Quavo Shuts Down Claims That Migos Stole "Walk It Talk It"

Culture and Culture II helped propel the Migos to famous person standing. The rappers, who’ve claimed to be larger than the Beatles since rising, have been hit with a lawsuit final 12 months by a rapper who claimed the trio ripped f their hit single, “Walk It Talk It.” However, Quavo denies that is the case.

Quavo Shuts Down Claims That Migos Stole "Walk It Talk It"
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Speaking to XXL, Quavo refuted claims that the Migos stole the Drake-assisted single, “Walk It Talk It” from M.O.S. “I do not even suppose that lawsuit hit my desk,” he defined. “I do not know what you speaking about.”

M.O.S’s single, “Walk It Talk It” was first launched in 2008 on his mixtape It’s Like A Movie. M.O.S alleged the ATL trio took a “substantial portion” the track and is demanding that they cease performing the only stay. However, M.O.S’ copyright declare the phrase and track was solely filed after Migos launched the only.

Quavo continued to elucidate how “Walk It Talk It” is slang in Atlanta that is been round for ages. Quavo credit his grandpa and uncles for introducing himself to the phrase.

“‘Walk it, discuss it’ is a saying from Atlanta,” he defined. “It had been a saying for the reason that 2000s. Everybody say ‘stroll it, discuss it.’ My grandpa, my uncles and shit say ‘stroll it, discuss it.’ Man, that shit’s an previous saying, man. We been saying ‘Walk it, discuss it.'”

Migos Sued For Ripping Off "Walk It Talk It": Report

Since developing, the Migos have launched lots iconic songs. “Versace,” “T-Shirt,” “Bad And Boujee,” “Stir Fry” and others instantly come to thoughts. Another their extra well-liked tracks is “Walk It Talk It,” which was launched as half their Culture II album this yr. The tune has been given one the higher movies the whole yr and though individuals across the nation are nonetheless bumping it of their playlists, it seems the trio could have been influenced by an outdoor supply to create their model the hit.

According to TMZ, the Atlanta rap group is being sued by Leander C. Pickett, who performs as M.O.S. or DJ Folk, for ripping f a tune he launched ten years in the past. The data introduced within the lawsuit seemingly factors to the Migos’ model being extra a canopy than an unique tune because the choruses are practically equivalent. M.O.S. launched “Walk It Like I Talk It” in 2008 on a mixtape after recording it the yr prior and when listening to each tracks, you’ll be able to’t deny the similarities. Pickett says he realized in January 2018 that the Migos had a tune with a particularly comparable title earlier than listening and realizing they’d used a “substantial portion” his model.

Pickett has filed a lawsuit towards Migos and Capitol Records, asking for cash since he believes they stole one his works. According to the publication, he filed for a copyright on his model after Migos had launched “Walk It Talk It” in March 2018. We’ll maintain you posted on any updates.

Safaree Hits The Runway At NYFW Walking To Migos' "Walk It Talk It"

Safaree Samuels was seemingly far away from the much talked about New York Fashion Week brawl that took place on Saturday night. When Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were throwing shoes at each other and going at it, Safaree was f somewhere else wearing a men’s blazer, walking down a runway to Migos “Walk It Walk It” showing f his mid-drift for all to see. 

In the clip below you can see the “Hunnid” rapper front his best model look and pose while he makes a short-lived entrance and exit f the runway. 

Being as Safaree is on the hunt for a wife and announced that he will not be having sex until it’s with ‘the one,’ it seems as though he may have a certain woman to consider. Joseline Hernandez was recently asked about her thoughts on Safaree’s leaked nudes where she got pretty honest in her answer. “I actually went to work on myself, fantasizing about Safaree,” she said. We’re pretty sure Joseline’s boo’d up, but things may change. 

Britney Spears Performs Choreography To Her Migos "Walk It Talk It" Remix

Britney Spears is undoubtedly an icon. She rose to mainstream fame thanks to her dancing abilities, which set her apart from her contemporaries, such as Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Video footage a performance by the star is chipping at this legacy. For some reason, her team choreographed part her dance routine to a mashup Migos’ “Walk It Talk It” and Spears’ “I’m A Slave 4 U.” The artist’s rendition the choreography left some fans unimpressed.

So far, Instagram user @lovedarrenfleet is the most vocal. The comedian posted a reaction video to make light her dancing skills. In the clip, Fleet says, “Someone please tell sister Spears she ain’t got it no more. That ain’t even how that song go.” He continues to point out how the remix in itself was mediocre at best:” How the f*ck you gon’ slow down the song and make it white people friendly and still couldn’t keep up with the sh*t.” He’s got a point. The track’s swing is completely f. Britney Spears would have made the Soul Train crash.

Still, the effort to keep her shows interesting is appreciated. The pop star hasn’t dropped any full-length projects since 2016. Then again, the industry veteran has 9 studio albums worth tracks to keep her fans satisfied.

Migos' "Walk It Talk It" Costume Designer Explains Takeoff's Blonde Wig

The “Walk It Talk It” video release over the weekend was an intricate and delightful treat for Migos fans, as the Drake-featuring single channeled Soul Train to take viewers on a “Culture Ride.” Cardi B has already expressed her obsession with Offset’s look in the video but his compatriots Quavo and Takef’s attires were just as elaborate. Quavo donned a Jimi Hendrix-inspired get-up on the ’70’s-era Soul Train nostalgia ride, while Takef opted for a poy blonde afro. While Takef’s look does not appear to be dramatically linked to anybody, the costume designer hired for the video informed Complex that the rapper had personally requested the ‘do.

“He wanted a blonde wig and so did Yachty. Yachty was like, ‘Do you have another blonde wig?’ And I was like, ‘You know what? I do.’ So he got the other blonde wig. Takef wanted to be cute and different,” remarked Rasheeda Ameera who designed the looks for the vintage clip. The designer noted that Quavo and Offset had specific checklists for their wigs as well, noting, “Offset wanted a part in his wig. Quavo definitely had like the Jimi Hendrix thing going on.”

Revealing that many the clothing on set was purchased at thrift shops around Los Angeles, there was originally a shortage wigs on the day shooting. After purchasing 10 wigs around L.A. and taking advantage Amazon Prime’s same-day shipping, the video shoot was saved. Read more the costume designer’s remarks Complex and watch the video here.