cheater,” calling her out for not being able to control herself. It looks as though the season as a whole brings on a new enemy for Jessica, someone who will stop at nothing to see her die. 

“Everybody’s got a story. A beginning, a middle and an end,” Jessica says in the clip below. The final season hits Netflix June 14th – peep the trailer in full below.

“If a little girl or little boy saw an image Jessica Jones the way that she’s dressed, they could be like, ‘Oh, who’s that?’ ‘Oh, well, that’s Jessica Jones. She’s really strong and she helps her friends and takes care people when they need it,'” Krysten Ritter (who plays Jessica) previously stated about the series.

“And the fact that she’s not super hot or super sexy and just kind looks really normal and wears comfortable clothes, I think it’s a great image for boys and girls.” 

Idria Elba Details His "Love At First Sight" Moment With Wife Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre got married in April, bringing their family and closest friends together for a stunning three-day wedding in Marrakesh. The gorgeous celebration was covered by British Vogue magazine where the couple details their nuptials and just why it was love at first sight. 

“We’ve been literally inseparable since we met,” Idris tells the publication. The couple met in 2017 at a Vancouver jazz bar while Idris was filming The Mountain Between Us. He locked eyes with Sabrina and it was “love at first sight.”

“You know, I’m 47 this year, been married and lived a full life before I even met Sabrina it wasn’t something that I wanted to do, get married again. But Sabrina has deepened friendships with people I’ve known longer than her], nurturing the best side me to make me connect to my friends more.”

The full Vogue feature hits newsstands as June 7th where Idris also details he and Sabrina’s attendance at the Duke and Duchess Sussex’s wedding. “That was an incredible experience,” he said. “I was curating the music for that night, so it was a bit pressure, but it was great. A vibe.”

Zoe Kravitz Speaks On Her Eating Disorder Of Over 10 Years

You might think that because her surname, Zoe Kravitz has had it easy. In some ways, you would be correct. The daughter Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet has name power to her advantage. Growing up though, she never knew if she was getting callbacks because her talent or because her family though and that ate at her inside. She revealed recently that she’s suffered with an eating disorder for over a decade and in a new feature with British Vogue, she explained what she’s dealt with over the years. 

The thirty-year-old is the cover star British Vogue and in the new issue, she speaks candidly about her romantic partner Karl Glusman, her insecurities and even her ten-year eating disorder. When she was thirteen, Kravitz developed an eating disorder that would stick around for the next ten years. “I think it came from a lot things,” said the actress. “My mother was so beautiful and so tiny, I always felt clunky around her, and then my dad was always surrounded by supermodels… I was short, and you feel uncomfortable in your skin anyway at that age.”

Kravitz also opened up about her insecurities, saying that she was never sure if people liked her for her talent or just for her last name. “When I got into acting school, I never knew if it was because my audition or my last name,” she said. “But I’m slowly learning that no director will hire me because my surname. The first 10 years my career have been about proving myself. I now finally feel like I’m in a place where I’m able to say, ‘I deserve this,’ and, ‘I worked really hard.’ I’m getting better.”

The complete interview will be published in British Vogue on June 7.